Bumbling De Blasio Warns Ga. Gov.: You’d Better Not Let the Virus Come Back

‘You’d better have the facts on your side…’

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Bill de Blasio/Photo by Todd Crusham (CC)

(Liberty Headlines) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that if governors of states such as Georgia start to ease coronavirus restrictions they had better have the facts on their side or they could enable a resurgence of the virus beyond their states’ borders.

“If some of these reopenings are done the wrong way, it’s going to affect all of us,” de Blasio said on CNN’s “New Day.”

He said that if any state or city “jumps the gun” on reopening businesses “that could lead to the disease reasserting in a lot of other places.”

The Democratic mayor announced Monday that all public events will be canceled in New York City through June. However, he — along with Gov. Andrew Cuomo — have been accused of being late in their responses to the pandemic. New York City is the nation’s biggest hotspot for virus outbreaks, in part because the political leaders failed to shut down the city’s subway and transit systems, where a preliminary study has determined the virus has proliferated.


The “multitentacled subway system was a major disseminator—if not the principal transmission vehicle—of coronavirus infection during the initial takeoff of the massive epidemic that became evident throughout the city during March 2020,” a preliminary MIT study said.

“As coronavirus besieged parts of China and Italy, Cuomo and DeBlasio did nothing to protect their residents while allowing tens of thousands of potentially infected travelers into the city and state,” wrote Julie Kelly of American Greatness. “As late as March 12, DeBlasio and his health advisors were urging New Yorkers to carry on as usual.”

The New York City ban, which affects major annual celebrations such as the gay pride parade, was announced the same day that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said he would allow some businesses including gyms, hair salons and bowling alleys to reopen later this week.

The Republican governor called the loosening of restrictions intended to curb the spread of the virus “the right approach at the right time.”

De Blasio was asked whether he worried that a coronavirus spike in a state such as Georgia where businesses have reopened could lead to more cases in New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S.

He cautioned that “when you open up again you’d better have the facts on your side and you’d better do it slowly or carefully and make sure it’s not coming back.”

Adapted from reporting by Associated Press.