Dem IT Tech Awan Reportedly Sold Info to Still Unknown Parties

(Ibankcoin) The rapidly unfolding case against Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT spy ring already had huge implications for National Security. Now, the story apparently goes beyond just the Democrats the Awan family was working for…

Dem IT Tech Awan Reportedly Sold Info to Still Unknown Parties

Debbie Wasserman Shultz & Imran Awan (

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Business Network on Monday where he dropped a new bombshell: not only did the Awans had access to the emails of every member of Congress, Imran Awan reportedly sold information to still unknown parties, which the FBI is currently investigating.

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Napolitano: He was arrested for some financial crime – that’s the tip of the iceberg. The real allegation against him is that he had access to the emails of every member of congress and he sold what he found in there. What did he sell, and to whom did he sell it? That’s what the FBI wants to know. This may be a very, very serious national security situation.

Varney: Wait a second, he was the IT worker along with his two Pakistani brothers, for DWS, and other Democrats in the House – and the theory is that he got access to all of their secrets or whatever, and sold some?

Napolitano: Yes, and this was at the time that Congresswoman Schultz was also the chair of the Democratic National Committee. So at this point I don’t believe they know what he sold, and to whom he sold it – but they do know what he had access to, which is virtually everything in the House of representatives, which would include classified material in the House intelligence committee.

As The Gateway Pundit reported Thursday – the Awans were sending sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood

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  • Naval Lint

    Why haven’t all of the assets of these criminals been frozen or confiscated?

    • Bandit

      Because they are the favored creatures of the demoncrats, you can bet there are those that just may think twice before hiring any more mudslimes. You can also bet that is where so much info wound up in the hands of unfriendly countries. Mydslimes cannot be trusted with high level Intel.

    • Ron Alford

      Spineless Republicans, and criminal Democrats. And, Obama didn’t sell them anything, he gave them everything they wanted and even helped them get elected to run the government of Egypt. And they have the nerve to talk about Trump colluding.

      • repubnut

        RE-ACTIVATE the TEA-PARTY,,,,,,

    • will kari

      Good question? Pres.Trump should be made aware of freezing assets especially of Politicians RE: sancturary cities and states.

    • MB McMahon

      I believe some have been.

  • 1947goldenjet

    Time to find out from Debbie Wasserwoman what she knew and when she knew it. Her office doesn’t come with an automatic immunity from prosecution.

    • Texas Belle

      You think? We will see.

  • desertpirate

    Another treasonous member of congress….it’s so common that it starts to sound like a repeat of the same srory. No wonder people (sheeple) tune out.

    • Kenn Talbot

      This wench had better wind up behind bars. 2 years ago I moved from a solidly Republican district a little north of Miami (Rep: Mario Diaz-Balart) a few miles north into Debbie W-S district. In 2016 I had the privilege of voting for her opponent. Even though she won for the 4th time, she had less of a margin than before. I had hoped to see her defeated in 2018, but now maybe she will have to run from jail; shades of Marion Barry.

      • Eileen Ross

        She is guilty as all get out. And I am pretty sure that we will never know the full extent of her evil crimes.

        • repubnut

          How can ANYONE vote for a person running for office as a Socialistic Democrat . CORRUPT, CORRUPT, CORRUPT

          • Eileen Ross

            Corrupt and beyond!

          • Fed up!

            Being stupid with a low IQ

          • Velmaarodriguez

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      • pastriesqueen

        I would not be surprised the reason why she won the 4th time is voter fraud.

        • Kenn Talbot

          Someone else thought that, but I explained that with about 80% of her district being all heavily liberal voters; 54% black, 16% non-Cuban Hispanic and about 10% Jewish and other northern libs, she did not need any fraudulent votes.

          • Texas Belle

            She may not have needed fraudulent votes by if there were such votes, they should be discounted.

          • Kenn Talbot

            Of course you are absolutely correct, but the Dems. have been piling up votes from illegals and dead people for years and shoot down any legislation to stop it. It is okay to check someones ID if buying alcohol or cigarettes or to board an airplane; but, having someone prove who they are in order to vote is somehow discrimination. I guess in a way it is discriminatory towards the Democrats.

        • Carole

          YES. It was just reported yesterday that FLORIDA has turned over all their voter info to the Washington Fraud Committee and now “thousands” of voters have dis-enrolled their voter registration. HUM.

      • Louie Rey

        I wonder if that congressman you mentioned, Mario Diaz-Balart, is related to that reporter for Telemundo who also occasionally does the “NBC Evening News” on the weekends. I think his name is Jose Diaz-Balart. It would be unusual because NBC, just like the rest of the mainstream media, is so liberal yet your former congressman is a Republican. I’d think that they’d shun anyone who doesn’t follow the party, oops, I mean the media line.

        • Kenn Talbot

          I am not sure of his political affiliation, but if I had to bet, I would say Republican. There are 4 Diaz Balart brothers; Cuban-Americans, US born. All were very adamantly anti-Fidel, remain anti-Raul and were very much anti-Obama, especially his actions with Cuba. Lincoln was a Rep. from District 21 (South side of Miami) for 8 years. Raphael is the founder and CEO of Vestec International which has a bunch of holdings in a lot of areas but seems heavy in Real Estate and Capital Investment. As mentioned, Mario is serving in Congress now. Jose works as an anchorman for Telemundo as you noted. The younger of the 4 are Jose (56) and Mario (55) and most Cuban-Americans in that age bracket are staunch Republicans. My best guess is that Telemundo put him where he is so as to hang on to the older Cuban-American viewers in Miami and South Florida in general. There is an unrelated Jose Feliz Balart who is a Republican Rep. in the state house from Miami. He is a 30-something Marco Rubio look-alike who may have a future in Congress.

          • Louie Rey

            Thank you so much for the info. Based on what you know I can now see how they’ve all arrived at their stations in life. It’s good to know that there are those that don’t suffer economically (employment wise) due to their political affiliations although you indicate that the station has their own financial motivations. You know, in the past when Jose would anchor the evening news and what’s presented as a negative Trump story (aren’t they all?) that he would not overtly show the subtle glee that the rest of the reporters seem to do when they’re on camera. Probably your explanation is the reason for that. Thanks again.

          • Kenn Talbot

            You are welcome, but I did misinform you on one point. I re-read what I wrote and was wrong when I said all 4 brothers were born in the US. The two older were born in Havana and came here when young. The two younger were born in Ft. Lauderdale in the early sixties. The family did not leave until the Castro era and the father was a business man in Cuba when the two older boys were born in the 50’s.

    • x_ray_tech

      They “tune out” because nothing ever happens to these criminals and traitors. They are never/rarely held accountable.

      • Amber

        Maybe nothing ever happens to them because they have all of the dirt on everyone and if they try to do anything to them in the words of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz “there will be consequences.”

        • x_ray_tech

          There is no doubt in my mind you are absolutely correct.

    • richjack4

      Exactly. All I need now is to read an article where she is subjected to a grand jury indictment and that those related to her are not involved her investigation.

  • Obama is in this brotherhood of the feathers

    • will kari

      Do you allege , Obumma is the general in charge of the Islamic Brotherhood in the USA? and of his 30,000 associates that he flew in from the Mid-East using Social Security money?

  • Red blooded American

    And now Debbie’s brother is the investigating attorney in D.C. in charge of Awan’s case…….conflict of interest, anyone?

    • Amber

      This leaves me speechless.

    • pastriesqueen

      It’s called CORRUPTION!

    • will kari

      More leaks?

    • Grant1959

      Seriously? I had not heard that, if so, this can not be allowed to stand, it’s illegal, massive conflict of interest, just as Mueller has massive conflicts of interest.

  • Cadfael

    Time to expel all entities and individuals related to the Muslim Brotherhood (not exempting Democrat representatives, or former Presidents) starting with CAIR, after they get to serve their time at either a maximum security prison, or preferably Gitmo! If their cooperation, willing or supposedly unknowing, intent not required, carelessness is enough, led to the death of American servicemen, other penalties need to be considered.

  • Sad part of this caper, did anyone question the fraudulent Floridian votes that helped her into office? Did anyone check each vote to ensure it was a real voter? In following her mentor, Hillary Clinton, the a few years ago the New York Post did report the thousands of castes senate ballots were discarded in the back alley trash units that would have given the other candidate that political office. This is how Hillary Clinton wins election. Also very resounding in the amount of billions for the fabricated additional DNC’s 30 million voters, not counting the illegals who were part of the voting fraud. Now, I don’t believe there are that many Floridians would vote this inept (Debbie W) individual to office.

    IF YOU are still in disbelief, there were two books release in 2016, in which both authors served at the core of this crime ridden party (DNC) for many years, that spill the beans of what this party really stood for vice the usual rhetoric and fabricated lies. One needs to read it to see, this party is nothing more than a Crime Organization (more like a mafia) that is robbing the taxpayers blindly and would murder their own to keep its secrecy.

    • Kenn Talbot

      I won’t deny there was fraudulent voting, but Debbie did not need it. Florida District is about 54% black and 16% non-Cuban Hispanic and about 10% Jewish in addition to a slew of NY and other Liberals who retired to Fl.; all overwhelmingly Democrat Libs. That is probably around 80% of the voters and she got 57% of the votes. Prior to 2016 she had been getting about 63%

    • pastriesqueen

      Clinton body counts just keeps climbing.

  • jscarano7


    • will kari

      I think Pres.Trump didn’t realize the depth and width of the slime balls in Washington ,D.C.That’s why he is now hiring more retired Generals to handle the round up of the slime balls and ballets. The GITMO prison will need to add a couple of hundred cells to accommodate the slime. Keep up the good work Pres.Trump and you should get the award for getting the evil slime out of the USA Gov’t.

  • Morgan23

    I knew that woman(?) was a nitwit. This only proves it. She should be investigated fully and put away for espionage and stupidity. This Imwan may have had access to every Democrat’s e-mails and personal information so they should all be investigated to see if their ”information” made them candidates for blackmail and if they blackmailed and what ”services” they provided to this bunch.
    By the way, where was the FBI? if I go to a National Lab I have to undergo a background check, why not someone with this level of access to secrets?

    • Amber

      I don’t know if this is true but I saw several items on Facebook saying James Comey and DWS were having an affair. If this is true – it explains a lot.

      • Kenn Talbot

        Maybe he is the one who made her hair curl.

      • Debra Cashman


    • Al

      FBI is filled with Clinton appointees in co-operating with Obama. He stood in the background to avoid any accountability if charges were made against them. DOJ was filled with Muslims as were the Czars, 50, appointments. The courts are loaded with liberal judges doing Obama’s bidding. Hence all the decisions opposing President Trump’s bans being stalled until the case goes to the Supreme Court. All must be released before we indict the heads of all the traitors.

  • liberty49

    So, how many members do you think are being blackmailed from BOTH parties? DWS AND Hillary had better do some jail time for all these crimes!

  • Sharon Melvin

    Lock them all up! They are all traitors to our way of life!! We need to defeat these idiots in 2018 & 2020. This includes the RINOs.

  • Ron C

    Not to worry you crazy democrat’s…Debbie the Wasserman’s brother will make sure this is all covered up…just like he is doing on the Seth Rich murder…did everyone forget about that case…??? The evidence in that case is being ignored as it will for little Debbie.

  • freepetta

    I don’t see the Congress taking this up with the seriousness it deserves. I figure Awan not only has national security secrets but their personal secrets. This is going to get very very messy.

    • Warren Blum

      Yes like chuck Schumer likes little boys on a private island where the Clintons visit. Hillary loves little girls. I’m not being sarcastic.

  • USMCSniper

    Have the democrats ever employed anyone who was not an anti American scumbag?

    • Kenn Talbot

      Maybe Andrew Jackson who founded the party, but I am not convinced that he wasn’t anti-American as well.

  • nick1111

    The head of Muslim snake is Obama traitor

  • will kari

    The DHS and FBI should bw doing background history checks on people that have excess to Congress and the Congressmen and women handling sensitive and secret info for the USA. Members of Congress found guility of TREASON should get at least 10 to 20 years in GITMO. Politicians allowing illegal aliens and criminals a safe haven in their cities and or states should receive 10 to 20 years in prison after being found guilty of Failure to enforce the federal Felony law re: Immigration laws. Quote from A.G. Sessions recently said.” some people need jail time” So,start packing your bags for a vacation at Hotel GITMO..

  • Raymond Miller

    And don’t forget that Hill-A-Sh*t was SOS during most of that time and she had an unprotected server. Maybe that’s the reason she had it set up that way, so this POS could get advanced notice of what we are up to. Remember the raid into Somalia where we lost a Seal, no one knew how they found out about the impending raid, well now we may have just found out. If Weaselman SH*tts isn’t a traitor and should be executed for treason then who the h*ll is ?
    Keep on talking Schumer this is going to turn around and bite you in that big fat a**.

  • RealAmerican407

    I support the MB being classified as a terrorist organization 100%.

  • Warren Blum

    And the mainstream media says nothing.


    Send him to Guantonmo an let him rot. An then send DWS there to keep him company after she is convicted of either treason of fraud or maybe both. Her pension should be forfit.

  • Warren Blum

    More importantly are the idiots in Florida that voted her back in office. Wake up people. Then again they are her fellow lib Jews who moved from NYC to s. Florida.

    • Kenn Talbot

      Also, District 23 is over 50% black.

      • Warren Blum

        thank u . lots of ghettos down there.

  • Susan Wood

    Looks like Wasserman-Schultz learned a lot from the Clintons–just the kind of thing they would do, in my opinion. Anyone checking into what she got out of this “deal”? If anything proven, this is TREASON and Awan should be put to death.

  • Then you wonder how they all know how to make N bombs. Look deeper

  • ja ko

    Also, Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin’s mother and father are leaders of one large Muslim Brotherhood organization on Arabian peninsula. More than likely, Huma forwarded all US national secrets she acquired from Hillary to her family and MB.

  • Carol Owen

    I’ll bet that Crooked Hillary is holding her breath. There is so much more that will be revealed. I hope this house of cards is about to collapse!

  • Wayne

    Lock her up and toss the key in the ocean. She is a traitor to our country.

  • Kirk Kahler

    wow and keeps getting worse !! DWS better hope that the Clinton hit man is not looking for her now a long with he IT guy cuz we all know how people with any thing on the Clintons turn up dead ! this could be the last nail in the lefts chance to rebuild there party ! and even with MSM not reporting on this the people will find out the truth and just what damage was done ! the FBI, CIA, DHS and the DOJ need to put presser on these two and I mean real presser and find out every thing and who got what and who were there handlers cuz I am sure that there is people higher up that were in charge !!

  • minefinder624

    Cut Wasserman Schultz some slack-its appears that someone has smacked her face repeatedly with a very heavy iron frying pan . It could have affected her mentally. Then again, it could be that she’s just a natural born creep.

  • Polly Dreitzler

    Next election we need to vote out all incumbents!! And they have to wonder why we don’t trust government!! HA!

  • Yarbles

    Pinata party for two?


    While your at it take a good long look @ huma abedin. She’s been involved with espionage for more than 2 decades. How do you think osama bin laden stayed alive so long! All with hrc’s good graces!

  • Karl Vilseck

    Get Awani or one of his co-conspirators relative to sing like a canary and give them a lighter sentence depending what evidence they produce for the FBI / DOJ.
    Obama………………5 years in prison
    Clinton……………….7 years in prison
    Senators (Reid/Shummer)……10 years in prison
    Congress (Pelosi)……………….10 years in prison
    Any other level of Politician….10 years in prison

    If not singing……………as a spy, traitor………………………life or better yet …….death by firing squad with no hood on

  • Carole

    AH–info sent to Obama’s “brothers”. There is a lot to investigate here.

  • dexter

    Is this why Hillary had a private server? So Awan couldn’t have access to her dirty deals to blackmail her?

  • 78NTSUDE

    Don’t forget her boss Hillary. They are all involved.

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    They need ot FIND him and bring him back to face charges and bring his family with him. If they could do it with Osama bin Laden then this POS should be NO problem! This is TREASON.

  • Tradewinds

    Anyone surprised.. This is how America will capitulate and give in to Islamic control.. Diversity has done to Europe what it will do over hear..

    • Naval Lint

      With your obvious lack of familiarity for the English language, all I can tell you is…WE WON’T LET IT HAPPEN HERE! And we have the weapons to GUARANTEE that!

      • Tradewinds

        Hope you are correct..

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    The was an article yesterday stating wasserman was giving them “benefits”. They must have been pretty hard up to be hitting that.

  • Fed up!

    The arrest of Wassermen needs to be done. She hired them and set them free will in the Swamps IT/ Computers. The fish stinks from the head to the tail. She should be held accountable.

  • It wasn’t just the Awan brothers who were selling/sending information to the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood. Has everyone forgotten about Hillary’s illegal server and the emails that were sent to Uma Abedin? She and her family are deeply involved and committed members of the MB.

  • Derek

    This is called demosmarts. When you REALLY need someone you can trust. Hire a bunch of radical Islamist towel heads!!!!!!

  • Texas Belle

    Will we ever see the result of any investigation? If the FBI is filled with Obama holdovers they will take no action. No doubt Wasserman-Schultz is as deep into the corruption. as the Pakastini who worked for her, why else would she keep him on the payroll? We, the taxpayers, were paying for him and others in his family or were their salaries from the DNC?

  • Grant1959

    How can this be, that this guy was qualified and cleared for this work? Did he not have to pass an extensive background check? Did he not need to have a security clearance? Is he a foreign national? How can our security systems have such gaping holes in them to give the opportunity for this kind of thing to happen? I am astounded.

  • Mad Scientist

    If these allegations turn out to be true I believe that is called treason – and a firing squad is in order.

  • John

    Like a 2 bit magician the Dems and their PR machine( the media) have spent months try to distract with the B$ Russia crap ALL to distract us from the REAL crimes they have committed. This is only getting worse and will drag down a host of libs.

  • John Adrian Tomlin

    Here in California she could be elected Governor, Senator or she would take this state for President of the United States. Another thing people may not know, with California, Hillary won a landslide victory over Trump in the popular vote; exclude California, and Trump wins in a landslide victory.

    • marcus J

      That may not be entirely true , Since the Bankrupt Socialist Third World Banana Republic of Mexifornia decided to hand out Driver`s Licenses and State I.D. to illegal aliens ,It has already been proven that in Mexifornia alone close to one million illegal aliens voted for that Evil Marxist Witch Shillary and no less then 2.5 million illegal aliens voted for her in other states

  • Rick D.

    Not only is DWS the fugliest woman of all, she’s the most arrogant & corrupt as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if her husband drinks himself into a stupor before retiring for the evening!!

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    The Muslim Brotherhood was an accepted part of the Obama Regime. They were just sharing info to get Hillary Elected

  • Concerned

    She isn’t the only Democrat these pakistani group worked for thier are more.

  • steven jacobs

    who in our gov’t DOESN’T sell info to the muslims?

  • marcus J

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz belongs in a cell in a Federal prison next to that Evil Marxist Muslim Loving Anti American Witch Shillary

  • Louie Rey

    Does anyone feel a “suicide” coming on? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clintons suddenly held a “two for one” sale on “untimely deaths” when it comes to these two. I wonder how vigorously the lamestream media will follow this story? I bet they give this story the same amount of time, effort and analysis as they have with the Trump-Russia collusion story, NOT.

  • lucifer

    She’s falling. Oh yes and at what speed. This crooked politicians is being hammered in many fronts. There’s a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County Federal Court against her for rigging the nomination of HRC. So far three attorneys have been murdered in connection to the case. Wonderful. I would not doubt that she is receiving help from the crime family in chappaqua, NY. Now her IT is being investigated, and that means she’s is included. Last time I checked she was in debt for almost two million dollars. She needs another attorney in the DC case. Looks like my dear jewish princess is getting deeper in the toilet bowl. Thank You.

  • Pat Engness

    People in Congress are in DEALS with ratlines for Drugs/Sex & Child Trafficking/Organ Harvesting/Chemical Weapons (like McCain/Graham’s White Phosphorus factories in Bulgaria….Dilyana Gaytandzhieva Bulgarian Journalist Story broke and McCain had “brain cancer” 2 days later?)/Oil and Pipelines (real reason for Syrian “war” & LIES about Assad)/Weapons Deals. Watch George Webb and Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth for everything you WON’T see on TV:

  • ChuckS123

    More evidence that dems are bad at security – even their own.