Colbert, Kimmel Joke That Spicer Feared the ‘Orange Bully’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show” and late-night comedy’s most aggressive Trump basher, took the unusual step of appearing on competitor show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC on Friday.

Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel/IMAGE: YouTube

Their banter included discussion about Colbert hosting the Emmys on Sunday, Trump’s tweeting, and “fake news,” but the CBS star also wanted to ask Kimmel about his interview with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer from Wednesday evening.

“It was great,” Colbert said complementarily of Kimmel. “What was he like in person? I’ve always wanted to talk to that cat.”

“He was much smaller than I thought he was gonna be,” Kimmel said. “I wasn’t paying attention. I see the podium and I figure they have one size podium. If I was the president, and I’m not, then I’d have one size podium and you would have to use it no matter how tall or short you were.”


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“I have to say, a certain part of me felt sorry for him,” Kimmel said.

“Really? Because he wasn’t apologizing,” Colbert said. “He wants to be forgiven but he won’t regret anything he did. You gotta regret something you did to be forgiven.”

“What if he’s privately regretting it but too scared to publicly regret it because there’s a big orange bully that might hit him over the head,” Kimmel said.

“Then we’ll privately forgive him,” Colbert said.

Watch the two late night hosts discuss Kimmel’s interview with Spicer: