Dems Aim at Trump Nominees, Unlike GOP’s Speedy OK of Obama Cabinet

Jeff Sessions photo

Photo by Gage Skidmore

(The Daily Signal) Senate Democrats are mounting an aggressive effort to reject or delay President-elect Donald Trump’s choices for major Cabinet positions, in a reversal of the deference Republicans showed in speedily confirming President Barack Obama’s nominees eight years ago.

In January 2009, the Senate confirmed 10 of Obama’s Cabinet choices within his first week as president, nine of them by voice vote, in which senators’ yes and no votes aren’t recorded.

Now, though, the Senate’s top Democrat has put the chamber’s top Republican on notice that at least eight of Trump’s picks are in Democrats’ crosshairs, beginning with one of their own colleagues—Trump’s choice for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

Others targeted are Trump’s picks for secretary of state, treasury, education, labor, and health and human services.

“Any attempt by Republicans to have a series of rushed, truncated hearings before Inauguration Day and before the Congress and public have adequate information on all of them is something Democrats will vehemently resist,” new Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Monday in a statement to The Washington Post.

“If Republicans think they can quickly jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing process, they’re sorely mistaken.”

In addition to Sessions, The Washington Post reported, those targeted by Democrats include Rex Tillerson, the Exxon Mobil CEO who is Trump’s choice for secretary of state, and Steve Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs executive who is Trump’s pick for treasury secretary.

Other Trump choices on the hit list, Democratic aides told the newspaper:

— Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., for secretary of health and human services.
— Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., for director of the Office of Management and Budget.
— Philanthropist and education activist Betsy DeVos for education secretary.
— Restaurant chain executive Andy Puzder for labor secretary.
— Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for environmental protection administrator.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., answered the Democrats on Tuesday by releasing statistics and quotations he said illustrate how much deference Republicans gave to Obama’s nominees in 2009—and how much Schumer and other Democrats have said they respected such deference.

Why Democrats Have Few Options

Democrats don’t have the numbers to outright defeat Trump nominees, thanks to a procedural change they made when they last controlled the Senate.

Republicans need a simple majority of 51 votes to move to confirm the president’s Cabinet appointments, rather than the supermajority of 60 previously required, and they have 52 seats. In addition, incoming Vice President Mike Pence will have the power to break any tie votes.

Democrats’ requirement of only a simple majority to avoid a filibuster and put a confirmation to a floor vote, or advance other business, is known on Capitol Hill as “the nuclear option.”

“They have tied their own hands on this,” Heritage Foundation procedural expert Rachel Bovard said of the Democrats, “and because of ‘going nuclear,’ essentially they have put every … nominee at a 51-vote threshold and there’s 52 Republicans.”

Referring to Republican leadership and the Trump transition team, Bovard added in a phone interview with The Daily Signal:

So, if they can get every Republican on board for each nominee, which I think that they’ll be able to do, there’s not much that Senate Democrats can do against that. It’s completely their own fault.

Sixty votes still are required to end debate and proceed to a vote to confirm a nominee for the Supreme Court, though a simple majority is required to confirm.

>>> Leading Critic of Trump’s AG Pick Withdrew Accusation in 1986

Democrats controlled the Senate in 2009, and would for two years, but Republicans put up little or no resistance to the choices of a new Democrat president, Obama, for top executive branch offices.

Now that Republicans control the Senate, however, Democrats appear to be showing little such deference to a new Republican president’s picks to run major government departments.

‘A Longstanding Tradition’

Bovard, director of policy services at The Heritage Foundation, previously was policy director for the Senate Steering Committee and an aide to several Republican senators and House members.

She told The Daily Signal that Obama’s Cabinet nominees enjoyed an easy confirmation process because of the well-established tradition of senatorial respect for a president’s major appointees, who run executive branch departments as the president expects.

Bovard said of the traditional attitude of senators:

They may not agree with everything that the nominee says or does or pledges, but it has been a longstanding tradition particularly in the Senate just to say, ‘Look, the president has the right to pick his own people.’ That is sort of the underlying trend.

Obama’s immediate predecessors as president, Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton, also enjoyed relatively speedy Cabinet confirmations.

The Senate confirmed 11 of Bush’s Cabinet appointees in the first week of his first term; it confirmed 17 of Clinton’s nominees in the first week of his first term, according to Senate records.

Interestingly, the Senate used the voice vote more in confirming Obama’s initial Cabinet choices than it did in conforming Bush or Clinton nominees.

The Senate confirmed eight of Bush’s initial Cabinet picks by voice vote, and three of Clinton’s initial choices.

McConnell’s release of confirmation statistics for Obama includes a quote from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va.

“I think we owe deference to a president for choices to executive positions, and I think that that is a very important thing to grapple with,” Kaine said at a 2013 hearing held by the Armed Services Committee.

In November, the release from McConnell’s office reminded, Schumer suggested he would work with Republicans to get things done in Congress and avoid needless delays.

“We have a moral obligation, even beyond the economy and politics, to avoid gridlock and get the country to work again,” Schumer told Bloomberg. “We have to get things done.”

Senate Democrats can do little to derail Trump’s nominees, Bovard said, but they can use various procedural maneuvers to delay the process. Among them: failing to show up to a committee meeting so that a quorum is not present, and, on the Senate floor, prolonging debate for up to 30 additional hours.

‘Confident in the Nominees’

Conservatives in Congress appear eager to work with the department heads and other executive branch officials Trump has assembled, Bovard said.

“I think for the most part conservatives feel confident in the nominees that have been put forward. I think they are trying to give Trump’s Cabinet a chance,” she said. “They have not come out swinging in any direction except forward.”

This positive attitude is largely due to the stalwart conservative convictions of Trump’s picks, Bovard said, citing three:

Betsy DeVos is really well-known to conservatives for her work on school choice, Jeff Sessions has been a titan of the conservative movement for decades, even Ben Carson [Trump’s pick for secretary of housing and urban development] has been a longtime proponent of reforming HUD. So these people aren’t unknown to conservatives.

Questioning his honesty, the Democratic National Committee demanded on New Year’s Eve that Sessions recuse himself from the Senate vote to confirm him as attorney general. A hearing for Sessions before the Judiciary Committee is scheduled for Jan. 10, which is 10 days before Trump is sworn in as president.

>>> Trump’s Pick for Attorney General Prosecuted These Civil Rights Cases

The Democratic National Committee accused the Alabama senator of withholding information in filling out the screening questionnaire issued by the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a statement, Adam Hodge, DNC communications director, said:

Jeff Sessions has fiercely argued in the past that omitting information isn’t just wrong, that it may also be illegal. So what does he do once he’s nominated to be the attorney general? He omits information from his dark past, particularly when he was deemed too racist to be a federal judge.

Based on his own reasoning, and in keeping with Senate tradition, Sessions must recuse himself from voting on his own nomination.

Sarah Isgur Flores, a spokeswoman for Sessions in the confirmation process, says such attacks are unfounded.

“Sen. Sessions’ four-decade career in public service includes bipartisan victories on criminal justice issues with folks like Sens. [Edward] Kennedy and [Dick] Durbin,” Flores said, citing two Democrats in a written statement provided Tuesday to The Daily Signal. She added of Sessions:

He has bipartisan endorsements that include law enforcement, victim rights organizations, and African-American leaders because they understand he will refocus the Department of Justice on upholding the rule of law and ensuring public safety. The time for playing politics should have ended on Election Day.

A Question of ‘Previous Political Activity’

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, earlier said Sessions’ questionnaire was incomplete and asked Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to postpone the Jan. 10 hearing to allow for more time to review the materials he submitted.

Grassley, in response, said Sessions has been upfront about his past, including old accusations, and that he submitted more material to supplement his answers. The committee chairman added that hearings would not be postponed.

Among her concerns, Feinstein said, is that Sessions, an early supporter of Trump for president, was not clear enough in explaining his involvement in “any political campaign.”

Grassley replied in a letter to Feinstein: “The question regarding previous political activity is of course designed to ascertain whether and how a nominee has been politically active. There can be no surprise that a sitting United States senator is politically active.”

Feinstein said another concern is that Sessions has not submitted the text of some speeches.

“Regarding the claim that several speeches were not included, of course you also know that we and our colleagues are frequently called upon to speak at a variety of constituent and other events,” Grassley replied. “Senator Sessions explained that he made his best effort to identify and locate copies of such remarks where available.”

The committee chairman added that Sessions produced all items requested in the questionnaire.

Grassley noted that past Cabinet nominees have not been able to provide transcripts for every speech they ever gave. And, he said, Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, “supplemented his questionnaire materials several times.”

“In December 2008 alone, Attorney General Holder supplemented his questionnaire responses with more than 200 items of information,” Grassley said.

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    D.C. is a private company and can do what they want.

    • Mathew Molk

      Not any more…They know the have on foot on some real thin ice and the other on a big ol pile of banana peals.


    Somehow the idea of chuck Schumer engaging in combat with his political opponents is humorous. He is good for a press conference but that’s about it. And there are no Republicans at his press conferences. I predict my home state of NY is going to screwed by President Trump because we are stupid to keep sending this jerk to the Senate and the NYC area is so Democratic you could be a child rapist and get elected with a D after your name

    • Daniel Gray

      Chucky is stupid enough to bring a pen knife to a gun fight and then complain because he got shot.

      • teamsbill

        Most dems are socialist love spending other people’s money

    • Slav2012

      I wouldn’t be as concerned for NY in as much as we’re going to have to deal with outright insurrection in Californ IA. Except for the protected enclaves of the super rich rest of the state is a complete pile of fecal material. Will probably require services of National Guard from several states to restore order. See Victor Davis Hansen’s latest on National Review.

      • John R. Uecker

        Maybe “The Big One” will happen and a new coast line will happen. I wonder how long Feinstein and Pelosi can tread water

  • hobecat

    This site is as faux as fox. Maybe you missed the fact that they did not give him a Supreme court nomine. Maybe you missed all the crooked and illegal things Donald has done and is doing. Maybe you are missing how he is a puppet of putin.

    • Daniel Gray

      Name them stupid. And remember that it was Obama and Chucky Scheumer who stated that Bush shouldnt get any SCOTUS nominees, so whats sauce for the goose…….

      • Nicodemus

        PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! Hobecat is either mentally defective (so debating with him/her/it is a waste of time) or a paid minion of George Soros. Either way, the best thing to do is ignore it and hope it goes away….

    • temporary guest

      Maybe you’re spaced out and missing planet earth?

    • Francisco Machado

      You have it backwards – it’s the President who gives Congress a Supreme Court nominee. He did that. It isn’t the obligation of the Congress to accept the nominee, and the Democrats are on record as believing that, in the last year of the incumbent presidency, the incoming President, not the one in office should choose the nominee. Of course, that was said when a Republican was in office, and Democrats have clearly demonstrated that what they believe acceptable for themselves they will not tolerate in the opposition.

    • Thomas Pullen

      I can say the same thing about Obama and Hillary. I don’t have to, that’s why Hillary lost! Everyone know it but you libtards! LMAO

  • Richard Bagenstose

    hobecat after 8 years of lies , cover ups , illegal executive orders , you want to make up stories about trump , i garenty you if he was guilty of any crimes they would have him in prison already , unlike hillary or oboma, who seem to be able to get away with murder

  • ReaperHD

    You LIBTURDS keep pissing off your voters and get nothing done again and the PEOPLE will take care of most of you the next election. If you look around to all levels of Government the PEOPLE are getting rid of your associates and your next.

    • Mathew Molk

      A-Men to that.

      Get with the program or get knocked off at the next election.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat

      We’ve been saying this for the past 8 years. The majority of voters continue to re-elect the crooks. The low information voter is only concerned about ‘how does it affect me?’ If it’s more freebies, they’ll go with whichever crook offers them the best offer.

      • Anna Ketley Becker

        That’s how the few popular votes Trump received from American voters got him into office ie. electoral college comprised of mainly very wealthy businessmen elected Trump–or do you all need another Civics lesson??.

        • stoney

          No the electoral college represents the states votes. You are the one that needs a civics lesson.

      • ReaperHD

        The LIBTURDS wanted their DUMB DOWN THE ELECTORATE and it worked.

  • richjack4

    They are simply petulant little children that lost the game and are taking their ball home crying. Every characteristic they attributed to Trump and his followers are in fact self descriptors of themselves. They think of no one but themselves, not the nation as a whole. I wish them well in what will be a waste of valuable time and energy.

    • temporary guest

      Well said… except that part about wishing them well. I’ll do that when I can get a sun tan at the North pole.

      • richjack4

        Thank you, I appreciate that

      • Anna Ketley Becker

        You care solely about yourself and as long as you got yours–who cares–right??–typically a Neo-Nazi.

    • Mathew Molk

      Only problem with that is now WE own the ball…They are trying to steal it but they are too week to pull it off.

      • Nicodemus

        “The left hate Democracy because, every so often, it allows someone else a turn at the levers of government.” Lord Christopher Monckton

        • richjack4

          They hate it because it is not National socialism. They are extremely frightened about the reintroduction of the word “accountability” into American vernacular. I no longer see massive amounts of taxpayer money going to fund social welfare programs without some measure of personal accountability to remove oneself from it. This is not a race issue as it is a personal issue regardless of color. The time for generational welfare and Medicaid is over. I do not think that’s racist as it is something I would expect of all people unless there is a genuine need for it i.e. disability, diminished mental capacity, death of primary breadwinner etc. Not because you had six kids by the time you were 24 but refused to get married because your benefits would get cut.

          • Nicodemus

            Let me buy you a vicarious beer! Cheers!

          • richjack4

            Ha ha ha ha. I am a Coors light man myself despite the ridicule I get for it. Some habits from the military define maturity!

          • Nicodemus

            British ales and bitters are definitely the way to go! I toured the Coors Brewery, years ago….didn’t hold a candle to Guinness! (been there 3 times now!). The only thing 3.2 beer does is keep you up all right running to the latrine!

          • richjack4

            When I was stationed in the UK I definitely grew with affinity for “lager n’ lime” Ha ha ha

          • Tom F

            For a guy who loved malted milks as a kid, the barley fermenting room was a really heady trip!!

          • Tomahawk

            LOL You got that right!

          • Anna Ketley Becker

            Alcohol does not make you mature–do the research! Alcohol makes you an aggressive hateful and delirious as..wipe!

          • richjack4

            Who said it did? We were kidding. Grow up and save your self pious babble for someone else.

          • BUCK

            Wait! Wait! Don;t tell me.

            You went to college!


            I too.

            PISS OFF!!

          • Anna Ketley Becker

            As a corporate person myself–please tell me when and where any of your swastika leaders have been accountable?/

          • Louie Rey

            Amen brother, amen.

        • Fed up!

          Please use the correct term, we have a Republic form of government. A Democracy would have given use by using illegal voters the Hildabeast. Our forefathers where very smart men by setting up a check and Balance Repubic nation.

          • Nicodemus

            Did you happen to note the quotation marks? I’m not at liberty to alter a direct quote…feel free to contact Lord Monckton with your comments.

      • Climax


      • Anna Ketley Becker

        Let’s hope our federal congressional Dems can do as good of a job obstructing GOP legislation designed for only the top 1% as those of you who depend on social security are simple–SOL! As a wealthy woman with wealthy children, I see soo much selfishness in your creed. Shame on you all!

        • Fed up!

          Anna WOW your a bitter snowflake. Come to terms we will not be a Commie Nation ever, no matter how many your people flood this nation with criminal illegals. Take your crayons and find a safe place.

    • Mere Marlo

      And a huge waste of our money.

    • Louie Rey

      On the contrary, they think of this nation “as a hole” and that’s why they’ve become the scourge that they are. Luckily, November put them in the rear view mirror.

  • are_we_nuts

    Write the actions of those criminals in stone for the next generations to see very clearly who the democraps and lie-bretards really are.

  • parthenon1

    Simply kill their idea and use their own secret weapon. . . NUCLEAR OPTION FOR ALL APPOINTEES INCLUDING SUPREME COURT APPOINTEES

    • Daniel Gray

      Harry Reed already did this and killed the filibuster for the nominees. So all they have to do now is bring them up and vote them in with a simple 51-49 vote and there isnt a thing these leftys can do to stop it.

      So we all should thank Harry Reed for being so dumb that he did something that is going to bite the Democrats on the a$$ for a long time to come.

      • Anna Ketley Becker

        Wow–you really DO need to study Civics then simply count the number of GOP federal congressional Senators–it ain’t 51 either!

        • Daniel Gray

          Wow, you DO need to learn to read. There are 100 US Senators. And since Harry “the dumbarse” Reed used the nuclear option, that STOPS any filibustering for nominees in the Senate. As such stupid, all the Republicans will need is a simple 51 vote for and the nominee is approved. End of story.

          You really should know what you are talking about BEFORE opening your mouth. Now sit down, open mouth and pull your foot from where you shoved it down your throat. Then close mouth.

  • Daniel Gray

    Sorry Chuckie, but you cant do a damn thing. Your buddy Harry Reed saw to that when he used the Nuclear Option. Meaning that the Republicans can line them up one after the other and vote them in and you nor your butt kissing buddies in the Senate can stop them

    • temporary guest

      We’ll have to wait and see. Unfortunately, some of Chuckie’s buddies call themselves Republicans

      • Sharon Jeanguenat

        That’s what I was going to say about Schumer. If he can get some of the Repubs to turn, that would help the Dems. I don’t trust most of the Senators. We’ll have to wait & see, but, we need to really pray too, & ask God to help us turn things around.

        • temporary guest

          Amen to that … all of it.

        • Tom F

          Most of the R’s are OK, but McCain and Graham are really Dems masquerading as R’s just to get elected in R-leaning states. There are D’s I would trust more than them.

          • Anna Ketley Becker

            As I said–the GOP taught them well, didn’t they!

          • JHW

            Don’t forget about Flake.

    • Gary

      I hope you’re right, but according to Mark Levin, the DIMocrats will try to filibuster. The Republicans must reinstall the no-filibuster rule that creepy Harry Reid once did himself when they were the majority.

      • Anna Ketley Becker

        Guess you never saw what went on in federal Congress and obviously you know squat about Civics–poor babies! Let’s hope and pray the Dems do every bit as much obstructing as your GOP lords did as GOP legislation benefits solely the 1% –or have you noticed this yet??

        • stoney

          Wasn’t the Republicans that put all the bills in the drawer and didn’t bring them to the floor for a vote. That was none other than dirty harry reid. Dems have been the obstructionist not the republicans.

  • Brent Fine

    Majny of the nominees are at the extreme of the spectrum and couldn’t care less about the mission of the offices. I’m an Independent and didn’t vote for either of the two corrupt party candidates, but these nominees should be grilled over their philosophy, competency conflicts of interest. In addition, Trump should have to hand over his tax returns so we can see all the conflicts he has with nations he will be dealing with.

    • Abby701

      Did we do that with Obama? Clinton? Well, what is your gripe now? oBAMA HAD HIS TURN. nOW IT IS tRUMP’S TURN.

      • Brent Fine

        I believe they went through two AG nominees for Clinton in 1992 before picking Reno, who I didn’t care for. Some of these people I don’t believe are qualified for the office they are being nominated. Carson for HUD, Carl’s Jr owner for Labor. Tillerson for State with his history with Russia and no State Dept. type of experience. This isn’t supposed to be a rubber stamp.

        • Abby701

          I am willing to give Trump a shot; all his selectees are business men who have managed big businesses. Right now our government is so far in debt because we have not had people with management skills. I don’t know where you get your information on these people because I don’t know them ; only what the media is dishing out. And you know what, I don’t believe the media as they only tell us what they want us to hear. These people didn’t get to where they are today without trial and error and then experience. I still say, give him a chance. Let’s see what happens. Sure there will be errors but a lot less than there has been over the past 8 years. I am not
          taking a arty line; only being sensible and not obstructive.

    • Nicodemus

      As they say….when the pendulum of politics swings too far to one extreme, it tends to swing to the other before stabilizing in the middle. Americans are tired of gays getting away with persecuting Christians, communist/socialist/progressives (pick your label) spinning lies in the media, phony shootings being staged as an excuse to infringe upon Constitutionally-guaranteed gun rights, very suspicious deaths of witnesses, DNC staffers and lawyers, a talk-show host, even a supreme court justice…nepotism, bribery, theft, corruption….O’Vomit pissing-away $100 million taxpayer dollars golfing and vacationing, not to mention $12 TRILLION in new debt, illegals having more rights and benefits than citizens…..had ‘they’ succeeded in stealing the election for Hitlery, it would have meant civil war (people were tooling up for it….month after month saw new records for gun purchases). Not it’s going to be a slow process of taking back the country from the perverts and the criminals…the other way would have been much faster, but I’m content to see things go the slow way…as long as this time the CHANGE is FOR THE BETTER!

  • temporary guest

    What say we “compromise” and just keep 10 illegals for every Democrat we can deport, starting with Chuck Schumer and all the liberals who said they’d leave the country if Donald Trump won the election?

    • Anna Ketley Becker

      No one is going anywhere as we all plan to do every bit of a good job obstructing as the GOP did for the past 8 years–especially since GOP legislation is aimed at helping the top 1%–surely you jest if you think it will help you!

      • John R. Uecker

        Awwwww, poor Anna. Waaaaaaaa.

  • playsoftball

    And Obama said it would be a good transition. Whole party is corrupt.

  • Mathew Molk

    Just another temper tantrum by the obamites that is going to blow up in their faces just like ever other think they have pulled against President Trump even before he was elected. Ever time they try to screw over him they fail and Trump ends up looking stronger.

    Sooner or later they are going to realize theri place in the sun is gone forever.

    They lost, We won. That’s it.

  • Jeff Z

    Thanks to Harry’s Reid…..we can circumvent that and ignore them. We have the numbers – both houses, the white house, the SCOTUS and the support of the American people. Forget the bi-partisan BS – you cant deal with terrorists. Ignore the libtards and make things happen. When the midterms come around…..they’ll be even less of their filth lingering around the halls.

  • paul b ahern

    Has anyone ever told Chuckie that you go further with “honey” than you do with vinegar. I can’t believe any American could be as bad as Harry Reed but this Chuckie really takes the cake.What rock did he climb out from under ?

    • Anna Ketley Becker

      Obviously–you don’t practice what you preach which is why no one hears you unless they have to or ar lame enough to agree with your propagandized selfish insidiousness and vomitous vacuous rhetoric–what a loser and how ignorant you people are–its disgusting!

      • John R. Uecker

        Wow, Anna finally got to the usual name calling.

  • William Manners

    Let us just hope that these democrats do not succeed in making this another do nothing Congress. (or should I say “a get nothing done Congress”)

  • 7littleangels

    When are these petulant babies going to realize this is ONE country and we have ONE government and it behooves us all to come together as one! The democrats would rather destroy this country than give Trump an even break. Disgusting!

  • barbarakelly


  • Climax

    Democrats are leaches on society, they are further demented, race baiting, vindictive SOB’s that cannot accept the fact that they lost the election and America in general does not want them in power. They screwed the pooch over the last 8 years and shoved their socialist ways down our throats. WE, Americans, complained but did nothing like these SOB’s are doing today. They should be ashamed of themselves but instead they feed off each other dreaming up more ways to give the shaft to those that assume the mess they made on the 20th.

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    Given that Dems gave the two Dem-RINO Jorges (Sr, 1989-1993 and Jr, 2007-2009) lots of trouble in confirmations, I hardly expected them to be easier on Trump (who isn’t a Dem-RINO)!

    Of course they show their true colours everytime!

  • hobecat

    Liars liars pants on fire. It was McConnell who said that Obama would not get any of his appointments.

  • cp123

    We,the people will have a say in that. Get ready.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    I don’t like Schumer, but he is a breath of fresh air, after having Harry Reid in the Senate as leader. Hopefully the Senate will work with Trump, & get some of his picks allowed to serve. I DO expect all senators to actually ask reasonable questions of the nominees. Not questions about the candidates choice for supper, or making a careless remark that someone made. I’m hoping & praying that God has a hand in this, & help get the nominees confirmed.

  • They are labeled DEMONcRATS for a very applicable reason.

  • Mere Marlo

    It is really time to GROW UP and act like Adult Americans instead of belligerent children. The people put you in office to support the current government despite your personal feelings. You are not there to act as you wish, but as the majority of We The People wish. That is what you are paid for, not wasting time on petty machinations.

  • Tristan Greenwall

    Schumer get Obamas dk out of your liberal azz, party’s over your to old let go a hole.

  • Anna Ketley Becker

    Anyone researching the background of these Neo-Nazi’s and still supports them?? Try researching the precursor to Hitler’s rise to power and then spew your heinous insults at everyone as that rubber stamps you even more as a NeoNazi–salivating for an authoritarian dictatorial NeoNazi King! Thanks to your ilk we had 8 years of GOP obstruction that denegrated our nation and did not allow the progress for the people that we could have had–or did you ever bother to know all the good legislation that GOP obstructed that would have moved our nation forward. What’s your plan when Trump gets blackmailed financially especially with so much of Trump’s corporate located in Russia??

    • John R. Uecker

      I will wait for Hillary to have a BIG problem with the donations to their foundation and the debt is due..

  • Fed up!

    Let them try, pay back is in mid terms, we the Patriots can finish wiping them out and that goes for Rinos who do not understand what we did the last election. Not only did we mandate the electoral college, we won by a landslide the legal popular vote. Say bye bye babies.

  • Jim Hughes

    I think the Liberals want the whole nation to become California.

    • unclealfie

      No, I think libs view Cuba as the true worker’s paradise.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Democrats, out to screw over the people at every opportunity.

  • Louie Rey

    I suggest that we have some sort of telethon to raise funds to get across to the Democrats what the real problem in this country is as opposed to their perception fo Trump’s ascension. Once we collect the money we should buy all the Democrats two things, a mirror and a picture of Hussein. That, my friends, is the REAL problem with this country. Thankfully these problems will soon be coming to an end. I think that the Democrats are coming to the realization that their party has become irrelevant and they refuse to accept that so they’re doing everything they can to somehow remain in the conversation. Well, if you did your jobs as opposed to destroying this country from within all the while profiting by your sinister actions maybe you wouldn’t have been so thoroughly beaten in November. Now, that being said, GO AWAY!!!

  • cgretired

    “Any attempt by Republicans to have a series of rushed, truncated hearings before Inauguration Day and before the Congress and public have adequate information on all of them is something Democrats will vehemently resist,” new Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said.

    Are these the same democraps that pushed through obamacare? “You can see what’s in it once it becomes law”.

  • RMorrow

    The Lord says the Liberal Democrats are doubling down on their EVILS because they have no where else to go. If the nation is run properly and honestly, the Liberals lose on all fronts.

  • robert sanders


  • Sherry

    The dems dont give a crap what the public wants, they continue to ignore the American people. The dems wont win for a long time if they keep ignoring the people, when will they learn, they are obviously pretty ignorant. Dems, we want Donald Trumps picks, not yours. Your out to destroy America and Trump will restore America. We dont care what the dems want, they are anti American and anti American people, so we are anti dems, anti establishment and anti globalism. The sooner you figure this out the better. We wont stand for your bs anymore, so move on and back Trump or be finished

  • John R. Uecker

    My my, are we bitter. Or haven’t you figured out which bathroom to use.

  • Slav2012

    Hold on there cowboy…with all due respect and having battled trolls for several years, are you sure that responder is a woman?

    • temporary guest

      I suppose it could be a wannabe woman… or just some run of the mill, arrogant, self-righteous, sanctimonious, gender confused Democrat.

      • Slav2012

        Trolls will use any and every trick in the book. Now that Libs are short of cash after spending every penny they had, I’ve noticed the usual trolls from “Correct the Record” aren’t out and about as stridently. Could be the OINK’s…(Ordinary Indecent Not-so-nice Kooks) we’re seeing now.

  • Sueja

    This is outrageous.

  • Mike Jackson

    You know y they don’t want Jeff session is because he will follow the laws on the books like for the illegal aliens in the country DEMORATS pets workers