Corporations Back SCOTUS Case to Allow Men in Women’s Restrooms

(Katie J. Read, Liberty Headlines) Fifty-three major companies filed a friend-of-the-court brief yesterday that supports the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ G. G. v. Gloucester County (Va.) School Board decision of April, 2016, which allows transgender students to use locker rooms and restrooms that correspond to the sex with which “they identify.” The Alliance Defending Freedom also filed a brief, but supported the school board’s gender-separate policy and the continuation of privacy laws regarding bathrooms.

Corporations Back SCOTUS Case to Allow Men in Women's RestroomsBoth briefs follow the Supreme Court’s announcement last October that it will review the case, a decision that could alter existing sex-discrimination and privacy legislation affecting all Americans. Even before this announcement, however, there was pushback from thousands of citizens against this decision.

In its brief, the companies — which include Amazon, Apple, IBM Corporation, Williams-Sonoma Inc., and Yahoo! Inc. — said they stand behind the Court of Appeals’ decision.

“[We] share core values of equality, respect and dignity for all people, regardless of their gender identity,” the corporations’ brief claims. “The Policy undermines…policies promoting fairness and equality for their employees and customers, and thus directly threatens amici’s business interests.”

ADF argued in its appeal that Title IX — which addresses federal law regarding sex discrimination — does not forbid gender-separate bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and the like when physical differences between males and females affect matters of privacy.

“Big business shouldn’t be advocating for boys to share the girls’ locker rooms and showers—and vice versa—in our public schools, and yet that’s precisely what these 53 companies are doing,” ADF Legal Counsel Kerri Kupec said in a press release. “What they should be supporting is the bodily privacy and dignity of all students, instead of simply disregarding the rights and reasonable concerns of many students and parents.”

Other companies that signed on to the friend of the court brief include Airbnb, eBay, Gap Inc., Intel Corporation, Lyft, Microsoft, Pandora Media, PayPal, and Twitter.

Before the Supreme Court’s October announcement to review the case, ADF filed a brief representing more than 8,900 parents and students demanding the protection of privacy laws.

“There are decades of court decisions establishing that in light of the right of bodily privacy, no law grants opposite-sex persons access to single-sex facilities, where the interest in privacy is obviously strongest and bodily exposure is so common,” ADF attorney McCaleb said at the time.

According to a press release from the American Civil Liberties Union, the lawsuit against Gloucester County Schools argued that the institution’s policy violates Title IX of the United States Education Amendments of 1972 and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, both of which prohibit federally-funded institutions from discrimination on the basis of sex.

The case addresses a dispute at Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Virginia, where senior Gavin Grimm sued the school board for the recent restrictions prohibiting her from using the men’s bathroom. After Grimm was diagnosed with severe gender dysphoria, she and her mother told the school’s administration of her female-to-male transition, and, according to the ACLU, received permission for Grimm to use male-designated restrooms.

When parents voiced their discomfort with Grimm’s presence in male-only facilities, and the school board revoked her permission, she made an appeal: “All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom, and I have had no problem from students to do that. Only from adults.”

The Supreme Court has yet to announce when it will review G. G. v. Gloucester County School Board.

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  • trebor

    I think it’s about time for somebody to explain to this child that she-he is not a normal person and obviously has to learn to live with that.


    Send her to a psych doc… and an optometrist…. It is obvious that the young ‘lady’ is in denial and is observing something that isdefinitely not there… And, what the hullaballoo if this young lady is molested or otherwise harmed while in the boys restroom…. Of course if harm came to this young lady, it would be President Trumps fault… Sorry left wing liberal idiots, you can’t have it both ways… nor do you have the right to place your “pawns” in harms way due to your ignorance.

  • playsoftball

    Pervert havens. Tranny not completed is still a whatever he was born as. Also Fked up mentally.

    • Buzz Waldron
    • kimbi

      And what about the big burly bearded men that will say”well, I identify as a girl today”??

      • Kmat

        Do it in Washington State and the Courts will back your “Right” to use the Women’s Facilities, including Locker Rooms in Gyms.

        • therealworld

          See in Wash it’s always cold and the guys stuff is shriveled up so more want to pretend their a gal cause they really ain’t much of a man anyway…

          • kimbi

            Are they going to want to be showering with us and our daughters too? I mean, where’s the line drawn?

          • therealworld

            That is in what they are asking. Their way means if you take your kids to a water park in the girls shower area there will be men and you are expected to be fine with it…

          • My country

            They already are in some schools . It was on the news where a college in Canada is allowing this . Two young girls were showering and a man came in filmed them and then put it all on the web . It ruined these young ladies lives . And guess what ? A camera in the hallway filmed in going in and out but . They have yet to find him . I guess if it’s ok to use the same shower it’s ok to film as long as it is a public school ! You think !

          • Mary Donohue

            The point is that the line won’t be drawn at all .

        • kimbi

          Good thing I don’t live there. This entire idea is disgusting. Should we all walk around naked too?

          • Ken/FL

            Liberal’s ultimate goal.

        • E.l. Roger

          that state is run rough shod over its citizens by the damned liberal perverts in seattle !

      • RedRiverD

        One can only hope that the SCOTUS friends and family are accosted by some of these perverts since they think that it is so dandy.

  • Loving America

    Americans Find out who is backing Us Women to have men in our presence to Potty in Public or School Bathrooms and Please let’s Buoycott them until We Shut Their Doors! No More Of Us Being Shoved Around By the Supreme Court over Mentally Ill perverts!

    • RedRiverD

      I KNOW that the SCOTUS has at least 4 mentally unstable perverts.

      • chris VN

        Senility will do that.

        • IMJSBNME

          the rest have no excuse.

      • Ron Dapo

        The rest of the world is in stitches with laughter, with our wonderful political correctness..

    • I agree boycott them all. I agree a bunch of perverted sickos

  • Loving America

    Children have no rights accept to go to school and graduate and grow up and until then they have not the right in america to make any decisions against their parents!

  • For me, this issue is about women’s and especially girls’ I have yet to see any definitive proof of scientific documentation that transgender behavior is valid. I also take note of the fact that many who maintain transgender behavior into adulthood, end up committing suicide.

  • Brent

    “[We] share core values of equality, respect and dignity for all people,”
    Good god man! What about the respect and dignity of people rightfully in their respective bathrooms, locker rooms, and similar facilities?!?!?

    • kimbi

      Why do the “all” have to compromise for the “few”? Pure insanity. Men that are p ervs are going to be taking advantage of it.

  • barnjoer

    Let one of them go in with my granddaughter & see what happens!!!

    • kimbi

      Right??!!! My husband is a big man. Like a brick wall. He would lose it if he saw it.

  • LeftCoastMike

    I plan to boycott as many of these corporations as I possibly can.

  • John Doe

    We’ll let me tell ya something…..if I’m waiting for my wife outside of ANY woman’s bathroom and I see a man walk into her bathroom???…I’m going to follow him into that woman’s bathroom, (where their are no camera’s)….and I’m going to F*** him up…BAD!!!!!!… and say he groped my wife. Well who is the police going to believe?????….me & the wife?….or an A**H***????…..So you transgender boys better hope I’m not around when you go into the woman’s bathroom when my wife’s in their….And being a former Marine?????…I will F*** up your world!!!!

    • RedRiverD

      Former Navy, Viet Nam, DAV
      Semper Fi brother, I’ll swear he assaulted you both…..

  • Karen Berger

    This is an obvious effort to break down ALL societal norms. I thought the courts would stop at “gay marriage”. If my skin is white and I “think” I am black does that go, too? If I “think” that I am a woman, even though my plumbing is male, and I commit a crime do I get to serve my sentence at a women’s prison? What a crock this all is.

    • rocky49

      Me I think I am a lesbian so can I go into women’s bathroom too 😉

  • Matthew Adams

    It is insane, how the heII does this even make it to the courts!

    • John Doe

      Because ya have A**h**** running this country. But theirs guys like me, that will protect my perimeter. These Transgender A**H**** & Haji’s that come into my space and what to pull their S***???…. Oh boy, there in my World!!!

      • kimbi

        Had an a…h. He’s the one responsible for this.

      • RedRiverD

        Not any more BHO is GONE, GONE, GONE!
        Thank the good Lord and pass the ammunition.

    • kimbi

      I have no idea but I’m steaming mad. This is ridiculous.

    • gerald Hughes

      We know what the answer is with the liberal dem bloodsucking scum why are we waiting?

  • Ram Rod

    All libatard cesspool companies.

  • Buzz Waldron

    These homosexic run corporations support crazy ideas by kids no matter how severely mentally ill they are !!! … Did I get off on the wrong planet?

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    To the CEOs of these corporations: do you have executive washrooms? Now, do you believe that every employee who works in the building should be allowed to use these? (on the latter, I doubt any of the CEOs would answer “yes” — as they certainly WON’t, for multiple reasons, want all-and-sundry employees traipsing in and through their offices to use the exec washrooms)

    If you answered “no” to the second, then why the heck do you believe that men should be allowed into women’s washrooms?!

  • ChuckW

    These companies value “equality”???? NOT. Or they are so blind they do not see that Illegitimate non-discrimination laws legislate in-equality. Because our republic was formed on the basis that Liberty (freedom) is a gift from God (not government), government may not deny Liberty. But that is precisely what it does when it enacts laws that prohibit “individual” discrimination. It “protects” the named group by denying all non-members of the group their right as individuals (persons and entities) TO discriminate. Discrimination, you see, is not a constitutional principle. To properly relate discrimination with the constitutional principle of Liberty, government must recognize that only “societal” discrimination (not “individual”) denies Liberty. Societal discrimination was the reality for Black People pre-1964 Civil Rights Law. Segregation laws denied Black People their individual Liberty to choose what water fountain, restroom, restaurant, etc. they could use. The important point is that the 1964 law gave Black People the Liberty they had been denied due to Societal (not just Individual) Discrimination. Subsequent non-discrimination laws that were not based on demonstrable “societal” discrimination are illegitimate because they deny Liberty, our constitutional right TO discriminate as individuals. They are inherently unequal.

    • nocbsfan

      Your nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ChuckW

        What about my nuts? Or did you mean You’re nuts?

        • nocbsfan

          Maybe I should rephrase, Your full of it.

    • Devasahayam the Deplored

      I daresay, if they claim they “value equality”, let them act on it by handing every company employee and temp-agency worker in their HQ buildings keys to the executive washroom, and letting them use it “freely” (given that these are usually single-unit, it obviously can lead to lines waiting).

    • RedRiverD

      Well said, VERY well said.
      And it should be VERY obvious that the courts do NOT have the “right” to make such a ruling for less than 1% of the population over the 99% of the population.

      • ChuckW

        You got it. But, really the courts generally follow given law don’t they? The problem is the law itself.

        • My2PenneysWorth

          lately, no the courts are making new laws as they see fit.
          finding rights in the constitution not there
          changing the wording of a law to make it constitutional
          using an amendment for purposes it was never meant to be used for
          using foreign laws to gauge a law as acceptable over the constitution

    • My2PenneysWorth

      I find it strange that the same people who say Clinton should be president because she had the majority of the votes are the same ones who thinks these minorities are more important than the majority

  • kimbi

    Why is this happening? For 0.03% of the population against the rest of us? What about Our comfort? Are we now going to have to bring our husbands to the bathroom with us?

    • My2PenneysWorth

      It started when homosexuals convinced the psychiatrists that homosexuality was normal and not a mental disorder
      they then had laws against sodomy and unnatural acts voided as unconstitutional because it violated their privacy
      then they used the 14th amendment, meant to protect newly freed slaves and their descendants, to demand their right to marry

      We were warned over and over again about the slippery slope and everyone just laughed at the people crying the warning

  • NinjaMicWZ

    People think this is about drag queens and manly “Stone Cold Butch Blues” kinda women, when it’s about clearly identifiable chud eunuch Shrek looking perverts masquerading as women, teen nerd kids who think they can just identify their way into the company of naked teenage girls in the shower room, and young children maligned by psychologists and sick parents being the cover Big Pedo uses to mingle the sexes in places without adult supervision in order to prematurely sexualize them and expedite their acquiescence to adult sexualization. It’s no coincidence that societal and moral breakdown is coalescing with all this, with the Pope giving molester priests forgiveness and no punishment, while Sweden essentially legalizes child marriage for the sake of primitive Islam followers coming in as migrants, while American culture inches towards the same to accommodate deep south American norms and the refugees they bring in by the hundreds of thousands, George Takei and other affluent or wealthy people represent “man boy love” with no consequence to their careers, and while the female SCOTUS appointed by Bill Clinton once tried to pass a bill that included lowering the age of consent to 12.

  • Bob101st

    Is it true Chris Como on CNN said something to the effect if a 12 year old girl did not want to see a man’s privates in a rest room or women’s locker room, then it may be the 12 year olds problem, or maybe her over protective father’s? Would someone please post if they know this to be true? Thanks.

    • bill14729 .

      It was true and He has been around since

    • nocbsfan

      Anything that comes out of cnn is questionable

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->


  • truth


    • My2PenneysWorth

      that I think is impossible unfortunately
      Intel, Microsoft, and Apple and possibly Amazon to name a few are way to embedded into everyone’s daily life that it would be very hard to boycott them

      However if everyone sent them constant emails complaining about their choices it may cause their servers to crash or at the least their email quota to overfill

  • beltedmagnum

    “All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom” what a joke she is not normal and needs to have help understanding what normal is.

  • truth


  • Terry Milligan


  • gerald Hughes

    Do you get the feeling that these companies had better start watching for guys named Timothy McVeigh driving large trucks full of fertilizer?

  • therealworld

    If your “Hanging one” Your a man. If you had it removed your still a man with missing pieces

    • john vieira

      He must have used the ladies washroom and pressed the red button…not realizing it was the “automatic tampon remover”…..

  • therealworld

    If I ever do something wrong and go to jail I will QUICKLY become a Woman with a Wick.

  • RedRiverD

    There are so many reasons why this is WRONG.
    How about perverts taking advantage of this to prey on kids?
    How about perverts taking advantage of this to prey on women?
    How about men using men’s restrooms and women using women’s restrooms?
    If you are genetically a man USE A MEN’S room, and if you are genetically a
    woman, use a woman’s room.
    Why do you need to do otherwise if all you are doing is going to the bathroom?
    There is NO REASON other than to do perverted things that you shouldn’t do in the first place.
    Can’t wait to find out those companies so I will NEVER use them again.

  • Michael Shaskevich

    Ontario OPP Police report finding a man’s body in Lake Ontario near Toronto.
    The dead man’s name will not be released until his family has been notified.
    The victim apparently drowned due to excessive marijuana consumption.
    He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, a strap-on dildo, purple lipstick, and a Trudeau for Prime Minister’ T-shirt.
    He also had a cucumber in his rectum.
    The police removed the Trudeau T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

    In spite of what we sometimes think, the police do care.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Police Pukes are SCUM!

  • chris VN

    I can’t see a problem if these corporations are prepared build separate rooms for this identity confused people.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      But, that’s expensive!

  • JWB

    This is another demonstration of the Godless, in positions of power and influence, doing whatever they can to promote satanic ideals by using misguided and confused individuals to sway this Country away from Christianity , God our Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.
    News flash, ain’t ever gonna happen. This has nothing to do with discrimination or civil rights.The unholiness will be rejected by the majority. Gods “law” will not be denied.

  • DJT Supporter

    It is the best safe to have two separate bathrooms for men and women because the corporation’s reputation can be ruined their business and productivity. Having seen a lot of loosed low life employees peeking at each other in the same bathroom. It’s immorality practice! All have two bathrooms everywhere so why they brought up one bathroom for men or women. Some places have shown the sign of women and men one bathroom when vacant or unvacant locks or opens. Respect women’s comfortable zones.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      I’m not too crazy about women or girls seeing me at a urinal either!

  • Timothy Toroian

    It needs to be done so the dumb Sons-of-Bitches can actually see the dramatic ramifications of such STUPIDITY.

  • Jack

    Trans genders are confused people. They need help, not special privilege! If one is Gay or Lesbian, it is what it is! Be with whomever you choose! If a man wants to be a woman, or a woman wants to be a man, one gets the surgery and appropriate treatments! If one doesn’t know, one seeks psychiatric help! Only the Chameleon changes at will!

  • dlmstl

    Wait till some tranny guy scarfs down a big old bowl of chili con carne in the company cafeteria then later proceeds to take a dump in the ladies powder room. The next day, maintenance will be installing a new, heavy duty vent and air purification system.

  • Ken/FL

    Where is our right to privacy in the Men’s or Women’s facilities?

  • dosgatos

    There is no way I’d use a restroom that allows men who claim to be transgender or otherwise in it. This craziness will only attract loonies who claim to have a dysphoria and who are really predators that will now be allowed to attack or even rape women…Men-do you want women in your restroom?

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Transgendered means that you’ve already had the operation. How many of them have?

  • mike

    this is ridiculous…………….much bigger problems in AMERICA

  • Koi Roy


  • R. T.

    They aren’t transgender till after their operation , till then they are cross dressers ,or perverts !

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->


  • Confederate Freedom

    How can a person of any moral background agree with this,Homosexuals are immoral,it’s true you know it I know it and in the late of the night they know it.Thats why they push so hard to get accepted,Lets look at it this way,if their parents had been queers they would not be here,they use a word gay that was once used to be happy,everything they do is to be accepted.Queer is not a term I use here to insult because they need some mental health help,but queers are just unnatural,moral people that read this think back in your life when you did something you knew was wrong and when you lay down at nite how it comes to your mind and it bothers you,this is how they feel all the time until finally they just accept it in their minds as normal at this point it’s over for them.Remember when they were not accepted they felt ashamed and stayed quiet not because they were afraid they would be hurt they just did not want to be seen as immoral now out in the open many many people accept them and it makes us the moral people look like we are wrong,that’s what sin does makes the good look bad and no I am not a Christian.

  • My2PenneysWorth

    That’s a load of crqp these people are mentally ill and need to be treated not coddled
    This is a chemical imbalance in the brain possibly a birth defect but defect none the less

  • True it does not change their DNA. The only people being fooled are the perverted liberal sickos. Liberal=Open minded = empty headed

  • Mentaljewelry

    “All I want is to be a normal child…”. OH REALLY? Could’ve fooled me. Normal children accept their gender.

  • KerryS

    I’ve already started severing my ties to these companies. What a pile of smelly manure they’re pushing

  • Rodney Steward

    Nothing but bad can come from this not so Supreme ruling! I think it’s time to put term limit’s on this bunch also!

  • Dentgolf

    Well,done with Williams-Sonoma too.

  • Mentaljewelry

    Yeah, but at least they ain’t got it to show it anymore. Coff-(freak)-coff… But the false is better than reality. Or so they want us to believe.

  • midogman

    both types of bathrooms have sit down toilets. what’s really going on with this nonsense?

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      What if a boy or man is using a urinal and a girl or woman comes in and you don’t want them seeing your junk?

  • skisok

    How would they even enforce the ban of transgenders going into the bathroom with which they identify? It’s hard to tell apart a transgender man from a man and a transgender woman from a woman. Has anyone even thought this through? Probably not.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Have you ever watched Jerry Springer? You can tell right away!

  • Mike I

    This is the most poorly written, intentionally confusing and misleading article I have ever read. Hats off “”. You win most fake “fake news” of the year!

  • Sueja

    Good then they should let their States know because that’s who has to decide this and where it should be decided. not the federal government’s job.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      That’s too simple, they want boys & girls in the same one at the same time.

  • James

    Grassroots efforts must be organized nationwide to fight the attempts by progressive elitists to force this on society. Companies allying themselves with this lunacy must be made to pay a severe ecomomic price. The entire gender identification fiction attempts to coerce people into accommodating the one-tenth of one percent of the population who suffer from a mental illness.

  • kassa1

    If this doesn’t show you America that the devil owns the Democrat party and you are as stupid as they come and you will get everything that you got coming and when you leave this planet you will answer to God as you have no soul or Morality!

  • Marc McGuire


  • john vieira

    SICK !!!

  • CharlesM

    How many TG people are in the country? She wants to be normal? She is not by definition. Mentally ill people just seeking attention with the rest of the ideologues dancing to the music. The inmates have taken over the asylum!

  • David Carpenter

    All of these companies that are jumping on the ‘gender equality’ bandwagon are also the companies that do business globally. And in some of these countries that they are doing business if a ‘girl’ was running around stating she was actually a ‘boy’ that said person would be dealt with pretty harshly. Now I don’t recall these same companies protesting any of these practices. Does hypocrite apply here?

    These 53 companies need to do what they were established to do, provide and sell services or products and stay out of political and social issues.

  • dorv562

    Companies depending on their relationship to government rather than to customers is the foundation of a fascist government. Read “Liberal Fascism”. We should boycott all these companies before this evil nature of fascism spreads further.

  • Mike Spanjer

    if a man follows my daughters into the bathroom I’ll put him in intensive care

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      What if he’s already inside?

      • Confederate Freedom

        Prince4ever,wanted to answer your question,we here have already discussed this our women or little girls are to come out and tell us,we will then go in and fix the problem,all that has to be done is put the word out and they will learn as you know you have to train animals,but a few strays will always come in and will always remember why you must never go into a woman’s restroom here.Hope to have answered you question Pervert,but give us time it will take time to train all the animals.Problems like this takes time for instance first you must find where they live then late at night as they sleep you visit like a thief in the night you come a calling.If they are visitors you take care of it on the spot,but it is true you have to be ready to be jailed,we think it’s worth it.

  • Flyby

    Pedophilic corporations that wish to join the ones already being boycotted by Trump supporters who’ve seen their stock prices drop such as Macy’s, Starbucks, and Kellogg’s to name a few are welcome to join the list of profit losing companies. I’ll be sure to abstain from shopping at these stores that would allow men to use the same washrooms as 8 year old girls.


    I can’t wait to use the little girl’s room…te he.

  • Confederate Freedom

    Prince4ever,,,,,come here and use ours te he te he,we wait outside our women’s restrooms till they come out.You go in you will come out a women te he te he.We may go to jail for what we do but most of us here have decided what to do,te he te he,you will never be the same te he te he,so come on Pervert te he te he.People like you are a waste of life.Te he te he

  • Walter Bazner

    They did’nt get the memo i guess they will go broke do to boycotts.Disney should be the very next boycott

  • Mere Marlo

    BOO!! HISS!! Stop bowing to the minorities and get on the side of the majority who would like to maintain our morals and dignity and privacy.

  • DJT Supporter

    A man who acts like “Feminine Unnaturally!.” It has nothing to do with discriminaty toward them. Because nobody care about them, it is their choice to become like Feminine! We don’t care about gay, lesbian or any sorts of unnatural behavior. This is a free country but some people abuse the liberty of our country. Liberty is not free but it does have authority (power) to protect our American society from domestic and foreign law breakers, criminals, illegal aliens, outlaws, agitators, haters, vandals, thieves, etc. Liberty has the rule of the laws to keep our country safe. ACLU is not interested in Liberty but they are interested in wide open freedom society as they wish to do as they please themselves. Look st Chicago and other cities! What’s good come out of ACLU?

  • Donald Lindsey

    Fifty-three major companies wants men in women bathrooms then these 53 needs shut down ASAP and boycotted.

  • Sweet willy

    Well, just what is going to happen when one of the new world order hustlers decide when they get into the women’s room that they are now a male?? They may get traumatized if they confront a CC female and she feels threatened. Many of these corporations have CEOs that live in an alt-sex world, so I can see why the company would support such perversity. MAGA