EXPOSED: Dems’ Committee Stunt Falsely Claims Trump Seeks to Deport Sick Kids

‘We have way, way, way too many people in this country who are not here legally…’

Dems' Bogus Hearing Falsely Claims Trump Seeks to Deport Sick Kids

Glenn Grothman/IMAGE: YouTube

(Dan E. Way, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wis., slammed Democrats for flagrant political chicanery in accusing the Trump administration of changing immigration enforcement to heartlessly deport sick children.

Grothman’s office issued a news release Wednesday following a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing.

It was a continuation of what many view as shameful efforts to create an often false narrative that Trump policies cruelly and needlessly separate families.

Grothman asserted the show hearing was created solely to attack a decision to transfer jurisdiction over deferred action cases of critically ill illegal child immigrants from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


During Grothman’s questions and remarks he took Democrats to task, saying they “like to slam you [immigration enforcement] folks to make cheap political points.” He said “they are scaring people who shouldn’t be scared” by their deliberately exaggerated claims.

Two of the witnesses were granted deferred action based on their illnesses during the hearing. Grothman wasn’t impressed.

“Through his questioning, Grothman revealed the hearing as a political stunt by Democrats and that these critically ill children were never really in danger of being deported,” his office stated in the news release.

Grothman grilled witnesses about Democrats’ assertion that the Trump administration’s decision to change jurisdiction over the child immigration cases was “intended to deport critically ill immigrant children back to their home country, where, sometimes, medication is not available.”

Grothman said the decision “simply transferred the paperwork from one division of DHS to another. It does not affect the discretion of the immigration court judges, who are likely to continue to defer the cases and keep these individuals in the United States.”

Indeed, one witness debunked the Democrats’ narrative by testifying that an immigration judge “would not allow these vulnerable individuals to be sent to their death.”

Grothman said he has been to the Southern border three times, and praised the job that immigration agents do in the face of unwarranted and untruthful attacks from the left. He said there is a crisis at the border. Top Democrats stubbornly denied the crisis until the drug smuggling, human trafficking, and cartel violence made such denials impossible this year.

“Our underlying problem in this country is that we have way, way, way too many people in this country who are not here legally,” Grothman said.

In one exchange with former ICE director Thomas Homan, Grothman came out swinging against Democrats’ constant separation-of-families theme in hearings.

“We would be appalled if a minor child from the United States went off to Honduras and the Honduran government wouldn’t send them back to their parents. Right now, if somebody who is an unaccompanied minor comes to this country, do we send them back to their parents or do we keep them here?” Grothman asked.

Homan said they are turned over to the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

“Less than 2 percent are removed, most of them are here. And that’s an issue no one wants to talk about, right?,” Homan said. “We talked about the 2,500 separations, but at the same time there are 14,000 children in custody of ORR that were smuggled to this country by criminal cartels. That’s inhumane.”

Children being placed in danger through illegal immigration has been well documented. In one wave of court-ordered reunification in 2018, federal officials determined nearly half of the separated adults were ineligible to take custody because they were criminals, not family members, or were under deportation orders.

In July, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, ranking minority member on the House Oversight Committee, released a report showing the Trump administration has been faithfully complying with court-ordered reunification.