Church Attended by George Washington to Remove Plaque that Honors Him

(Fox News) Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed.

President George Washington photo

Photo by riptheskull (CC)

Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

“Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

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“Many in our congregation feel a strong need for the church to stand clearly on the side of ‘all are welcome- no exceptions,'” they concluded.

A memorial to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee will also come down.

The decision comes in the wake of renewed controversy over whether statues honoring Civil War figures should be no longer honored. The debate broke out again over the summer after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia killed one and injured others….

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  • Erik V Johnson

    Next Thing U Know, They’ll Be Banning ALL Monies w/ Pres. Washington on It and Deem it Worthless ! What a Bunch of Crook…

    • Artemis

      That’s their whole “plan”, belittle everything we stand for…….Pay attention to the appearance AND age of the “people'” that are involved in demonstrations that turn violent…..they are literally all kids being Paid (just like in the 1960’s), and when they are asked why they are demonstrating….they decline to answer and refer the person questioning them, to another of their “buddies”.

  • skier69

    Get over what happened a long time ago. They feel Unsafe and unwelcome, phooey. Feelings are just feelings in your head. Grow up, grow a pair. It’s not all about You

  • 27633171

    Can anyone imagine any American who would feel unsafe or uncomfortable in the presence of a plaque honoring the man who risked everything leading an army against the most powerful military force on earth at the time to gain independence from tyrannical rule ? What kind of an American could that possibly be ? I have a feeling that they are the same kind that we now find on the sidelines of the football field who openly display their disrespect for the flag and the anthem and the same kind that inhabit the nations capitol masquerading as the people’s Representatives. Folks, there is an explosian coming and you had better be prepared for it’s aftermath because nothing will ever be the same again after it happens.

    • kep

      These aren’t AMERICANS. They are COMMUNISTS calling themselves by their new name, liberals. Their goal is to erase all of American history and way of life. They are the GREATEST threat to America.

      • mtman2

        YES – and “they” have well infiltrated mainline denominations and the “Ecumenical” church-movement of the –
        “let’s all just get along” –
        “all roads lead to God”
        – and –
        “Jesus was the first socialist.”
        All totally false…!!!!!

        ………..”I Am – the Way – the Truth and the LIFE………
        …………no man can come to the Father but by Me.”

        * Mealy mouthed preachers+priest’s need not apply;
        – for –
        “Wide is the gate to destruction …..
        ..narrow is the way to life – there are few that find it.”
        “I Am the good shepherd giving His life for the sheep.”
        …………….”I Am – the door to the sheep.”
        ………… “I Am – the Alpha and the Omega!”

        SO – He either is – or He isn’t who He said He was.
        The heart of the American people believed and stood on Scripture but want no theological control via a State Church like the British had here- nor anything like they had in Europe.
        Chouce to freely worship via the God of the Scriptures was specifically first on their list of. “unalienable Rights” or not to. They understood this is true freedom under Liberty.
        “The Constitution will only work for a moral+religious people, and will not work for any other.” John Adams

        • Maxine Albritton

          well written, is it not amazing that as old as the bible is and as long ago it was written, it is reaching its rulfillment in Revelation. God said he will send a great delusion and the left are swallowing it hook line and sinker. they cannot see the truth of it

          • mtman2

            Yes = Isaiah 66:4 + Romans 1:25-32
            For all of us it boils down to –
            “Choose you this day whom you will serve!”

            Originally on up thru there was the –
            1) “MAYFLOWER COMPACT” – in 1620
            2) “1st Great Awakening” 1736-90’s
            3) James Ottis fights for legal Liberty
            4) TeaParty+Crispus Attucks – free black American
            1st to die for freedom
            5) “Shot heard round the world.”
            [email protected] Lexington” in 1775
            6) “Declaration of Independence” in 1776
            7) “Northwest Ordinance in 1787
            8) “Constitution+Bill of Rights” in 1787
            9) “The Federalist Papers” 1788-92
            10) “George Washington Farewell Address” in 1796
            11) 2nd Great Awakening” 1790’s -18th century9
            12) Alex de Tocqueville- Famous French journalist
            “America a Godly nation” 1831
            13) Charles Finney, Frederick Douglas+Susan B. Anthony-
            14) And many many more.

            * Google some of the above *

            Also see

        • CommonSenseReborn

          PREACH IT!!!

          • mtman2

            Pastors+preachers+teacher’s+priest’s need to preach it.
            SCOTUS Justice Hugo Black was the first since the Founding to 180° the 1st-Amendment reversing its clear meaning by pulling a letter of assurance to Danbury Baptist’s by President Thomas Jefferson that the government could not ever interfere with their freedom to worship nor ever endorse a State Church to rule over them as the British once had by imprisoning, torturing and even hanging Baptist’s(yes happened here in America).
            Justice Hugo Black(must have been a hardcore evolutionary -atheist) twisted what Jefferson wrote in a “private” letter to reinvent the first two parts of the 1st-Amendment with that letter by twisting its exact happened of protection to now mean “exclusion”.
            Since then has been used as “presidence in case law”(totally false); no one forced its reverse and it is still falsely pointed to- tho TOTALLY unConstitutional.
            Even worse in 1954 crooked Senator LBJ (D) got a Bill passed to put the illegal IRS(an arm of the illegal foreign owned Federal Reserve) to hae control of Churches and non profits via 501c3’s + etc’s.
            Worse in 19+62+3 both prayer and Scripture were thrown was out of public schools by the Supreme Court.
            This all before they ordained the murder of 60-plus million babies and now finding for homosexual marriage.
            A court has an opinion- not a ruling or law- the House writes law being the Legislative branch= not a court- and they have the power to call out the Supreme Court or a President and to impeach them as well as shut down any funding for they control the public purse= THEY’VE BEEN GUTLESS FOR 100yrs- starting in 19+13 with the FED+IRS installed to rule over us fir they are the very “money changers” Jesus drove out of His Temple with a whip for being a “den of thieves”.

          • lynnelmiller

            I’d be interested to see documentation for at least the first four or five paragraphs above.

          • mtman2

            You’re interested in history- that’s a good thing…
            Do look these up online one at a time- it’s all there.
            Most folks here are aware of all these changes and their negative and illegal effects on society.
            American Liberty and Principles were formed and born during the 1st Great Awakening from 1736 – 1790’s, as the greatest Christian revival since the Apostles and then the Reformation- which directly spun off the Pilgrims+Puritans that came to the New World for religious freedom to worship and colonize for a new way of life free from theocratic religious oppression as was the case in Europe with a State Church geo-political stranglehold on true personal Scriptural based worship= ie- The Roman Ca-tholic cut or iron handed church of England. And why non such hold was allowed to remain here after kicking the British oppressors out.

            *For over 100yrs various denominations alternated church services in the capitol bldg for over 100yrs.
            Rain or shine Jefferson never missed a service when potus.
            20,000 Bibles were ordered and printed for Jefferson- to give to Christian missionary groups that were reaching out to many “Indian” tribes to help them understand how American’s thot and lived and follow the teachings of Jesus.

            The great French journalist Alex de Tocqueville toured all of America during the 2nd Great Awakening(1790’s thru to 20th century) to see what was the secret to America’s tremendous success.
            He stated “It was not in the great ports, factories, abundant fine farms, shipping or other world class factors for why WE were so great” in 1831;
            but it was when he “saw the Christian fervor in all her churches that he realized why America was so great”
            He then stated that “If America ever ceased to be so good she would cease to be great.”
            Charles Finney agreed and further stated that if America ever faultered or failed it would be the fault of her preachers.
            Do see –
            True history is no longer taught= only twisted history to dim the light of understanding is allowed esp now w/CommieCore…
            However Lynne- serious diligent pursuit will easily bring much back into oe light of understanding.
            Once this is accomplished people are greatly disturbed to see what indoctrination is passed for basic education;
            Esp w/FedEd+NEA in total control of public schools now not the parents and local school boards in the various States…

      • Artemis

        We do have them outnumbered as well as out-gunned. They’re just part of the World-wide conspiracy to “Rule” the World! The dismal record of Communism has been displayed the world over….one of total failure, I.E. Cuba, Venezuela, the former Soviet Union, and the list goes on and on. America appears to be the only still existing entity that stands in their way BUT their being Atheists, they have no comprehension about God, the Ruler of the Universe! What a surprise they’re in for!

        • Fed up!

          A Suprise they are😂😂!

      • mdice11

        I looked up the website and home page of Christ Church in Alexandria, VA. Its clergy are all female. I left the Episcopal Church years ago. It is now simply a mirror image of identity politics. It has been committing institutional suicide for years and will soon disappear.

        • Robert Wayne

          They’re probably a bunch of lousy leftwing bulldykes.

        • Artemis

          Wasn’t it the Episcopal “Church” that was “marrying” Gays back before B.O. calmly made Gay marriages “legal”? Quite a “church” that is, so sick and demented! The Creator will have the last say, and I sure would not care to be in their shoes!

          • mdice11

            There were individual Episcopal churches that were allowing same-sex marriages at least fifteen or so years ago. It’s one thing when homosexuals were allowed ‘unions’ but equal sacramental marriage status is quite another. I feel that church officials who have gone along with this scheme truly hate Christianity and want it to dissolve. I will say one thing for Muslims. At least they recognize the perversion of homosexuality and don’t allow it.

          • lynnelmiller

            Thank God that He is the judge, and not you!

      • Balder The Brave

        They will enslave us all and themselves as well if their ignorance and spite fullness continue without opposition.

    • Fed up!

      There not American, there weasel that occupy their existence on American soil. When the second revolution takes place, these weasel will be hunted down, as they run. There not fit to kiss the boots of Washington our any soldier that won us independents. To bad the church has no God convictions to stand up to the weasel.

    • Kris Kristian


    • Balder The Brave

      The same people that tear down the plaques will be the first to put others in bondage because of their unwarranted fear. Washington freed his slaves after the Revolutionary War, the Presidency, and his Death. Washington stood for doing what was right. It too bad the members of the church live in fear in a free land that Washington was instrumental in creating. Such cowards in the pews.

      • Artemis

        Such Cowards everywhere…where’s the “backbone” America?

  • jgfsmf

    They probably got one complaint. But the up side to this is now we can watch their congregation dwindle to nothing with the completely stupid removal of something of so way cool.

    • Artemis

      It is Cowards that cow down to Facism!

  • mtman2

    My God – this nation fallen into obstuse historical assassination by absolute morons.
    Without George Washinton there would be no America-!!!

    Moreover he turned down becoming the firsr King so that there would be a – “WE the People” – and that all future posterity could know and have “freedoms under Liberty”.
    Even the King of England GeorgeIII marvelled when he heard Gen. Washington refused the “Kingdom of America”.

    *Outside of Christ Jesus, His Discipled Apostles, the Prophets and a handfull of true history changing Saints like Luther – Washington is the greatest man since to walk God’s Earth in mankinds long dark history.

  • Bill Harrison

    Stalin, Nazi, Mao all erased history so they could rewrite it for young people and push their version of truth on uneducated minds. Our young people are uneducated in history and this is leading them down a path many have tried and this path has failed before. But that’s a lesson from history these Nazi communist don’t want youth to learn.

    • Donald Welsh

      American history books were replaced by American government books long ago. Trying to get rid of our heritage is Socialism 101

  • Louie Rey

    Another example of why political correctness is the biggest threat to America, even more so than radical Islam. At this rate the PC lunatics are going to see it that we completely erase whatever history this country has. Oh, and by the way, it’s the history of the greatest democracy in the history of mankind but apparently we can’t have any of that anymore. Right.

  • aqualine

    Nutsy….. all figures are part of our history…and report it… NOT encourage it.

  • 2005wsoxfan .

    Let them go to the Church of Satan where they belong.

  • Tricia Harris

    What the heck is wrong with the people in this community for NOT STOPPING THIS CRAP? They should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up and protecting our rights to have our history displayed. Shame on them for allowing this to happen – or do they support the Communist taking over our country by destroying our history. Rules for Radicals 101 says remove our history. Pay attention folks!

    • Donald Welsh

      Pretty close to what I wrote! Totally the reasoning why all this is taking place

  • LLuke47

    These are not Christians IMHO, they’re a dead church owned by Satan

  • patrick sain

    these parasites that want The Monuments torn down put them in prison because they’re traitors not liberators

  • Chat1


  • gvhparkridge

    These same people are feeling unsafe and unwelcome at the mention of Jesus… they have names or are they just the run of the mill Democrats.

  • Kevin Soravilla


  • Karin Isbell

    Libtards and communists have no place in our country. It’s time to publish an executive order to this effect.

  • blogengeezer

    If this ‘church’ has any semblance of intelligence remaining among it’s obviously fawning, obsessed toward political correctness, leaders, it may desire to retain that little plaque. “Revenge is a dish best served cold”, as one historical folk saying wisely reiterates.

  • Jmanjo

    This is not a church…it is a room full of idiots!

  • Cissy Nobbe

    I am so frustrated with the religious clergy not being strong enough to stand up to the liberal atheistic dogma that has now invaded all churches with their “poor me” policies. They will be the reason for the destruction of anything Christian. However, one draw-back for the devil and his horde of demons, is that God will bring a better world exclusive of their lives! Our children, our Christian life can never be destroyed, but theirs will be, and eternally!

  • Karin Isbell

    Shame on this Christ Church and its obviously apostacy. It’s churches like this one which are a greater threat to genuine Christianity than atheisam, because churches like this so-called Christ Church give genuine Christianity a bad name.

  • Wilson Faris

    God said that all are welcome. Those few wHo might seem ill at eased are the ones coached to be so by failed leaders of their own community who sold their own people to the same Democratic Party who put them in bondage so long ago. Those same Marxist Socialist’s are equally responsible for the death’s and injuries in Charlottesville as the Fascist Socialist’s on the other side of the street. This lunacy has nothing to do with slavery, Washington, Lee, or anything else. It is a continued distraction from the Obama “Get Even Presidency” based on the puppet master George Soros instructions to a dim witted politicians. IT’S SOCIALISM STUPID!

    • Hopeful_One

      All are not welcome into his kingdom.

      • Artemis

        You’re right, only those who do right by Him will be welcome.

  • WVF

    That’s not a church, it’s a political organization which should lose its tax exempt status.

  • Sharon Melvin

    WAKE UP AMERICA! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! We can’t let these left wing idiots rewrite our history!

  • Darby2

    Not much GOD in that church.
    I wish i went there so i could stop.

  • Dan Topp

    The right thing to do would include a bulldozer.

  • Harry Pearson

    C’mon, folks, this has gone way beyond ludicrous!!! By their definition, my father owned a slave, ME, when I was growing up! I had to work my butt off and paid nothing, but, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I learned a lot that way, like the value of working for what you want, doing your best in everything you do, and other lessons. But, back to this issue, c’mon now, are we going to try to rewrite the entire country’s history…or are we going to replace our history with someone’s novel based on their beliefs, whether they are Muslim, Antifa, Democrat or whatever. Leave it alone and move on.

    • Artemis

      Great Post Harry, My life story as well!

  • Paul

    This amazes me. Is the whole world loaded up with people who have no backbone to stand up to

    • Artemis

      Or anything evil, for that matter! This fallacy that people “no longer” know right from wrong is a CROCK! There is simply right and wrong and contrary to common beliefs, there are NO “gray” areas in the middle! For those that lack the common sense to figure that out for themselves, try reading the Bible and it will be a very “enlightening” experience! Our Atheist Liberal “Friends’ use one lame excuse after the other to “explain” their atrocious, sick, behavior!

  • Bo

    Here THEY go again TRYING to please EVERYONES PERCEPTION. People can perceive what they wish to about ANYTHING. Anyone who is so sensitive about what happened during George Washington’s time need to visit a psychiatrist’s office not this church.

  • The Redhawk

    TIME TO SAY ENOGH!!!! ENOUGH ALRADY with having to put up with MORONS and Idiots trying to change American History and Legacy!!!
    Are there a FEW or ANY People in that CHURCH with ENOUGH spines to say “ENOUGH”????????????????????

  • minefinder624

    Boot the “church leaders” !

  • Is there no end to absolute Fools doing absolutely stupid things like this in America? This is simply pernicious attack by stupid people.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    These nitwits don’t even know Lee opposed slavery, unlike Grant who owned slaves right through the end of the war.

  • Tony Ng

    A dangerous trend for traditional America just to appease a few who continue to find fault with America’s history. Reminds me of Mao’s Cultural Revolution at the height of the Communist transformation of the country, during which cultural, academic, arts, educational, historical, and religious artifacts were systematically destroyed to create a new national order in China. This is indeed a frightening chapter in the existence of the US as a Christianity-centered sovereign nation. The notion of this “utopian all-inclusivity” is but an euphemism for the insidious machination to create a one-world order where the elitist few rule over the “common people.”

  • This is absurd. I would never stand for such a thing in that church.

  • Fred_K

    I do not feel safe in areas where plaques and monuments have been removed. It indicates that there are liberal whackos living in the area, and frequent the establishments.

  • Joe samo

    We are in difficult times.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Anyone who is afraid of a plaque must have paranoia. Maybe they should go to a psychiatrist.

    • Joe samo

      Or a dentist.

  • Joe samo

    We are experiencing the Overton Window. If this isn’t stopped it will never end.

    • Joe samo

      One more inch to extermination

  • J.B. Young

    You stupid fools!! If not for George Washington, we would not have the United States of America.

  • Kenneth Wetzel

    I consider this the same as communism. It has gone to far for to long. We need to ship these people somewhere where they are comfortable. It seems like America is not the place . What about all the other Americans who do not share their views?

    • Joe samo

      We appear to not have a say…because we don’t agree with them.

  • Joe samo

    President George Washington stepped up to the plate at the right time. Just like president Donald Trump did. The United States and the world should be grateful for both men.

  • CommonSenseReborn

    If they don’t want to offend anyone then they also need to take down any CROSSES OR PICTURES OF JESUS or references to Jesus because Jesus was hung on a cross because he was offensive to people. And the Bible even says the gospel is offensive and those who want to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted!!!!
    Churches like this are a joke!! They care more about numbers of people attending their Church then they do the TRUTH!……. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  • Worried About America

    This is probably one of the stupidest stunts I have ever seen and I am 69 years old. What is wrong with people? If people are so thin skinned that they want George Washington things removed then those people should pack up their bags and catch the next boat away from here. Good Bye!


    To me destroying or removing relics of our history makes absolutely NO sense. This whole movement is liken to getting rid of all blacks because their presence is a constant reminder that slavery existed in our country!

  • omikehawk

    Blacks were brought here against their will, so they should all go back to Africa. Problem sol ved!

  • Roy McMillan II

    Folks….The Revolution IS HERE!!! WAKE UP!!! You have ANTIFA and ISLAMIC terror groups teaming up. You have ISLAMIC and Communist sympathizers infiltrating our government at all levels, and you have ISLAMIC and Communist activists groups with lawyers as frontmen trying to rewrite our laws and their meanings. IT IS TIME TO MAKE A STAND!!!

  • Bob W

    These people are no better than ISIS members who went around destroying ancient, sacred sites. They are set on forcing history to fit into their view of it, and not as it truly is. By removing the visual references to said history, they can then embark on the plan to teach future generations their twisted and incorrect version. It’s the same with all the statues/monuments. At some point we have got to start pushing back, and that time is here.

  • Paul Hoisington

    A very sad day for Christianity and the United States.

  • J Whitehurst

    So when are they going to take down the Washington monument and the Jefferson memorial? Sane people need to put a stop to these rediculous actions . It is a part of our history and we should not be removing something that happened 150 years or more ago.

    Realize and know that they were not perfect but they did many great things. This is going too far because a few can’t understand that was in the past and it is NOT the way it is now. Get a grip on reality. If you are so extremely narrow minded as to focus on only one thing, then go to another church. Grow up! Church leaders should be talking to these whiners and help them seek forgiveness and understanding.

  • Kmat

    The Pews, Crosses and Bibles in Churches offend me. I demand that they all be removed!! lol

  • Donald Jones

    It’s nice to see this country is no longer honoring it’s horrible pass…

  • ydnar0591

    This is NOT a “REAL CHURCH”, ANYMORE ..!

    ..~IT”S a POLITICAL SANCUARY for LIERAL PIGS still CRYING over an ELECTION they LOST last Novenmber, and willing to tear down the country JUST because they didn’t get their way on election day…!

    They conveniently FORGOT that there were 3,500 “BLACK SLAVE OWNERS” during PRE-CIVIL WAR DAYS,… who owned almost 13 THOUSAND “BLACK SLAVES” OF THIIR OWN….!!!!????..




  • ydnar0591

    This is NOT a “REAL CHURCH”, ANYMORE ..!

    ..~IT”S a POLITICAL SANCUARY for LIERAL PIGS still CRYING over an ELECTION they LOST last Novenmber, and willing to tear down the country JUST because they didn’t get their way on election day…!

    They conveniently FORGOT that there were 3,500 “BLACK SLAVE OWNERS” during PRE-CIVIL WAR DAYS,… who owned almost 13 THOUSAND “BLACK SLAVES” OF THIIR OWN….!!!!????..




  • Victor Gillings

    there were three most powerful nations in the world, Britain, France and Spain. Two, France and Spain were on your side.-,get rid of your sanctimonious b.s. do not live 241 years ago,but in today’s world.
    Do you think we may be in the top ten? Just look at your antifar and the rest of the pitiful 20 year olds. re 27633171



  • ydnar0591


  • Free Man (NOT)

    What a bunch of idiots!

  • John

    I wonder how many mosques will be torn down since Muhammad owned and sold slaves.

    • PCS

      He was a pedophile also.

  • Bonnie Treitler

    here we go again when will it stop. first it was statues, then they wanted streets renamed, colleges renamed, now it’s a plaque in a church. if they feel that uncomfortable then maybe they should go where they do feel comfortable. as for as slaves go their own people sold them into slavery why don’t they go back to their homeland and find the families of the ones that sold them. these people want to rewrite history well it’s history just because you don’t like it’s still won’t change it.

  • Doug N Karen

    what some people don’t realize is that Robert E. Lee freed his slaves before the civil war. The civil war was not about slavery it was over excess taxes on southern states. Lincoln also had slaves why don’t they take his statue down. Lincoln also wanted to send all the slaves back to Africa. just to make things fair lets take all statues down.

  • Gerri

    This church should be ashamed. What about those that believe in George Washington and Lee. I guess they don’t count. I believe God will deal with THESE paragons of virture since as they say ALL should feel welcome. YOU CAN’T CHANGE HISTORY FOLKS !!!

  • Robert Wayne

    The worthless left wing radicals who are using this to attack patriots and heroes of American history like President Washington and General Lee aren’t even Christians. They’re merely using this to attack white people, Christians and conservatives. And the so called leaders of this church are willing dupes and spineless cowards for going along with this.

  • Bo Burress

    The Democrats and their PC police are acting more like ISIS by destroying all the history of our country.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    In 100 years from now, no one living in this country will have the slightest ideal who lead and brought this Nation into being, or how, who or where it we came from. They (we) will know not to say anything about anything, as the Dear Ruler’s, will have your head. This Country will be ruled by a small Elite Establishment and it will be a Communist Regime. This will all be brought about by our Great Progressive Party of Communism and the Right having no Backbone to stand-up to anyone.

  • PCS

    All are welcome. If you feel uncomfortable in the pew with the plaque THEN SIT SOMEWHERE ELSE. This is more liberal insanity !!!!! It is obvious who is uncomfortable. WTF !!!!!!!!

  • John Minnick

    Shame we can’t “remove” the brain dead schlockmeisters who promote this type of useless garbage! Not to mention the spineless wussies at the church, who don’t have the guts to stand up and say “NO”! So much for Bible teachings, telling true Christians to “Go Boldly”, huh?

  • Duke615

    Alexandria’s Christ Church, has been an Episcopal Church for over two centuries. The Episcopal clergy, over the past half century, have been progressively infiltrated by goody-goody, if not outright leftist, ministers and bishops. The present female rector/pastor of Christ Church should be embarrassed by this action.. Or, maybe, her superior Bishop is pressing her to effect this travesty of removing George Washington’s plaque. (I hold no brief, one way or the other, about removing Robert E Lee’s plaque.)
    If some are “upset” because of Washington’s plaque, they should find another church.
    People outside of the Episcopal Church should know that a former female Presiding (Chief) Bishop had to resign because of some impropriety, if not outright scandal.
    I left the Episcopal Church some years ago, because of all this. Sad.