Alarmists’ Panic Linking Climate Change to Hurricanes is Overblown

‘It does no one any good to proceed on the assumption that reducing fossil-fuel emissions will mitigate damage from future hurricane…’

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence/PHOTO: ESA/NASA–A. Gerst

(Dan E. Way, Liberty Headlines) No sooner had Hurricane Dorian formed than climate alarmists assigned unsubstantiated blame to man-made climate change. It’s become a familiar lather-rinse-repeat cycle.

Judith Curry wrote in an op-ed for the National Review on Tuesday that over-hyping the link between climate change and hurricanes erodes scientific credibility.

It also “distracts from the urgent need to shore up our vulnerability to storms’ impacts” with better state and federal policies, she wrote.

“It does no one any good to proceed on the assumption that reducing fossil-fuel emissions will mitigate damage from future hurricanes in a meaningful way,” she said.


Disagreements are frequent among climate scientists regarding man-made climate change impacts on hurricane behavior, she said.

“Insofar as there is any such ‘consensus,’ it is a weak one,” Curry said.

Just three of the 13 strongest recorded hurricanes to hit the U.S. mainland occurred since 1970. Four of them occurred between 1926 and 1935, when sea-surface temperatures were substantially cooler than they’ve been in recent decades, Curry said.

Yet “sensationalized news coverage of the issue tends to lean on activist climate scientists with little or no expertise in hurricanes, implying that their speculative perspective represents the ‘consensus,’ ” Curry said.

That mirrors recent comments by Petteri Taalas, secretary–general of the World Meteorological Organization at the United Nations. He called on the media to be more responsible and cover the subject more objectively by including more voices of climate-change dissent.

Curry is viewed by orthodox extremists as a climate heretic, but she’s no amateur.

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Dr. Judith Curry / IMAGE: House Oversight via Youtube

She is a climatologist, award-winning meteorologist, and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

She has published 186 journal articles and two books; hosted Climate Etc., an online forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts; and co-founded Climate Forecast Applications Network to use data to manage weather risks and responses.

Meanwhile, the public doesn’t seem as excited as the climate extremists.

A seven-hour CNN town hall featuring 10 Democratic presidential candidates couldn’t even gin up viewer enthusiasm. The marathon event fell well behind other cable channels in the audience ratings.