City’s Liberals Want Conservative Author Uninvited by Venue

Jordan Peterson says white privilege is ‘really comical’ because it opens the door for millions of ways people can be marginalized…

Liberal City Residents Want Conservative Author Uninvited by Venue

Jordan Peterson/IMAGE: YouTube

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Durham, N.C. residents are protesting a city entertainment venue, which recently announced it would host controversial speaker Jordan Peterson.

The Durham Performing Arts Center tweeted that Peterson would appear Sept. 10 as part of his national tour for his latest book, “12 Rules for Life.”

Outrage ensued, with many citizens saying the venue is giving a platform to a man whose views promote racism and sexism.

Peterson is a well-known psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto and a self-proclaimed “cultural critic.”

He rose to the national spotlight for his criticisms of political correctness and controversial beliefs, such as “White privilege isn’t real.”

Peterson said the idea of white privilege is “really comical” because it opens the door for millions of ways people can be marginalized.

“What if you’re black and female? What if you’re ugly and not very bright and gay and black and female?” he asked.

In a column published in the local alternative newspaper INDYWeek on Thursday, a Durham resident said the DPAC should be “more transparent about his controversial, repressive, backward, and hate-mongering touchstone topics.”

“Here’s the thing, DPAC: Context matters. Durham exists — for better or for worse — in the heart of the American South. The American South has historically been (and continues to be) a place where marginalized people are unsafe,” the author writes. “It is your responsibility as a cultural hub of this region to be aware of that. It is our responsibility to hold you accountable when you invite people into our community who foment hate.”


Peterson’s argument against white privilege, though, is that people should take personal responsibility for their lives rather than blaming others for their status in life.

DPAC has not said it will cancel Peterson’s lecture, which “will feature revolutionary talks on overcoming life’s biggest obstacles, how to improve oneself, the psychology of religion, mythology, and much more,” according to its announcement.

“Jordan Peterson is a true academic who presents a cogent and logically integrated argument,” Matt Nickerson wrote on WRAL News’ Facebook page. “You may disagree with him, but I would challenge anyone to put forward anything to substantiate the invectives of racism or sexism.”