Convicted Foreign Baby Parts Sellers Helped Obama Campaign

GHASTLY: Ecuadorean family made millions off hearts, lungs, kidneys…

Convicted Foreign Baby Parts Sellers Helped Obama Campaign

DV Biologics/DaVinci Biosciences lab in Yorba Linda, Calif.

(Katie J. Read, Liberty Headlines) On Friday, Andres Isaías, Luis Isaías, and Estefano Isaías admitted that they’ve been illegally selling fetal tissue for massive profit through their Planned Parenthood-affiliated businesses DV Biologics and DaVinci Biosciences.

The brothers will pay almost $8 million as they settled a lawsuit the Orange County, California District Attorney launched against them in October 2016.

“This settlement seized all profits from DV Biologics and DaVinci Biosciences, which they acquired by viewing body parts as a commodity and illegally selling fetal tissues for valuable consideration,” District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said. “These companies will never be able to operate again in Orange County or the State of California.”

The family has a suspect track record going back to their home country, Ecuador, which accused brothers Roberto and William Isaías of money laundering and stealing more than $600 million from the country’s banks 17 years ago.


Since fleeing to the United States, the brothers and other members of their family have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to American political campaigns, including former President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection efforts.

Ecuador repeatedly asked the Obama administration to deport Roberto and William Isaias, but the requests went unanswered.

In 2014, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allowed Estefanía Isaías, the daughter of Roberto Isaías, to return to America after she was caught bringing in her maids under fake visas and denied entry to the country thereafter.

The OCDA launched its investigation against the companies after a complaint was filed against the businesses by the Center for Medical Progress, the organization that produced the undercover video that shows Dr. Jennifer Russo, medical director for Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernadino counties, stating her efforts to harvest “intact” specimens from the abortions she performs.

In the video, Russo says that Planned Parenthood works with a local biotech company called “DaVinci” to supply fetal body parts.


As of January 2010, DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics sold biological products that cost anywhere from $40 to $1,100.

They sold vials of RNA extracted from fetal tissue, samples of cells scraped from fetal brain tissue.

Between those extremes, the companies sold $300-$375 vials of matter derived from fetal lungs, $300-$400 vials of fetal kidney products, $500-800 vials of fetal heart products, and $250-$700 vials of fetal liver products.

The companies promoted business by offering “25 percent off” sales in the summer and the fall.

Their customers included pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions both within and outside the United States.

Clients in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom were among their foreign customers.

The companies’ attorney Michael Tein defended his clients by calling their efforts benevolent, despite the defendants admitting their culpability.

“This was a hotly contested case, to say the least. In the end, the parties forged a settlement that benefits medical research,” Tein said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “DV’s donation is the largest of its kind in history. It allows physicians and scientists to continue to use these cells to find cures for the deadliest childhood and adult diseases. From the beginning, this has always been DV’s mission.”

The fact remains that both federal law and California law prohibit the purchase or sale of biological material containing “embryonic or cadaveric fetal tissue.”