Congressman Wants Study of Gender-Bending Treatments of Children

‘Many 7-year-olds think they can fly, they believe a fairy comes into their rooms at night to trade money for a lost tooth, and they often eat dirt…’

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Chip Roy / IMAGE: Fox News via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, requested that government agencies investigate the effects of hormone injections and surgeries on young children.

Roy responded following a jury’s ruling in his home state this week that 7-year-old James Younger’s mother could inject him with estrogen as part of his “transition” to becoming a girl.

The freshman congressman sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr, as well as to the directors of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and National Institutes of Health.

“Many 7 year-olds think they can fly, they believe a fairy comes into their rooms at night to trade money for a lost tooth, and they often eat dirt,” Roy wrote.


“It is unthinkable that parents and medical professionals would act on the whimsy of a minor child to take life-changing, irreversible steps to alter his or her identity,” he said.

Roy asked that they investigate the abusive medical treatments for “so-called gender dysphoria”—including giving children puberty blockers, castrating boys and performing double-mastectomies on girls.

“There is vigorous debate in the medical community about treatments for gender dysphoria,” Roy wrote. “Some professionals do not think transition surgery is good medicine.”

However, he noted, activists in 15 states have succeeded in banning counseling that would require a period of “watchful waiting” to allow children to grow mentally and physically before pumping them with gender-changing drugs.

Roy said some left-leaning regions had begun to persecute parents who think their child should develop naturally.

A government agency in Cincinnati, for example, charged parents of a gender-dysphoric teenage girl with child abuse because they sought counseling for her mental illness and refused to allow her to take testosterone injections.

The parents then lost custody of their child, CNN reported.

Illinois has also taken steps to punish foster parents who believe that children should develop naturally according to their biological sex, Roy wrote.

“Illinois has mandated that prospective foster parents who prefer ‘watchful waiting’ to medical treatment be disqualified despite the 17,920 children on the waiting list for families in their state,” he wrote.

“Studies show that 80% to 95% of gender-dysphoric children eventually grow out of their dysphoria and become comfortable with their bodies after puberty if there is no hormonal or surgical intervention,” he added. “Furthermore, individuals who undergo sex-reassignment surgery are 19 times more likely to commit suicide.”