Conservatives Fed Up with Senate Delays on Trump Judicial Nominees

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) Conservatives are anxious to see President Trump’s judicial nominations approved and are ramping up the pressure on Senate Republicans.

McConnell Delays August Recess

Mitch McConnell/PHOTO: Facebook

The Conservative Action Project and the Judicial Crisis Network are the latest groups to demand action from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Republicans, according to Politico.

The memo published Tuesday by the Conservative Action Project, an organization self-described as “over 100 organizations representing all major elements of the conservative movement,” gets to the heart of the issue: slackers in the Senate.

“The slow pace of Senate confirmations is exacerbated by the Senate’s continued insistence on working no more than 2 ½ days a week – arriving on Monday evening for a handful of votes, and departing, on average, by 2:30 p.m. each Thursday afternoon,” the memo reads. They also insist that previous Senates worked harder, spending more time in session and staying later.

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Then the focus of the memo shifts, blaming the Republican majority for the delays.

“Also troubling is the Republican insistence that Democrats are ‘obstructing’ votes on these nominations, as claimed in a recent press release from the Senate Majority Leader’s office,” the memo says. “It is unclear what obstruction is taking place. Democrats no longer have the ability to filibuster any nominees, judicial or executive. Any simple objections they do make – such as running all post-cloture time – are simply process objections that can be easily overcome.”

They then take aim at Majority Mitch McConnell, urging him to work around Democrats’ delays by “forcing continuous session overnight and through the weekend.” They say that if that happened, they “could confirm up to five nominees every week even if Democrats made them run the full post-cloture time on each nomination.” The post-cloture time is 30 hours.

“Democrats may be able to delay consideration of nominees for a short time, but they ultimately can no longer obstruct,” the memo said. “In the absence of the filibuster, the fate of every nominee rests solely with Majority Leader McConnell and the will of the GOP conference to do the necessary work.”

This comes just after McConnell met with the Judicial Crisis Network to quell their anxieties, according to Politico. The conservative organization planned to buy ad space to put pressure on the Majority Leader, telling him to “change the Senate rules to jam through new judges or keep the chamber in session until Democrats relent out of fatigue,” someone familiar with the matter told Politico.

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“The campaign, including the advertising, is in a holding pattern for now because Leader McConnell’s office has reached out and wants to have discussions about how best to proceed in the coming months in order to avoid the kind of judicial confirmations bottleneck that the groups are concerned about,” said a spokesperson for the Judicial Crisis Network, according to Politico’s report.

“In the midst of a very busy legislative calendar, which includes the budget and tax reform, it’s encouraging to see there is a willingness to sharpen the judicial confirmation strategy,” continued the spokesperson. “We are hopeful the discussions will bear fruit.”

Despite the frustrations of conservatives, there are some who are impressed with the president’s successful nominations.

“Trump’s speed in nominating judges has been perhaps the most successful aspect of his presidency,” said University of Richmond law professor, Carl Tobias, to the Huffington Post. “Trump has easily surpassed Obama, Bush and Clinton at this point in the first year of their presidencies in terms of the sheer number nominated.”

The article, published Saturday, distinguishes between the nominations and the approvals, but argues that the nominations will have a profound effect, even if it’s not as soon as conservatives would like.

At one point the article states:  “If Trump’s current judicial nominees are a preview of the kinds of judges he plans to nominate in the coming years, prepare for a significantly more socially conservative group of people shaping the nation’s laws.”

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  • Fed up!

    If we get the Rinos out of office, just maybe the Conservative Senators might get some of these judges confirmed.

    • slk5

      lets move to kentucky, and vote mitch out!!!

      • WhiteFalcon

        He isn’t up for election this time

        • slk5


        • Papa Bear

          There is alway the option to recall and remove his azz that way!!!

          • hiskorr

            No, there’s not. Recall is not in the Constitution.

          • Robert Baird

            If they were able to recall the governor of Wisconsin they should be able to recall a ‘sh** for brains’ senator. McCain comes to mind, also!

          • Papa Bear

            Gotta agree with you on that one especially McShame and Øb☭m☭ bin Lyin who should be hung for treason

        • retired4ever

          Recall would work! Perhaps for incompetence?

          • WhiteFalcon

            I don’t think you can recall Federal officials. You can at the state level depending on state laws.

      • Robert Baird

        He’s not up for reelection until 2022……damn!!!!

        • slk5

          i’ve got to stick around here a little, to get flake out!!!

          • Robert Baird

            Hang in there…..Flake is going to get his a** handed to him next year!! Looks like Dr. Kelli Ward might serve it up to him on a rusty old platter! I’ve got my fingers crossed.

          • slk5

            i’ve already donated!!!

      • retired4ever

        Don’t I wish!

      • Meteorlady

        We don’t have to move – we just have to send money to support who runs against him – that is if the Republican Party lets anyone run against him.

    • WhiteFalcon

      This next election will be a great opportunity to do that very thing, but it is up to us.

    • sweetqueen777

      Many of those Conservatives are the ones quietly undermining his efforts. Not just the Dems.

      • Robert Baird

        I don’t think they are republicans or conservatives. They just have the obligatory ‘R’ after their names in order to get elected and infiltrate the republican party. It’s been going on for years and it’s exactly why the republican party is in such disarray!!!

  • mari

    Vote out the enemies of the constitution. Let’s take our judicial system back.

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    Give them 2-1/2 days worth of salary, part time employees don’t get lux benefits like health insurance, vacation pay, retirement or checking accounts.

    • Doug001


    • sweetqueen777

      I do not understand how they face themselves in the Mirror every morning.

  • richjack4

    Apparently our favorite rinos are the ones obstructing. Very hard to stand for Trump’s agenda while still obligated to big-time lobbyists! Why many rinos are resigned to the fact this will be their last term!

    • Wondering Woman

      Worse than big time lobbyists – traitors working with the one world global government, aka the new world order to destroy this nation from within, Lots of pony shows from Congress while they worked hand in hand with the new world order’s shadow government. Nobody knew what was in the Obamacare bill they voted to pass because none of them wrote it or read it – just accepted it from the shadow government to introduce it and dutifully passed it as instructed by the new world order’s shadow government! Seems to be their favorite way of business as usual for the past 60 to 70+ years.

  • Ed Roberts

    What’s going to come about when the left gets back in control of Washington,it will happen some day,I hope it’s a long time.

    • Raymond Miller

      These RINO’s are worse than the left, they are traitors.

      • Wondering Woman

        These traitors you call RINO’s are the worst enemies of We the People and Mitch McConnell is the leader of the others. He has already stated that he is going to work to help more traitors like him get elected so they can maintain status quo, which also means that he is a ring leader in trying to stall for time to try to take OUT President Trump down and keep him from destroying the “deep state”, one world global government, aka the new world order and their shadow government. Wondering if he is just pure traitor, or is he working against Trump so hard because he is one of those 6 congressional members implicated as a pedophile and the fears exposure if Trump isn’t taken down. Whatever the reason behind his being a traitor, his worthless hide, much less his reputation is grossly over rated in his own opinion, and his representation of his constituents and all other American citizens is ZERO.

        Hillary’s pitiful melt down rant of “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that f…ing b…..d wins” when it finally dawned her that she was in danger of losing the election and obviously she knew the sentence for high treason and knew she and many others were guilty, Hopefully her rant will prove to be a prophecy, and she is going to have lots of company on those gallows and a lot of them are going to be traitors, mistakenly being called RINO’s.

        • Raymond Miller

          Whoa ! what’s this about pedophiles, this is news to me please give me all the dirty details. I call him a lush because he looks like he imbibes quite heavily, I put him in the Senate bar with Little John “pot Head” McCain and Wimpy Graham sucking up that free single malt we supply these SOB’s.

          • Wondering Woman

            Raymond, which planet are you living on? Turn off your TV and type questions on pizza gate pedophile wiki leaks, FBI, CIA and many other wiki leaks into your search window.. Quit relying on the new world order’s MSM propaganda outlet lies and deceit for any real news.

            Thanks to Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (who reportedly has never been proven wrong to date) we have had a lot of corruption in our government revealed. None of these people implicated by those wiki leaks have challenged or denied the charges, because the new world order puppets a appear to be in mortal fear of any one to the puppets being dragged into court.

            Don’t know how true it is but the word is out that Trump fired Comey because he refused to investigate the pedophilia. Looks like he needs to fire AG Sessions and his next in line Rosenstein for the same reason. Can’t remember all the initials, but a list of initials of those congressional members and higher level federal employees was published. Do remember that someone said Weiner’s mentor, whoever he was, was on the list. Easy enough to research that one for yourself, and all of the others – just need to leave off the “fake news” and go looking for the real news.

            Don’t know about you, but I do not condone pedophilia, nor do I condone anyone covering up pedophilia crimes. Personally consider them the lowest and most cowardly of all the criminals on the planet, as they prey on children from newborns up, who are the least able to defend themselves.

          • Raymond Miller

            Excuse me , but I didn’t know about that, and I live right here on earth thank you !

          • Wondering Woman

            No insult intended, Raymond, but you really need to turn away from MSM’s propaganda manipulation “fake news” and type your questions into a search window. The real news is out there, but it looks like the MSM and the FBI and DOJ and others in the federal government are working hard to keep it covered up. ”

            Julian Assange’s wiki leaks have never been proven wrong to date and the new world order is working hard to keep any of their puppets from getting indicted for anything, because they fear the domino effect – which also explains why none of those implicated as pedophiles, etc. have filed any libel or slander suits against the leakers!

  • Raymond Miller

    McConnell needs to be removed from office, period ! His state RNC needs to start a recall election and get him out of there, he is a disgrace.

    • Robert Baird

      Great idea RM, but I doubt the people have the will/backbone to make the move. McConnell has too much money behind him (I don’t know what the answer is, but something needs to be done about the ‘super PAC’s……money shouldn’t control winners and losers in elections)….look what was going on in Alabama……….McConnell’s super PAC poured over 10 million dollars into the primary election between Roy Moore and Luther Strange. He was backing the establishment candidate (Strange) which should tell anybody all they want or need to know about McConnell. The fact the Roy Moore won while spending about 1 million dollars is a good indication that WE THE PEOPLE are waking up and I hope it’s a trend that continues. It’s our only hope of ever ‘draining the swamp’!

  • Lizard

    These jack wads are not only going against what Trump wants, They are going against things American people want ,, Fire all there azzzes

    • Jon Blake

      100% correct

    • sweetqueen777

      Educate their Voters, or NOTHING changes.

      • Robert Baird

        I couldn’t agree more, but it will be one big job!! Too much apathy! These RINO’s will say all the ‘right’ things to get elected. They sound sooooo conservative and the ‘stupid American voters’ (as Jonathan Gruber so aptly called them) will take the bait nearly every time! Note how John McCain couldn’t tell his Arizona electorate enough how he was going to repeal and replace obamacare! Look how that turned out…….people like McCain wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face!!

  • Mad Scientist

    Since when are we paying these people to work just 2 1/2 days a week?

  • John

    McConnell and the other DEERs ( democrat enabling elitist republicans) are useless Take a hint from Corker, quit when your term is up. The more Corker talks the more I think whatever McCain has is contagious. Snow please run for Governor,torture your state Not the whole country.

    • Wondering Woman

      Love your DEERs, John! Very descriptive of the traitors masquerading as democrats and republicans, while sitting on evidence thoroughly researched and handed to them, and they all chose to sit on the evidence and cover it up instead of acting on it to end Obama years ago. A whole slew of lawyers among those traitorous congressional members, and none of them chose to use the fact that Obama’s SSN failed to pass E Verify 3 times and using a bogus SSN is a felony and a felon cannot legally hold an public service office. His claiming a bogus manufactured birth certificate would have also taken him down.

      We shouldn’t be too surprised since we know that post turtle Obama could have never got into that post turtle position without a lot of help from traitors, beginning with Pelosi who sent out the letter on the DNC letterhead stating that he was eligible for the position, when all of those same lawyers knew he could not possibly be eligible because he father was not an American citizen! Think there are few, if any, patriots to be found among our congressional members. Newt Gingrich may be. Rand Paul may be, but seriously doubt most of the others.

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    I will not be giving these loser, do nothings my vote.They have promised for the past 8 years/ two election cycles to do the will of THE PEOPLE. We need REAL Conservatives in there.

    • Jon Blake

      We just need anyone willing to do their job at this point.

  • James Ruddy

    What slow pace of the Senate…try no pace instead. Conservatives are fed up with more than just dragging feet on judges, we’re fed up with everything they’re not doing that they said they would do if we elected them.

    • Dave Printz

      Dave Printz, the Apple Convert
      (M) 630-550-6900

  • We need to get these justices approved ASAP. Hello, Senate!

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      “McConnell’s office has reached out and wants to have discussions how best to proceed in the coming months in order to avoid the kind of judicial confirmations bottleneck that the groups are concerned about.”
      Rino McConnell appears to be dragging out President Trump’s nominee’s probably to use this to campaign on for those running in the senate, especially himself. Sorry McConnell it won’t work as your promises are all lies and we will never trust you. You have done not a thing so hopefully and prayerfully YOU WILL BE FIRED!!! Or IMPEACHED.

      • sweetqueen777

        Trump’s opponents are using the old archaic tradition of the “Blue Slip” to obstruct voting on many nominees. They will do anything to keep Trump from being successful. They deeply resent anyone who is not one of their own, usurping their territory in any way. McConnell just Wednesday, issued a statement that he was eliminating the Blue Slip. THAT should speed things up a lot. We will see.

      • Mountain_Dew_518,

        I wish I knew what McConnell is thinking. He has been a thorn to the GOP for a long time. I am fed up with him as well. But this is an issue that needs to be attended to ASAP. I will be emailing my senators for action. I hope you do the same.

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          I am working hard at it. Hopefully lots of others will let them know also. Roy Moore my senator is the only one that has responded and talked with me. He knows how I feel and he is also not very happy at the way the senate is doing not only on the delays but other things as well. I hope those Rinos are now realizing that they have stalled on President Trumps agenda and healthcare with no repeal and replace as promised all those years ago and even now.
          Rinos are promising things now that they promised to do years ago and when they got their they became Demonrats. They will promise anything to get the votes but I think most all of the true conservatives won’t believe them and they will be voted out come election time. They made too many promises and then got to Washington only to get rich and forget the people that put them in office. They are supposed to work for us and not the other way around.

          • Mountain_Dew_ 518,

            I would hope so. I am after my senators to take some action. Of course, we always have to be aware of backlash from whatever power McConnell has left.

          • Mountain_Dew_518

            I have run in to a lot of excuses. They want him out but either afraid to call or just don’t want too do it. I wish they would be honest and if they are not just say so and I will just leave them alone. Yet every time I get around them they gripe and complain but they sure as heck don’t want to help solve the problem, even though I tell them they work for us and not the other way around and they had better listen and have a voice.
            Do you have any suggestions that I could say or do to get their help in calling or writing?
            Thanks friend!!!

          • Mountain_Dew_518,

            It is frustrating, I know. I have contacted my two GOP senators who are hardly RINO’s. I know Sen. Risch fairly well. He is my best hope. He is No. 2 on the House national security committee.

          • Mountain_Dew_518

            Wonderful!!!! We just got keep giving it all we got to get the word out and not let up. By the way Thank you also for the encouragement.

          • Mountain_Dew_ 518,

            There are lots of us behind you on this issue. I have received a lot of emails on this topic.

  • william russell

    Hey it is time for the senate to start working 24/7 to get the people’s wprk done/

    • sweetqueen777

      They never have. Why would they do such a thing now? They have their Gravy Jobs” all sewed up. What a great gig.

  • Togo360


  • comanchewill

    Republicans are killing themselves for the upcoming 2018 election….how can they be so ignorant…they will be wiped out…watch and see….Trump said he would drain the swamp and that is exactly whats coming in this next election..for republicans and for democrats

  • Jon Blake

    Congress are the enemy of the People and must be treated as such.


    The GOPs are just running their mouths like the Democrats. Both parties are nothing but talk and no action. Maybe, Donald Trump needs to start a new party that will WORK ON SOMETHING OTHER THAN TAKING DAYS OFF AND =GIVING THEMSELVES BIG BENEFITS.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Conservatives are fed up with a lot more than that. The next few elections will rid us of the rinos so we can get something done.

  • sweetqueen777

    Actual KUDOS to McConnell, for eliminating the Blue Slip tradition (not even a real law), so that 1 or 2 individuals are able to hold up everything regarding recommendations for Judges seats. This should speed things up a Lot. It is criminal that we have so many empty seats, because of a Senate that dislikes Trump so intensely that they are more than willing to hold up everything he tries to do. Maybe McConnell is finally growing a pair. Maybe he has actually looked at the Congressional approval rating, which is DISMAL. Let’s GET SOME STUFF DONE!!!

  • Louie Rey

    This is just confirmation of what Rush Limbaugh said a week or so ago. It’s obvious to everyone that the Democrats want to see President Trump fail. However, he said that the GOP wants to see him fail as well because it would show how completely ineffective and feckless Republican “leadership” has been. They’ve accomplished absolutely nothing over the last thirty years or so and they’d be completely shamed (assuming they have the ability to feel shame) if the ultimate outsider came in and did everything he said he would within the next eight years.

  • 9400budlang8406

    When you have a job from which you almost cannot lose for being late, working short hours and getting a lifetime check for only one term in office why should they care. It seems, to the average 40 hour per week working guy, that a lot of these guys really don’t care about the voters that put them in office. We have to change that at the polls.

  • omikehawk

    Maybe it’s time to initiate a point system for them to get paid! No work, no points, no pay!

  • Black Opal

    Better hurry, troglodytes! 2018 is coming up fast! Your little window is closing and people are getting more disgusted with the orange baboon by the day! XD

  • Meteorlady

    The friggin’ Republicans have control – stop stalling and get busy. We will vote you out next time via donations to those running against you. We need to approve those judges or we will never again see actual justice in this country.

  • Meteorlady

    Keep our eyes open. George Soros is bringing up another candidate, just like Obama. He’s supporting through college and for the governor of Michigan a well polished Muslim. So far people aren’t falling for it, but I’m sending donations to the candidates running against him.