Columbia U. Offers Illegal Students Legal Aid, ‘Stress Management’ Resources

‘We will continue to make this support clear in court, in Washington D.C. and in our own community…’

Columbia University Offers Illegal Students Legal Aid, 'Stress Management' Resources

Columbia University / PHOTO: Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Columbia University is now offering “stress management” resources to illegal aliens affected by the Trump administration’s decision to ramp up deportations.

On Thursday, the university reminded its students and faculty that illegal aliens are welcome on campus and made it clear that it will fight President Donald Trump if need be.

“Columbia has long welcomed undocumented students and supported the DACA program. We will continue to make this support clear in court, in Washington D.C. and in our own community,” the school said in a news release, according to Campus Reform.

Available resources to illegal aliens include free legal representation to students and staff at “risk of deportation” at no cost to the individual.


Columbia also provides consultations with its law students, who then refer illegal students to pro-bono lawyers to fight off deportation orders. The school also gives its illegal students “travel monitors” so that the faculty can make sure illegal students don’t have a hard time getting back into the country.

These resources are apart of Columbia’s ongoing effort to promote “diversity and inclusion,” according to Ixchel Rosal, Columbia’s associate vice president for student life.

If students are still “concerned about immigration policies affecting DACA and undocumented students,” they can join a campus health group that focuses on “stress management,” Rosal said.

Columbia has fought the Trump administration on immigration before, declaring itself a “sanctuary campus” shortly after Trump was elected in 2016 and vowing not to cooperate with immigration officials.

Provost John Coatsworth said the school would “neither allow immigration officials on our campus without a warrant, nor share information on the immigration status of undocumented students” unless  it was compelled to do so by a subpoena or court order.

“This is a moment for us to bear in mind how important it is to protect all who study and teach in our community and to defend the institution and the values it embodies” he concluded.

The Ivy-League school in upper Manhattan is a private institution, and is therefore free to prioritize its funding and policies as it sees fit.

However, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo also raised eyebrows recently by announcing that his publicly funded Liberty Defense Project would provided similar resources to illegal immigrants in their efforts to resist ICE deportations.

Other public institutions in so-called sanctuary cities have similarly sided with illegals over federal law-enforcement during the recent deportation alarm.

The Los Angeles Police Department, for example, undermined the effort of authorities by denouncing the raids and telling its residents exactly how many people immigration authorities were seeking out.