Dem Candidate for Senate in Nevada LOVES Leftist California

Jacky Rosen, challenging incumbent Sen. Dean Heller, joined at the hip with the likes of Jane Fonda, Dianne Feinstein…

Dem Candidate for Senate in Nevada LOVES California

Jacky Rosen/IMAGE: YouTube

(Katie J. Read, Liberty Headlines) Nevada Republicans have criticized Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jacky Rosen for her connections to and possible obsessions with the neighboring state of California.

Considering all of Rosen’s action with California, which includes her campaign appearance with actress and political activist Jane Fonda, Senator Dean Heller (R-Nev.) has accused Rosen of wanting to join Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as California’s third senator.

“Jacky Rosen’s decision to campaign with Jane Fonda, Hollywood elite, and Nancy Pelosi is pathetic, and shows she cares far more about becoming California’s third liberal Senator than she does Nevada families,” a news release on the Heller campaign website reported campaign spokesman Keith Schipper saying. “Rosen’s liberal agenda is clear and she does not represent our Nevada values.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti hosted a fundraising event for Rosen in the Hollywood Hills, according to Politico.

And billionaire liberal California activist Tom Steyer told the Reno Gazette Journalhe will pour $2 million into Rosen’s campaign.

“A California liberal is spending millions to elect Pelosi’s parrot, Jacky Rosen, because of her promise to repeal middle-class tax cuts and her support of extreme liberal policies that are out-of-touch with Nevada values,” Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper wrote in an email to the Gazette Journal.


Steyer was clear that his donations to Rosen’s campaign are meant to fight her republican opponents: “I think we’d say the top target is Dean Heller,” Steyer told the newspaper. “But you can quote me on this: We think both Heller and Laxalt are awful.”

(Republican Adam Laxalt is running for governor of Nevada this year.)

In responding to Heller’s criticism, Rosen appealed to her opponent’s connections within the GOP.

“Senator Heller is desperately trying to distract from the fact that he’s been getting outraised by his challenger and that he’s a creature of Washington, caving to President Trump and (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell and selling his vote to corporate CEOs and D.C. special interests.”