CNN: GOP Voter Fraud Allegations Are ‘BS’

(News Busters) On CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning, co-host Chris Cuomo claimed that serious allegations of voter fraud are “B.S.”: “Is there a second line to this story in terms of what this commission is about other than the obvious, which is trying to put meat on the bones of a B.S. allegation.”

CNN: GOP Voter Fraud Allegations Are 'BS' 1

CNN’s Chris Cuomo (

CNN Political Commentator Errol Louis agreed, saying it is worse than that. The real objective of the administration’s voter fraud commission is voter suppression:

LOUIS: Well that’s right. They’re trying to put meat on the bones of a B.S. allegation…Then there is this question of voter suppression being really sort of the end goal of all of this. (…)

CUOMO: So you’re saying they’re saying its about stopping voter fraud, but these efforts go to voter suppression?

LOUIS: Absolutely. Absolutely…This seems to be really kind of what the end goal is, and, of course, Kris Kobach’s personal history sort of leads you to conclude this is something he’s been associated with all along.

That history, of course, includes voting security measures. What a racist, am I right? CNN Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza then claimed that there is zero evidence of voter fraud:

According to the data this is a solution in search of a problem. I mean, there’s no other way to put it, Alisyn. There’s — there’s been extensive studies done, not one, not partisan, extensive studies done of elections and alleged voter fraud and the simple fact is, is that to the extent they found mistakes they’re almost always, 99.99% of the time attributable to human error, that there is no malicious intent here…

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  • Big John

    CNN, always gets it right and fair (when pigs flew in formation).
    When I hear or see CNN, I get an automatic “ridiculous” reflex.
    CNN and the political arm of the network known as the DNC are both terrified that voter fraud will be revealed as the way the democrats have won questionable elections for more than 50 years.
    Be afraid, be very afraid CNN, the truth is heading down the tracks like a train, and you can’t stop it.
    God bless President Trump!

    • Linda Abernathy


      • Jackalyn Morrison


    • will

      IT’s really scary that 44 states are willing to allow such corruption. When in our life have Fascist marched with guns to protest a president. When have we seen militia’s march and show up to protect our heritage. When in our history has the media and NGO’s promoted blood in our streets. If it does not stop then civil war is eminent. We cant let them win if they do we will be conquered by China/Russia. I would rather be Russian than islamofascist

    • BoTexan

      as a prosecutor(elected district attorney) in texas we found dems voted 350+ mail in ballots at one ladies house. they had four teenage girls filling them out. the county clerk did time, a lawyer was indicted, two adults received probation. the adults were community organizers and took advantage of black people. this happened in the 1990s and they admitted they had done it for years. so cnn is still full of bs(FAKE NEWS).

      • Ken/FL

        It is amazing how the media keeps the real news out of the news.

      • Louie Rey

        There was an undercover story that was publicized after Hussein’s first election about voter fraud. They interviewed a guy who said he personally voted 72 times under various identities including, ready?, Mickey Mouse. Guess who all of those votes were cast for? There’s a reason why only Democrats refuse to insist upon voter IDs. Yeah, sure, they have nothing to hide, NOT.

  • Ski

    I vote CNN is bs! Need to see my voter ID card!

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      You are SOOO RIGHT

    • Marshall Hollar

      CNN is all about FAkE NEWS and covering up for their LIBO’S BROS.It’s very strange that the WALKING DEAD;’Only seems to show up to vote when the LIB’S needs their vote.

    • mike

      I live in CT. a little town, I don’t care what you vote on, but you better have a picture ID, and with all this crap, why are the states saying they will not give up the records of voters. kind of gets you thinking how crooked this whole country is.

      • Ski

        It is funny they say they r protecting their citizens who vote info safe! Really! When u register as GOP Dem independent ect; u can count on candidates from the above parties some how find ur mailbox from fliers to donation requests! Now how does that happen if the state is protecting their info!

      • Shawn Sapp

        I think the exact same thing. They dont care about protecting anyone’s identity except the ones commiting voter fraud.

      • HadEnough

        You are right. President Trump is the only one who cares about Voter Fraud, and is trying to do something about it – and these rotten liberals try to block him from doing anything for the good – The sleazy liberals don’t want him to (fix Voter Fraud) so they can (continue) – Cheating and Committing Voter Fraud

      • erleebird

        Mike: Agree! I also live in Connecticut and don’t feel discriminated against when I show my picture ID. The left’s doctrine of allowing voting without any identification, is the only reason Hillary got as many popular votes as she did! Anyone can vote, anywhere at any time, according to these idiots.

    • Gary Smith

      Well said

    • richjack4

      Anyone with an IQ above double digits cannot honestly believe anything that comes from this network

  • Doug001

    So no fraud, yet Detroit had more votes cast than people registered?
    Hmmm seems legit!

    • Garry Bielanski

      Funny, same thing happened in some OH counties, the ballots were stacked and yet the non criminal candidate won.

      • Jackalyn Morrison

        Same here except there was a lot of dead people that voted!! And we don’t need to look into voter fraud

  • Naval Lint

    I guess this is another example of “what the definition of “is” is….”! As usual, it is necessary to carefully parse the statement. I see no reference to ILLEGAL voting nor any references to either multiple voting or voter intimidation. Somewhat like the Dems claims that Trump Tower wasn’t “phone tapped”….because today’s surveillance tech doesn’t require phone taps any longer. Semantics are important, since Dems will weasle out of a charge by parsing statements to their advantage at every opportunity, and then claim innocence.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Once ya shoot ’em they’re usually more honest.

      • Shawn Sapp


    • BoTexan

      90% of lawyers are dems 99% of liberal bs comes from lawyers,100% of judges are lawyers, 99% of our laws are written by lawyers, 90% of lawyers are operating in the grey areas—— so they always leave a way around the law. ( i am a lawyer in that 10%) how can any sane & honest person say that requiring a picture id is voter suppression, you have to have one to get food stamps/cards and to check a book out of the library!!!!!! the judges who have so ruled need to be in a sanitarium (one of the liberal lawyer judges 100% should be either in jail or a sanitarium)!

  • Mort Leith

    yea, that’s why the libT ard-commie politicians refuse to comply with the request from Congress to provide their voter data…..

    • ganderdavis

      You would think that if there is nothing there to find the left would be hurrying to allow it because it would embarass president Trump and party.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        There’s always the minuscule possibility that any investigation into vote fraud would result in the incarceration of every democrat that has ever been elected or been a party official.

        • BoTexan

          good luck, remember 100% of judges are lawyers!!!!!

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Wouldn’t want ’em to steal more chain than they could swim with…

  • Joseph

    More BS from the #1 BS NETWORK, how fitting..

  • valentina

    Why only Dems and corrupt CNN claim … no voter fraud? There’s 2 million dead still voting democrats and have been for decades. Plus 11 million illegals plus paid voters voting in 10 different states! Why they don’t us know how obama won twice?

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      You are one hundred percent correct!!! That’s why they don’t want us to pursue the voter registration but I for one think it is a wonderful idea!!! Way to go President Trump

  • Garry Bielanski

    Sorry CNN you lost all credibility with your attempt at Blackmailing the wrong person to try to look good and forward your NWO message, Bye, bye!

  • ron

    Two points.
    1. Having grown up in Chicago, I am fairly competent to explain to the author just how the Democratic Party rigs elections. Should he have any interest, I am available.
    2. He is, however, 100% correct with his comment that the overarching goal is voter supression. NOT of legally registered voters but rather the illegal immigrant voters gathered up by the Dems. Toss in the 60,000 convicted felons the governor of VA allowed to vote weeks before the election just about says it all.

    It is one thing to allow illegals to game the welfare system, obtain free college tuition, criminal courts and so on but my God, we are suppose to let anyone who can walk, run, crawl into a voting booth the right to vote?

    • minefinder624

      From what I understand , Kennedy was elected by the Chicago democrat jurisdiction of Forest Lawn which voted 100% for Kennedy . Also, when Johnson was running for Congress , a couple of counties in Texas (inhabited by mostly Hispanics who didn’t vote as a rule) voted 100 % Johnson and did it in alphabetical order.

      • BoTexan

        250 people who resided in the cemetery in Freer, Duval county, TX was the difference in LBJ’s first election to congress. being a democrat he bragged about it all the time. at that time there was no rep party in texas and cheating in elections was bragged about and totally accepted as normal—–still is!!!!!!!!!

      • Jesus Castillo

        Actually both won the south as a whole. Back the n the southern states voted primarily democrat. It wasn’t until the Civil rights act was passed did that all change.Wonder Why? Wait I know, its because all those wacko, racist religious nuts still think that the civil war is still on.

    • BoTexan

      go to mexico and see what you have to do to vote, for that matter any other country!!! the law ought to be if you don’t pay taxes(have some skin in the game) you don’t vote!!!!! somebody pretty smart once said when the voters find out they can pay themselves for doing nothing the republic is doomed!!!!!!!

  • valentina

    Does anyone check the voting machines that go in crossed republicans and come out Dems? They are financed by George Soros

  • Irredeemably Deplorable

    I understand the entertainment value of the hoax media outlet called CNN, but really.. Reporting their antics as news? Must be a very slow day.

  • Linda Abernathy

    They have students that went to New Hampshire to vote that didn’t live, work or have ID cards and even told the poll worker this she said no big deal and let them vote! So ur saying there is no voter fraud I have some swampland to sell u! #liberalliars #clintonnewsnetwork

  • Wendy Luckie

    No id required, massive fraud will occur.

  • Tim Wilde

    It’s always Opposite Day with CNN! So we know what that means?

  • Robert D Green

    If voter fraud is all BS, what about all of the phony registrations submitted by our ex-dictator Benito Obozo’s friends at ACORN? What about the phony registrations submitted by a James Madison University student in Harrisonburg, VA?

  • Ken Nelson

    Is the claim that CNN specializes in “fake news” BS also? I say the answer is “no.” CNN is the leader when it comes to presenting “fake news” and this BS story about there being no such thing as voter fraud in the United States is just another example of false reporting by CNN. They should change the message when their name is mentioned on their programs to something like this: “The most trusted name in the “fake news” universe.”

  • Tim Malone

    Given all the fake news that CNN produces, why would anybody believe CNN anymore?

    • Michael Peterson

      Smart people don’t, it’s astonishing how many ignorant people there really is.

  • jerry.rebar

    Had enough of the liberal scum, yet?
    We all know what the answer is to dealing with them, why are we waiting?

    • big KAhuna

      The real story should be that both
      President Obama and Jerry Brown encouraged illegals to vote
      Publically on TV ( irrefutable) and when will they be indictments for their criminal actions??

  • cocojo2456

    Common sense dictates that if one has nothing to hide, opening voter information to public view would hold no threat. It’s so obvious there’s fraud, guaranteed by the states abstaining, deems it essential. As much as we suspect, I’ll bet we’re going to be shocked (IF IT’LL HAPPEN) at results.

  • What’s that you say?

    It’s sad that demorats have to count on illegal voters, felons and dead people.
    Says a lot. Wake up liberals.

    • Michael Peterson

      I truly don’t believe they have anything for our America, they’ve been exposed as the wickedest hypocrites of our nation.

  • bluewarrior13

    I watch Mickey Mouse instead of CNN. It is more informative.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    If there wasn’t anything to hide, why worry that they might find something. Covering up is the Democrat way, hide and point the blame the other way.

  • big KAhuna

    CNN has no credibility – way too many lies told. The latest count for illegal votes is well over 5 million – meaning Trump won by a landslide in all areas even the popular vote. Many are suspecting voter fraud was responsible for getting Obummer elected. We have a right to know if that occurred??
    The whole voting process needs better oversight and checks and balances to prevent this from reoccurring. Proper ID
    Is a must.

    • Shawn Sapp

      I agree. The dems say it is racist to require ID. I dont see how. I have to show ID to smoke and buy alcohol. But, my solution to their argument, as ridiculous as it is, is just give the minorities an ID. They are given everything else.

      • big KAhuna

        The Dems will say anything to justify their corruption. It only works if we give them attention. This party is on life support. Taking out Sorros would be the deciding blow.

  • Lonestarbybirth

    If they are so certain there was no voter fraud why all the screaming over voters needing an ID

  • Fed up!

    Chrissy CNN is the dead network. Nobody care about your BS. Say bye bye Chrissy.

  • Chili Bean

    Just look at Texas. Johnson would have never made it to the house without voter fraud.

  • jerry irvin

    Bs is what they say. That tells me there’s something to voter fraud. This is the only way democrats can win. Dead voters always vote democrat

  • Michael Peterson

    Fraud news just can’t get it right, another stupid and asinine article, are they deliberately out to sabotage themselves, I mean seriously, does anyone actually take these idiots seriously?
    Perhaps they forgot about the Black panthers intimidation, the dead Democrat voters, the people caught voting more than once, the Democratic foot soldiers getting more than a few million illegals to vote “D”, how about how they ran good ole Bernie under the bus? Nah, I guess there ain’t no voter fraud, but wait isn’t that how the left roll? Yep, lies and deciet. That’s what liberals are known for.

  • would loud mouth Coumo pay one dollar [$1.00] for each fraudulent vote found? Would any Democrat?

  • minefinder624

    CNN says it ?? It must be true !!!

  • Joe Santacroce

    Then why are the states so afraid to turn over the information to the government is there something to hide is trump correct again as usual

  • Patrick Olson

    Lol and that’s why state after state is refusing to release the voter info……yep just another CNN/media attempt to brainwash America wake up we got your # and your fake news is not working….

  • GymS

    44 states refuse? Let me guess; ca, il, or, wa, co and most of the east. They’ll give it up and the swamp continues to drain.

  • tCotUS

    Hummmmm…..CNN?? I vaguely remember a crooked Media giant that disappeared overnight, is this still remnants ?

  • zzimpilotz

    if there is no fraud then WHY NOT LET THEM LOOK but if the DNC HAS BEEN DEFRAUDING LIKE WE KNOW THEY HAVE FOR 50 years burn them BAD

  • Sgt. York

    Were it BS CNN would be the absolute ones to be able to figure it out as they are tops in the world of BS. BUT this time we know that the Devilcrats had thousands of illegals X many put into place. Virginia has been caught as have some others.

  • Archie Smith

    So no Democretin fraud–that is what’s total BS. There was documentation that proved Odumba would have lost the election to Romney in 2012 if there hadn’t been massive voting fraud in a half dozen Northern states. Cases included use of dead peoples’ names, illegal immigrants registered to vote by the DNC, etc. Did CNN or any other left-leaning Liberal media outlets even bring it up? Not at all!!! I’m getting sick and tired of their two-faced, one-sided reporting of their news.

  • CrustyOldGeezer


    I suppose there is an argument to be made for their position.

    The goal is to ‘suppress’ ILLEGAL VOTING.

  • Beirish65

    CNN is a fraud and we should all boycott CNN and bury that news media outlet by not watching it. They are bought and paid for or blackmailed by George Soros leader of the New World order.

  • sharon

    Exactly! That isn’t just “human error”, it’s blatant FRAUD! Democrats for the most part, could not win an election were it not for election fraud–this is just a fact!

  • Ron Dasta

    It’s ILLEGALS who are regeristing to vote ! That is the biggest problem ! In states where they were voting when they had no right to vote ! Yes their are people being counted for votes because of other various reasons ! However I believe the biggest problem lies in illegal registration in many states ! I am reasonably sure that that is the biggest problem with what is being lumped together for voting fraud at least in total numbers !
    Registration in many states is where I believe the biggest problem for illegal voting is occurring in the past 2016 election !

  • bill

    Voter fraud is rampant and CNN and the dems will say its not all the way to their grave . I live in California and was able to see thousands of illegals bussed to the polls to vote democrat and when Reid the senate leader was last voted in he won
    because of all the illegal votes in Nevada and it was on national tv and Acorn got busted for it but Reid was still able to keep his seat and Acorn was fined 500 dollars which was a joke. I want trump to investigate and make the country require id of being an American to vote

  • Debra Cashman

    Voter suppression of illegals, dead people & unregistered (etc.) is just fine with me!

  • Maxine

    The Demacraps are running scared if they cant steal votes they will never win

  • Frank Budz

    Come on everybody, if it was reported by the highly regarded Chris Cuomo IT HAS TO BE TRUE. Anything that comes out at the Communist News Network is a lie. Project Veritas has a video of Chris’s producer saying how everyone on the show wishes Chris would just shut up. Voter fraud is a very serious issue, it needs to be looked at with a very large magnifying glass, but the pushback from the states is proof that there is a bigger problem than first thought. If there wasn’t anything to hide why the outrage and pushback. It just might prove that President Trump also won the popular vote as well, boy that would screw up the lefts whole narrative.

  • HDCycle

    Let me guess, Cuomo is basing his assertion on what a “person who is familiar with the matter, but wishes to remain anonymous” said.

  • Homer

    Stop with the same ole demwit lies…

    Only Voter suppression towards those illegals, those who have lost their voting rights and the dead who somehow vote! Sadly those on the left seem to need the illegals and dead votes to win elections and call any attempt to prevent any voter fraud a means to suppress minority votes.

  • mike

    get to the bottom of legal and illegal registered voters………………………………

  • John

    CNN is a manure spreading machine. They all have Piled Higher and Deeper degrees.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Curious… There’s more evidence of vote fraud than there is of russian hacking of the election and collusion with the Trump campaign, but what is cnn all about investigating?

  • Hal Lemoyne

    NO CNN

    you are a demonic liar

    democratic voter fraud is huge disgust to trusted voting rights!!!

  • Amos10

    Voters’ records are public information. Excluded is how they voted. By rights, the federal government can demand and even subpoena this information for cause.

  • Karen Harmon

    Like the Russia collusion story is BS?

  • Maynard

    Don’t jump to a conclusion that CNN is lying, of course they are, however, there is no one or no organization more able to detect fraud than CNN, they invented the concept and they are definitely the authors and inventors of Fraud. However, don’t you dare to even suggest any wrongdoing by CNN or you will be hunted down, your personal data revealed and you will be ostracized, castrated and hung out to dry.

  • monongahela

    What did you expect from demorats like Chris Cuonmo the truth, whoa this is the real world not pixie land where the liberals dwell!

  • Carole

    Why does the Media and Democrats object so much? It is just a committee investigating so what is the big deal? Seems they protest TOO much which says to me–this REALLY needs to be investigated.

  • Big John

    It occurs to me the reason for all of the vile reactions to President Trump’s election might be because there was soooo much voter fraud by the demoRats that they were shocked when it wasn’t enough to push Hillary across the finish line.
    Who would have thought that the old fraud standards that had been used for almost fifty years wouldn’t be enough to steal that election?
    Al Franken is the real demoRat poster-boy for stolen elections (IMHO).
    It is all making sense now….

  • Christian_Prophet

    There is no voter Fraud in America. There is an attempt by republicans at voter suppression. Instead of mocking real news from real media, show us a list of court cases which have proven voter fraud. You can find any. You cowards from the right.

    • BoTexan

      read my comment above, i sent one to the pen!!!!!! it was over 250 votes X 254 counties in texas = 63,500 votes in off year election. we don’t have voter fraud we have voter theft—63,500 people’s votes were cancelled/stolen.!!!! you are neither a Christian nor a prophet you are a democrat and they don’t believe in God and look backwards.

    • Daniel F. Melton
  • Gregg Parker

    Right, that’s why the DNC lawyers were following Stein around shutting down the recounts as soon as the ballot box stuffing surfaced. CNN what a bunch of suck ups!

  • Force Recon

    Voter fraud is BS??? I know for a fact my deceased father has voted for the Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrat Lieberal Party ever since he passed on and that was decades ago.

    So Communist Nitwit Network I have yet to see a turnip truck let alone fallen off one!!!!

  • richard chirdon

    CNN is bulls–t nothing but.

  • Sueja

    Then why be against it if there’s nothing there.Let’s find out. I as an American voter would like to know for certain that dead people, felons, and non US citizens are not voting.

    • BoTexan

      tell me why a person in the pen should have the right to vote, other than he’s going to vote democrat.. how dumb can we be?

  • Brent

    Just wait CNN.
    Voter fraud on a massive scale will be proven.
    California will be PURPLE, not blue.
    Voter intimidation is also real.
    But it’s perpetrated by black panthers, and leftists against people daring to defy them.

  • cpwill63

    My mother has been died for three years I check and found out she vote Democrats last year voter Fraud in Virginia. How did this happen government need over hauling badly.

  • Shawn Sapp

    Who does CNN think they are, a news channel or something. They even admitted themselves that they report untruths just to get ratings. I guess they are trying to improve their ratings again. That entire report is more lies. I want somebody, anybody to tell me how a person voting twice or a dead person voting is human error. That is just not even possible. Of coarse the racist thing has to be brought up. That is the only defense they know. The only votes trying to be suppressed are the illegal ones. Yes, the vote of any and all deceased needs to be suppressed. Argue that liberal lying fool.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Several years ago in WASHINGTON STATE, them dems. Stole the election by finding ” misplaced ballot boxes”! They had like ( what?) 3-4 recounts until they won!! Over the years they have gotten better at voter fraud, until some “dummie” beat that “his turn” intellectual, creator of the internet Al Gore! Not only did hillbilly Bush beat gore, he beaten the next one also(what was his name? Who cares?)

    • Daniel F. Melton

      They pulled the same stunt in Minnesota to elect al franken.

  • Jon Blake

    There’s a video of a Mexican telling his friend he was paid as much as $60 Dollars to sign up Illegal Voters per head. He went on to brag that he makes more money doing this than his Mexican restaurant. CNN need to get its head out of it’s a^^ and stop protecting the Brand.

  • Ken/FL

    One would have to be blind to not see that there is widespread voter fraud in the USA and it is not a new thing. The amount of dead people still on registration records alone is enough to be the deciding factor in any race for office. Then add the number of illegals registered to vote, the mail fraud for absentee voting, voters being allowed to vote without identification, voters registered in multiples states and voters voting more than once. Remember it only takes one vote to make the difference in winning or losing.

  • DJT Supporter

    CNN needs to shut up all babbling talks. Federal Election Commission takes care of those fraud votes in every state.

  • Gregg Parker

    wasn’t Brian Steltzer on Seinfeld?

  • Jerry Marlatt Pierson

    If you have nothing to hide hand them over. If you will not hand them over then you have something to hide like there was voter fraud in your state and you want to keep it hidden. They already proven voter fraud in a few states with dead people voting and illegals voting. When you have a lot more than 53,000 dead people voting there is a big problem. Then you have Obama telling Illegals to go vote knowing darn well they are not eligible to vote but some got to vote anyway. Where I live you have to have your driver’s license or a legal form of ID to vote. It took me 4 yrs to get my mother-in-laws name off the books. When we went to vote her name was after mine I would write deceased so no one could vote under her name. We had contacted them right away when she passed away but I guess it takes time to get the name off the books. One article I read said 19 dead people whose names were off the books were reinstated and they voted for Hillary. They caught the man who did this. CNN does not know what they are talking about. There is voter fraud. Having an ID helps with Fraud and every state should have the same program that will help stop voter fraud.

  • patriotism-matters

    CNN you jerkoffs. When are you gang to learn. We know you’re just defending the DC and IslamoMarxist Obama. How absolutely weak.

  • Jerry Marlatt Pierson

    If you google voter fraud with dead people and illegals it brings up a lot of articles about it. There is also people registered in two states or same state so they can vote twice which is illegal. Mail in ballot fraud cases. Fraudulent voter registration records with different combinations of made of names and addresses with people’s real information. Six cases of under age voters who somehow got registered. The secretary of state’s office in Pennsylvania sent out 2.5 million post cards to licensed drivers but not registered to vote. Thousands of them were illegals and could not vote but who knows how many of them did.

  • No Warning Shots

    Da’ delusionary KINGS of BS callin’ BS…you can always rely on CNN to bring it to you…

  • D2U

    Right … and anything CNN says can be believed? That train has left the station. Known lies and edited videos enforce the fake news cry of their utter despicableness in truthful reporting or journalism are proven daily.

  • HadEnough

    I’m so glad that CNN is going out of business – because they have such IDIOTS running the show – They are stupid and liars – They say Voter Fraud is BS – That proves how stupid they are – There WAS Massive Voter Fraud Committed by the evil democrats !!

  • Angelswatchingoverme

    What you afraid of CNN? The truth be found out, the voter fraud is neck deep, up to your eyeballs deep, that maybe it’s so deep that it’s over the top of our heads? It’s no wonder CNN is sinking under the heavy weight of their fake news. It will soon be Rest in Peace CNN….Wouldn’t you think CNN would come clean by reporting truth, but no, they keep on going, sinking lower and lower. Oh Well, wonder where they will be a year from now?

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    The real truth here is that CNN is a bunch of BS. A true case of the pot calling the kettle black. Everyone knows there is widespread fraud but the left fights any and all attempts to eliminate it.

  • Crazy Barry

    Let’s see; according to CNN, democrat voter fraud (with mountains of verifiabe evidence) is BS. But wild democrat accusations of Russia/Trump collusion (with absolutely no evidence what-so-ever) warrents an investigation? Wow. No bias there.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Democrats claim this is false so tell my how did they DEAD raise up and vote DEMOCRAT? Over 20,000 names were found of the DEAD voting for Hilary Clinton!

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      Don’t forget the precincts where more than 100% of the eligible voters voted.

  • Louie Rey

    This is too ironic to not be taken as a spoof, a satire or a lampoon of what the reality really is. We’re supposed to take something, ANYTHING, from CNN as the truth? Really? The charter member of the lamestream “fake news” media is suggesting that something ELSE is BS? And the color of the sky in their world is? This protestation is laughable.

  • Elfego

    I have no doubt CNN is a stooge. I do not know how rampant voter fraud is but I have observed it. At polling places and the largest fraud comes from absentee voting. Americans are having their country stolen from them by politicians buying votes through legislature and give away. The hard working people in America are being screwed from every angle. I am sure enough of it that I would bet my home on it.

  • Michael Brown

    Amazing, they’re still pushing their own narrative. To say voter I.D. suppresses the vote is in and of itself incredibly racist. They say blacks will not be able to secure an I.D. card…why? African Americans are perfectly capable of getting IDs along with drivers licenses, credit cards, banking, but when it comes to a voter I.D., they’re incapable of acquiring one? That is so racist.



  • Ed Roberts

    What did we expect from a liberal news company

  • PaulB

    So they are smart enough to KNOW this is fake, but aren’t aware enough to know that their whole platform is fake. Wow… they really think we are idiots. THEY are the fools.

  • Rick D.

    So, I guess that CNN would say that the discovery of a Virginia Democrat placing names of dead people on the voting rolls was merely a case of “fake news”? I’m sure that provides a lot of comfort to the fellow who will be spending the next 100 days in jail for this “fake news-B.S fiasco”!! LMAO!!!!

  • Stephen Griffith

    The Crappy Nothingburger Network should know what Bullmuffins smell like they shove more crap. Then anyone source in the World. They lie more than a rug, now their ratings are down. They whine & cry like a bunch of brats. They are gang of thugs & punks that bully young Kids. Do not know the meaning of truth or right. Bye bye, say good night y’all!!!

  • Rob

    Ok, I will believe cnn after the explain to me about Milwaukee cigs for votes! After they have explanation of convictions of voter fraud in Wisconsin.
    Are we supposed to believe you now?

  • Guest17

    Voter suppression?!? What nonsense! For Pete’s sake you need a picture ID for EVERYTHING, except voting. Try getting into an airport or hospital w/o a photo ID! Photo ID for voting and TERM LIMITS! MAGA

  • coconuisse

    Since CNN is nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party, it is no news at all that they would say that the claims of voter fraud are ‘BS’. What is terrible news is the on screen banner stating that 44 states were refusing to divulge data that would either prove or disprove the allegation. I did not know the liberals were so firmly entrenched! If you. cannot obfuscate and spin the facts, you simply refuse to allow them to be subject to analysis! How very Obamian of them, and how sad for our nation!

  • Les Prangley

    D’UH. Damn right it is a voter suppression objective.
    To suppress the illegal voter.

  • Finder1009

    Communist News Network is at it again with their fake news. Its a proven FACT that voter fraud has effected the last 3 election cycles. From having 150% of registered voters in quite a few districts, to having districts with ZERO votes for GOP candidates. And don’t forget the folks registering dead people to vote. Just to name a few things on the voter fraud list.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Honestly, I don’t know what they think they are doing. Everyone knows that CNN it total BS. Who gives a sh3t what CNN says or thinks? They are FOS.

  • TPS12

    If cnn says it’s BS than we know it’s true.

  • therealworld

    “CNN, the world’s most trusted name in fake news.”

  • Rolpho Signetti

    They were getting 60 bucks a head to register illegals!!!! I want in! I’ll do it for $50! The country is going to hades because of the libs! I might as well cash in before it completely goes down the toilet! Only problem… they will have my name! The dems will put me in re-education camps! With non-stop political speeches from Hillary and Gore! The Pain! Oh the Pain! Over, and over, and over: WHAT DOES IT MATTER! arghhhh!

  • Peter Smith

    Well, enough said, it’s BS. Spoken and verified by the pre-eminent authority of “putting meat of the bones of a BS story”, CNN.
    Tell you what CNN, let the “Voter Fraud Investigation” play out until the end. Use your progressive liberal rhetoric to compel all of the progressive liberal states to comply to the Federal inquiries. When the investigation is complete, and all of the chips are on the table, print a truthful story of the outcome.
    Come on CNN, you bunch of lying, disingenuous B-tches, put your @sses on the line …….. I DARE YOU!

  • HadEnough

    CNN are the ones who are full of BS – They are so mentally retarded that they make such Stupid Untrue Remarks – Like saying Voter Fraud is BS – When there is so much proof that Massive Voter Fraud Exists !!