Conservative Group Calls Out Dems’ Hostility Toward Religious Nominees

‘This thinking threatens to create a deficit of true leaders who are often such great role models because of their faith…’

Conservative Group Calls Out Dems' Hostility Toward Religious Nominees

Cory Booker / IMAGE: via Youtuber

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) As Congressional Democrats become more openly hostile to Christianity, a conservative group has compiled a list of several incidents in the past two years where U.S. senators interrogated nominees about their religious beliefs.

Family Research Council said it published “Rebels Without A Clause: When Senators Run Roughshod Over the ‘No Religious Test’ Clause of the U.S. Constitution” to expose a “troubling pattern of questioning posed to presidential nominees by senators.”

“What is the state of our nation when elected officials feel comfortable suggesting that a nominee is less qualified for office because they have deeply held convictions?” Alexandra McPhee, director of Religious Freedom Advocacy for the group, said in a statement.

Federal judicial vacancies continue to grow, and many Republicans have blamed the backlog in part on Democrats’ hostility to the Christian beliefs of some nominees.

More than 30 judicial nominees had soared through congressional committees and were awaiting floor votes to confirm their nominations before Senate Democrats blocked them, according to the Washington Times.

Just a few weeks ago, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., asked D.C. Circuit Court nominee Neomi Rao whether she thought same-sex relationships were a “sin.”

“Are gay relationships, in your opinion, immoral?” Booker asked.

“Um, senator, I’m not sure the relevance of that to—“ Rao replied.

“I think it’s relevant to your opinion if you think African–American relationships are immoral. Do you think gay relationships are immoral?” Booker interrupted.

“I do not,” Rao replied.

“Do you believe they are a sin?” Booker continued.

“Senator, my personal views on any of these subjects are things I would put to one side,” Rao replied.

Family Research Council said Booker’s interrogation, as well as those of several other Democrats who posed similar questions to past nominees, violate the Constitution’s religious test clause, which states: “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

“The problem is that regardless of the political party of the senator, the nominee’s religious beliefs or the particular office, these questions deter qualified candidates from pursuing public office at all. They imply that an otherwise upstanding nominee should be disqualified simply because of her religious beliefs or affiliation,” FRC wrote in “Rebels Without a Clause.”

Democrats, however, are feeling mounting pressure from the radical leftists in the party to put a stop to President Donald Trump’s record-breaking judicial nominations.

Trump has placed 85 federal judges on the bench since he took office, including a record 30 U.S. Circuit Court judges.

Former President Barack Obama was able to seat only 10 judges in the federal appeals courts in his first two years of office.

“The fact of the matter is, a person’s faith informs every aspect of her life, and the career of a nominee of faith is no exception. Faith and religion are often the foundation for characteristics like integrity and honesty, which are qualities we want in candidates for public office,” Family Research Council wrote.

“But the questions posed imply that faith and religion are incompatible with public service,” it added. “This thinking threatens to create a deficit of true leaders who are often such great role models because of their faith.”