CNN Cuts Pro-Trump Pundits to Make Room for Trump-Bashing Kasich, Mia Love

‘The silent majority in our country feel like they do not have a voice in politics or the media…’

CNN Cuts Two More Pro-Trump Contributors

Jack Kingston / IMAGE: CNN via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) CNN is known for constructing debate panels with five Democratic voices to combat a lone supporter of President Donald Trump. But even that dynamic is thinning.

Former elected representatives Jack Kingston and André Bauer, both pro-Trump contributors, were released from the network on Friday when the network brass opted not to renew their contracts.

Bauer, a former lieutenant governor of South Carolina, told the Hollywood Reporter on Monday that he didn’t ask why his contract wasn’t renewed.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity CNN gave me,” he said. “The silent majority in our country feel like they do not have a voice in politics or the media. I have tried to express many of their feelings and why they supported Donald Trump.”

Kingston, on the other hand, went out with a bang.

The former congressman from Georgia enraged network liberals in February 2018, when he said on-air after the horrendous Parkland High School shooting that students were being taken advantage of by “left wing gun control activists.”

CNN played a large role in elevating the teenage activists, including David Hogg, with featured appearances and a melodramatic town hall forum following the massacre.

Kingston further wore out his welcome when he suggested progressive billionaire George Soros was helping to fund activist organizations who were helping to organize made-to-order media protests.

“I would say to you very plainly that organized groups that are out there like George Soros are always ready to take up the charge,” he said on-air.

The departures of Kingston and Bauer are the latest in a procession of already waning voices allowed to defend Trump on the network—and by extension, defend the 60 million Americans who voters for him.

Other nixed pro-Trump contributors include Jason Miller, Paris Dennard, Jeffrey Lord, Ed Martin and Bryan Lanza.

CNN’s decidedly anti-Trump bias will likely go even more unchallenged as the 2020 election season develops.

CNN has partly defended its editorial decisions by hiring two Trump-bashing Republican contributors in their place, John Kasich and former Utah Congresswoman Mia Love.