NBC’s Chuck Todd is Proud of Censoring Global Warming Dissent

‘I also didn’t invite anyone who didn’t believe in the moon landing, and I didn’t invite anyone who is a flat-earther…’

NBC’s Chuck Todd Touts Climate Change Censorship on Daily Show

Chuck Todd/IMAGE: Comedy Central

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) NBC News political director Chuck Todd appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Thursday night and touted his recent decision to ban climate change dissent from “Meet the Press.”

Todd made headlines earlier this month when he declared on the Sunday morning news talk show that he will no longer tolerate discussion on the merits of climate change.

The stunning decision sparked new concerns over the mainstream media’s increasingly aggressive activism.

The on-air announcement was followed by a full hour of unchecked climate change alarmism.


“You got a lot of flak from people on the right,” said Noah. “From conservatives, saying you are censoring debate.”

“We had a robust debate,” Todd replied. “And the debate is what are we going to do about it.”

“I also didn’t invite anyone who didn’t believe in the moon landing, and I didn’t invite anyone who is a flat-earther,” Todd said, eliciting applause.

Noah then played devil’s advocate, asking, “What if people said, ‘Chuck Todd, the press should be giving everyone an equal voice.’”

To which Todd simply said, “No.”

“Our job is to be fair to the facts as they are,” he said.

But the classic problem with censorship — as noted by scientists and free speech advocates alike — is that dissenting views can be misrepresented with impunity and any number of facts can be omitted if they don’t fit a prevailing narrative.

Climate scientist Roy Spencer made those points immediately after Todd’s grandiose declaration.

Spencer blasted Todd for making what he called a “straw man argument” to justify a politicized news decision.

“I cannot think of a single credentialed, published skeptical climate scientist who doesn’t believe in the ‘existence’ of climate change, or that ‘the Earth is getting hotter,’ or even that human activity is likely a ‘major cause,’” wrote Spencer in a recent blog post.

“That journalists continue to characterize us as having extremist views shows just how far journalism has fallen as a (somewhat) respectable profession,” Spencer said.

Todd told Noah that the only legitimate climate change debate involves economic and political proposals to the climate change consensus, such as how to tax carbon dioxide, the life-giving gas.

“That’s the debate,” he said. “How are we going to do this? Where are we going to get the money? And who’s going to pay for it?”

Todd claimed massive activist-friendly reforms would serve as an insurance policy in case doomsday versions of climate change alarmism never happen — which is essentially calling for a progressive overhaul of society whether climate change catastrophe is real or not.

“Let’s say you don’t believe in it,” he said. “What’s wrong with an insurance policy?”