Texas Lt. Gov., an NRA Favorite, Defies Group on Background Checks

‘When you’re not reasonable in your position, you risk losing a lot more…’

Texas Lt. Gov. Fights Harder for HB2 Than NC Does

Dan Patrick/IMAGE: YouTube

(Dan E. Way, Liberty Headlines) Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says Second Amendment defenders need to cave a little to the gun control crowd’s demands to avoid losing a lot.

It was a bold move for a politician whose gun rights status is supported by a 100 percent rating and thousands of dollars of campaign donations from the National Rifle Association.

According to a report by The Dallas Morning News, “Patrick said it’s ‘common sense’ to tighten background-check laws because in many instances, stranger-to-stranger sales now are exempt from the requirement that buyers be vetted through a federal database of people not eligible to purchase firearms.”

Patrick told the paper he’s “willing to take an arrow” by defying the NRA on what he sees as a loophole in the law requiring background checks to purchase a gun.


He said the shooter who killed seven people in Odessa and Midland, Texas, on Aug. 31 acquired his gun from a stranger.

Patrick wants to preserve the background check exemption for gun transfers between family members and friends.

Far-left gun grabbers such as socialist U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., promote a far more restrictive universal background check.

“When I talk to gun owners, the NRA members and voters, people don’t understand why we allow strangers to sell guns to total strangers,” Patrick told the paper.

The buyer could be a felon, someone plotting a crime, a potential mass shooter, or mentally ill.

“When you’re not willing to yield on anything that’s common sense, you risk losing everything,” Patrick said. “When you’re not reasonable in your position, you risk losing a lot more.”

Patrick’s concern is that if Republicans don’t yield ground while they control the legislative process, Democrats would institute far more draconian anti-gun measures if they sweep into power.

Nevada could be a bellwether. Republicans previously scrapped a voter-approved ballot initiative requiring background checks for private gun transfers, saying it was unenforceable. After assuming the majority, Democrats passed a law in February.

The NRA Institute for Legislative Action issued a statement critical of Patrick’s assertions. It warned that his proposal mirrored an Obama administration plan that acknowledged “criminalizing private firearm transfers would require a massive, governmental gun registration scheme.”

“Instead of trampling the freedom of law-abiding Americans, the government should focus upon actual solutions: Fixing our broken mental health system, prosecuting known criminals and enforcing the existing gun laws that require follow-up whenever a prohibited person tries to buy a firearm,” the statement said.