Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) While the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Atlantic Coast Conference wield an axe that threatens the State of North Carolina with being cut off from hosting Division I sports championships for another academic year, the corporate sponsors of both organizations are unwilling to distance themselves from the sports leagues’ radical pro-LGBT activism.

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North CarolinaBut groups who support North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (HB2) law – a measure similar to neighboring states in requiring that individuals use public restrooms corresponding to the gender designated on their birth certificates – say the businesses that finance the NCAA and ACC would be wise to eschew involvement with the economic extortion they are aiming at the state.

The law’s backers say the millions of dollars the sponsors transfer to these athletic associations (structured as non-profit charities) should not be used to promote their liberal social agendas.

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 1

Justin Danhof

“Any company that continues to sponsor the NCAA or the ACC, it is taking a large reputational risk,” said Justin Danhof, director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research. “Choosing sides on a relatively evenly-split public policy debate unnecessarily puts a company in a negative light with half of its potential customers. Any corporation that continues to financially support the NCAA’s effort to try and trample the will of the North Carolina people and the state legislature is risking serious consumer and investor backlash.”

Danhof cited the recent example of Target Stores, whose sales numbers and stock price have been hammered since the retailer appeased transsexual activists by opening up store bathrooms to members of the opposite sex.

HB2, a bipartisan measure enacted a year ago, has been the subject of attacks orchestrated by pro-transsexual activists who want people to be able to use restrooms and dressing facilities – even those owned and run by private businesses – according to their “gender identity” or “fluidity,” regardless of their actual biological makeup.

LGBT pressure groups Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC have enlisted the aid of out-of-state big businesses, major sports organizations, and performing artists to threaten and boycott the state until its lawmakers repeal HB2.

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But contrary to the narrative of these groups and certain establishment media organizations, the economic terrorism has largely failed, with a report released last week that showed tourism and business expansion in North Carolina soared in 2016.

The NCAA and ACC announced in September that they would remove all their planned sports championships from North Carolina for the 2016-2017 academic year. They are threatening to do so again for 2017-2018 unless HB2 is repealed, but this time the organizations’ officials say they will make their decisions in the Spring and not wait until September again.

“As the state knows, next week our various sports committees will begin making championship site selections for 2018-2022 based upon bids received from across the country,” the NCAA threatened in a Tweet on Thursday. “Those decisions are final and an announcement of all sites will be made on April 18.”

Their warning has caused North Carolina Republican legislators, who backed HB2 last year and have a huge numeric advantage in the state General Assembly, to scramble in fear to find a way to rid themselves of HB2 without losing sports events on one side or grassroots support on the other.

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 2The ACC boasts seven major corporations as financially supportive “champions” or “partners,” including the North Carolina-based Bojangles’ fast food chain and Food Lion supermarkets. The others are Geico, New York Life, Toyota, Chevron (which sponsors under their Havoline motor oil product), and PepsiCo (whose product Gatorade is the named sponsor).

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 3The NCAA identifies 18 large companies as their primary sponsors, including Lowe’s home improvement stores, whose headquarters is in Mooresville, NC. The others are AT&T, Capital One, Coca-Cola, Allstate, Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, Buick, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Infiniti, LG, Marriott, Nabisco, Northwestern Mutual, Pizza Hut, Hershey (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups), Unilever, and Wendy’s.

Liberty Headlines contacted nearly all the media relations representatives for the corporations that sponsor the NCAA and ACC. All, except Toyota, ducked the inquiries. Among the questions they were asked:

  • Does your company agree with the (NCAA’s or ACC’s) measure last year, and continued threat this year, to punish North Carolina’s citizens and businesses because of House Bill 2?
  • Does your company endorse House Bill 2, whose provisions prevent the very real threat of giving legal protection to grown men being in the same restrooms and dressing facilities as women and girls in both public buildings and private businesses, while at the same time giving those private businesses the freedom to determine their own restroom policies?
  • Does your company believe that private businesses should have the right to determine their own restroom and dressing room policies, without interference from government, as outlined in House Bill 2?
  • Does your company believe it is in its best business, customer and shareholder interests to support an organization (the NCAA or ACC) that has so aggressively asserted itself in a political and social issue that so deeply divides a state, where your company reaps millions of dollars in revenues?
  • Will your company continue to sponsor and promote the (NCAA or ACC) if it decides to continue its boycott of North Carolina in 2017-2018 because of House Bill 2?

Only Aaron Fowles, a spokesman for Toyota, provided a response to Liberty Headlines:

In general, we believe in letting our company actions and policies speak for themselves. We have been a leader in supporting equality for everyone, reflecting our fundamental value of respect for people. Toyota does not condone discrimination in any form and believes that respect for and inclusive treatment of all people is good for the workplace, the marketplace and society as a whole.

We evaluate all of our sponsorship programs on an ongoing basis to determine if a number of internal metrics are met and will continue to do so with this sponsorship.

Corporations who have waded into controversial policy issues on the side of agitating Leftists have sometimes found themselves in the economic crosshairs of conservative consumers. When Starbucks announced it would hire 10,000 refugees in its stores around the world, after President Trump’s executive order that temporarily prohibited visits from citizens of seven nations that showed a heightened terror threat to the United States, the company suffered a hit to its brand reputation.

More impactful has been a boycott of Target Corporation by the American Family Association, because of the company’s policy following the HB2 controversy, in which it said it would permit customers to use restrooms and fitting rooms according to their gender “identity” rather than their biology. An AFA petition to boycott Target has garnered 1.4 million names and the retail chain’s earnings and stock price have taken a large hit ever since.

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 4

Tim Wildmon

AFA President Tim Wildmon was also critical of the companies who stand with the NCAA’s and ACC’s pressure tactics against North Carolina.

“The reality is that HB2 simply prevents men from accessing women’s restrooms and shower facilities on government property,” Wildmon told Liberty Headlines in an email. “It is hypocritical for companies to criticize states like North Carolina for passing common-sense legislation that has no effect on their daily business activities. Meanwhile, many of these companies do business in foreign countries that have horrific human rights records.”

Wildmon’s sentiments were echoed by the head of a North Carolina religious conservative organization.

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 5

Rev. Mark Creech

“The Human Rights Campaign and their cohorts have these businesses firmly in their grasp with pro-LGBTQ public relations executives, and the various corporate policies developed at the behest of LGBTQ pressure groups in recent years,” said Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. “Businesses are usually mortified at the prospect of being labeled ‘bigoted,’ ‘homophobic,’ or ‘discriminatory.’

“And you know it’s bad if they are considerably more afraid of these people than they are the people of the great state of North Carolina.”

Earlier this month some members of the North Carolina House of Representatives introduced a bill that would require political leaders to request an IRS investigation of the NCAA and ACC, over the possibility the organizations have violated their stated core missions that enabled them to obtain tax-exempt nonprofit “charity” status, due to political activity involving HB2. Seventeen legislators have signed on as co-sponsors.

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Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 6

Rep. Mark Brody

The primary author of the legislation, Republican Rep. Mark Brody, finds the corporations’ support of the NCAA and ACC – while continuing to do business in North Carolina – to be hypocritical.

“They will not leave NC over this issue because our tax and regulatory policies allow them to just plain make more money than anywhere else,” Brody said. “They bite the hand that feeds them, so long as it is not bitten so hard as to prevent the next feeding.”

  • Black Opal

    You lot need to give up on transphobia. The rhetoric is getting old and you’re not going to win. Some of it is funny. – I especially liked the exaggerations about the effect of the AFA boycott, but it’s over and we win. 😊

    • ChuckW

      Enjoy your self-delusion. It will end one day when you can no longer avoid reality.

      • Black Opal

        The reality is that your side has been losing the culture war since the end of Prohibition. You might live long enough to see “moral” conservatism relegated at last to a powerless fringe. I hope you have the sense to appreciate it. 😊



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            Mmmmm, yeah, I’ll continue to sneer. I consider your goD my moral inferior, you see. It is a hateful, violent, nonsensical and immoral thing, and if it does exist, it is the foulest thing in the Universe. I trust I’ve made myself clear? 😊



          • Black Opal

            Don’t believe in him, either. 😝

      • CJ

        Really, when the world regains its sanity

    • Rocio Garcia

      It is not that you won, I will not shop in those places that support HB2 or the NCAA. It is my right not to be forced to buy anything including medical insurance. These companies will make their own policies, but they have consequences, and they know that.

      • Black Opal

        Well, one consequence is that I go to Target for most of my shopping now. 😊

        • Kevin Watson

          Well, I’m guessing that suits your taste, or lack thereof.


          As opposed to the millions who don’t now shop there because of their Lesbo-Faggo-Tranny-Trash!

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            Millions? Seriously? Got any proof of that assertion? 😝

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            Have u any proof of ur bs?

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            Haven’t dispensed any BS. Can’t say the same for you.

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          Who cares where u shop? Ur point is pointless! So libs like urself can say or do as u please and if someone disagrees with u as usual libs resort to name calling because u don’t have a leg to stand on except to spew bs! Sad u r!

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            Touchy, touchy. Calm down, psycho. 😊

      • Kevin Watson

        Ideas so good they have to be enforced at gunpoint.

    • Kevin Watson

      Actually, what is comes down to is the dog is sick of getting wagged by it’s tail. You can take your mighty <3% and go somewhere else – the bullying is over.

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        If the bullying was over, you wouldn’t be doing it anymore. You’re not a victim. You’re just starting to lose a few exclusive privileges. The victims here are the marginal people you continue to abuse, you scum.

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          The gloves have come off

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          God don’t like ugly and you’re some kind of U G L Y! Considering that you fail to understand God’s word (MAYBE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD), you are so mind controlled that you have no clue about the ramifications of turning your back on God & that’s just SAD! Since Trump became our President, many, many people (WE THE PEOPLE) who are Christians have decided that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” You just keep telling yourself that it’s ok to turn your back on God, BUT, when the time comes, AND IT WILL, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR KNEES (LIKE THE REST OF US) BEGGING GOD FOR FORGIVNESS. Then God will say, “As you did not know me, I know not you!” Just in case you feel like saying that I am a Self Righteous, perfect wannabe Christian, know thiis, I am a sinner and I fall short of the Glory of God as WE ALL DO. The difference is that I have a relationship with God and I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Jesus knows my heart and mind inside and out, and he has protected both so that I may see the truth. Hopefully, one day you will emerge from the FOG that surrounds you and realize that YOU are the one living in a fantasy world! May God have mercy on your soul!

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  • roger dodger

    First launch a full scale effort into finding out whop is supporting the NCAA.
    Post the list encourage a complete boycott of the people contributing money to the NCAA.
    2nd Pass laws forbidding the NCAA to conduct their business in NC as well as the NBA and the NFL.
    It is time to quit playing games with these c-suckers, mind their business or get put out of business.

    • Tripper

      Yup. The NCAA needs to be punished, severely, for its choice to take a leftist political stand, undoubtedly one opposed by most college sports fans. Once our foot is on the NCAA’s throat, they’ll start acting right again. All state subsidies for the NCAA and its events must be revoked immediately until the NCAA stops its boycott.

  • John

    Money talks , liberal BS squawks about feeding into the mental delusions of a few sick people at the expense of our young people.
    Like I said during NCAA events , shut down the indoor plumbing and bring the port-a-potties

    If NASCAR starts this crap along with a sponsored car, then I’ll be done with all sports and hollywierd.

  • Robert Pekarik

    The NCAA, NFL, ACC and other far left liberal progressive run organizations need to concentrate on their own business and stop minding everyone else’s. These liberal progressive colleges no I mean indoctrination centers cater to a less than 10% of we the people. 1960’s hippy drug affected professors who were pushed through colleges and failed at their attempted fundamental transformation of America instead of studying are attempting their comeback by indoctrinating a weak minded and easily manipulated student body. Proof? Just watch one episode of Watters World as Mr. Watters questions these mindless students on current or past political and historical events. Pathetic!

  • James Glenn

    Transgenderism is a psychological issue that needs to be treated as such; not a human rights issue. This is not strictly a bathroom issue; it impacts many other venues. The bathroom issue can be resolved by putting locks on doors; the other venues like athletic competition–not so much.

  • ChuckW

    Speaking as one who has dealt with homosexuality, who twice spoke against the unconstitutional Charlotte ordinance, and who applauded the enactment of HB2 because it preserved Liberty, I’m inviting all who will to help me persuade NC legislators to pass a “Liberty Preservation Act” before considering any repeal of HB2. It will include the following:

    Discrimination is NOT a Constitutional principle (the word appears nowhere in the Constitution). The purpose of this act is to correct an improper focus on “discrimination” legislation for 50+ years. (NOTE: The Toyota statement above that “Toyota does not condone discrimination in any form.” is an example.) There are two forms of discrimination that MUST be distinguished: individual and societal.

    Liberty (freedom) is the relevant Constitutional principle involved here. Our nation was formed on the basis that Liberty is a gift of God, not man, not government. Hence, government’s responsibility is to protect “Liberty and justice for all”, not special groups who want government to protect them from others’ decisions they don’t like. Government has no authority to deny Liberty. But that is what government did previously when, via segregation laws, it denied Black People Liberty to choose what water fountain, restaurant, school, etc. they could use. This was “societal” (not just individual) discrimination. The 1964 Civil Rights Law rightfully gave Black Liberty they had been denied.

    But subsequent legislation improperly focused on prohibiting discrimination without making a distinction between societal and individual discrimination. ONLY societal discrimination denies Liberty. That is key. Example: If a restaurant owner refuses to serve me because they “don’t serve old guys here.”, he is rightfully exercising his Liberty. I may not like his age discrimination, but as long as I can readily be served at another restaurant, I’m not being denied my Liberty. But for government to compel him to serve me or give me legal grounds to sue is to deny him his Liberty. That is unequal, partial, and unjust treatment before the law. Again, only societal discrimination denies Liberty. Absent demonstrable evidence of societal discrimination government has no authority to enact discrimination laws

    Prohibiting individual discrimination is always illegitimate because it protect members of a specified class while denying all non-members’ Liberty to make decisions regarding members.
    Liberty is, in fact, our right as individuals (persons and entities such as a restaurant) TO discriminate – to make our own decision whether others like it or not. We must put an end to illegitimate non-discrimination laws which are destroying our unalienable right to Liberty.

    • Maxine Albritton

      the left/democrats are somehow thinking that freedom and liberty and rights of the US apply to those here illegally and it does not. In fact, I saw where the criminals taken from Scities are being tried before deporting. They don’t even deserve that. I don’t know what part of illegal is difficult to understand but they don’t want to accept that concept. Good luck to N. Carolina on this bathroom mess/ I said to my son a couple of days ago. Adult male he is. When you went to school you did not have to worry about a woman turned male looking at you in the locker room. He said |”When I was in school it was not as cool to do that or become that.|”

  • Smitty503

    I’m boycotting all of these companies with the exception of AT&T (due to a contract) but that relationship will end in June. I purchase products or services from companies and do not want their political views such as on this issue to be out there. Our government is suppose to be Of, For and by the People not for the corporations and their PC views.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Without DISCRIMINATION there wouldn’t be a CIVILIZATION. For the cowardly who say: “We do not condone discrimination in any form and believe that respect for and inclusive treatment for all people is good for the workplace, the marketplace and society as a whole.” THIS IS BEYOND THE POWER OF DESCRIPTION IN IT’S INSANITY! This says that we should close all of our prisons and erase all of our laws because prisons and laws EXCLUDE those who should always be EXCLUDED.

    STop pampering perversion and pacifying perverts based on nonsensical nonsense especially since there is no such thing as a homosexual; or a bi-sexual; or a transsexual. All there is are boys and girls who eventually become men and women. Inverted and perverted anti-sexual deviants and degenerates represent a puny 2.3% [a worthless and wicked 2.3%] of the general population. An always lifeless and often lethal 2.3% of the general population; an always fruitless and often fatal 2.3% of the population who have earned the right to be EXCLUDED AND DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.

    What we have permitted is like treating malignant melanomas like temporary cases of teenage acne or minor skin rashes.

    Preeminence demands EXCLUSIVENESS especially when the trivial few endanger the vital many. And especially since the trivial few are INSOLENT and IMPENITENT.


    • Maxine Albritton

      We treat HIV like a common cold as it is. You can send your child to school with active HIV but not measles , chicken pox or thing children rarely get anymore. So to the left this is no problem. They also don’t advocate following the laws as parts of our society were completely lawless before President Trump took office. The police were not always allowed or wanting to do their job. Most states do not have capital punishment anymore and all EU countries do not have it. In fact, they refuse to sell the drugs necessary for legal injections.

      • Knowledge Transfer

        Stop playing nice with them.

  • If consrervatives band together and quit purchasing merchandise from these companies the companies will feel the pinch. But that needs to apply nationwide. I for one, will not support any company that takes the stand for bad policy that allows evil men into female restrooms or showers.

  • Phoebe Isley

    I love NC for sticking to their guns and shame on NCAA for promoting such stupidity. Well gang hang in there a new sheriff is in town and he is OUR PRESIDENT. When the states are given back their power to decide statewide not nationwide we will see a turn for the moral. The People have a voice and it will be heard and WE DO NOT WANT THIS BOLOGNA BS ANYMORE!!!! NC that a way for standing for what is moral and right!


    Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. “Businesses are usually mortified at the prospect of being labeled ‘bigoted,’ ‘homophobic,’ or ‘discriminatory.’

    Dear Brother in Christ,

    Except for the use of the word “mortified”, I agree with you entirely. More accurately … perhaps … would be the phrase “spineless wimps without moral fiber” … or just “terrorized”.


  • Kenny Albert

    The problem is the gender confused, brain damaged idiots won’t use those private bathrooms. They want to trample everyone else’s rights so they have special privileges.

  • Guy S

    I hope NC stands firm on this HB. The NCAA is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites anyway. Here they are acting like a holy gladiator fighting for LGBTs and so called political correctness while at the same time stomping on the rights of student athletes nation wide.

  • Sueja

    The people of these states have spoken and the NCAA has no business interfering with the people’s vote. What makes you think you are the master of everyone’s lives?

  • reasoning with facts

    From Kings Mountain, NC. Let this sink in? The ‘hypocritical NCAA supports and sends NCAA athletes to play sports in China & Cuba, but the NCAA has condemned North Carolina as a “Human Rights Violator” because of the North Carolinas HB-2 Bill which keeps perverts out of female bathrooms!

  • Rusty

    Concealed carry folks from No Car. Stand guard on the bathroom you daughter/wife uses. Boycott the boycotters, Macy’s, Target, et al. We drove Kmart into bankruptcy. Do the same.