Climate Alarmist Bernie Sanders Is Addicted to Carbon-Spewing Private Jets

Lavish hypocrisy is at odds with his working-man schtick to thwart the privileged rich…

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Bernie Sanders/Photo by WNPR – Connecticut Public Radio (CC)

(Michael Barnes & Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) It was “a running joke” inside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign: Bernie Sanders, the socialist climate change alarmist, loved using private jets.

According to Politico, Sanders often requested to use Clinton campaign jets while helping Hillary during the general election — only months after the Clinton-controlled DNC allegedly cheated him in the Democratic primary.

The Clinton campaign told Sanders private jets were a needless extravagance and asked the senator to fly commercial, but Sanders claimed flying private was the only way he could make Hillary’s various campaign stops.

The self-identifying socialist U.S. senator from Vermont liked using a Gulfstream plane, and he racked-up at least $100,000 in flight costs over three separate multi-day trips in the last two months of the failed campaign.


“We would try to fight it as much as possible because of cost and availability of planes, but they would request a jet every time,” one source told Politico. “We would always try to push for commercial. … At the campaign, you’re constantly trying to save like 25 cents.”

Clinton staffers said this ongoing issue became a “running joke in the office.”

Since then, Sanders has continued to fly on private jets at a cost of more than $342,000.

The 2020 presidential contender’s lavish hypocrisy is at odds with his working-man schtick to thwart the privileged rich, and his radical sky-is-falling embrace of climate change.

“Climate change is not only real, it is already doing irreparable harm all over this planet, including the United States of America,” he told CBS’s “Face the Nation” last November. “What Congress has got to do is take Trump on, take the fossil fuel industry on, and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, to energy efficiency and sustainable energies like solar and wind.”

Marc Morano, the executive editor of, called it “rank hypocrisy” on Tuesday.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends,” Morano said, “Outside of Al Gore, in electoral politics, Bernie was the guy as the number one ‘climate guru”… and he just can’t keep himself out of these private jets.”

According to the Institute for Policy Studies, a single average private jet trip contributes more greenhouse gases than the average American does in an entire year.

But Sanders is an outspoken critic of the fossil fuel industry.

In the past, he’s even pushed for the elimination of all carbon-generating heavy aircraft in favor of high speed trains.

In his campaign launch video last week, Sanders singled out the fossil fuel industry, and said that if elected president in 2020, he’ll go to war with the climate killers and their special interest allies.

Morano said the two-tier socialist ideal of applying harsh mandates on the many, while the politically connected few enjoy immunity from their own policies, is on full display.

He predicted that the public will see through the double standard, and that it will “have a corrosive effect” on Sanders’s socialist mission.

When asked whether Sanders would continue to fly private during his 2020 campaign, the senator’s spokesperson Arianna Jones said he “will be flying commercial whenever possible. The campaign will consider the use of charter flights based on a variety of factors, including security requirements, logistics, and media interest in traveling with the senator.”