Comey Blasts FISA Memo After Release: ‘That’s It?’

Former FBI director said the FBI and DOJ must continue to do their jobs…

Comey Blasts FISA Memo After Release: ‘That’s It?’

James Comey/IMAGE: YouTube

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Former FBI director James Comey heavily criticized the release of a the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act memo in a tweet minutes after the memo was made public Friday.

Comey gave a list of reasons why he believes the memo should not have been made public, saying it hurt the reputation of the House Intelligence Committee, “damaged” the committees relationship with the FISA court and said the committee “inexcusably” released a classified investigation into former campaign foreign-policy adviser to President Donald Trump, Carter Page.

Although, the memo alleges the Justice Department (DOJ) left crucial information out of an application for a spy warrant against Page.

The former FBI director, who has continued to take shots at Trump on Twitter since the president fired him in May, said the FBI and DOJ must continue to do their jobs as the bombshell memo has rocked the news cycle.

Comey criticized “weasels and liars” who were pushing for the release of the FISA memo, in a tweet Thursday night.

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The former FBI agent signed a multimillion dollar book deal with Flatiron Books in August.

The book is reportedly about leadership.

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