Bickering Dems Panic over Trump’s Campaign-Trail Advantage

‘Donald Trump is in general election mode while we’re still in primary mode…’

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President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Greenville, NC. / IMAGE: NBC News via Youtube

(Dan E. Way, Liberty Headlines) President Donald Trump is lighting up the campaign trail and winning over vital swing voters.

Democrats—mired in a saturated field of 2020 presidential candidates and a bruising primary battle eating up campaign funds—are starting to quake at the thought of a 2016 rerun.

“Several Democratic National Committee members have a message to their organization’s top leadership: President Trump is crushing us,” The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday.

The liberal website said “multiple” Democratic National Committee members are privately sounding alarms about the party’s 2020 strategy. And they’re getting antsy about DNC Chairman Tom Perez’s ineffectiveness in reaching key swing voters in Midwestern battleground states that helped push Trump to his stunning 2016 victory.


Ohio is an example.

“Donald Trump is in general election mode while we’re still in primary mode. We see it in Ohio,” said David Pepper, who chairs the Buckeye State’s Democratic Party. “He’s absolutely carpet-bombing Ohio online. We’re doing our best to respond.”

Progressive pundits and their liberal-media allies are exasperated that Trump’s approval ratings have improved despite their nonstop attacks on him. Thousands of supporters were lined up in Orlando two days ahead of his June 18 kickoff rally to announce his 2020 campaign, and he continues to fill venues at campaign appearances.

Jim Zogby is growing increasingly alarmed. He co-chairs the DNC’s ethnic counsel, which seeks to connect with the multiple factions comprising Democrats’ identity politics architecture.

“I am frustrated beyond belief at the sheer neglect of the constituencies I represent,” Zogby told The Daily Beast. That would include Irish–, Italian–, Polish–, Eastern/Central European–, Arab– and Armenian–American communities highly concentrated in the Midwest.

Campaign strategy isn’t the Democrats’ only pressing problem.

“The DNC had just $9.3 million in the bank at the end of June, less than a quarter the $44 million RNC had—and that doesn’t even factor in the DNC’s $5.7 million in debt,” Vice News reported. “The RNC and President Trump’s campaign had a combined $100 million in the bank.”

Some polls show that the four freshmen congresswomen collectively known as “The Squad“—the modern faces of the progressive Democrat Party—are alienating mainline Democrats turned off by what many view as their socialist, anti-American and anti-Semitic stances. That could prompt some moderates to sit out the 2020 election, or even support Trump.