Democratic Party Leader: Trump Worse Than Kim Jong-un

(Kathryn Blackhurst, Lifezette) Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said Friday that President Donald Trump acts far worse than North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as the tensions continue to rise between the two countries.

Keith Ellison photo

DNC Deputy Chair, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)

Ellison, a progressive liberal and the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), made the remark during a question-and-answer session at the NetrootsNation conference. Speaking of the escalating animosity between the U.S. and the rogue nation building its nuclear arsenal, Ellison said the North Korea situation is “a serious thing” that Trump is ill-equipped to handle because he is not “a responsible leader.”

“North Korea is a serious thing. You have [Trump] making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there,” Ellison said. “Kim Jong-un, the world always thought he was not a responsible leader. Well he is acting more responsibly than this guy is.”

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Over the past few days, Trump’s rhetoric retaliating against Jong-un’s nuclear ambitions has become increasingly more stern and chilling in nature. On Tuesday, the president declared that further aggression from Jong-un and his nuclear missile program would “be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” On Friday, Trump tweeted, “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!”

Although Jong-un and North Korea pose an alarming threat to both U.S. national security interests and global security interests, Ellison appeared to be more willing to bash his own president than criticize the crazed North Korean dictator and his oppressive leadership.

“And but I’m telling you is that once you start seeing missile launches, you’re going to see the time for cranking up the antiwar machine is right now,” Ellison added, insisting that Trump wasn’t up to the task. “So, if you don’t want to get caught deer in the headlights, start calling for diplomacy in North Korea immediately.”

The DNC deputy chair faced immediate backlash for his comments dubbing Jong-un to be a more responsible leader than Trump, and he backtracked immediately in a follow-up interview with The Washington Post. Instead of comparing Trump unfavorably to Jong-un, Ellison settled on returning to his familiar pattern of criticizing Trump without comparing him to other world leaders.

Michael Ahrens, the rapid response director for the Republican National Committee (RNC), said Friday in an email that “this is absolutely insane, even for the DNC’s Keith Ellison.”

“Republicans and Democrats alike should be focused on supporting the administration’s efforts to minimize the threat this madman with nuclear weapons poses to the entire world,” Ahrens said of Jong-un. “Instead, Democrat Party leader Rep. Keith Ellison is heaping praise on a murderous dictator to the detriment of our president, the country, and our national security.”

“With radical beliefs like these, Democrats need to decide whether Keith Ellison deserves to speak for their party going forward,” Ahrens added.

Republished with permission from LifeZette via iCopyright license

  • Slav2012

    Trump worse than Kim Un of the DPRK?

    Will say this one time: GET A FREAKIN GRIP.

    Trump hasnt murdered anyone. Kimbo seems to have people killed regularly. Trump hasnt had the time or will to throw 1000’s into concentration camps to be starved and beaten to death. Kimbo does regularly.

    What the freak is this Ellison dude smokin? And if this condition isnt drug induced, how did another Maxine Waters fruit loop manage to get elected?

    • Born in the South and proud

      Don’t forget he’s another peace loving muslim

      • patriot1111

        the only good muzzy is a dead muzzy

      • ggrdr05

        he is one

      • Wilma Turcotte

        And his own state is being taken over by Muslims and everyone is turning a blind eye. They won’t wake-up til it’s to late. They chose not to believe Hitler either and we all know how that turned out. We have to get term limits so we can get rid of the Pelosis, Waters and all that kind as their own state apparently can’t see them for what they are.

    • Jim Strong

      Shame his mother didn’t abort.

      • Tim Bartels

        Dude… Are you telling me you’re OK with abortion? Don’t stoop to their level. It’s OK to disagree without all of that nonsense

        • Kenn Talbot

          I am starting to think abortion might be good through the 75th trimester. If they make it to their 18th birthday let them stay. Would give parents a little more control over their school work and drug use. Just kidding of course, but it is food for thought.

    • but but but

      Smoking some of Oblome’s stash, big ole blunts flown in from Kenya, don’t
      ya know bro!!

      • spaceweasel

        Naah. He’s just a Muslim.

    • ggrdr05

      he is the lowest of the low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kenn Talbot

      Getting elected is a piece of cake when you live in a 100% Urban district like Minnesota’s 5th that this jackass represents. A district like this will vote about 65 to 70 percent Democrat and so all you really need to do is get the nomination. Getting nominated on the left is automatic if you are black; just scream “racist” if anyone opposes you.

      • Wilma Turcotte

        Minnesota will be electing Muslims next. They are well on their way already. It’s scary to say the least.

        • Kenn Talbot

          I have heard a lot of Laotian Hmong are settled in Minnesota as well. That could be a volatile mix. At least the Hmong back in the 60’s were rough characters.

          • Kenneth Jones

            We have hundreds of Hmong here in the Dan Joaquin Valley……especially in Fresno and Merced. They are good hardworking citizens who have contributed to our communities, and their culture is something to behold!

          • Kenn Talbot

            That is why I said it would be a volatile mix. They are not prone to taking crap from anyone and I assume that would include radical Muslims. They were unbelievably fierce in their resistance to the Vietcong and indispensable in guerrilla warfare with their knowledge of the mountains.

          • Kenneth Jones

            And they’re fiercely loyal Americans.

    • Kenneth Jones

      How many other dictators in recent years have deliberately starved their own people to the point of death while they themselves eat nothing but the very best foods, have food tasters to make sure they aren’t poisoned, drink the finest wines, and grow fat along with their top generals and admirals, while their own soldiers look like toothpicks in uniform? How many other such dictators in recent years slaughter thousands of their own people for not smiling or clapping their hands when his name is mentioned? How many other such dictators sent thousands to infamous labor camps, and made sure they were never seen nor heard from again? How about entire families being punished that way simply because of what one family member did? I think you could count them on one hand.

      • deerflyguy

        And how many rat ba$tards like Kim, in this day and age, actually kill their own family members?

        • Kenneth Jones

          You mean like the uncle he murdered with a blast from a 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun for merely displeasing him?

          • deerflyguy

            Yes! He doesn’t just kill someone, he disintegrates them, or he makes them rat food, or they just disappear from the face of the earth! At least with the Clinton’s, there is something left for a funeral!

  • 27633171

    How about we send this FAT A_ S to Pyongyang and then ask him which one is worse. After a couple of weeks he would look like an escapee from Auschwitz rather than one from Burger King.

    • Jim Strong

      A pair of cement shoes would be nice for him.

      • Tim Bartels


    • Michael Davidson


    • Louise Adams

      Good idea!

  • GymS

    Hey Keith boy, go move there if it’s better. Your a commie and muzzie. You’ll fit right in. You just caused the FBI to monitor your every move, phone call, email.

    • Kenneth Jones

      What I think of him isn’t fit for young impressionable eyes to see.

  • Born in the South and proud

    Are you liberal nut cases just stupid or were you born with out a brain.

    • Jim Strong


    • deerflyguy

      Democrat morons! Pure and simple! Socialists, soon to be communists!
      The USSR gave socialism/communism a good run, and look how unsuccessful it was for them! Now that the Soviet Union has collapsed, they have adopted many of the ways of the West, including capitalism, much to the betterment and happiness of its people! Now, here we are watching one of our major political parties adopt stupidity as its common basis, and having little trouble finding those who would follow it into a quicksand bog!

      • Amos10

        Some foul mouth bigot is the chairman (chairperson?) of the DNC. He hasn’t said much lately. He probably ran out of meretricious and lascivious adjectives.

        • deerflyguy

          Excuse me, Amos10, but the whole article above these comments is about Keith Ellison, the foul mouthed bigot of which you speak!?

          • Fedup

            I think he’s referring to Perez. He’s been awfully quiet since his remarks about not allowing Pro-life democrats into the party.

      • Jackalyn Morrison


      • Thuychau Nguyen


      • spaceweasel

        Well this guy is a Muslim and he has a vested interest in destroying the US, in order for him to help create his Caliphate.

    • doctorbob


    • deerflyguy

      Democrats: The party of Forrest Gump! Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Either way they….the Liberals are a detriment to America. If they are as stupid as they act they need to be replaced fast. President Trump doesn’t back down and this is why this J A says he is as bad as N K Leader. We don’t cater to the enemy…..this isn’t Barrack Obama leading this Country anymore….thank God….Donald Trump is and he gets feedback from the Military General’s. He doesn’t try to do it all himself like Obama went above and beyond Congress to do what he wanted. Why do you numbskulls think we’re in the situation we are today?……You’re right because of the Obama Administration and stupid people like you Keith Elliason who contribute to poor leadership.

      • Barbara Lewis

        WELL SAID. This is the same thing I have been saying all along as well as racial tension is at an all time high. And Why: because of obama that’s why.

    • bluewarrior13

      Keith Ellison is a traitor who would not swear into office on the bible.

      • LBC1689

        He took his oath of office by swearing by the false god Allah upon the ‘holy’ book of the ‘pedophile prophet’ who has commanded the subjugation if not annihilation of all infidels (read: non-Muslims). Ellison is a hypocrite. He stands in the tradition of the Korean dictator since his ‘religion’ is really nothing but a brutal totalitarian ideology bent upon world domination.

    • stephen1337

      Agreed! I left the democratic “party” several years ago….I could no longer be on a “team” that included: kerry, holder, susan rice, koskinen, obama, schumer, pelosi, boxer, etc. The republicans have some boneheads, too, but nothing like the good ole dems. Odd, how I see the depth of stupidity and an apparent total lapse of common sense. I swear that since changing my affiliation to INDEPENDENT, my IQ has climbed 60 points but I cannot remember my own behavior in any way indicative of what I see about the democrats. I never threw race issue in anything I have ever done. They love spewing their HATRED. As a combat Marine, I have seen what hate does in war. If YOU hate, how are you any different that those who slaughter women, children and babies? YOUR hatred defines you… that so? Is it reasonable to assume that your hatred makes you my enemy and those of us who swore to protect and defend America ? GOD BLESS AND PROTECT THE USA.

      • Edouard d’Orange

        Thank you for speaking the truth and coming over to the “right” side.

  • patriot1111

    Black lives Matter = Domestic Terrorist Group supported by the Kenyan Imposter/ Muzzy POS.

  • US Army (retired)

    The left generally believes that anyone who does not agree with them is by virtue of this fact a “right-wing bigot”, because they conflate right-wing opinions with bigotry. Right-wing and bigot have for them become synonymous. But this not only misconstrues the real meaning of bigotry, it also demonstrates how bigoted they are in the real sense of the word. A bigot is actually defined as a person whose opinions cannot be changed with reference to evidence or solid argument; it denotes inflexibility of opinion and the manner in which an opinion is held, not the position of that opinion on the political spectrum. The Left currently demonstrates far more bigotry both in their intolerance of opinions different to their own (and their attempt to suppress the expression of such opinions), as they show the inflexibility and imperviousness to evidence that is the foundation of bigotry in the true sense of the word.

  • The Old One

    These are the views of an imbecile. No wonder he is deputy, soon to be promoted after this post. So sad.

  • Bob Cohernour

    It is obvious to me, the vast majority of American citizens KNOW and agree with myself, that the Democrat Party is as anti-America as our worst enemy. I sincerely hope and pray they will voted out completely, a a competing party involved in ANY part of leading our country. All the corruption involved in the last election was from the Democrat PARTY. ALSO,LOOK AT ALL THE CORRUPTION OBAMA WAS INVOLVED IN DURING THE 8 YEARS OF HIS PRESIDENCY, AND WHAT HE’S BEEN DOING EVEN AFTER HE LEFT OFFICE.

    • Ralph Arnold

      I agree with you for the most part but if you have friends and family that are Democrats, they honestly believe that we’re in for all the gloom and doom coming from the mainstream media and there’s no talking to them. Now if the left would have let the group ” white supremacists ” have their rally afforded them by the constitution, their rally would have been peaceful and none of the things that happened, would have. The left needs to ratchet down, their rhetoric and then maybe this country could come together. Then again people like you and me have common sense. I love this country and will defend it to my utmost ability against all enemies foreign and Domestic!

      • just care

        I agree. While I don’t agree with white supremist BLM antifa or any extremists, the white supremist were not violent until they were invaded upon. Yet all news channel’s including fox are giving them most of the blame. No fair news left I’m America.

        • Jackalyn Morrison

          You are SOOO RIGHT

        • 75matt

          It was the anti-protesters that came to pick a fight with those who tried to demonstrate peacefully.

        • Tome

          But what was the Protest in first place. Any more there are no peaceful Demonstrations! Soros has taken care of that!

        • chief1937

          From all I can find out the group who is being blamed for it all is the ones who had a permit to march those opposing them did not. The president was correct there is plenty of blame to go around and he did right by not singling out any one group. Just like a fire if you don’t have something that burns and a flame it will go out.

      • Kenneth Jones

        Fortunately, where my wife and I live, Democrats are at the bottom of the totem pole..

        • Ron haymaker

          I don’t think graphic location makes a whole lot difference where DIMS are concerned, they are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain nationwide!

      • Sabiya Hoffman

        You are correct, but are making one tragic mistake (according to the Left). You are using common sense. The violence did not occur in a “vacuum.” It occurred when “an action was met with a reaction.” I don’t endorse, in any way, the viewpoint of the white supremacists, but do agree that they have the right to express their views as long as it is in a non-violent manner. I also want everyone to know that your “common sense” assessment of the event will be totally lost on most members of the Left, the reason being that “If you want to annoy a liberal, use facts and logic!” They never seem to let the facts get in the way of their narrative/agenda. Until they do, there really is no way to move forward. Sad, but true.

        • Jackalyn Morrison

          You are one hundred percent correct

      • Jerry Kimbro

        Looks like we may have to defend our country from Washington DemonRats.

    • Louise Adams

      Hope they all get voted out anyone
      with any sense would never vote democrat now!

      • Wilma Turcotte

        Unfortunately Louise there are still alot of stupid liberals out there that want Democrats in Washington. Look how Pelosi , Waters, Schumer and some other idiots keep getting elected for 30 plus yrs. I think alot are afraid their gravy train is stopping with all the jobs being created.

        • Louise Adams

          Exactly that’s why they want Trump out!

    • Andrew Kent Jaussi

      There is a word on what Obama is doing now: TREASON!!

    • Amos10

      Today’s Democrat Party is not the party of Al Smith, JFK, Hubert Humphrey. It is a party of sadistic thugs, foul mouth politicians, rioters, illiterate gutter snipes, murderers, liars, anti-American government moles, racists, violent anarchists, ant-Constitutionalists and destroyers of societies and civilizations. And yet, people will vote for this menagerie of criminals to rule over them

    • GoldenGirl2u

      For sure, everywhere Obama goes erupts into rioting. Started in Egypt, in the U.S., I heard, I believe last week Kenya, of all places and guess who was there a few weeks ago, yep, Obama. He is pure evil and people need to quit letting themselves get sucked in to what he spews. He should be investigated, to start with inciting, as he did with sending activists to Israel to try to get BB out of office with U.S. Taxpayer Money.

  • Nick Mastrovito

    Guess it’s okay when Obama does nothing with Kim Jong Un. Really, Ellison, Trump is worse. Go back to MN.

  • Truthteller

    I wish this man would die an ugly death very soon… we do not need ignorant race baiters like this POS

    • Tim Bartels

      Don’t stoop to their level, Truth teller. No need to wish death on anyone. Be the bigger person

      • Ron haymaker

        Actually he should be a great asset to the GOP!

      • Truthteller

        I hear you.. but IF we ignore and tolerate guys like Ellison, and allow them to influence ignorant sheep, what will happen….

        i don’t know the answer but the libbies have crossed lines, are multiplying, and are ruining this country for all

  • but but but

    So this is the ashwipe they picked for the DNC chair, ha, ha ,ha this is just another crooked knuckledragger!!

  • Alan

    NK and Un are no more dangerous than ISIS or any other bunch of terrorists, and Un is Far less interested in losing his life and lifestyle than most terrorists.
    Ellison is an idiot, period.

  • Db

    Ellison and probably all the other liberal idiots would probably grab a weapon and fight for noko if they had to pick sides.

  • Renny Hartmann

    As if I cared, but Ellison is a curse on the Dem. Party.

  • Louise Adams

    This guy is insane!

    • will

      more evil actually

  • hank

    Being a Minnesotan this pos is an embarrassment to the state. People in the Twin Cities, Duluth and Rochester voted this clown in and they should be very proud of their stupidity.

    • will

      work hard to get rid of him VOTE and get involved

      • hank

        I do vote but with all the Somalis and other refugees in the Twin Cities they will keep him in there. That’s why I moved my family 3 hours north of the cities it’s nothing but a sewer. Trump almost flipped Minnesota though very close the only areas that were democrat were Twin Cities, Duluth and Rochester.

        • will

          If the whole state besides the twin cities goes red he can lose. I bought my last clothes from Duluth no more. There is allot of time for him to make mistakes. And those animals will start fighting soon so maybe the Americans in those places will rethink their muslim brotherhood leader
          You must try if we all had given up Trump would not be in office

          • hank

            It’s not just the cities it’s also Duluth and Rochester that go blue. People leave the cities in droves all the time, they move farther and farther out to get away. The reason Trump came so close I think is people who haven’t voted in many elections came out big here.
            We can also thank our loser Governor and Al Franken both are as bad as this clown.
            Democrats are the ones with the disgusting rhetoric that they blame Trump for on a daily basis.

          • will

            So now you see the muslim brotherhood plan. Take over the cities, gain power through the political system. Control the education and indoctrinate. The 5 phase plan was written in circa 1980 and discovered in 1991 in a VA home. Its working in your area and you will soon have a muslim governor. The term Caliphate means to control land. Seems Minnesota will be there first state. They idea being the far northern states with low populations will be the easiest to take over. With their back to their ally Canadastan they will have their caliphate. Imagine All the northern states from Michigan to to Idaho under their control.

          • hank

            Won’t be Montana, Michigan is already lost with all there no go zones. Minnesota has to turn this around and there are many many Trump supporters here Hillary only won the state by about 100,000 votes. Which never happens here so Trump almost flipped it.

  • tex cruzzer

    Ellison is not just a Lib puke, he is a muslim . You trust his judgement?

  • Ellison is not just a liberal, He is a follower of radical Islam. He is speaking out of the other side of his mouth.

    • Marie Mitchell

      Speaking of muslims, does any of you know that PayPal is cutting business with all the people accepting donations for the fight against Islam? BUT, they are still doing business with CAIR, a proven terrorist organization. If you would like to find out more about Islam and it’s agenda…Go to barenakedislam(dot)com, but use the dot instead of the word

      • Marie,

        I am aware of CAIR and Islam. I detest both. I am well aware of what is in the Quran. Much of it is not very nice. I do not accept Islam as a valid religion.

  • will

    It’s good to see Ellison showing his true islamofascist character. When islam is very close in barbaric acts, burning people and beheading while kim feeds his dogs.

  • Letterman007

    When your party is disintegrating before your eyes and having to lie to get attention not to mention you backed possibly the worse president on record in Ovomit, I guess you’ll say anything. Now prove it, which as a Dumocrat you can’t!!

  • Steve Flowers


  • Roy Veteto

    love how this democratic leader compares trump to north korea’s leader are amusing for in north korea they have concentration camps meanwhile democrats support abortion clinics

  • Jim Thompson

    Nobody is telling Ellison to stay in the US. If he likes North Korea so much then he should move there. Ellison is nothing but a traitor

  • Dennis Daggett

    Ellison is worse than Kim Jong Un. Get rid of them both.

  • catfleas

    Trump is not the threat here. All he has said to the little short fat yellow man is knock yourself out. When you do this is what you can expect in return.

  • jim whittaker

    when are these stupid libs going to wake up?

    • Big Jake

      I wish we could wake up from this bad dream you people are putting us through. It is very real# sad # alternative facts# fake news….

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    How many ways can you say Ellison is dumber than dirt?


    Keith Ellison is what is wrong with the USA Another LOUD MOUTHED PILE OF CRAP

  • John Doe

    You think the Gook is better than Trump????….Then move your F****** A** to North Korea, You C*** S*****!!!!!!

    • badass

      my wish is let them move to Africa because NK is too good for them.

    • Kenneth Jones

      I think this guy’s career in Congress is over.

  • badass

    Folks, what did i say it before? DemocRats are communists. all those black representatives are worse than communists. why is that? because they’re trying to attract those black voters.

    • Marie Mitchell

      Your right and the blacks won’t admit they will always be in slavery under democrats. The democrats look at blacks as “useful idiots.”


  • richard black

    i didnt need to read the article…..saw ellisons photro ….DUMBA$$


    The Democratic party is DONE Thanks to the Clinton’s and Obama now go away and crawl in your holes !!!!


    Why doesn’t this jerk communicate with North Korea if he knows so damn much. He’s an idiot.

  • Kirk Clark

    You are an IDIOT. If you had a brain you would not know what it is for.

    • Tim Soddy

      They continually play with the only brain they have. It gives them ideas when they stem -u-late it.

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    The little fat boy is playing us like he played Clinton and Obama. He thinks he can get more money out of us just by rattling the sabers. That’s how his father got money out of Clinton and Iran got money out of Obama. We in the west do not understand how these people think. Along comes Trump and says to the little fat boy that he is not going to get any more money and to stop trying to threaten us. When the little fat boy sees he can’t get any money, he will back down and we will all be safe until we have to the same thing with Iran. Come on people, wake up. The little fat boy is not going to fire his missiles at us because he does not want to die. He is doing this because the Chinese has led him to believe that they have his back. When China realizes that he is nuts, they will run from him as fast as they can go because they do not want to be engulfed in a nuclear war. Have a good day.

  • This MUSLIM JERK/fool as usual doesn’t know what he s talking about! The absurdity of his comments reflect how out of touch to reality he is! His behavior is typical of the far far left trying to destroy our great country! DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS IDIOT AND THE LIKES OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  • Kenneth Jones

    Are these morons for real? Really? Would they care to explain how they’d do anything differently? How would these brainless twits deal with that pig-faced fat little swine? Y’know, the tinpot dictator who’s terrified that if he had a barber, he’d get his throat cut?

  • Michael Galey

    I’m a Veteran of the Vietnam Fiasco I say put up or shut up to the Fat man-child. Should he do what he has threatened THEN we’ll see the newest and greatest arsenal displayed. Remember Trump didn’t say go head try me? No, he said IF he does he will be met with action not words so the Dem’s are wetting their undies thinking he challenged lil Kimmy they need their hearing checked. It’s amazing that when threaten they wring their hands and blubber, but if attacked they condemn the President for inaction!

  • totherightofatilla

    I expect nothing different from the one who took his oath of office with his hand on the Koran. If he walks like a muslim and talks like a muslim, he is a muslim! Nothing more needs to be said!

    • Marie Mitchell

      Why do you think Obama’s swearing in ended up in a back room ? I don’t think he swore in on our Holy Bible. They said it was because the one swearing him in made a mistake and it had to be done over. I say BS.

  • jlcham

    This guy is a total imbecile. (and I believe a muslime)

    • Gregg Parker

      King of the a$$wipes

  • Ken V

    That’s pretty lame coming from a damn muslim.

  • Dan

    Ellison pack your bags and take your liberal idiot friends with you to North Korea since you think he is better. He would grab you, squeeze you until all the s— came out of your head.

  • doctorbob

    It’s sad to accept that an American made such and insane, stupid statement.

  • Bruce David

    Since there founding of the KKK and their current obstructionist screw-ups of our nation, the DEMS have made a complete mess of our doctrine and these gutter snipes have so no standing among sane individuals. Boneheads among them such Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, up-Chuck Schumer and many other Democrats are destroying the nation and their party and their electorate should vote them out of office.

  • mr. y

    That antisemitic sob Ellison should go f–k himself.

  • Joseph T. Pomar

    This black piece of garbage. Is this black or Latino scum? Daddy

  • Ron haymaker

    And the DIMS are worse than Trump & Kim Jong Dumb put together!

  • Leroy Mosley

    No we are thinkers and war sometimes isn’t the answer but the USA wants everything their way or nothing. Let’s give all nations Nuclear arms and see who’s left . Might as well get it over with . Start all over .Before Trump kills us all.

    • Marie Mitchell

      You are showing your retardedness you silly liberal. Why shouldn’t we have everything our way. Who is mainly taking care of the world. You might be thinkers, but sadly the things you think up are always stupid. Go play with your play doh. Make a model of Kimmy and worship it. .

  • barbarakelly


    • badass

      move that SSOOBB out of here.

  • Kirk Clark

    So tired of the over paid obstructionist BS. Move out of the way and let something get done.

  • Beeker D.

    Positively proving once again, liberal/progressive National Socio-Fascist demoKrats are just plain, `FULL OF SH–`!

  • KKmoderate

    Ellison,, Ellison,, Ellison, another minority with an opinion SO WHAT!

  • Jerry Kimbro

    What an idiot! He evidently knows nothing about N Koreas’ evil, vile dictator. Ellison needs punishing.

  • Nacoochee

    Ellison loves his peaceful Islam bros, you know. Is the vice dnc a non-voilent like possible raper of girls, babies, kid goats and other animals. How could anyone think this pos is smarter than a dead frog

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    Kim Jung-un and the Deceptocraps both want to destroy America.

    • Amos10

      Crazy Kim from without, the Democrat/RINOS from within.

  • Mark

    Fortunately we finally have a president who’s at the top end of the spectrum (though not perfect) rather than the Obama-BOTTOM-of-the-spectrum, who wasn’t even legitimately “president” by the way.

    • badass

      21 years ago Bill clinton gave NK 4 billion for stopping developing its Nuke, guess what? China and NK are in the same boat, they never be our friends….guarantee.
      so, the DemocRats are so damn stupid….it’s so hard to describe their stupidity… how the FK obama gave our enemy Iran 150 billion and 1.7 billion cash?

      • Ron haymaker

        Right, we need to quit giving money to other countries, let them hate us for free!

        • Kenneth Jones

          Actually, I think you’re at least partly right. We need to be much more careful in sending money to other countries.

          • Ron haymaker

            Can you give me one good reason to give money away to any country? This is one reason the US is Twenty Trillion dollars in debt!

  • Amos10

    Democrats stock in trade is The Big Lie. In this, they emulate the Nazis of the Hitler years. Some may find this offensive. However, the truth is the truth even if no one believes it.

    • Ron haymaker

      Absolutely & Hildabeast would have finished the job Obozo started!

    • spiritslay

      So true I believe that the liberals are bigger terrorist right now than ISIS with all the hate and lies they spew out. They all need to be voted out and move to Iran or NK with kim un

      • Kenneth Jones

        I’d rather jail them all for life, but the problem is that we can’t build a prison big enough to hold them all. But, on second thought, there is that huge stretch of the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County…..and there are a lot of honest and faithful Americans there who need good jobs.

        Just thinking, of course!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I think the Democrats should do a fact-finding mission to North Korea, to see what is really going on over there! Take President Obama, and Ms Hillary Rodman Clinton with them as experts in foreign policy! Have Wasserman, Rosie, Madonna, and any other progressive experts with them to get the Real Story! Have all major news organizations go with them to represent the Real News! Make sure the demo leadership is there… and some fake news republicans are there also! Great! Enjoying your trip? We have a surprise! Kim Jungle Buphole is going to greet us! (As the lefties are almost in a or gasmic rapture, just knowing they are going to see him) DROP THE STUPID BOMB ON THE WHOLE GAGGLE OF GOOGLES! Take care of 2 problems right away! Oops! Sorry bout that chief!

  • John

    Ellison may not know the definition of hyperbole but his picture is in the dictionary next to the definition BULLSH1T.

    Libs always put more weight on what people say vs what they do. POTUS TRUMP says things this jihadist lover doesn’t like, Lil Kim has nukes made and threatens his neighbors and us, without provocation.

    Kind of like, Muslims SAY their religion is peaceful, but what they DO: suicide bombing , killing gays, honor killings, shooting up night clubs, female circumcision, etc. gives them away.

  • Chained

    Ellison is a mooslum and a radical.leftist therefore is a threat to this nation. He must be removed from congress asap.

  • Barry Grigsby

    Isn’t it hilarious how liberal democrats like to think they stand up for everybody they think is offended by conservatives & Trump, but they stand behind there beliefs it’s okay to abort or should I say murder all these babies year after year? How come they don’t have a voice for the unborn forming living human being that’s miracously becoming a voice to be heard, a work of God right before our eyes, oh what hypocrite they are!!!

  • tCotUS

    I don’t get it….The Libs/DemoRATS hate the Police, hate our Military, hate the Constitution/Bill of Rights & want to change it… Yet they’re the first to use & bad mouth the very protection that keeps them alive….
    Ellison is a Racist Black Panther Radical, along with his side-kick Al Frankenstien..The rest of the DumboRatic Party is dying, not necessarily a bad thing.

  • lpontarelli

    Leave it to the democrats to put this Islamist in a leadership role. This guy is as dumb as a box of rocks.

  • Bill Williams

    This Ellison character is like the rest of the Dumocrats. He will say anything to be on the news. He is self serving in his rhetoric against Trump. Four past presidents did nothing but talk about the North Korean problem and took no action to stop baby Kim. Get over it Dumocrats and stop trying to divide our country and keep your congressional seat by bad mouthing Trump. He has done more than Obama ever did to make our country number one in the world. Here is hoping that you are one of the first victims when the swamp is drained. Americans are fed up with the current slate of politicians in Washington. The swamp draining will get rid of these career politicians and stop their elaborate actions to protect themselves for the voters. GOD BLESS THE USA AND TRUMP.

  • satelliter

    Black politicians are required to hate Trump and trash him every chance they get, or they will not be voted back in by any black people. It’s called racism, invented, fine tuned and promoted by the previous president who was elected by mostly white people. “once you go black you won’t go back” and if you try you will be railroaded as a racist.

  • 75matt

    You liberals should go live in North Korea and you quickly would find out who is worse. Kim makes his people starve because he has to show the whole world what he can do with his weapons. You liberals are fools without a brain.

  • Ellison is an absolute IDIOT! Nothing he says is worth listening to! He is the poster child for liberal idiocy, and should learn to shut his mouth!!

  • Polly Dreitzler

    Ellison evidently isn’t very well educated on history! If we had used diplomacy on Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, he would be doing the goosestep and speaking German! What a dumb s*&^t. (Pardon the language). The reason most liberals are the way they are is because they were spoiled rotten as youngsters. If they had had to grow up and be responsible and had been taken advantage of by anyone, the wouldn’t be liberal anymore – they’d be very conservative!!!

  • hbrumit

    must be true democcrats always tell the truth NOT

  • Wilma Turcotte

    You would have to be un American to make a stupid statement like that and have anyone think that crazy NK monster who kills and starves his own people should be compared to our President anymore then some of the stupid liberals in Washington. They are only trying to make us look bad in the eyes of the world and that does no one any good. That Korean monster has been threatening this country and others while testing his missiles so he can attack us. We didn’t threaten them til he threatened us. Maybe after he sends one of his missiles over here they will say the President should have done something first. Don’t anyone out there no matter what party you belong to see that whatever this President does he is damn ed if he does and damn ed if he don’t and all cause he loves this country and couldn’t stand by and watch it sink into a 3rd world country which it was and still could if the democats keep trying to stop everything that’s needs to be done. They need to stop this before it’s to late.

  • Mad Scientist

    Gee, Ellison, I am so sorry we no longer have a president willing to roll over and play dead for our enemies.

  • Tome

    Idiot! Who do you think would be better? I sure would not be Hillary! It very much was not Hussien Obama. He took us down worse than Lindon B.Johnson or Peanut farmer Carter. Sanders wants to make us into another Vensuelia. Did not leave anyone else. The Repubicans came up with Cruz and Rubio both Illegal Cubans. Then threw Kashich in to the pot which was still nothing! So we had one choice!

  • gairman

    Haha! This rep. is a complete sad joke…Kim Jong-u has made threats almost on a daily basis…Their lies are mind boggling daily.

  • Kenneth Huebner

    I can understand why demos think Trump is worse than Jong-un because Trump stands for America. As Reagan said ” we win they lose ” so does Trump and both were hated by the give up demos and many republicans as well.

  • lorna shores

    they don’t know any better,

  • Arrow

    Who is this guy? Does he realize we are in this position because Obama sat on his hands for eight years. Jesus, I wish they would just go back into their windowless house and go back to sleep.

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    Send RACIST keith to N Korea if he thinks PRESIDENT TRUMP that way.
    Keep it up and watch 2018 and 2020 sweep by you.

  • Barbara DuVall

    Anyone that makes a statement such as this is anti American. No ifs, ands or buts.

  • Jeff in Austin

    No one cares what this guy thinks. Drain the swamp including him. What does it say when 34 USA states of 50 (not 52 Obumer) have Republican governors. All you good Americans just need to remember that the Deep State, libitards, and establishment are all after President Trump even though the good citizens voted him in and want him to succeed. This country has been on a 60 year slide and President Trump is making great progress towards reversing the type of BS this libitard congressman has done to ruin America. God bless America and let’s hope that all this libitard nonsense is just going to back fire and more and more conservatives will be in the Senate and Congress that will Make America Great Again come November 2018. Before the internet, this crap wouldn’t have even made the 6 or 10 o’clock news, and I wish it hadn’t wasn’t now as it is worthless for the good of America.

    • Marie Mitchell

      Obama didn’t say there was 52 States. He said 57 lol

  • Gerry Costa

    ellison is a racist and a demoSCUM a-hole to the nth degree. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • David Carpenter

    I think the DNC should move it’s headquarters to Pyongyang.

  • Richard Alex

    TRUMP is a true leader, unlike you a moron



    If there were any remaining doubt that the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy intends to destroy the United States and probably to exterminate its people, Minister Keith X of the Nation of Islam has removed them. This is treason, pure and simple, but what else can be expected from the party of the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White and the Berrigans? It is clear that we can never let the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder get back into power again.

    • bluewarrior13

      Keith Ellison, in my opinion, is a traitor!

      • Marie Mitchell

        Aren’t all liberals?

  • Jack Scarpon


  • Sharon Melvin

    He is another Democratic moron!!!!! I could care less what he thinks! We finally have a real commander in chief and the left is freaking out that Trump is making real change in our nation! MAKE AMERICA GREAT!!!!!

  • Derek

    Sounds great Keith now shut your banana smasher move to north Korea and work under lil Kim.

  • LittleMoose

    Just let the liberal socialist scum keep talking and the Democrat Party will doom itself. They always seem to love the enemies of America more then their own country.

  • Peter J

    The words “progressive liberal” say it all. Ellison is a Socialist hiding under the mantle of “liberal progressive.” He is one of those who desperately wants to redistribute the so called “wealth” of the middle class in order to bribe ignorant, low information voters. They are those who failed to get an education; those who parasitically feed off of tax payer dollars; those with fake disabilities; those who refuse to work and contribute to our nation’s economy. Yes, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Angelswatchingoverme

    I wonder if Otto Warmbie family would agree with this dizzy Muslim democrat? It was Trump that fought to bring him home…didn’t the good little Muslim Obama just leave him there to rot?…look what Kin Jong did to this poor kid while in his custody? the man is a barbaric creep Sharia Law is probably on even footing with Kim Jong…so that is why Keith Ellison has such ridicules views.

  • MaryAnnabelle Martin

    Racist fool! All mouth. Blah, Blah, Blah Liberals will say anything.

  • Jmanjo

    Ellison has always had a screw loose in everything he has tried to do. He is the spear point of racism himself and he wouldn’t know what to do in any scenario. Except maybe Maxine Waters boyfriend, they would complement one another…dumb and dumber!

  • spaceweasel

    What losers these people are. They live in their own separate ridiculous universe.

  • Fedup

    If that’s how he feels, maybe he should go live in North Korea. I’m willing to bet he’d be praising our President inside of a week.

  • Danwrlca

    I’m a Democrat, and this gentleman is totally wrong. There’s nothing I’d like to see more than Kim Jung-un meeting his end in a “Mussolini” type fashion. I was a “Reagan Democrat” back in the 80’s. Because I am not a religious zealot or an Evangelical, as a matter of fact, not religious at all, but I do attend Mass (Catholic), most GOP would chase me away. I am from the era when, if our candidate of choice lost, we took a deep breath and supported the efforts of the winner. I also feel that the statue of Robert E. Lee needs to stay where it is. They have no business erasing American History! I also am anti-abortion, but no Democratic Party official knows that. Again, I don’t broadcast my votes. As a former labor union shop steward, I had to vote for the party which would support the working class. I hope Trump is successful with job growth. But worse than Kim? No effing way.

    • Carlos 2000

      It must be your labor union background that makes you fail to see the Evangelicals do not control the GOP. There is huge diversity in the GOP. That’s why it’s call the Party of the Big Tent. Give it a try. Go meet with other Republicans and see what you think. Almost everyone you meet there will be a former Democrat. You won’t be alone.

  • DJT Supporter

    I was a democrat but I switched to be a republican. Why I switched? Because DNC had gone too far left that I don’t see any positive speeches how to improve America of all classes.

    • Carlos 2000

      Almost every Republican I have ever met is a former Democrat.

  • Betty Sakai

    The old Democrats would not recognize today’s DNC. Democrats used to be pro-American everything: culture, language, and morals. Today’s Democrats are “anything goes”…. lost souls.

  • skier69

    What an Ignorant thing to say! Predictable from Keith Ellison. Can’t believe they put him as the head of the DNC. Keith brings trouble, dump Democrats

  • Vern Davis

    Ellison has gotten off his meds again. Obama was the most racist President the USA has ever had and Keith never uttered a sound. No wonder most Americans quit trusting the Democrats, with leaders as stupid as Ellison, and we sure do not need them in charge of anything to do with running our Gov.

    • Daniel FX Dravot

      The delusional narcissistic punk psychopathic man-child, laughing stock and racist clown?
      The totally unvetted Community Organizer and son of Communists who in eight years damaged America almost beyond repair?
      Who with Hillary, his Saul Alinsky worshiping sidekick, destabilized the Middle East and aided in the rise of ISIS?
      Who gave away our internet to a collection of totalitarian 3rd World Despots and Marxist Dictators, which will lead to the destruction of our Freedom of Speech?
      Who traded five top-tier Islamic terrorists for a deserter responsible for the deaths of others in his unit who attempted his rescue?
      Who funneled money borrowed from China and Arabia to Soros front NGOs to interfere
      In Israeli elections against Benjamin Netanyahu, a seated Prime Minister of a sovereign nation?
      Who sent a ransom of billions of dollars in cash to Iran, in violation of laws prohibiting payment of ransom?
      Who reopened diplomatic relations with the murderous Cuban police state, saving, via tourism, the Cuban regime from economic collapse?
      Who simultaneously prohibited landing of Cuban refugees attempting escape from our new friends?
      That Obama?

      • Marie Mitchell

        Yep, that Obama and that’s only a fraction of bad things he done.

  • armyisnumber1

    How about all the dead bodies that had something to do with testifying against Hillary. Don’t forget the men in Benghazi too. The Clinton gang and the Obama gangs are the TRUE DANGEROUS ONES.

  • WVF

    This is the first time I’ve ever wished what I’m suggesting, but I hope someone wipes out this stinking Islamist Muslim Keith Ellison!

  • Mary Clouse

    Keith Ellison is a race baiter ,a younger version of Jackson&Sharpton
    I didn’t even know. the Democratic Party had a leader,they seem to
    all be rogue.

  • Marie Mitchell

    Of course Ellison wouldn’t want Kimmy destroying the country him and his people want to take over. Piss on you Ellison. Go back to the ME where you came from.

  • wharfrat

    The Democrats are anti American, they hate our country and think Hillary should be President, if she was by now we would be a Third World Country,she wasn’t qualified to do more than go to Prison for her crimes.Trump is turning their destruction around and helping us become better.

  • Bishop351

    Ellison is an abject jackass. There is simply no other way to put it.

  • VirgoVince

    ANOTHER of ovomit’s ‘toilet torpedo’ family
    NEEDS to be FLUSHED!!

  • Frank Budz

    What this jerk conveniently forgets to mention, is the fact, that if Billie boy did not give Kim Jung Un father billions in aid they would not have nukes. So this is all on the Demotards but of course they are the experts at spinning it and blaming someone else. That has been their modus operendi, they figured it worked for Hilzilla so why not them. The Republicians had better get off their high horse and start using some of the lefts tactics. Grape ape Michelle’s comments about going low, is a oximoron, because they certianly did not go high,they went lower.

  • Barbara Lewis

    I don’t see where you get your information. Maybe you had better move over there then you can say that. I don’t see where PRESIDENT TRUMP has murdered any of this fellow citizens in this country. Can you say the same for that fat punk? He’d murder his own mother and not bat an eye so you better be careful of comparisons when you speak. Maybe you should go live under his government, as for me no thank you. I’ll stay here.

  • Barbara Lewis

    What rock did you crawl out from under Keith Ellison?

    • Warren Blum

      The one with the big D on it

    • Marie Mitchell

      A DemocROCK.

  • Al

    WOW..!! Worse than Kim Jong Un? Who elects these dimwits?

    • Stephen Norman

      Other dimwits. Ellison is a joke, who even listens to his babble? Oh right, other dimwits.

  • johnanaguski

    And the democratic party is the home of the KKK.

  • Donald Lindsey

    The New Order of Liberal Socialistic Democrats are whiny cry babies if they do not get their way, they rather watch America go down the toilet than keep America Free. We Veterans will continue to fright these muslim butt kissers and illegals diaper changes. We did not fright to keep America safe just to let some dead brain imbeciles in DC give it away

  • Beachlover17

    Ellerson is the epitome of racism. Mr. congressional moslem is totally racist and I can not believe they voted for him. He is arrogant and obnoxious. He needs to get out of congress since he is a racist, he doesn’t like anything about the white people, but then he really doesn’t do anything for the blacks either. he and Maxine, nutjobs, both of them are crazy and will if allowed ruin this country.

  • Grange Coffin

    How much diplomacy more for this regime, they don’t understand more talking

  • Altitude

    Sad case of the privileged political class making fools of themselves. He is making Dennis Rodman look like a moderate.

  • A_Nobody

    ROFLMAO…..if Ellison is the best voice as spokesman for the left, they are definitely in a deep hole. He’s as useless as used toilet paper and what’s on it.

    • Warren Blum

      Being from the west coast area, after my morning coffee, I just took an Obama and wiped my Ellison with some sanders.

  • JHW

    This guy is what makes people racist.

  • chief1937

    I suppose Ellison thinks it better to be like Obama and appease this dictator threat and give him glory. No wonder the two parties are so far apart. Appeasement didn’t work too well in Iran just see what that got us. Sure glad we do not have a yellow belly at the helm today. North Korea has to be stopped or else they will continue advancing until they control us. If this dude represents the democratic party lets pray they never get in the majority again.

  • William Konrad

    Are you insane? Is your hatred so deep as to suggest such an idiotic thing? Only other insane liberals would even entertain such a stupid, vile insinuation. You Democrats will say and do anything no matter how outrageous to vent your anger at Trump. Vent away, we all know you’re nuts.

  • William Konrad

    This guy should not be in any position of power, he is, obviously, deranged, as are most democrats.

  • Bennie Bennett

    Ellis is just plain awful. How could Repubs let him get away with saying that????

  • Bennie Bennett

    Sorry, Ellison.

  • Warren Blum

    A demorat lib from MN . What does one expect. And if the right called their muslin messiah the same, we would never of heard the end of it.

  • Warren Blum

    I’m sure this gutless coward would meet the noko on the west coast beaches to welcome them . Maybe we need one of these wacko countries to invade us so we can weed out these traitors. 2 for 1.

  • stu magoo

    this is the muzzy pos the DNC was considering for it’s leadership! A frkn radical muzzy leftist! that’s just perfect! you morons!!

    • Warren Blum

      Wait till u see the muzzie they have running for governor. A Dr. That scumbag state will elect him as these dnc creeps will groom him for president. Just imagine a real openly elected Muslim as president. Unlike obammy who hid it as he set the agenda.

      • stu magoo

        odouche kinda hid it. If you had your eyes and mind open you could see it plain as the nose on your face, yet the sheep just trodded along with said noses firmly implanted in the douchebag’s rear end. Sadly, we still have way too many of his sycophants implanted in the deep state. EXTERMINATE AND FUMIGATE!!

        • Warren Blum

          I’m ready, able and salivating

          • stu magoo


  • Warren Blum

    Obammy overloaded that state with fellow muzzies. Part of the agenda. Next, this muzz Dr running for governor. Between the muslims and liberals , he just may get in.

  • laulau

    Then, Ellison, you need to go live in N. Korea if Kim is so great, stupid. All American privileges should be denied this jerk, then ask him again.

  • wizzid0

    If I were President Trump I would go on national TV and agree that I is not as good a diplomat as Reprehensible Ellison is, so I am appointing Mr. Ellison as Special Ambassador to North Korea with the specific mission of negotiating away Kim’s nuclear ambitions. Then, once he gets there, cancel his passport.

  • Truthteller

    keith ellison is worse than a sewer rat

  • This coming from a Muslim that is here to rip our country apart is refreshing like the rest of the Democratic liars !

  • Rooster

    I used to think Minn . was part of America’s heartland . Boy was I wrong . The citizens of this state voted for Clinton, elected 2 Dem senators including Al Franken a comedian / idiot.
    Now we have Ellison , who took his oath of office on the Koran (how the F was this allowed )
    comparing the President to Kim . This Muslim dirtbag is the face of the DNC .

  • Eric Spurrier

    You can be sure he had his Nazi girl friend Elizabeth Warren close by at Netroot.
    These are the people dividing the country with there racism and gangs.
    They spew hatred and lies and are the reason minorities have been held back for decades.
    Wake up America, The Alt-Left is destroying our country.

  • grammysam

    Keith is a dim-witted jackass! Acting his leftist self! Our President is not a drooling cow-towing, chicken like the libs want… he is our dragon slayer, and he will cut the head off of the Hydra! (if you don’t know what that means, look it up)

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    How would a democrat know if someone is worse than another, democrats are animal and can’t
    understand the difference in good and evil

  • Pablo

    Ellison’s comment about President Trump should immediately tell every “THINKING” American all they need to know about this rabble rousing loudmouth Islamic, Communist, terrible excuse for a human being.He has absolutely no creditability and the fact that he claims to be the de-facto spokes person for the Democratic Party speaks volumes about the legitimacy of the Party & the potential threat to our way of life. These people are insane. They have “NOTHING” positive to offer and can only lie & try to disrupt our way of life. This for sure is proof positive of the terrible corruption of the “SWAMP” that is D.C. May GOD in his infinite love deliver us from people of the “SWAMP”!!

  • jim whittaker

    You are just dreaming. Think back you libs gave us nightmares for 8 years,

  • Howlingmad

    An IDIOT, is an IDIOT, is an IDIOT . . . there’s No Gray Area” !. He must be taking “Pelosi Lessons” !.

  • andrew

    It figures that this deadbeat would say something as stupid and out of line as this

  • mike f41303

    This guy is a muslim and has made subversive comments about Americans. He should be deported.
    but watch out he is part of DNC planning group.