Judge Rejects Calif.’s Attempt to Shut Down Christian Boarding School

‘The clear motivation here by the Department of Social Services is to shut down this school because they do not like the Christian biblical worldview…’

California Judge Issues Tentative Ruling In Favor of Christian School Raided By State

River View Christian Academy / PHOTO: Pacific Justice Institute

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) A California court issued a tentative ruling in favor of a Christian school that the state is trying to shut down.

The school, River View Christian Academy, was raided earlier this year by 16 armed law enforcement officers, two canine units and 17 social workers after state leftists accused school administrators of punishing LGBT students, according to Buzzfeed News.

However, The Pacific Justice Institute, a Christian-based legal defense group that is representing the school, said that the raid was based on a false rumor that the school “housed illegal drugs, stockpiled weapons and prepared for an end-times apocalypse.”

Law enforcement found nothing, but instead of apologizing to the school, the state doubled down and took River View to court in an attempt to close the school for good.


Earlier this month, Judge Tamar Woods issued a ruling denying the state’s motion for preliminary injunction. The case will continue to move through court, but PJI said it’s likely Woods will rule in favor of the school and against California’s unconstitutional overreach.

“The State Department of Social Services relied upon an article from a left-wing tabloid from 10 years ago that accused the school of outrageous things that were simply not true,” PJI founder Brad Dacus told The Epoch Times.

“And instead of sending an investigator to look into the matter, or simply ignoring it like they should have, the state sent in 16 state troopers, two canine units, and 17 social workers in a raid to examine everything and everyone,” he added. “It was very inhumane, not only for the staff, but also for the students.”

The state has defended its case by claiming it received multiple complaints about River View from parents who accused the school of restricting students’ communication with parents, taking students off of antidepressants, disciplining students with mental-health problems, and using methods similar to conversion therapy for LGBT students.

Because the school is located in a remote location, the state is also trying to argue that its community-care license isn’t legitimate.

But PJI said that the school has never considered itself a community-care facility. Instead, it’s an educational facility that parents entrust their children to.

River View has denied the allegations made by the state and called them “disgraceful.”

“The clear motivation here by the Department of Social Services is to shut down this school because they do not like the Christian biblical worldview taught to these kids; it’s that plain and simple,” Dacus said. “They are ruthless in their desperation to shut down every Christian boarding school in the state of California. And there are very few left.”