Dem Candidates: Keep Bill Clinton Away from Us

The #MeToo campaign has belatedly claimed the credibility of the former president…

Bill Clinton: Nationalism Taking Us to ‘The Edge of Our Destruction’

Bill Clinton/Photo by sharedferret (CC)

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) Democrats have become allergic to one of their once-sacred campaigners: Bill Clinton.

In the wake of the #MeToo campaign, Democrats running for office or reelection during the midterm election cycle don’t want Clinton campaigning for them.

For many, the Democrats’ sudden change on the former president is 20 years too late.

The party’s candidates for the 2018 mid-terms fear that appearing with Clinton, who was impeached for lying to Congress about his sex scandal exploits with Monica Lewinsky, would be hypocritical.

According to Politico, Democrats have been polling on the impact the former President might have on their campaigns.

The results seem to indicate he should be kept “behind closed doors:”

Several Democratic campaigns have already polled Clinton’s popularity in their races, weighing whether to take the risk of inviting him out. Others say they’d love to see him chip in, so long as he sticks to New York, at closed-door fundraisers for them where no photographs of them together are taken.

The Politico report also says many Democrats were “visibly uncomfortable about discussing Clinton,” and that some of them “nervously” asked if Clinton was really going to be campaigning during the midterms.

Tom Perez/Photo by MDGovpics (CC)

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez attempted to downplay Clinton’s predatory behavior, saying, “Did he make significant mistakes? Of course he did.”

Last year Democrats came together at an event to celebrate Clinton’s 25th anniversary of first being elected president.

Some liberal pundits exhibited an acute sense of conscience and declared that Clinton should have resigned in the face of the Lewinsky scandal.

Trump: NY Dem Senator Gillibrand is Schumer’s ‘Total Flunky’

Kirsten Gillibrand/Photo by personaldemocracy (CC)

Potential 2020 Presidential candidate, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), can’t seem to make up her mind about the Clintons – slamming Bill Clinton with one hand while hugging Hillary with the other.


For over 20 years Gillibrand has been a consistent recipient of Clinton support and until recently, failed to call out Bill Clinton as a predator, telling the New York Times last fall that Clinton stepping down maybe would have been “an appropriate response.”

“I can tell you one thing. I can tell you that Hillary Clinton is still my greatest role model in politics,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) on a recent episode of 60 Minutes.

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  • erleebird

    Even the truth hasn’t set these pathological liars FREE!

    • daledor

      Because the NWO and its controlled media have always made Icons out of them and kept them out of jail, they are very confident they will never be held accountable and can get by with anything — until Trump became president.

      Liars like this gloat in the cleverness of how they can spin lies and deceive people. Not good people at all, like their father Satan the chief liar and deceiver (what the word Satan means, name given by God to Lucifer after Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven – talk about a LOSER)..

      The term pathological to me means they lied so much they believe their own lies and telling truth is the last thought they would think. It is like a god given conscience reversed so truth becomes a lie and deplorable and lies become truth and loved.

      • erleebird

        Liked your comments!

        • daledor

          Likewise brother – chronic or pathological liars they are. They follow Goebbel’s comments to Hitler as the propaganda minister for the NAtional soZIalist party (NAZI – national socialists) – if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it. Thus the Democrat Socialists and the controlled media spin the lies repeatedly as if they are true until people believe the lie and reject truth.

  • Kenn Talbot

    Keep Slick Willy away from the candidates; also their sisters, girlfriends, wives, wives’ girlfriends, mothers, daughters, young sons and pet gerbils; any furry animals to be safe.

    • nocbsfan

      good post

    • daledor

      Ooooooh! Baaaaddddd!

    • RealFunny123

      Thanks. You make my day! Nice.

    • therealworld

      Leave Richard Gere and his Pet Gerbils outa this

    • Ron G

      ROFLMAO! Dat wuz funny.

  • robert sanders


    • Harvey Schneider

      Robert, Only if they are GAY males! Democrat women should not be sexually abused because of their mental problem- liberalism.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    If you are a female demo running for office… and bill shows up to a rally with a box of CIGARS…


  • TOB46

    Gillibrand claims Hillary is her greatest role model in politics. Wow. Guess she condones Hillary and her staff’s sleazy tactics. She’s okay with being provided debate questions before the event. The list goes on and on. Amazing.

    • Alan

      She’s so stupid she may have signed her political death warrant.

      • TIMedWork

        We can only hope

    • richjack4

      Hildebrand is sleazy, if not more, then her mentor Hillary!! Anyone from the tri-state area is aware that she has used sexuality to attain the Heights that she currently resides! Her pay day is fast approaching!

    • Barbie

      She does absolutely NOTHING for Upstate. New York.

  • Maxine Albritton

    slick Willy could not help a campaign. Actually if the demos really had something to offer to make America or its people instead of their pockets it would be a drastic change, in fact, a sweeping reform for their party. I would be very suspicious of such too.

  • Gregg Parker

    Come on dems… he’s just running around with a rub ber dild0 in these post [email protected] days of the [email protected] c0rpse formally known as Billy Bob… he won’t hurt your [email protected] polling or vacant platform…he’s not the prolific little wh0re m0nger you used to know and love.. nothing to be scared of right??

  • RickFromDetroit

    Lock em up. We need a law that requires all women to where a locked chastity belt until they are married, and any time they are away from their husband.

    • TIMedWork

      Have you considered converting to Islam? your proposition is pretty close to plagiarizing Sharia

    • Lynn Johnston

      Funny, funny

  • Alan

    The closed doors should be iron bars.

  • paul

    That statement from Gillibrand about Hillary should destroy her political future forever because she and eveyone else knows that Bill and Hillary Clinton are lying, corrupt, immoral, unethical, no-good pieces of crap that should both be in jail for their crimes and treason against the United States of America.

    • Dennis Blakely

      You for got to mention the Long list of dead bodies in their wake

      • paul

        You’re right, my bad, and it’s a very long list indeed.

    • sophie bonner

      Democrats embrace the Clinton’s win record, they don’t care how they got it.

      • paul

        No, they don’t, and that’s a large part of the problem. That and the fact most people don’t pay attention to the numerous crimes the Clinton’s have committed that would have resulted in anyone else being prosecuted and going to jail for a very long time, or the death penalty, which Hillary and Bill Clinton very much deserve.

    • Norman’s Stormin

      Paul. You need to be more direct and call a spade a spade. You are right on!

    • Brad Clyde

      Everyone except Californians and NewYorkers.

      • paul

        Yeah, I’m a New Yorker but unfortunately you’re right, a far too large number of people in metropolitan NY refuse to see that Bill and Hillary Clinton are completely corrupt and untrustworthy. The same is true of Moochelle and Obama.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    What comes around goes around.

  • sophie bonner

    So if they keep Bill Zippergate Clinton behind closed doors fundraising that’s okay. Just don’t come around any candidate where the public might see him. Hard to tell who the difference between the ‘user’ and the ‘used.’ Hypocrites!

  • Danny Noble

    They will wheel him out if it gets dicey like they did in 2012. Romney had that wrapped up till bill hove into view. Democrats have no ethics. Win at any cost.

  • Medic RN

    Lippo Group Indonesian Coal vs. Nat’l Parks? Ron Brown? Tyson Foods Arkansas? Vince Foster? Seth Rich? Littlerock-rock cocaine? Rape? Assault? Suborning purgery? Witness tampering/intimidation? Impeachment? Philandering? Murders? Webb Hubble? Bait & switch-Croatia/DNC? Pay-to-play? White Water? Uranium 1? International treasonous family crime cartel? Clinton Foundation-Haiti? etc…..
    Monica?? Seriously???

    • Lynn Johnston


      • Medic RN

        I know right? I need an alkaseltzer.
        You’re welcome. And thank you.

    • daledor

      Sounds like a typical socialist liberal to me – following the socialist agenda and impervious to truth.

      • Lynn Johnston

        Did you not read or understand? I think you NEED TO REREAD, and then post

        • daledor

          I was responding to Medic RN’s comment about the Lippo Group—- sounding like a typical socialist liberal to me. Traditional conservatives and liberals are American’s with slightly different views and all love America. It is the socialist liberals that follow socialist agenda over reasoning. By the way the media and we all can follow this trap – people are not liberal or conservative we are analog on any point from one spectrum to the other on constitutional and moral issues but the socialist liberal transcends reason with extreme liberalism. The communist party came to America and called itself the liberal party to infiltrate -set up a socialist state. It had to hide its agenda and integrate into society to change it into a socialist state (Karl Marx said ” the end of communism is socialism” — he wrote the book – the target never was communism, comm was just to force countries into a socialist state if they would not embrace a socialist state). Integrating into America slowly to turn America away from God and the Constitution is hardest in America because God and Constitution sponsor freedom and civility (with corresponding consequences of violation of laws as justly should be done- speaking of just laws not socialist infiltration by undermining the constitution and revising morality and civility). The promise of equality is the biggest lie of socialism. Communist China only prospers because it allows its people to prosper. It is not an equal society since everyone is not at the same financial level. Full Communism has a ruling class and the people with no middle class or opportunity to be different and have incentive to grow. The state determines who will do what and how. A hard worker tires of hard work when others hardly work at all – no incentive and demoralizing. This is the plight of true communism – the masses of people are equal in misery while the rulers live in luxury and control the populace by their police state. Bye Bye to freedom.

          • Medic RN

            Thanks Dale. Thorough write of Socialist construct. Again, thanks. My reference to the Lippo Group Indonesia was typical Clinton bait & switch: Clinton via Nat’l Parks, closed American coal reserves, displaced 350,000 coal miners and killed American coal production agreeing to buy Indonesian coal instead of producing our own. The jig flipped when Lippo exceeded lawful campaign contributions to Clinton’s DNC. The resulting Clinton Foundation is now a private bank account- slush fund where foreign money can be laundered for a price unchecked without federal warrants in place.
            I’m not convinced the Clintons are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. I am convinced the Clintons are self-serving, treasonous international criminals on our national stage, hiding in liberalism, knowing liberals are the most mentally malleable, irresponsible, most gullible, least likely place to be exposed, caught, indicted, arrested.

          • Lynn Johnston

            Uh, Yes! And Correct again!
            Thank you!

          • daledor

            Very well written. I agree some like the Clintons are not loyal to America at all but opportunists which work well with the global bankers that run the New World Order. As to being NWO, hey, if you believe the global rule NWO scenario and follow the agenda from the heart or if you just are an opportunist with ‘I will do what you want for mucho money, power, and protection by your peers and subordinates and use your controlled media to cover my buns’ — either are traitors and need to be in jail or permanently dispelled from America and if traitorous enough given death sentences.

            The Clinton’s have been protected and covered up and exonerated so much they think that they can get by with anything. Murder, theft, lies, deceit,whatever are just tools to keep themselves looking good and their organized crime looking above board and be esteemed as good people when they are evil in most of what they do.

          • Medic RN

            Bulls-eye. Spot on.

          • daledor

            Thank you! Personally I am an optimist who looks for good in people. I as a Christian hate no one. I love God and people but hate evil (lies and deceptions and wrong doing) in myself and others. I am wise enough to recognize and desire TRUTH above all.
            Let me share these thoughts also:

            Our country is caught in ‘snap shot’ moments. Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise some folks get. Ha! For me, if I get tired of lies and deceptions and ‘challenge’ what I view as needing to be challenged. If I am wrong and shown to truly be wrong I am the first to apologize and appreciate being corrected.

            I know this, it is lies and deceptions pushed on us purposefully by people who say they care but prove (if you open your eyes and THINK and OBSERVE words vs actions) — prove they are con artists who DO NOT CARE about anything but themselves or following their agenda.Socialist liberals are masters at lies, deceptions, and tricking people into believing lies. Such are more interested in controlling people and manipulating them than facing and embracing truth. They live in a fantasy world and usually have NOTHING GOOD to contribute to society.

            Let us pursue truth not agenda, let God’s love, joy, and peace rule our hearts rather than man made agendas and manipulations. Let us always be teachable and willing to teach what is good but always challenge and reveal what is hidden/occult for it is what is hidden that hurts us the most.

            It is the most prevalent planners of other people’s affairs desiring to manipulate and control others when they can’t even handle their own souls that are the ones that cause division, chaos, slavery/vs freedom, and lust for power and control over others and society that are the PURVEYORS of EVIL AND DESTRUCTION. Such HAVE to be pointed out by their own words and actions as wrong and even can be evil but the flag point is when words and actions NEVER match unless they do tell truth – then it is deplorable to peace loving people and they wonder what is wrong with those who disagree and tout how evil the other person is. They see and criticize specks in others eyes while having logs in their own. Hypocrites and con artists lusting for power, popularity, money, and unfounded respect or fear in others.

            We as a society must get back to truth being our foundations vs lies, God being acknowledged and helping us tailor our actions through His Son Jesus as our Savior, quit ‘go along to get along’ policies ruling us vs truth — it is not only OK but proper to disagree and not follow error and evil. We must respect people even if they are wrong rather than let hate rule and degrade us morally. We MUST think for ourselves not allowing others to dictate what we believe and do — following truth above convenience. We must choose civility over division. A person may be very dispicable to me but because the soul is valuable to God I must value the person — this is done by hating the sin and wrong but loving the person. Jesus paid for all of mankind’s sins it is only rejecting His Gift that one stands on their own before God the Father. That is like a kid standing before his/her parent claiming not eating ice cream after the parent said Don’t – claiming “I did not do it” with ice cream all over the clothes. God knows ALL we do and did and ALL we even thought about. Man, that is why Jesus is sooo important as out advocate before God the Father. The obvious is truth but Jesus says ‘I paid the price, I went to jail for him/her’. The Judge God the Father says, “paid in full”. Wow, though God gives us free choice vs slavery and god like choice vs being robots with no choice — our choices make up our destiny – though all that God knew we could not get back to God and Heaven without His intervention. The only shame is so many lies and deceptions about God and His Savior Jesus put out by God’s enemy Lucifer/Satan and the fallen angels and plants in human society brainwashing and tailoring people to believe lies and reject truth. So many want to blame God when it is never God Who deserves any blame. People look at people to find fault and set up mentalities like “so and so is a hypocrite so I don’t want Jesus”. That makes so little sense. Just because a person claims something is true does not make it so. Also if one wants to find fault and excuses and failures they never need to look further than the end of their nose. Ha! When they excuse themselves before God He will just replay their life story from their eternal spirit man’s mind that never forgets anything. There won’t be comparing self to others “I did not do that like so and so” but personal accountability. We all need Jesus on our side as our Savior.

            There are a lot of religious people sitting on pews that NEVER let Jesus save them. They know the words and do their religious thing but when they leave this earth and face God — God never knew them, they never let Jesus save them and place God’s Holy SPirit into them to be ‘God in us’ – Emmanuel. Some that accepted Jesus may never have been accepted by mankind – even rejects yet they will be in Heaven while a lot of religious cats won’t. Those cats never embraced God and received their Savior – just played religious games.

            Good thing God is the One Who knows us better than we know ourselves and that He saves us rather than rejects us for evil works. It is evil to try to bypass the Only Savior to get to Heaven. The best of us humans compared to the purity of Heaven – our best works are like filthy rags to God unless God orchestrated those works and helped us do what was right.

            Hope that blesses you and others, it is so simple Jesus is Lord and God. Jesus came to save ALL of Adam’s race (humanity) from consequences of Adam and Eve’s fall from intimacy. We need to be smart as Adam and Eve to trust in the promised Savior sent by God, Jesus is His Name. Buddah, Mohammad, nor any religious icon or false god can save mankind and NONE loved mankind so much to die for and resurrect for mankind.

          • Lynn Johnston

            Thank you! I hope everyone here will read this! At least we know that they have possibly started the process of understanding, because they’re here on this site. I knew there was a reason I posted back to you.
            Even if it saves only 2, or makes them aware again, that’s how reborn Christians do it, one by one.

          • Medic RN

            Strongly disagree traditional liberals and conservatives are slightly different. Wishful thinking. Example: Conservatives want a national definition. Liberals don’t.
            Surprising to me in liberal self-identification is their universal auto-mendacity to boldly accuse others as being guilty of their own immediate behaviors; Condemning behaviors they reserve for themselves; the essence definition of narcissistic hypocrisy. Example: Hillary, “It was Trumps Russian collusion” now proved to be entirely her own, with which she was most concerned being caught.
            This may be a liberal functional group (cult) neurosis.

          • daledor

            Are you old enough to know how most American’s were so much in tune with each other, like coins though having different sides to the coin were close and tied in the center. The ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ were all Americans – no socialist leanings – and all got along well together though seeing from different perspectives. The two extremes mostly disagreed on financial matters and morally had essentialy the same base and trust in God and love for country and the Constitution. Then came socialism using ‘liberal’ which in and of itself usually was/is positive in many ways except the financial waste on the liberal camp became DISTORTED and COMPROMISED and USED to DECEIVE and TRAP and DESTROY America, morality, institutions that HAD been stable, and subvert America towards a third world status and integrate it into the New World Order agenda set up by the evil globalist bankers that want to rule all.

            American’s Never were the problem but propaganda, lies, taking control of media/entertainment/education/etc had to be done by the NWO socialist liberals to achieve their roles in global dominance and rule. Communism in other countries would not work here so subtle/incremental subversion was the only thing that would work on a free people. Infiltrating the financial and governmental institutions had to be first.

            Creating wars and disputes to follow the NWO is the power of the socialist liberals. They follow the socialist agenda like sheep, never wavering so their status among their peers is high and financial reward, popularity, etc follows. They use “ordo ab chao” (order out of chaos) agenda (generating chaos and confusion to achieve what they normally could not do “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”(He said you can do so much more than you normally can also.)

            No, being 68 and following these things I KNOW how unified and stable America was and how it has been moved to such instability and division. We USED TO disagree but did so agreeably. Compromise was done and all got along very well considering differences. All met at the table with moral and ethical behavior – ranting and raving and childish behavior was opposed by all around such a whacko.

            Sure there was peer pressure but only the underground socialist liberals who integrated into society under the LIBERAL PARTY were the COMMUNIST PARTY and such a name was opposed and despised by most of America. Lies, deceit, half-truths (tailored lies), and two faced facades were used to integrate into the society they wanted/want to destroy or subvert and set up a New World Order.

            The agenda never changed and is powered by most of the worlds wealth held by international bankers that run the NWO through their international corporations they run. Those corporations run most of Hollywood, too much of education and DC, and most of the controlled liberal socialist MEDIA – which is always trying to change everyone to follow their agenda, not caring about anyone but themselves and their agenda and only friends with those who agree and follow the agenda with them — all others, as Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky said are ENEMIES (as opposed to people who merely disagree– they must be destroyed to sponsor what the socialist liberals want.

            Differentiate that I am distinguishing between old traditional AMERICAN liberal vs NWO Socialist Liberals for the sake of revealing who America’s enemies are by philosophy and action and destructive agenda.

            If you are younger than I these changes are not so self evident and you simply always though of America as so divisive. Not so! It is the product of purposeful planning and agenda that trace back to the Illuminatti Papers in the late 1700’s and even further back to the Frankians and others in the quest for world governance. The Rothschild Father (Mayer Rothschild – formerly in Germany Mayer Amschel Bauerberg) started the globalist bankers that used deception, extortion, and high interest loans to take control of the world’s banks. The Federal Reserve linked America to the global bankers. It is not Federal but a global linked bank that makes loans to our government. The Treasury is government and handles printing of currency. Congress regulates spending. The trillions of debt are funny money passing much of our money to other banks. It grew in power with consent of Congress. Congress could shut it down if they wanted, too many get paid to keep it going and running up debt , not only on debt owed the FR and interest on loans from the FR, but by many politicians and other personnel voted in to represent America that go in poor or not with much and come out with millions in their accounts. This is not just from favors to lobbiests I assure you.

      • Medic RN

        62 million of them?

  • Steve

    They don’t want to catch a disease from cocksman billie that penicillin & AZT can’t fix !

  • daledor

    Democrat liberals isolating themselves from Bill and Hillary NOW shows they were fine and useful when public opinion supported their agenda because of coverups by media and swamp critters in DC so on and so on. Point is when the whitewash covering the fence comes off the ugliness underneath shines. I call it the Trump effect – Trump does his job in supporting America and defying the swamp socialist liberal New World Order agenda pushed on us since Reagan’s VP Bush surrounded Reagan with swamp critters (vs the staff Reagan had selected)

    In Reagan’s second term replacements selected by NWO plant Bush and Kissinger to ‘control’ Reagan since they failed to kill or stop him the first term and just wanted Reagan as a figure head while they ran the show the second term — Reagan was unstoppable but greatly weakened by the DC swamp critters and NEW staff given by NWO insiders).

    These lying, thieving, dishonest, trying to repair the breech and NOW make themselves look good who NOW hypocritically try to whitewash themselves and break off from the Clinton’s they have esteemed and supported for many many years and covered up the evils thereof. In reality they are lying scam artists trying to keep the TRUTH about the Clinton’s from affecting their political Demoncat party and repair the walls of their power and socialist infiltration in America with their lying media partners.

    If Hillary had been SCAMMED IN and efforts against Trump succeeded Bill and Hillary would be their ICONS. Hypocrites and liars!

    It reminds me of a person that breaks laws of the land that acts sorry when caught and held accountable. Many criminals like this are not sorry for doing wrong but SORRY THEY GOT CAUGHT. Such criminals leaving jail go back to doing the wrongs they did hating those who put them in jail and holding them accountable. Under the judicial system those judged for wrongs have two positions: mercy (ligher sentence) or forgiveness can be given to those who are not repeat offenders who are sorry for wrong doing. Or, full penalty/consequences for willful violators (especially repeat violators) who deserve what they get. This is why lady Justice is blindfolded to find truth without favor because of prestige, money, slick lawyers, etc and judges by law not by tricks. The lady Justice holds a scale balance. That scale is mercy on one side and justice on the other. There should be NO PARTIALITY and the media should not be a tool to sway the judge or jury and everyone from the lowest to highest position in society should receive the same protection by law. Truth should RULE. This is the noble goals behind the judicial system. The FBI is a great organization with many law abiding people and Comey and other NWO criminals in top ranks of the FBI should receive judgment and full penalty for intentional crimes. Such should help clean up the swamp in the FBI and make it the law abiding organization it almost always has been. To cover criminals up that are in the FBI is high treason in my book and criminals that use the FBI criminally should be in jail or kicked permanently out of our country for treason.


    • Lynn Johnston

      Your post is much appreciated.
      Do you think Comey should be able to publish a Book before all is said & DONE?

      • daledor

        Thank you for your cordial response. In answer to the question, that is his right to but only socialist liberals or the brainwashed minions will read it and believe it all.

        • Lynn Johnston

          Is it his right?

  • richjack4

    If smart, they would also include Hillary in that! She was just is complicit as he, defending him while castigating the victims!

  • cynthia stratten

    I thought B.Clinton was dying of Aids. Let him be a candidate for the Dem. It will be interesting.

  • Frank Budz

    Obviously Kristin wants very much to be like her hero Hillzilla. Good, maybe she will end up in the same place as her hero. Maybe they can even be cellmates, as I heard that Hillzilla goes both ways. Intersting tgat this woman seems to firget the lavish praise she heaped on to Bill when #MeTo was still in the dark. Foolish Kirstin, don’t you remember all the soundbites you had to put out, we do and it will rise like a Phoenix to bite you in your fat @ss.

  • Norman’s Stormin

    Bill and Hillary are my favorite people to use as examples. They are, however, not good examples, rather examples of how not to do politics, family, or morality. Thank God that is not me or you.

  • SoManyWhiners

    Hillary Clinton, a role-model. Yes, how to let your husband cheat on you in view of the entire country, but stay with him because he might be able to give me prestige. She told women to leave their husbands if they cheat, but she does not. So, it’s do is I say not as I do. Yes such a great role model.

  • Janis

    So they don’t want to be seen with him, but if he fund raises in NY behind closed doors, they will gladly take the money? What a bunch of sneaky bastards. Please, please get out to vote in 2018 and vote Republican. Get a bigger majority in both Houses and the Dem Party is toast.

  • therealworld

    I Say ‘Ol boneum Bill and his wife Shameum shillery should Campaign Heavy and Widespread for their Friends in the Democratic Party. That way America can ask them “To Their Faces”, What the HEII they actually stand for…..

  • Richard

    HRC is her greatest role model!
    Does Gillabrand also enable men or women who sexually assaults others? Or does she plan to?

    • Naval Lint

      Both…she’s a DEMOCRAT!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    It is not just Willie they should want no part of as well. One would think they would be wanting Obama a newer high office holder on their side. I know why they did not pick Biden who wants an old perv speaking for them oh wait that holds true for Willie as well. They don’t want Hitlery or Obozo because of the FACT they are the two losers. Hitlery lost to Trump and then he wiped out all the things that Obozo did(THANK GOD).

    • Medic RN

      Losers? Murderous, treasonous criminals. Still revealing.

  • Roy Veteto

    forget bill clinton. i’m furious that congress has embezzled tax money to set up a slush fund to silence those who bring accusations of harassment . this should be a campaign issue in itself. why is congress immune from being taxed while we provide money for them to unzip their pants when they want to

  • Sean Rickmin

    Well ms.gillibrand I guess poor taste is better than none,maybe on second thought when I see that your greatest role model is mad dame clintstone,i would hate to thnk what your goals in life are and what do you want to be when you grow up.Maybe I got ahead of myself,is Kirsten a she or he.

  • MacZ

    Hillary stole the Democratic nomination and lost the election to Trump yet Gillenbrand see’s her as a hero. Hold that thought folks. Kristen will be walking that back soon.

    • Medic RN

      Our true possession of we can unseat Gillibrand in 2018.

  • skisok

    Better Clinton than the Orange Menace!

  • Vincent McCord

    Anyone who says that Hillary Clinton is their greatest role model must be attempting to steal a redhot stove. Talk about sick, sick, sick……………………….to paraphrase an old saying, “When I was a boy, I was told that anyone could grow up to become President. Now, I’m beginning to believe it!”

  • Snaps

    Bill Clinton didn’t make “significant mistakes”—he committed sins and crimes!

  • jjmcl431

    Democrats worrying about appearing hypocritical? Since when?

  • thejbk7

    That’s really funny that they’d finally admit the truth about slick Willy, too bad they’re too blind to see his wife is far worse when it comes to her past actions. Guess that’s life in the swamp .

  • Nunya

    I wouldn’t want to be around either one myself they’re both losers

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Blue dress Billy has been your hero for years, I can’t understand why you don’t want him around.

  • Timothy Draheim

    I see Bill Clinton as the face or the liberal, Democrat party. He is no less corrupt than the rest of them. What an embarrassment!!

  • Warren Wagner

    Gillibrand is obviously schizoid. Another Pelosi in the making

  • John

    Nothing like being 26 years behind the times. He was a sexual predator before he even got elected. Like they were fond of saying when you get the one you get the other. That’s because every predator needs a fixer, you got thing one, he becomes prez, then the tried to push thing to to be Excuser in Chief but crashed into Mount Trump.
    What kills me is how HRC is trying to jump on the #Me Too , she will have to disavow Bily, Harvey W and apologize for all the women she attacked. NONE of the Clintons their henchmen, including Smug George Stephanopous