NC Democrat Candidate Drops Out After Anti-Immigrant Comments

‘I am deeply sorry to the people that I have hurt…’

Democratic State House Candidate in NC Drops Out After Anti-Immigrant Comments

Cathy von Hassel-Davies

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) A North Carolina Democrat dropped out of the race for the state House of Representatives after comments surfaced from 2006 in which she criticized illegal immigrants, The News and Observer reported.

Cathy von Hassel-Davis was set to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. Dennis Riddell in the Alamance County district between Durham and Greensboro.

“Do they not know what the word ILLEGAL means? Oh you know what, they might not since the US bends over backwards to kiss their f—— ass and spends how much of our tax dollars putting up signs in Spanish and American,” Hassel-Davis wrote in a 2006 blog post. “Okay we live in F—-ing America people we speak English.”

Von Hassel-Davis was a registered Republican for 30 years, but she became a Democrat in 2008 after Barack Obama received the presidential nomination in 2008, Fox News reported.


She wrote her reasons for dropping out on Facebook yesterday.

“I am deeply sorry to the people that I have hurt,” she wrote. “While I have decided to end my candidacy, I still believe it is critical that we elect someone who will represent us in Raleigh by working to improve our public schools, recruit new jobs to our state and fix our broken health care system.”

Members of the Alamance County Democratic Party can nominate a new candidate before by Aug. 8 so Riddell has a challenger in November.

Von Hassel-Davies has to officially withdraw in order for another candidate to become eligible.

Her blog statements contradicted the beliefs espoused on her campaign website.

“I believe that we are a land of immigrants and should not forget that,” her campaign website says. “We should not be enacting laws that hurt our immigrants and immigration, instead we should be looking for ways to make them citizens and keeping them here as a vital part of our community.”

Wayne Goodwin, chairman of the state Democratic Party, said von Hassel-Davies met with community and party members to determine whether she should end her candidacy. She and the party decided she could not recover from the comments.

“Following several conversations last week between Cathy and members of the Hispanic community, the Hispanic caucus, and the Democratic Party, it became clear that she could not restore trust with the Hispanic community and it was best for her to step aside,” Goodwin said in a statement.

Republican National Hispanic Assembly Committeewoman Marlynn Burns called on the North Carolina Democratic Party to condemn von Hassel-Davies’s comments.

“North Carolinians, regardless of party affiliation, are waiting on the leaders of the N.C. Democratic Party to make their words about respect true or to let their silence speak agreement with the disrespectful and ignorant sentiments expressed by Ms. Hassel-Davies,” Burns wrote.