CNN Cuts Rep after He Says Refugees Are Tied to 30% of Domestic Terror

(WND) A U.S. congressman was abruptly disconnected from his CNN interview Monday just as he began citing statistics revealing 300 refugees admitted to the U.S. are being investigated by the FBI in domestic terrorism cases.

CNN Cuts Rep after He Says 30% of Domestic Terror is Tied to Refugees

CNN correspondent Dana Bash was interviewing Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., on the issue of President Trump’s revised travel ban, which bars entry of individuals from a list of six terror hotbeds (Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syrian and Libya) for 90 days as the administration examines the vetting process.

Bash asked Taylor if he believes Trump’s ban is necessary for America’s security.

Just today, the FBI comes out and says that 30 percent, 30 percent, of their domestic terrorism cases that they’re investigating are from folks who are refugees,” Taylor replied. “It’s important not to label all refugees bad people, that’s not why I’m here, but …”


That’s when the feed suddenly cut out. Taylor’s face and voice were replaced by an image of colored bars and a loud buzzing noise.

“I was just going to say, congressman, it’s time to go, but I think the TV gremlins did that for us,” Bash said, smiling…

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