Ohio Gov.: Don’t Compare Me to Kasich on Guns!

‘A lot of the things that he’s talking about are things that we talked about for a significant period of time…’

Ohio Gov. DeWine Insists He Is Not Like John Kasich on Gun Control

Mike DeWine / IMAGE: TheColumbusDispatch via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) While pushing for new gun laws, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine continues to try to differentiate his proposals from the unpopular measures that former Gov. John Kasich championed.

DeWine does not want Ohio constituents to view him as Kasich 2.0 when it comes to gun regulation, Statehouse News Bureau reported.

He insists that his red flag law, called a “safety protection order,” would reduce gun violence while protecting the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and the Fifth Amendment right to due process.

DeWine’s proposal, unlike Kasich’s, would not let police seize weapons from persons deemed dangerous without a hearing before a judge.


Persons reported to authorities would receive a hearing within three days to determine their mental fitness, though the Statehouse News Bureau reported that “emergency orders could be issued,” presumably allowing the government to seize weapons without a hearing.

But Kasich, who is unpopular among conservatives, isn’t helping DeWine’s momentum.

“A lot of the things that he’s talking about are things that we talked about for a significant period of time,” Kasich said after the shooting in Dayton.

Rather than allowing the newly elected governor to govern, Kasich had to virtue-signal about what could have been done had Republicans lawmakers passed his gun-grabbing proposals.

“You just wonder, had this been done a little bit ago, six months ago, eight months ago, whatever—you can’t predict it—but if we’d enacted a ‘red flag’ law back then, in light of what we’ve seen about this guy’s behavior, the question is, could somebody have done something?” Kasich said.

While Kasich claimed he “plowed the ground” for DeWine’s gun control legislation, Lt. Gov Jon Husted said Kasich had muddied the path to new gun laws.

“We have to overcome the negative momentum that was created in the past in the eyes of people who oppose red flag laws because they perceive, when they hear the term ‘red flag’, they perceive that as somebody can come, seize my property without due process rights,” Husted said, according to the Statehouse News Bureau.

“What we’re trying to help people understand—that’s not what we’re doing,” he added.

Husted said he and DeWine are working alongside Second Amendment supporters so that the legislation has broad support.

“We worked with them, we’re putting those protections in place,” Husted said. “And that’s why this is very different than what Gov. Kasich proposed and why this has a very good chance of becoming law.”