De Blasio Campaign Reaches New Lows: 15 Attendees in Iowa, 0 Percent in Poll

‘He did not say anything that would sway me that he would be my choice as a candidate…’

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Bill de Blasio/Photo by Todd Crusham (CC)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to embarrass himself on the presidential campaign trail Sunday, speaking at an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that drew about 15 attendees.

At the event, the spoiled millionaire mayor spoke about the need for Democrats to put “working people first,” the New York Post reported.

“Everything should be about our families, our lives, what everyday people are going through, what working people are going through,” de Blasio said. “If we as Democrats are talking about that, we’re winning.”

Well, he’s not winning. A Monmouth University poll showed him polling at 0 percent among voters if the Iowa Caucus was held today, Mediaite reported.


He’s talking about the working people, but he’s certainly not helping them.

Last year De Blasio, who rents properties in New York City, raised rent on two homes by $4,450 despite expenses on those homes dropping by about $7,000, Politico reported. He’s making a profit soaking the working class, yet he’s lecturing voters about wealth inequality.

“Here’s the bottom line: We have a country that’s favored the 1 percent now for literally 40 years,” de Blasio said. “The rich have gotten richer. Everybody else has been pretty much treading water.”

The rhetoric wasn’t working for the 15-person packed house at the Parlor City Pub.

“He did not say anything that would sway me that he would be my choice as a candidate,” said Carol Wickey, a 78-year-old retiree. “Nothing made him stand out among the other two dozen people.”

During a Sunday interview on Kasie DC, de Blasio brushed off his low poll numbers and the anemic enthusiasm for his campaign.

“This is the preseason, Kasie. This is when we’d better get it right. First of all, it doesn’t mean he gets a free pass to the nomination,” de Blasio said about current front-runner Joe Biden.

“There’s supposed to be a real competition, with tough questions asked,” he continued. “Primaries very often make our candidates stronger and who is the best to prevail in the long run. I think these criticisms, this is child’s play compared to what the Republicans will throw at our nominee.”