GOV. CUOMO: Trump’s Transgender Military Policy Hateful, Bigoted, and Divisive

President Trump’s transgender military ban is an assault on our nation’s commitment to ensuring equal rights for all…

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Andrew Cuomo (screen shot: CNBC/Youtube)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) When President Donald Trump’s transgender military policies went into effect on Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said state agencies would protect “transgender service members who are displaced.”

“President Trump’s transgender military ban is an assault on our nation’s commitment to ensuring equal rights for all,” Cuomo said in a press release. “The President’s policy endorses discrimination in our armed forces, undermines national security, and repays bravery and sacrifice with hate.”

Cuomo lied about the policy being a “ban,” and he did not provide evidence that it would harm America’s national security.

“In New York, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our troops and the transgender community and we have zero tolerance for intolerance,” he said. “We proudly took action in 2015 to affirm that all transgender people are protected under the State’s Human Rights Law, and this year we enshrined those protections in State law once and for all with the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act.”

The Department of Defense said its new policy is not a “ban.”

Left-wing NBC News reported that the military has not banned transgender people—even those diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a mental health disorder.

Transgender service members can even continue to undergo medically sanctioned abuse and mutilation, including hormone treatment and “gender-affirming” surgery.

The policy prevents transgender people who have already received hormone treatment or “gender transition” surgery from enlisting.

Second, the policy stops enlisted soldiers who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria from beginning hormone “therapy,” from serving as a sex other than their biological sex, or from removing or replacing their biological sex organs.

“While this federal administration governs by bigotry and division, New York is going the exact opposite direction,” Cuomo said. “I am directing the Division of Veterans’ Services, the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, and the Division of Human Rights to provide all necessary services and resources to transgender service members who are displaced by the abhorrent federal policy.”