Crenshaw: Rand Paul is Giving Trump ‘Bad Advice’ on Syria

‘We go there so that they don’t come here. It’s that simple…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, a veteran and war hero, tweeted on Wednesday that Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., had given President Donald Trump “bad advice” when he told the president to declare victory over ISIS in Afghanistan and Syria.

Crenshaw responded to a tweet from Paul in which the libertarian-leaning senator said he has “never been prouder” of Trump. Paul thanked the president for standing up “for a strong America” by opposing endless foreign wars.

Paul was one of the first Republicans to applaud Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from the region, saying that the ongoing U.S. involvement in the Middle East was “irresponsible.”

But the GOP remains divided over the decision, which helped spur the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis in December.

Trump has floated the idea of declaring a national emergency at the U.S.–Mexico border and using Pentagon funds to build his promised wall. But some of his allies said cutting Defense costs in the Middle East to focus on border security could create greater problems down the road, as ignoring ISIS did for Trump’s Oval Office predecessor, Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack that killed four Americans in Syria.

National security adviser John Bolton has assured the GOP that the U.S. would not fully leave the region until ISIS is wholly defeated.

“There are objectives that we want to accomplish that condition the withdrawal,” Bolton said. “The timetable flows from the policy decisions that we need to implement.”

Trump himself echoed the statements, saying that there was no rush to depart prematurely and risk another resurgence.

“We are pulling back in Syria,” Trump added, noting that he “never said we’re doing it that quickly.”