Colbert Acts Like Fan-Boy of Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer

“Late Show” host interviews Michael Avenatti about his porn star client’s allegations against President Trump…

Colbert Acts Like Fan-Boy of Stormy Daniels's Lawyer

Michael Avenatti & Stephen Colbert/IMAGE: CBS via YouTube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Unlike the bygone era of Johnny Carson, late night comedic talk shows have become shameless forums to air partisan political views.

True to form, Stephen Colbert, host of the CBS “The Late Show,” invited Michael Avenatti to appear as his guest for a Wednesday night sit-down regarding the attorney’s quest to take down President Donald Trump.

The interview was also billed as an event that would break exclusive news.

Avenatti represents porn star Stormy Daniels, and is suing the president over the alleged mishandling of a $130,000 payment to Daniels in regard to an alleged fee-for-service sexual tryst that occurred in 2004.

“Lawyers don’t normally do talks shows,” Colbert said at the outset.

“I’m not your normal lawyer,” Avenatti replied.

He then veered into explaining his public relations strategy of essentially leveraging the salacious allure of his celebrity porn star client with the intense desire of anti-Trump leaning media outlets to destroy the president – a strategy that Colbert seemed pleased to support.

In similar fashion, Avenatti had appeared on CNN 60 times prior to Wednesday’s Late Show exchange.

Critics have panned the attorney-media affair as nothing more than partisan sleaze peddling.

In the interview, Avenatti said Trump is “a defendant that’s very undisciplined,” and “can be easily baited into making mistakes.”

He bragged that he has been “very, very successful in doing just that.”

“We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing,” Avenatti said, to raucous applause.

He would later wave his outstretched hands as if at an athletic event to elicit more applause during particular moments. “It’s a very tough crowd,” he joked with Colbert.

But in a carefully pre-arranged moment, Colbert, a former “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” faux-correspondent, set the stage for Avenatti to break an exclusive development in his made-for-TV lawsuit.

Colbert played a few seconds of stereotypical porn music, then produced a one-page receipt along with a poster-sized exact replica.

“This is a copy of the incoming wire receipt from Miss Daniels’ prior counsel showing the origin of the $130,000 coming from Essential Consultants,” Avenatti said.

Essential Consultants was an entity created by Michael Cohen, one of President Trump’s longtime personal attorneys.

“The receipt shows the payment was processed in San Francisco,” he continued, with the significance being that the California Attorney General might now have a claim to jurisdiction over the case.


California’s Attorney General is a former congressman named Xavier Becerra, who represented downtown Los Angeles and was firmly rooted in the far-left wing of the Democratic Party.

“He’s [Becerra] is not a big fan of the president,” Avenatti said with glowing sarcasm.

But bottom line, according to Avenatti, is that if Becerra brought charges against Trump as a state-level official, then Trump would not be able to pardon Michael Cohen in the event that Cohen is convicted of any potential criminal charges.

“He [Cohen] is going to flip on the president,” Avenatti predicted.

The interview ended with applause and a vigorous handshake from Colbert.

Watch the “Late Show” interview below: