DEFENDIBUS: Paul Ryan Says Spending Bill Funds Border Wall

‘The administration asked for 74 miles of border wall funding. We did 100 in this bill…’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tried defending the upcoming spending bill for the federal government and claimed it’s everything President Donald Trump asked for, Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio had called the bill the worst legislation he has ever seen during his time in Congress and Ryan disagreed, entering into damage control mode.

“[Jordan] is wrong. Look Jim’s never voted for any of these bills, ever. I don’t expect him to do it anytime in the near future,” Ryan said. “The House passed all these bills back in September. We passed them with Republican only votes.

“This has the exact same funding for the border in this bill that we funded back in September with all Republican votes. So it is kind of interesting people are saying different things now.”

“The administration asked for 74 miles of border wall funding. We did 100 in this bill. So we actually exceeded what the administration asked us for on the border,” Ryan added. “We basically say to the border patrol, what do you need? Here’s your resources.

“And it’s $1.6 billion for the next six months, which is exactly what the president asked for.”


When asked why Congress isn’t waiting for a bill to cover the entire wall in one shot, Ryan said it’s too risky to delay the process any further.

“We want to get it going. We don’t want to wait until we can get a multiyear bill passed,” Ryan said.

“We’re going to fund the wall one year at time. In this case for the next six months.”

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