Dems Vow to Dump Pelosi if They Win the House

‘The strongest card the Republicans can play is attaching a candidate to Pelosi…’

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Nancy Pelosi/photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi hopes to return as Speaker of the House should Democrats take back the lower chamber this November.

But her plans may hit a snag, accordingto POLITICO.

And that snag is Democratic candidates who are pledging that she won’t have their support should they become members of Congress.

The trend, says the article, started with the upset victory of Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.) in a district that went heavily for Donald Trump in the last presidential election.


Lamb’s win was in part attributed to his vow not to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

His pledge turned out to be a safe harbor against perhaps the most effective Republican Party tactic going into the midterms – the claim that a vote for a Democrat amounts to a vote for a Speaker Pelosi.

Now, other Democrats around the country are following Lamb’s example.

They include candidates like Clarke Tucker, running for a House district in Arkansas, and Gil Cisneros, running for a swing district in California.

Democratic Party strategists expect the “no Pelosi” pledges to continue – imperiling the San Francisco septuagenarian’s potential bid for the Speaker position.

Should the anti-Pelosi Democrats keep their pledges, Pelosi will have to hope for a large blue wave in November to offset any attrition in the Democratic caucus, leaving her little room for error.

In the meantime, Democratic strategists are more than happy to throw Pelosi under the bus in order to help their candidates.


“With very few exceptions, the biggest hurdle, the biggest vulnerability for Democratic candidates is Nancy Pelosi, and the strongest card the Republicans can play is attaching a candidate to Pelosi,” said a Democratic pollster who is working with some of the candidates who have disavowed the party leader.

“Most of this is about mitigating and diluting the effectiveness of that attack.”

For more on Pelosi’s struggle with candidates from her own party, check out the article from POLITICO here.