Democrats Continue Obstructionism of Trump Nominees

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Congressional Democrats continue to blockade President Donald Trump’s nominees, leaving gaping holes in his administration.

Since his inaugural address, Trump has made 257 appointments to crucial judicial and administrative positions, but only 55 have been confirmed by the Senate. This intentional delay is unprecedented — former President Obama had 206 of his nominees confirmed within his first six months.

These confirmation delays are attributed to Democrats’ insistence that Republicans go through the time-consuming cloture process, even for non-controversial nominees. This means that even though Democrats fully intend to support Trump’s nominees, they require Republicans to check all the procedural boxes before they do so, requiring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to request a formal cloture vote so the Senate can move forward.

This lengthy process was rarely used for past administrations. All but a few of Obama’s nominees were confirmed using fast-track procedures, including unanimous consent and voice vote. Only five of Trump’s nominees, however, have been confirmed this way.

“Not allowing the administration to take over the government is the wrong thing to do,” said Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, a member of the Republican leadership. “It is unacceptable. It’s outrageous. Something has to change.”

The stagnation in confirmations has rendered the Trump administration under-equipped, leading the president to consider cancelling Congress’s summer recess and demanding lawmakers stick around to confirm his appointments.

“The president has every right to call Congress back if necessary,” said Marc Short, the White House director of legislative affairs.

In past administrations, elected officials understood the importance of filling in the executive’s empty positions. Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton had nearly all of their cabinet positions approved within the first two weeks they held office. It took nearly 40 days for President Trump to have 10 cabinet seats filled.

Democrats have not denied that they are intentionally slowing the nomination process. Their explanation continues to change, however. First they said they were upset Republicans rammed a few nominees through without proper paperwork, but now they admit they are holding the process hostage to how Republicans have handled the health care debate.

“Maybe once things change a little bit on health care, with the consent of my colleagues on this side of the aisle, we can move a lot of things quickly,” said Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, believes the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot by prolonging delays in Senate confirmations. He said it gives the White House incentive to bypass the Senate, which will give the executive more power.

“We have never had a situation where several hundred key officials who run the government have not been examined by, and held accountable to, the United States Senate,” he said. “It makes the president more powerful and the Congress less powerful, and it gives the people less say into who the president is appointing, and what they are doing and how they conduct themselves.”

Many Republicans fear that the American people will suffer the most. By refusing to confirm Trump’s nominations, Democrats are crippling the administration. Fifty-eight senior administration positions are waiting to be confirmed still, despite a committee’s prior approval. Until these vacancies are filled, federal agencies cannot fulfill their statutory duties, jeopardizing the government’s efficiency.

Short said the Democratic blockade is becoming an issue of national security, and that denying the American people a fully staffed administration is a threat to their liberty as well.

“Democrats even walked out of committee hearings to deny quorums, like schoolchildren taking their toys from the playground,” he said. “But it is the American people who are being hurt.”

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  • Naval Lint

    Chucky Schumer…”Do what WE DEMOCRATS WANT…OR YOU’LL DO NOTHING AT ALL!” And meanwhile, the Democrats continue to claim that President Trump “can’t govern because he has no cabinet.” Screw ALL Democrats….no, better not or they’ll think they are LOVED!

    • Brian Bowes

      The Democrats are showing the American people that they do not care about them, there more concerned with catering to the illegals and whatever terrorist group that fits there agenda at the time.

      • concerned_democrat

        yall are too funny. I found this site by mistake and boy is it a mistake. Y”all are as delusional as that clown you elected.

        • Werp

          You are so right. They are a delusional crowd here. The reason they are blocking people because he can’t pick someone qualified to move this country forward not back.

          • chuck quinn

            You DemaRATS picked real winners over the years the only half way good one was John Kennedy . It’s a shame his kid brother murdered his young lover .And got away with it . And what is the body count around the Clintons. The Johnson jerk started the free stuff and put the public left to pay for lazy folks that get free stuff . Many are to FAT TO WORK . But are free stuff voters ! Yes your picks have done their best to put the country 20 BILLION IN DEBT. Many RINOS are also at fault. That’s why there are those from both parties blocking progress.

          • Werp

            Who put us in debt? Bush, deeper and deeper. Clinton left us with plenty if money.

          • Brent

            Clinton NEvER ha a year where the debt actually decreased so get real.

            Bush’s sucked, but obozo is singlehandedly responsible for more debt than any other president. He also has the distinction of having produced ABOLUTELY NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE TO SHOW FOR ALL THAT SPENDING.

          • chuck quinn

            What you said was true as far as you went . However Clinton did not have 9/11 Or have to try to clean up the foreign countries ,because of incompetent demaRATS that created the Iran , Iraq . and Afghanistan wars . It is always a waste of time to debate a died in the wool libs. It is like going into battle with a mentally unarmed individual !!! A true waste of time and energy !

          • John

            Werp: I’m acquainted with your and the democrat party’s idea of progress and moving the country forward, in one instance, first hand. Examples had, and have nice sounding names. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, German Democratic Republic, People’s Republic of China, People’s Republic of Korea. And let’s not forget Cuba, and how Venezuela is following your idea of “progress”. I prefer the rule of law (the U.S. Constitution, which is NOT a “living document” or a “piece of parchment”), integrity (no committing perjury when taking the oath of office, and usurpation, taking power and passing laws the Constitution forbids), and no tantrums, which democrats and other “progressives” are “good” at doing. Also, there is no such thing as a free anything. No free lunch, no free education, no free medical care, ad nausium. Corporations can NOT pay their “fair share” of taxes, all tax money comes from us, directly and indirectly. The money government has is OUR money, not government’s, and is to be used responsibly and according to law.

          • Werp

            Venezuela you know absolutely nothing about. Using our money responsibly would be impeaching the man we have as it president. Republicans all need to stand up and get rid of this disgrace of a person running this country into the ground. You talk of crimes committed. Money laundering is a good one to start with. The lady could go on. I never said I supported Hilary nor that I’m a Democrat. Just because I’m not someone with the wool pulled over my eyes. Like all of the people in all uggs those

          • chief1937

            Seems your education as to what is and has been going on needs a little tweaking pal.

          • Brent

            Gorsuch was an excellent pick. Not so sure about DeVos, and I’d like to see Sessions get his butt in gear enforcing laws and prosecuting all the blatant violators (spoken democrats) who think they’re above the law, but he is certainly capable and is moving our country forward.

          • Louie Rey

            Let’s put it this way Twerp, oops, I mean Werp, if you think that the last eight years was a good thing then I’d love to hear what you’d consider a disaster. Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal, adding more to the national debt than all previous presidents COMBINED, more than doubling people on food stamps, drawing “red lines” in the sand (no THAT’S funny), actually colluding with Russia (“I’ll have more flexibility after the election” a direct quote from Hussein), bowing to every Middle Eastern tyrant during “apology tours. You know, I could go on but I have plans for Labor Day sooooo. Wake the F**K up!

        • Edouard d’Orange

          Delusional to be “concerned” about only 21% of nominees being confirmed and 79% being held up? Thanks for the compliment, democrap.

        • PStanP

          You obviously aren’t smart enough to have found it on purpose. You must have been looking for “The View”.

        • Gregg Parker

          No idiot… That’s a hole in the ground not your a$$. So I have to know is it “yall”; “y”all, or yet a third derivative of the southern pronunciation of You all? IF you really are a “concerned_demoncrap” y’all will look into it for us funny folk

        • Clarence L Schuler

          The demoncrats are doing this to get even with the people for voting for president Trump.

        • Brent

          Thanks for stopping by. If you would ever like to expose your views to debate or scrutiny, feel free to come back and discuss things.

        • Frederick Douglass

          Says someone that thinks Hillary was the better choice despite the fact she should be in prison for the crimes she committed by intentionally miss handling secret documents.

        • James Higginbotham

          your the MISGUIDED FOOL SLICK.

        • Fortuneless

          Stupid homosexual

        • Carole O’Brien

          You are out of touch with the truth Brian.

        • Vera Baker

          Dems are the ones who are in debt and under investigation and ran Hillary. lol,lol, lol, lol, lol, lol !! Bunch of MORONS as demoncraps !!

        • Louie Rey

          You should be concerned. Your favored party is a disaster that has absolutely no ideas whatsoever other than obstructing OUR president. You think that’s a rational approach? If you do then you’re not a concerned democrat you’re a run of the mill democrat. Good luck with that.

        • chief1937

          You are so right it was a mistake for you to find this site. Your input is definitely not needed we have enough brainless already.That clown as you say is one great American which you can’t possibly recognize..

        • JoanK.

          Sounds like you are jealous.

      • James Higginbotham

        very TRUE BRIAN.

    • JoanK.


  • daveveselenak

    REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed!

    • Yarbles

      You may have a point. It is my contention that these delaying tactics by the Globalists and Globalist owned Democrat Party is doable only because they plan the Great Globalist Reset to begin to occur sometime Mid-2018. There will not be a mid-term election in 2018 or so they plan.

      • daveveselenak

        Bingo, I find it unbelievable that any sane person with an ounce of sense can not discern the fate that awaits “US” ! The Godless, SATAN worshipping power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls are large and in charge – voting in faux third world banana Republic elections accomplishes zilch!

  • Maxine Albritton

    well, what goes around should come around. I hope we never get another democratic president , God help us all if we do, but I hope in the future the congress does not allow all that obama got away with ever again. they had the power to stop his evil but did not use it. Now under this president they are using it. I am also referring to their sanctions on russia and North korea. Also forcing Trump to accept them. remember they aso have the power to impeach and I would think obstruction of their stupid bill would or might count as that.

  • John

    I wish the republicans would learn from this, THE DEMS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! THE PRESS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!!
    Roll up your sleeves, grow a pair, learn from TRUMP, instead of running from him and bust these unamerican libs in the face,figuratively, BEAT THEM DOWN using their OWN games they played when they were in power. Do not believe the polls, they work for the Dems and lie like the fake news media. Do what we elected you for, see how many of your states and districts went for POTUS TRUMP. Watch his rallies see how hard the Dems and lapdog media fight against him, it shows that he is making headway , they are worried and will keep loosing.

    • rev_dave

      Learn? From their behavior, I’d have to say that about half of the GOP is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Clinton machine.

      All that drug money is hard to turn down, and those promises of immunity from ever being prosecuted…. But once you take the deal, Killary’s henchmen will make short work of you if you even look like you might be thinking about turning state’s evidence. So I don’t expect too many to ‘learn’ anything until the Clintons are in prison – or buried. Even then some will never get their souls back.

  • What good is the congress and senate majority if they can’t get the Trump appointees approved?

    • Edouard d’Orange

      First of all, the House of Representatives have nothing to do with confirmations. Only the Senate has that duty. The Senate has a bare majority of Republicans (I believe it’s 52-48). Unfortunately, the Senate has arcane rules that allow the minority party (in this case, demorats) to hold up legislative action and confirmations. In this instance, demotards are stretching the rules and being especially obstructionist, way beyond what has been done in the past. So, Republicans are not able to move nominees. But demoncraps are doing their worst, even walking out, to not allow any action. The only way for Republicans to move with little interference (there’s still some rules that allow delays) is to have a 60 seat super majority.

      • Karll

        Thanks to harry reid, the Reps could employ the nuclear option on
        every appointee, where 51 votes are all that would be required.

  • Can’t blame democrats for the expected behavior, our boys, i.e. Repubs are weak, very weak.

  • rev_dave

    So, there is this thing called a ‘recess appointment’. I didn’t know of it until Obama was going to use it, and I think I recall he did use it, to get one of his appointees into office. (Anybody else remember?)

    If the Dems want to keep delaying and crippling the legitimate government, then President Trump can just let them all go home for summer recess, and on day one of the recess can make ‘recess appointments’ for all 202 of the nominees who have not been approved. BAM! Day one, all done. As for the screaming and crying, you will hear more the next day than all you’ve heard so far this year.

    Crybabies will cry.

    • Edouard d’Orange

      But there is also a rule that only allows a recess appointee to remain in office for a certain period, then that appointee has to be confirmed, or must leave.

      • rev_dave

        Which could be loudly blamed on the Dems as shutting down government because of refusing for a second time to do their jobs.

        But, what is the time the appointee can serve? As I recall, it was in about 2013 when Obama was going to do this, so it must be fairly lengthy.

      • rev_dave

        And by the way, is there anything to prevent those appointees from being re-appointed at the next Congressional recess if they’re still not approved? Awkward, I know, but there are many ways to skin a rat.

      • Duke615

        @Edouard d’Orange: I believe Presidential recess appointments are valid until the next election of the House of Representatives, which happens every 2 years. After that, they have to be confirmed.

        • hiskorr

          That is correct. That takes us through the elections next year. If Mitch Ryan had any courage, then they would declare the Congress in recess just to accomplish this.

    • Brent

      Trump should just tell the senate to use the nuclear option liberally.

  • Warren Blum

    Will someone please assassinate chuck schumer!

  • RightVote

    Chuck Schmucker and Nancy Pee !
    Voting against AMERICA 😳

  • bob breglio

    How bout we arrest a bunch of these loonie lefties and change them with treason for consciously trying to undermine the government, Stick all of them in an internment camp with all the unvetted “refugees” and illegal alien criminals so they can all sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya.

  • Cheryl Heberle

    Do the democrats have any idea how stupid this looks to the average citizen.

    • Karll

      All they know is the gullibility and stupidity of their own electorate,
      and they take advantage of both.

      • Cheryl Heberle

        So true.

  • boaz

    VOTE them ALL OUT!

  • jerry irvin

    Next election the republicans should do the same thing to democrat nominees. They won’t because they lack gonads.

    • Karll

      Yup, for example, they let leftist radical clowns kagan and sotomayor
      onto the ussc without a whimper.

      • Edouard d’Orange

        Good example that I can’t disagree with. That was such a sellout by Republicans.

  • Karll

    Just use the nuclear option on every Trump appointee, then don’t bother
    to even acknowledge the democrats’ complaints.

  • What’s that you say?

    It will take longer but once all are in place their heads will spin, especially Chuckies. We still have 7 1/2 years
    How do you like them apples you liberal kooks and a few Rhino’s They are hanging on to the outside lip of the drain. Soon they will be going down the other side. Stay strong President Trump! We’ve got your back.

    • Frank B.

      No– trump will be out in less than 1 year from now

      • What’s that you say?

        Keep dreaming. I guess you are good with Vice President Pence then.
        If Trump were to go that’s who’ll you get. Glad you like it!

        • Frank B.

          Nothing I can do about THE LAW and how it works. If pence succeeds him then so be it. But a law breaker can not be allowed to stay in the White House.

          • What’s that you say?

            What law did he break?
            What proof do you have?
            There is nothing there and you and your liberal friends are kooks.

          • Frank B.

            If you actually took the time to do some homework, and follow the news (no brieghtbart or alex jones is not news)— then you would already know the answer to your question.

          • What’s that you say?

            So you don’t know what law he broke do you? You must have done your homework right? Or is that to much work for you. You can not answer a simple question because he has broken no laws.
            Can you tell me what the liberal blog is? I would like to sign in to Troll it.

          • Frank B.

            I didn’t say “I don’t know”— I told you to do your own homework. What good would it do for me to tell you something that you already know you will not believe coming from me? Don’t waste my time…Go and do your own homework. Then maybe you just might believe yourself.

  • Jon Blake

    The GOP control Congress yet they’re allowing themselves to be led around on a leash by the Democrats.

  • Brent

    OK…i really must ask. At this point, why in the heck are we NOT just invoking the “nuclear option” for all of his appointments? It’s an honest question. If the dem’s wish to behave like children, it’s time to send them to their rooms without dinner and let the adults get some work done.

    Oh wait…that last line just tipped me off. We have too many childish RINO’s in the Senate. My bad…

    • JAinLA

      And we must be careful! What goes around comes around. They will walk all over us when their turn comes in again. And as the pendulum changes direction they WILL come again.
      Unfortunately for America!
      The young brainwashed liberals will vote!

  • Carole

    Vote them out!!


    The “Childish/Cry Baby” Democrats will find that they “Cut Their Nose Off To Spite Their Face” with this foolish/arrogant obstruction, that will hurt them in the 2018 elections!! They will be considered to be the “Most Negative People” of this New Century for these actions and learn another lesson in the next major election !!

  • Bob

    Everything the Dems learned, they learned from the red neck hill-billy triple chin Scum-Slut McConnell. The Clown obstructed for 8 years and should have been done away with by the people of Kentucky. Now they’re going to pay the ultimate price by losing their Health Care and their lives!!!

  • . The “anti-Trump” operatives, politicians and legislators either have an ill founded anti-American passion or have been bought through massive bribes, [donations, gifts, campaign funding…], extortion [entrapment by evidence of sexual or other character destructive exploits] or some psychological indebtedness to their perceived benefactors.
    . These benefactors (via lobbyists) are of the establishment which is the shadow government directed by a cartel of international and big bankers who control us (our country) as a legal corporation. This cartel also controls the NWO via the UN, One World Bank, IMF and their international laws which emanate from the headquarters in Brussels and foreign based banks. [They want to disseminate every structured government and ruler so they can enslave all by their central power…hence they use Obama as the person who did more damage to our country than any man in history and they are richly rewarding him and his team for that]
    . I cannot think of any agency or department recently established or expanded that benefits “We the Taxpaying People”. These entities use our taxpayer funds for their corporate research/studies to only benefit themselves or create barriers for competition [E.G. limit new medicine or product approvals while hiding proof to continue their use of harmful but profitable ones].
    . Within Establishment leadership, many are secretly entrapped by or members to Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, … and I cannot identify one with a Biblical world view within the names I searched. In 2012 the DNC eliminated and denounced all mention of or references to God.
    . I believe President Trump is fulfilling his promises (our “Election Prayers”) and often is in direct opposition to the Anti-God control and beliefs of the Establishment. As a result, the Establishment’s well-funded ‘anti-trump’ effort creates, distorts, embellishes and fabricates every form of disruption, slander, scandal and lie to destroy this presidency and uses their willing media to shamelessly and repeatedly promote them. Being anti-God, they do not see the risk of those following the Koran which is Satan’s counterfeit and antitheses of God’s Bible. See .
    . Yet, with hundreds of hired lawyers, investigators & reporters, not even one accusation has substantiated, presented with verified evidence or proven valid. Now most people are awakening to the Establishment’s corruption and are becoming very aware of what is happening. Please pray for this administration.

  • hiskorr

    How would you like to be a CEO, or have a similar important position, be offered and accept a significant government position, and then sit around for seven months while Cuckie Schumer plays games in the Senate? I think, after about half a year, I’d tell the Administration to F— off!

  • James Higginbotham


  • Wynette Atkins

    Vote out the obstructionist Democrats in 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024. They not only obstruct they are all liars and crooks. They don’t care about how well our Government runs, Courts run, Military runs, or our Healthcare System is run. They didn’t care about bringing jobs back to America. They do not care how much they tax us. They don’t care how poorly our children were educated. They did not protect our Christian and Jewish faiths. They treated the Muslim faith better in America. They have become the party of divisiveness, chaos, hate, and violence. Who needs them. Would we miss Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Cory Booker, Elija Cummings, John Lewis Jr., Dianne Feinstein, and Elizabeth Warren? Really?

  • Charles Palmer

    Will Trump be the greatest President. Yes, because he got things done without the help of any Dem’s. He got things done in spite of a democratic obstructionism.

  • Kim LaMela

    The Democrats Continue their Game Playing, they would us to think it’s all about Trump but it Truly is their Revenge on the American People for Voting for Trump, and wanting to clean out the Swamp, Meaning all of Them. the more time it takes for Trump to get what he wants they will have a Job.

  • Donovan Blaylock

    A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism

    • misterguru

      Yep. that is how Venezuela got into deep doodoo. Stupid brainwashed people voted in communism expecting the government to be their God and give them all freebees.

      • JAinLA

        Too many of our young people are being brainwashed by the heavily attended liberal colleges and the mainstream coverage of all the vile protests. I was young and dumb once too thinking Ross Perot was a good choice for President.
        Socialism is not American and it will destroy our country from within. All the dems are interested in is votes for them, at any cost. Even selling our country to socialism. These old fogeys will be dead and gone when our country folds and destroys the people’s right to freedom.

  • Diana Tome

    Wait until 2018 no democrats will be voted on. Schumer is an absolute idiot as is Waters, and Nancy Pelosi can’t wait until the day they are all voted out. Let the president do the job he was elected for the American people spoke and they will continue speaking until the democratic party is no longer in Washington.

    • JAinLA


  • Louie Rey

    This is not news. The Left’s response to anything and everything Trump is to be fought against as hard as possible. It’s reflexive with them at this point. It’s a losing proposition on their part though. While they’re obstructing Trump and his administration they’re not coming up with any ideas of their own which actually works in Trump’s favor. That’s the problem with the Left, they’re blind to reality.

  • paul b ahern

    Sounds to me we should bring treason charges against the entire Democrat Congress. Obstruction of justice, undermining the President of the United States, subversion of our President and many more that the Republican Attorney General’s Legal Team can produce. The Democrats are totally useless and should be thrown out of office They” in total “are a disgrace to American Taxpayers !!

    • JAinLA

      Power of the people!!
      Vote the democrats out in 2018. We are not afraid of the Clinton Mafia! Give President Trump more republicans so he can Make America Great Again.

  • JAinLA

    Why do you think the dems were voted out and still are and will
    be in the upcoming elections?
    Because dems are on the wrong side of Americans. Remember Georgia! More are coming! Americans are tired of the way the democrats stand for America.

  • Poor_Richard

    This gamesmanship has to stop or we the voters will make sure it does by making sure they are unemployed in the next election cycle. We thought we were electing statesmen and Representatives of the citizens of this country instead of two year old undiscliplined children. The adherence to political party dogma, which both sides practice, hurts this country and its citizens and needs to stop. Differences of opinion need to be debated instead of being dead on arrival because the opposition party proposed it. We elected you to represent us and the best interests of the country, not party politics.

  • Fortuneless

    Democrats will pay dearly come election time

  • Fortuneless

    The only solution to this problem is TERM LIMITS for ALL congressmen and senators.

  • Lowell J Mix

    The Democrats are proving that they are good in several area, but their best is in blocking every and any thing that is good for America. Most of this is going against them because We the People are not stupid and we recognize how this is hurting our country and believe it or not, we have long memories. The proof of this will be recorded in our next election when more serving Democrats will lose to Republicans. Some of the other areas that they are good at are lying, covering-up their hypocrisy, and filling their bank accounts with the peoples money. Almost all of them have reached millionaire status – on government pay and corruption. Patriotism, morals, and logic, and what is best for America have been removed from their platform.

  • chief1937

    Democrats should understand we the people are watching what is going on and 2018 may be a real bad year for democrats and rhino republicans. Either confirm or reject his nominees or suffer the consequences.