CNN’S GOP PUNDIT: White Supremacy as Dangerous as Islamic Terror

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Before police had identified the driver of a car that struck and killed one woman and injured 19 others, Republican strategist Ana Navarro had criticized President Donald Trump for not condemning white terrorism harshly enough.

“He needed to have called out the plowing of that car into people as a domestic act of terrorism by white supremacists,” Navarro said on CNN. “Damn it, Donald Trump, call a spade a spade. Call white supremacists white supremacists. Call the KKK, call the Neo-Nazis, call them out by name. The same way that you want to call out Islamic terrorism, and you should, you should call out white supremacist terrorism because it is just as dangerous to the streets of America.”

Watch Navarro criticize the President for his response to the Charlottesville terrorist attack:

The centrist group New America recognized 95 deaths caused by Islamic terrorism and 67 by right wing terrorism in the United States since 9/11. This analysis identifies incidents like the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, in which the perpetrator was found delusional and incapable to stand trial, as right-wing terrorism alongside the Charleston church shooting, which is a much clearer example of white supremacist violence.

Other Republicans have also asked Trump to specifically identify white supremacists as terrorists.

Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) tweeted in response to the attack.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) expressed the same concern.

Political commentator Ben Ferguson, in response to Navarro’s criticism of Trump, said the President responded to what he knew about the situation.

“You need to be clear, and you need to be blunt, but I also think we don’t even know who was driving the car yet. We don’t know a lot about the situation. I think the President made it very clear that what happened today was wrong and that those that were responsible are gonna be prosecuted,” Ferguson said.” The President condemned what happened today. He said what happened today was wrong. He said those people are horrible human beings and there’s no place for bigotry.”

But Navarro continued to claim the President’s words were not strong enough.

“His was mealy-mouth and mushy. He did not say the words that America needs to hear. He did not say to them: Stop calling out my name, any of you. This is not what I endorse and you must stop it. He did not say just how strongly he was going to fight about this, and you know what, it took him a really long time to say anything at all. A lot of other political leaders have come out since last night because the disturbing, sad images have been going on since last night. And he remained silent all day while this is going on. He has got a bully pulpit that none of us have, and he needs to use it as President of the United States,” she said.

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  • patriot1111

    Civil War just around the corner.

    • Arch

      Seems like it’s already begun.

  • C. LeSaint

    The rally people were defending themselves from the communist attacks!

  • Joseph111

    time to deport ana navarro –

    • mathis1689

      North Korea or Afghanistan sound like a couple of excellent choices for her.

  • bob breglio

    Why aren’t any of these voices denouncing Antifa and Black Lies Matter? It takes two to tango. If they had stayed home, there would have been NO violence. I say prosecute them ALL.

    • slk5

      capital letter BINGO!!!

    • rrrickkk

      Why is it when blacks and Gays have a protest, there is little violence but when a white group has a protest, they are not allowed to have it without violence? Cory, did you think that the man was in fear for his life and just wanted to get out of there without being killed? Do you know what was going on? Wait for the facts before you open your mouth.

      • biilyjoe

        Ask Obama’s criminal friend Robert Creamer that question. Between he, obama, hildabeest, podesta and soros, they also can tell you who assassinated Justice Antonin Scalia.

        • will kari

          Where was the investigation re: the death of Justice Antonin Scalia? I guess Hussein Obama supervised the FBI Investigation or was the investigation done by the Islamic Brotherhood supervised by billary? President TRUMP should have them all arrested and sent to the Hotel GITMO’. There was no Federal Grand Jury impaneled to investigate the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalla and why? Obaama’s administration should be summoned to a Federal Grand Jury to answer Questions re said death of said justice.

          • biilyjoe

            Totally agree.

      • Polly Dreitzler

        Where were you after the election results were announced? Where were you when BLM rioted and mashed store windows and attacked police? Hate is hate no matter where it comes from. And as for the gays, well, I used to live in NYC and I remember when the gays would go out into the streets, break off car radio antenna and make zip guns out of them so they could attack people just because they looked at the gays. Have you ever seen the gays at some of their ralles and parades? I have. It’s no picnic believe me!! ANYONE who hurts someone just because they disagree with a point of view is hateful!

        • Pig1

          You must have missed indoctrination. Only whites can hate.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Have to disagree with you about “only whites can hate”. Everyone can be taught to hate. We need to teach the opposite; it is what Jesus has taught us in the Bible: to love one another as he loved us.

          • minefinder624

            Obviously , Piggy you should have noted “sarc intended” as Kathy seems to have missed the sarcastic intent.

      • Islandream

        Kinda like leftist do huh?….Yup, they AAALLWAYS wait for facts before they open THEIR mouths! Since you guys aren’t very bright….yeah, that’s SARCASM!!

      • Jeff in Austin

        Same for you RRRickkk. That is an unsupported generalization that blacks and Gays protests have little violence, and when there isn’t violence, the reason is that other people are not attacking them — see the difference. Yes, let’s wait for the facts and I will bet dollars to donuts that the “counter protestors” attacked the protestors, and the counter protestors were an organized band of people sent in to disrupt the protest with violence. The problem here is the left wing libitard governor and mayor just out and start placing blame on the protesting part other than the car crash. When the truth comes out the new media will not cover it or it will be on page 15 instead of front page, and report the truth. It’s a set up just like the other black violence that is blamed on everything else but the blacks. People know what is going on and the vote in this country will continue to go to the Conservatives and Republicans until the demorats are a complete non-factor.

        • Pig1

          You can bet your lives the trouble was started by Black lives Matter and others that hate whites.

          • Hell2theNo

            You have no proof of that statement at all…smh. LOL.

          • Jeff in Austin

            News commentators are now saying here and there that the counter protestors had started some of the violence. Coming out with a statement about fault prior to the facts being clear such as the governor and mayor is just wrong. They are jumping out and being political and is just wrong and everyone knows it. Pig 1 said “he bet” as it was his opinion of what he thought might have happened. That is OK as he was clear that that is what he thought would happen. I also believe that the counter protesters PROBABLY started the violence. I guess we will see. He didn’t say he had proof so don’t smh so quick.

          • Jeff in Austin

            That is my guess also, and we are allow to guess if stated as so.

        • Matthew Bowman

          If the guy in the car went there to kill people with a vehicle he most assuredly would not have used his very nice late model Challenger. I think he was running for his life from the counter protesters. Now if it were an orange Charger with a Confederate flag on the roof that might be a different story!

    • Renny Hartmann

      They are really afraid the vast majority of white people might start really pushing back. “Nazis” and “KKK’ers” are a few nut cases not worth much more than spit, but the vast population is white and not accepting the leftist violent views.

      • Pig1

        We better.

        • Staceyjdancy

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    • Hugh Everett

      “CNN’s GOP PUNDIT”

      You should have heard this fat hog crying on election night when it was clear Trump was winning. She was sadder than James Carville.

      Antifa democrats started a mini-war with 500 fringe Nazis and Klansmen. No Republicans came near this mess.

      Democrats are much more responsible for James T. Hodgkinson, the guy who shot Steve Scalise, than Republicans are responsible for James Alex Fields.

    • Allyx Young

      Yes. BLM and antifa showed up to disrupt an otherwise blah protest of deleting history. All of them need prosecution.

      • Pig1

        Did anyone hear the whites calling for the killing of cops? I didn’t either. There is one absolute, undeniable bit of proof that the trouble makers were liberals. Did you notice the trash in the streets? A sure sign of liberal caring and tolerance.

        • Allyx Young

          Yup. Trash in the streets, not to mention the bottles, candy bar wrappers, and beer cans.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      The “Black Lives Matter” movement began because of all of those shootings of unarmed black people. It doesn’t matter what the color of the skin is or the name of the group, when it turns into violence it becomes domestic terrorism.

    • Hell2theNo

      Not sure why, but the fact of the matter is this story is about white terrorism and the fact that someone decided to drive their car through a crowd of people for whatever reason–maybe mental illness, maybe he was running away from someone, who knows, but people are dead!!!

      Let’s get back to the real deal here and stop “blaming the victim!”

      • Werp

        Exactly. Just like not all white supremacist are terrorist not all Muslims are terrorist. It stl makes him a terrorist

    • Black Opal

      So they should have allowed what amounted to a Klan rally to go unanswered? The only solution is to keep all the protestors safe, not to allow the violent to have the only voice.

      • bob breglio

        Since you are so hot to protest a Klan rally, I assume you are also out there protesting what Black Lies Matter does when they murder police officers and tries to create anarchy. If you are not against both, you’re a racist.

        • Black Opal

          Okay. I’m white, FYI. 😀

          • bob breglio

            I don’t judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. And I condemn both the Klan and Black Lies Matter equally.

          • Black Opal

            Do you condemn the cause as well as the organization?

          • bob breglio

            I condemn both the Klan and Black Lies Matter and what they stand for. Both are racist and only want to see turmoil and strife.

  • slk5

    i guess she really needs a job with fake news!!!

    • biilyjoe

      Navarro likely got ‘edumacated’ in the same way and in the same low IQ’d pc-schools as as Sharpton, obongo, perez. I’d like to see her school records but they’re likely ‘classified’ like her Caliph Obongo’s.

      • patroklos

        Trumpo is afraid of losing his base, that is why he will not condemn nazi terrorists. I guess you’re part of that base. Heil Hitler, you stinking pig.

        • biilyjoe

          Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere waiting for Sharpton and BLM to call you to your next RIOT-LOOT-BURN assignment so you can get your next soros-supplemental welfare bonus and purchase your next bottle of Obongo-Trayvon watermelon soda ?

          • patroklos

            Shouldn’t you ask your mom to iron your fake Nazi uniform and re-consider getting your GED?

          • biilyjoe


      • slk5

        she wasn’t like this when i first saw her on sunday mornings!!!

        • biilyjoe

          Maybe she received her soros orders ? I wouldn’t know–could never stomach Clinton News Network.

          • slk5

            i always caught her on abc’s sunday mornings…there’s nothing republican about her anymore!!!

  • The President responded to what he knew at the time. He may say more. The Nazi and KKK folks have been a bad human influence for a very long time. Yet they have not been punished much before. Let’s hope that changes now.

    • biilyjoe

      And BLM , SPLC, copkillers and the Anti-fa have been punished?? –NOT !! What’s good for the goose —-

      • biilijoe,

        You got that right!

        • biilyjoe


      • patroklos

        Trumpo is afraid of losing his base, that is why he will not condemn nazi terrorists. I guess you’re part of that base. On what planet have those who have killed cops not been punished. Heil Hitler and I hope you die soon.

        • biilyjoe

          PANTS UP !! DON’T LOOT !!

        • richard stewart

          Wishing somebody would die shows exactly the kind of liberal scrum you are. Why don’t you move to a country that would appreciate you like Venezuela.

          • patroklos

            Everyone dies, richard. It’s just a matter of timing. Don’t you want all black people to die? Of course you do.

    • patroklos

      Trump can’t say more against the alt-right, since that’s his base. He trades in hatred, that’s where he gets his political power.

  • R G

    Liberalism is worse than both. Why? It “creates” them.

  • patrick sain

    Democraps an liberalcraps are just as dangerous as Antifa Muslims black liars matter dam read the history they don’t want you to know about barbary coast slavery trade an the transatlantic slave trade Democrats and liberals want slavery in the United States

  • kassa1

    The rhetoric coming from CNN and the rest of those groups like them or exactly what fuels the kind of things that happened in Charlottesville yesterday, and they know it and they love it that being the Elites! I will do anything bar nothing to bring this country down the Democrat party is not your friends they are the biggest terrorist organization in America, run by the wealthy elite.

  • Poke

    Navarro is a conservative shill….nuttin more. KKK had the only permit to march….not that white cone-heads are my dig….outfit. The trouble kicked up two notches when ANTIFA & BLM joined. Globalists are gonna be real sorry.

    • patroklos

      The didn’t have a permit to murder, did they? DID THEY?

      • Poke

        Pea-brain KKK didn’t kill the young woman. A troubled ‘wanna be’ skinhead……….with all his hair……killed her. One person not a team of supremist nuts. You R A MORON and that’s why your Left.

        • patroklos

          KKK didn’t kill her because they are cowards. The kid was a neo-nazi. They don’t all shave their heads. You’re a racist pig. Heil Hitler, racist pig.

          • Poke

            Prove my point Pea-brain …….LEFT overs, limited vocabulary, limited brain waves…indicative of pea-brain syndrome …….we forgive ya.

          • patroklos

            My vocabulary is so much broader and more sophisticated than yours that a reasonable person might well wonder if you’re worthy of any discourse with me. But you have a lot of company, and Trump loves the poorly educated, so at least you can feel loved.

          • Poke

            WE FORGIVE YOU.

          • Derek

            Lol I don’t.

          • Jeff in Austin

            You don’t know the details of what happened. No one does and it hasn’t been reported in the news, fake news or not.

      • Jeff in Austin

        No one knows what happened on the 1st day and then the 2nd day when the car ran into the crowd. Of course, the guy driving into the crowd shouldn’t have done so, but the other 2 deaths were due to a helicopter accident that cannot necessarily be attributed to the protestors. It was possibly the one guy, but you can’t just accuse one side or the other or both without knowing what happened. The probably libitard news reports have not said who started or continued the violence the 1st or 2nd day. The governor and mayor should have waited to tell everyone who was causing the violence. Since the gov and mayor were demorats, I suspect that they wanted to jump out and make a statement against the right/protestors when the right protestors were not starting the violence on the 1st day. For example, where is the evidence that the counter protestors were local as the governor and mayor were saying. I bet it will turn out that the counter protestors were not local. The local authorities should be responsible for not separating the protestors from the counter protestors. What the governor and mayor said just doesn’t add up, and they are grandstanding early before the information is out there to refute. I don’t care if the whiners are Republican or Democrats, they don’t know and haven’t told the public the details of what happened.

  • richard black

    ana navarro cant even wipe my a$$ !!!

    • Islandream

      The beech can KISS mine!

      • richard black

        yes !!!

      • Derek

        And mine after that.

  • biilyjoe

    If Navarro is a ‘republican strategist’ then Obama must be Grand Dragon of kkk.

  • Gregg Parker

    If CNN views them as the same threat as muslim terrorists then I guess white supremacy gets a pass as well as Muslim terrorists. CNN will throw their media support behind them as well and condemn anyone who voices a counter view.They may even get to host as CNN segment on making America White Again! Probably not what they meant but fair is fair…

  • patroklos

    There certainly are a lot of Neo-Nazis on this forum. Is that the readership for “liberty” headlines?


    Come to minasota/STP where illegals who cheered in the lunch room in the main P>O> where they spent most of the day, when the twin towers were coming down shot and killed her thru the squad cars drivers door lady from Australia and got shot by a Somlie cop and almost killed his buddy driving the squad car.
    What excuse will this illegal use going to get the hot seat ASAP!, not time off while they INVESTIGATE for months on end so we forget about it totally? get it????????

  • LaShawnda Easton

    When Trump gave his speech it hadn’t been announced yet who the driver of the car was or what his motivations were.

    Let’s not forget that before the incident with the car, most of the violence there was caused by left wing anti-fa

  • Mark

    I continue to hold “White Supremecy” in my heart as something I believe and agree with. But it’s only a personal opinion, and it stays in my mind as a belief and is not something I ever intend to act upon or even to talk about…SO THERE

  • mathis1689

    Haven’t heard of any liberals denouncing the BLM idiots. And the BLM morons are just as big of a bunch of unmitigated hypocritical racists as the KKK. When the liberals denounce black and Muslim extremists just as much as they do white ones, then I’ll listen to them. Until then, the best thing that they can do is keep their dam-ed hypocritical Communist mouths shut!

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      Actually they ( blm and other alphabet nazis) are worse… they don’t admit their racism… they only call everyone else racists.

      • mathis1689

        Indeed. They’re a bigger bunch of unmitigated hypocrites than the KKK.At least the KKK is honest enough to admit that they’re complete and total racists. BLM is worse than the KKK in that regard.

  • midogman

    yet they were up in arms when Trump kept insisting on calling Islamic terrorism just that. white supremacism isn’t a religion, just a faulty way of seeing things. given enough time the non-whites of the world may become as socially evolved as we are.

  • howie1347

    It takes two sides to fight. I am certainly no supporter of the the Nazi’s and far right protesters, but they had a legal permit to march. The left radicals showed up an started the fighting. So why is it only the Nazi’s fault and only them that should be blamed? Trump was correct in calling out all sides?

    • patroklos

      It’s the Nazi’s fault because they MURDERED someone, asshat. Those who peaceably assembled to protest the hatred of the nazis should not be faulted. Do you love the nazis?

  • John

    Hate is hate, evil is evil, wrong is wrong, no matter who, no matter what. Prejudice is the bast turd child of hate and ignorance.
    Dr King said Black supremacy is as evil as White Supremacy.
    Whether wearing a white hood, a black mask or a hajib, bigotry has no place in civilized society.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I agree 100% with the story line! We are dangerous! To the haters of America! To the progressives who want to make us in to one big Gay Bar! To the idiots who think laws are made just for the other people, and not them. To the Free-loaders who think they are owed something. To the numb buts who want to take away my rights(read 2nd amendment). And a whole multitude of crap they been shoving down my throat for years! Than saying I am the problem! Yes I agree! Me and millions like me are dangerous! So BACK OFF! Otherwise in will become so politically incorrect on you in a hurry! You have been warned! Now get that STUPID WALL UP!

    • Werp

      Didnt realize that being an educated person makes you gay? Ever look at voter maps? The uneducated are the ones that voted for Trump, the majority. Time for amendment 25 to prevent WW III from happening because of an egotistical, racist conman with no idea of US history. Look at Chavez , Hitler and Castro. Promising the poor things they knew they’d never give them. People are naive. Yes racism is taught. Being homophobic usually means you hedge fears and doubts one your own sexuality.

      • Kenny Smith

        So I guess you think the dem left are the smart ones? Wow you are really the undereducated one here !!!

        • Werp

          They typically do more humane choices. Not all are perfect. If we eliminate the electoral college we’d rarely end up with a Republican president. That way every person’s vote counts. Republicans are the ones that jerry rig districts to beat The system. The electoral college should have done their job this time and found him unfit. Kasich would have been a much better choice.

        • Werp

          I never said smart I said educated. Lots of educated people sure were there in Charlettesville Saturday! I see your president supported them and today showed what a racist a$$ he really is, and all of the ignorant people that voted for him. It’s time for amendment 25!!!!

  • Joe Pewter

    navarro is a lame minded stupid b/tch…there I called a “b/tch a b/tch’

  • Raymond Martucci

    Isn’t funny that these low life polictans blaming the problems we are having on the right. When the ones who are really causing these hate group antifa, blm which the government continue to protect and pay to do more damages as possible. They has this all planned if Hillary lost and so this is what they doing for pay back by the democrats pay these losers to do the damage for them They come to the rescue making themselves look good

  • Bill Meyers

    White Supremacists are more rare than left wing socialists, and much less dangerous. This frighin nitwit reporter at CNN proves the point. The plan, as drawn up by Doros and Zobzna was to make this look like white Supremacists trying to hurt BLM movement, when in fact it was people trying to protect their history. Wether they old it or not Robert E Lee was a Confederate General in the civil war. These ANTIFA/BLM groups are acting like ISIS. Trying to destroy and white out all history of any civilization and replace it with their own.

    • Jeff in Austin


  • Islandream

    Yadda yadda, blah blah….”he shoulda called ’em out, called a spade a spade” Funny this braindead beeatch should use the term “spade”, as in the complicit, mudslimE traitor that soiled the WH for eight freaking years! Yeah, in eight damn years, not a peep outta the “spade” about islimEic terrorism!
    Screw you beech, and the Trojan Horse you, and your ilk rode in on!!

  • VictorLandry

    CNN is dumber than Mad Maxine Waters!

  • Sueja

    Muslims attack without being attacked first. That’s not what happened in Charlottesville. As far as I could tell it was like when Antifa starts all their fighting and damage of property. They started again and people fought back. Am I wrong?

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    Navarro said on CNN. “Damn it, Donald Trump, call a spade a spade. THEN PRESIDENT TRUMP would be labeled RACIST like you.
    black LIES matter does more terrorizing than this group. Remember the cities THEY BURNED and LOOTED.Bid diff between the two. I don’t care for the group but the first amendment is in play for protesting not RIOTING that antifa and black LIES matter does.

  • David Carpenter

    White Supremacy, how quickly this has become the buzz word to describe what happened in Charlottesville, VA. Why the term ‘White Supremacy’ has been used to describe American citizens who stand up for the rights and freedoms guaranteed to them through our Constitution. And when I say ‘stand up’, I am not implying any type of violence being associated with the citizens who were ‘standing up’. So I am not quite ready to buy into the ‘white supremacy’ reasoning as the cause of all the bad that happened and please be assured that I am not condoning any of the violence that took place.

    James Fields from Ohio is the man who has been charged with driving his car into a crowd of people in Charlottesville injuring 19 and killing 1. Now does anyone think that Fields was following the debate going on in Charlottesville about removing a statue of the Confederated General Robert E. Lee that closely? So closely that it enraged him enough to drive all the way from Ohio to Charlottesville, VA to ram his car into a group of protestors to make his statement on the future of the statue? (I haven’t heard any official statement about which side of the argument Fields was on.) My personal take on this incident is that Fields was paid to come to the protest and incite violence. I hope Mr. Fields pays dearly for his actions. I am also reasonably certain that there were a lot more ‘paid for hire’ protestors (rioters might better describe them) at the event if this fact could be substantiated.

    White Supremacy had nothing to do with what happened in Charlottesville. The real blame belongs to the City Council of Charlottesville for cowering down to a person or persons who wrote them a letter(s) stating how offended they were by the statue. The statue has stood in it’s place for over a 100 years and all of a sudden it has started offending people? This is the real underlying reason that the protests happened. American citizens are not proud of everything that happened in this country’s history leading up to the civil war and people are not happy that the country had to go through a civil war with all of it’s atrocities, but it is history and can’t be erased with the removal of a statue. History is supposed to be remembered and studied so as not to repeat past mistakes in the future. Americans are tired of having our history rewritten or edited or having to alter our culture because someone is offended. And does it end with a statue being removed? I fear not. The ‘snow flakes’ will find something else offensive and the social justice warriors will go to work until the new issue is changed or removed. All of the city councils in our country need to take note, get some spine, and let the ‘snow flakes’ melt rather than cower to all of their silly demands.
    Good ol’ red blooded Americanism was the real, non-violent, reason for the rally in Charlottesville. ‘Paid for hire’ anarchists are who bastardized the event and turned it into a violent riot costing American citizens their lives. I hope something is learned from this piece of history.

  • Jeff in Austin

    I watched CNN on their Charlottesville “white” washing, and it was so one-sided it was pathetic. They were jumping to the conclusion that the protestors were all in on the car crashing. Sorry, but people have a right to protest and free speech, EVEN IF MANY DON’T AGREE WITH WHAT THEY SAY — PERIOD. Not a word was said about any “counter protestors” attaching the protestors FIRST. The point is WE HAVE LAWS AND THEY SHOULD BE ENFORCED. Where were the police to keep the groups apart? Immedicately, the demorat governor and mayor started spewing that the protestors should leave, just like mini-obumers telling people that they can say this or that. Yes, they can and the police should have keep them apart. CNN commentators were literally attacking anyone on the right that wouldn’t say that the protestors didn’t have a right to say what they believed. It will come out and we will find out the “counter protestors” attacked the protestors and that was the root of the problem.

    • Derek

      I have to say I was pretty disappointed with Fox last night also. All I heard for the 30 minutes it was on was WHITE SUPREMACIST. and this was long before anyone knew who did what.

      • Jeff in Austin

        Derek, Good comment. Fox has some commentators that jump to conclusions blaming in advance when they don’t know. There are plenty of left wing hate groups that have a Constitutional right to free speech even if we do not agree with them.

  • bill

    they had a permit to protest and the BLM and the liberal left came to cause trouble and have been since trump was elected and its the lefts fraud and i dont agree with tearing sown history and obama isnt the president now and he never was

  • denis

    Who drove the car into a crowd of people? It was not a republican. It was not a white supremacist . It was a democrat zealot urged on by the party of the devil. (Democrats) He is/was probably, a paid by the democrats hiree, an antifa zealot, to do damage to the Charlotteville march anyway he could. He drove a car into a mass of peaceful marching people . He deliberately murdered one person and hurt many others. This is a result of what Obama has done to America. Obama said he would fundamentally change America. Well he has. And this is a result that is happening more and more in America. Free speech and the right of assembly is now lost in America because of the lefts political correct agenda which means “Only the left can say and do what they want.”

  • Murphmeister

    If these George Soros funded anarchists has not gone to Charlottesville there would have been no violence or dead. But, they went there to confront and to fight. Let’s say something about them.

  • Maynard

    Yes, and call the liberals communists which is what they are. This entire fiasco was caused by a stupid mayor of Charolottesville and the president of the UVA because this was caused by their attempt to deny this group their constitutionally guaranteed rights to assembly

  • Original Anna

    The white rally people were there legally with permission from a judge. The people attacking the whites, Antifa, globalist terrorists and Black Lies Matter were not there legally. The judge did not give them permission to be there. They are the ones who started throwing rocks at the legal people and the police did nothing until the legal people starting fighting back. The woman who was killed and the others injured were BLM members who were not there with permission. Why are Antifa and BLM allowed to stop people from having a rally which is a right by the Constitution but those there legally aren’t allowed to defend themselves against the Antifa and BLM attackers. When the whites started defending themselves than the police starting protecting the Antifa and BLM attackers and the guards were called in for the benefit of the media, the democrats, the fake republicans and the terrorist troublemakers who started the violence paid for by Soros who sends these people to any city to cause violent riots. The whites were there for a rally to keep a statue where it is, they were the ones attacked and refused their Constitutional right o have a rally that was okayed by a judge.

  • Edgar Duvall

    Is BLM better than KKK? I don’t think so. Even if KKK members were chanting irritating words to BLM members, lose cannon BLM members started the war. As far as someone just driving into a crowd and killing someone he should be put to death. However if he got on a street and protesters started physically attacking his car the protestors are guilty. If he had driven away slowly even running over people because they wouldn’t get out of the way he would not be at fault.
    If anyone drives into a protest they should be fined unless they had a good reason like picking up my mother to get her out of there.

  • Bob

    Obviously Chump is a supporter of Neo-Nazi terrorism. He proved that beyond doubt. He was always sooooo concerned about Obama’s wording calling out terrorists. Now the Chumpster is showing his true Neo-Nazi Terrorist’s colors. Looks like these terrorist’s actions will continue as long as Chump is in the Oval Office, cheering them on.

  • Sean Rickmin

    Get a life madame.There is going to be a lot more of this bullshit.This country is so divided.It is divided by the people that love AMERICA and by the bottom feeders that want a free ride from the AMERICAN taxpayer.If you lowlifes don’t like our country,go find an island somewhere and make yourself a new life.You liberturds don’t have a clue about how to make AMERICA a world leader again.

  • wandamurline

    Sorry, but the white nationalists have the same right to their opinions and freedom of speech as everyone else whether you agree with them or not. It would seem that they were have a peaceful protest when Black Lives Matters showed up and started throwing rocks and bottles at them. So, who is actually at fault here….no one has thrown rocks and bottles when the BLM have protests….it is not fair to blame only one side of the problem.

  • Alan Bowie

    If anyone thinks this was started by a bunch of nazi’s or white power types, take a sedative. This was, by all indications, is another DNC/Clinton/Soros operation. The participants do not fit the profile of who they pretended to be. I am sure they got paid a good buck or two to show up under this guise, just as they were paid to show up at Trump campaigns to start trouble, just as BLM was created, not born, and just as HRC had to have people invited or paid to make it look like she had a lot of followers when she was a candidate. This is Hollywood at its’ best, except it has caused death, and these leftists need to be prosecuted. Look at it closely.

  • David Elsperger

    And yet black black lives matters caused protests with riots and started fires and then invited to the White House by Presidentless Obama! Where was all the backlash then! Our country is being over run by money grubbing people who have power in the world and then the spineless government officials that don’t give a damn about we the people and just trying to maintain their loyal status!

  • LLuke47

    ana navaro, what a nutjob..

  • Walter Flatt

















  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    STFU b*tch. We know nothing of the person that did this. Aren’t you a$$es the same ones that said we should wait for facts when the towelheads plowed their van into people in Europe. You can’t have it both ways cupcake. And stop interrupting people with your squeaky Hispanic accent loud mouth, you anti-American POS. This is all Obozo’s fault. He should have been aborted and his carcass sold by Planned Unparenthood.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    I sure wished Trump had denounced the White Supremacy after what took place yesterday. There was no call for all this violence in Charlottesville. There was no reason for someone to plow their car into a crowd and have one person killed and 35 injured. It was all over a stupid statue that shouldn’t have even been erected in the first place; one does not celebrate that kind of hatred by erecting a statue.

  • JR

    Ana Navarro is just another Communist News Network propagandist. She will always have a job waiting in North Korea as a regime pundit.

  • carla AMERICAN

    They compare whites who are tired of seeing democraps destroy their country terrorist ? Why have’nt they called the black lives matters that dress in foreign military gear , arm themselves and threaten police and whites TERRORIST?

  • Staceyjdancy

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  • Jeff in Austin

    Enforce the law

  • RickFromDetroit

    I think everyone has missed an important issue about the Charlottesville demonstration. [1] The 1st Amendment guarantees Freedom of Peaceful Demonstration. [2] When a demonstration becomes violent, then whoever started the violence should be held responsible. [3] Why were the rally protesters at the rally? Were they looking for trouble? [4] Whether we like it or not, denying people the right to demonstrate will deny many people a voice in our “so called democracy,” and it will not end with right wing organizations. [5] If we are going to tear down Confederate statues, then will it stop there? Should we tear down the Totem Poles, The Alamo, The Statue of Liberty, The Lincoln Memorable, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Statue of MLK. Many of these landmarks were protested by various groups. Remember the Baby Killers and Murders who went to Vietnam?

    • Werp

      And the cowards that found ways out of going to war.Trump included. How any veteran can support Trump is short on memory of what happened when they were drafted to go to war.

  • 27633171

    How long have we been hearing from the Black Supremacists and the Leftist Anarchists ? Have any of these Fatsack Politicians ever called them Terrorists ? Oh, No, they were just a bunch of patriotic citizens protesting against discrimination. Even when they were rampaging through the streets, looting stores and then setting them on fire and committing real acts of Terror. Now, they are quick to label anything opposing the Leftist agenda as Terrorism. If this is the way it’s going to go folks then you better grab hold and hang on tight because you aint seen nothing yet.

  • RobertjG60

    CNN’S GOP PUNDIT: White Supremacy as Dangerous as Islamic Terror <— No. They're not programmed into their "believes" from an early age. They don't come from countries where rape and murder are culturally acceptable.

  • Willie

    Same for you RRRickkk. That is an unsupported generalization that blacks and Gays protests have little violence, and when there isn’t violence, the reason is that other people are not attacking them — see the difference. Yes, let’s wait for the facts and I will bet dollars to donuts that the “counter protestors” attacked the protestors, and the counter protestors were an organized band of people sent in to disrupt the protest with violence. The problem here is the left wing libitard governor and mayor just out and start placing blame on the protesting part other than the car crash. When the truth comes out the new media will not cover it or it will be on page 15 instead of front page, and report the truth. It’s a set up just like the other black violence that is blamed on everything else but the blacks. People know what is going on and the vote in this country will continue to go to the Conservatives and Republicans until the demorats are a complete non-factor.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    But BLM and the fascist group antifa are not even mentioned. No slant here.

  • Fed up!

    Of course a minority is stating a racist remark ” White Surpremacy “. Why since Obama came along and started this divide and conquered 💩 They keep escalating it Further.

    • Warren Blum

      Because demorats are far left because of obama.

  • A_Nobody

    Except kumquat, your paid lefty friends started the trouble.

  • Volarekathy99

    I have an idea. On the statues, they can put a sign on them that says, “These are the guys that lost.” The Confederate statues are a part of our history. I don’t think we need to remove them and alter our history. The idea of having a southern Confederacy lost in 1865, and slavery was removed and no longer exists. We need to look to the future.

  • Warren Blum

    Good or bad it’s part of America’s history. Removing statues because one group finds them racist is no different than the radical Muslims destroying their history over seas that everyone is speaking out against. Or the nazis burning books and everything jewish. So you have a group of whites trying to stop it and they are labeled white domestic terrorists by the media. Blacks were a minor issue that created the civil war. “This country sho go done crazy.” Like the black guy stated in one of the 3 stooges shorts.

  • Werp

    Only thing wrong with your statement is she’s a Republican. Just knows that Trump is a con man.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Did I say one word about Trump? I love the way the left always spin everything now a days into a Trump issue. Maybe I am just tired of the same old “hate” rhetoric from the left. Then say it is the right that are the haters! There is a lot of people(not enough yet) that are rejecting you same ol’ song and dance routine! Of course you would never see that in the lame stream lying polls! Say hi to Wasserman for me: Mr Morals!

  • Richard Adams

    I bet she doesn’t think black lives matter are black supremacists, and la raza is Hispanic supremacists.