Teacher Investigated for Saying Pence Should Be ‘Shot in the Head’

‘You should not be bringing in those types of viewpoints to your job…’

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Mike Pence/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The Secret Service and the school board in Union County, North Carolina are investigating a teacher after she allegedly told her students that Vice President Mike Pence should be “shot in the head.”

The teacher, who works at Cuthbertson High School, made the menacing remark while Pence was campaigning for Dan Bishop, a Republican, who ran in the special election to represent North Carolina’s 9th district. Bishop won the seat.

WBTV reporter Christine Sperow tweeted details about the speech that Pence gave in support of Bishop.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office informed the Secret Service about the teacher’s comment.

Firas Obeid, a parent with two children at Cuthbertson, said he does not necessarily support Pence, but he said the teacher’s threat is ridiculous, Fox 46 Charlotte reported.

“This is the Vice President of the United States. He’s an elected official,” Obeid said. “Affiliation to a specific party does not entitle us to make a statement like that to anyone.”

Union County GOP Chair Allison Powers likewise condemned the teacher’s comment, though she did not call for her resignation.

“You should not be bringing in those types of viewpoints to your job,” Powers said. “To just wish that kind of violence on anybody is just way out of bounds.”

District 3 school board representative Gary Sides said the board will investigate.

“I can assure you it will be taken seriously,” Sides said.