Florida Gov. DeSantis Vows to Sign Executive Order Repealing Common Core

‘With Common Core, a lot of people just didn’t feel like anyone was listening to them…’

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Ron DeSantis/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Florida’s Republican governor said he will sign an executive order to rid the state of the Common Core curriculum.

Common Core was a national education initiative that the former Obama administration imposed on state schools.

Many Republicans decried it as an overreach of power that bordered on attempted indoctrination.

“One of the things we would constantly hear about on the campaign trail was a lot of frustration from parents in particular with this idea of Common Core,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said. “When you complained, I heard you. I told you I’d do something about it. And today we are acting to bring promises to reality.”


The Obama era policy set specific academic standards in various subjects, but DeSantis said ridding Florida of Common Core will raise the state’s academic bars.

“I think our standards will be much higher in many respects, but I think it will be standards that are reflective of what folks are looking for,” DeSantis said, according to USA Today. “It will be more geared toward knowledge than maybe just teaching to a test.”

Ironically, it was former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush that supported Common Core in Florida, forcing the state to sign onto the national initiative.

“With Common Core, a lot of people just didn’t feel like anyone was listening to them,” DeSantis said.

Florida’s school officials agreed with DeSantis that eliminating Common Core entirely will help both students and teachers.

“Teachers have to teach rapidly across many standards and many areas of content in a single semester, a single year,” Lee County Superintendent Greg Adkins said. “This hopefully gets down to what’s essential that a kid has to master and learn extremely well, so they will have that learning for the rest of their life.”