China & Now Russia Send Troops to Border with North Korea

(Daily Mail) Vladimir Putin is sending troops and equipment to Russia‘s border with North Korea over fears the US is preparing to attack Kim Jong-un.

China & Now Russia Send Troops to Border with North KoreaThe Russian President fears there will be a huge exodus of North Korean refugees if his American counterpart, Donald Trump, launches military action against Pyongyang.

It comes days after it emerged that China is also sending 150,000 soldiers to its southern frontier to cope with the tidal wave of North Koreans Beijing fears would flee across the border if war breaks out.

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This morning, footage emerged appearing to show how Putin is reinforcing his 11-mile border with North Korea by relocating troops and equipment.

Russia is sending troops to its tiny border with North Korea while China is also understood to have sent 150,000 soldiers to its southern frontier amid fears of a refugee crisis in the event of war

A video purports to show one of three trains loaded with military equipment moving towards the 11 mile-long land frontier between Russia and the repressive state.

Another evidently highlights military helicopter movements towards the North Korean border and manoeuvres across rough terrain by army combat vehicles.

Other reports suggest there have been military moves by road as well…

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  • WE DO NOT want China and Russia to grab the land but to free the people of a sick dictator. Korea should always be their own people’s land. USA should not even grab their land.. we all should make good reasonable trade deals and give the people some peace in their land. Kim Jong Un is a mentally disturb person who will blow the whole world up if he does not get his way .

    • fws3

      What kind of off-the-wall idea is it that the US would “grab” North Korea?

      • Maxine Albritton

        The US does not always grab land but China and Russia might, remember Russia took East Berlin for their ally part in WWII. Spoils of war they call it. It happened in times of old and still goes on.

      • John Willis

        fws3: theres nothing there anyway , petrolium nope , minerals nope, timber , hmmm , water , weve got that , so the only problem there is “fatboy”, ,, let the people there be free and live .

        • Kol

          Actually, North Korea is on Russia’s extreme Far East border in an area that is rich in quite a few natural resources.

          Mining in North Korea is important to the country’s economy. North Korea is naturally abundant in metals such as magnesite, zinc, tungsten, and iron; with magnesite resources of 6 billion tonnes (second largest in the world), particularly in the Hamgyeong-do and Jagang-do provinces.


      THE USA is not going to grab anybody else’s land or North Korea’s land. Everything you said I agree 100%.

    • Patriot

      Grabbing land? What a stupid comment.

      • Marie Saqueton

        I don’t think USA will grab their land, they are there to protect our allies and if they do get “fat boy” out they will surrender the North to the South and make that country whole again.

    • Marine68

      Wishful thinking! Korea was not plowed under last time because the Chinese sent 1,000,000 soldiers into NK to fight us after we had decimated the NK Army in a few months. It will be no different this time, with the exception that Russia may join the fray, and it will not be on our side.

      • Marie Saqueton

        It is different now. The Chinese will sacrifice North Korea to keep America’s trade. We are the largest consumer of their products and North Korea is an ant to them. China is not stupid and I think the meeting of Trump and the Chinese Pres. was fruitful, because they turned their supply ship to NK around. That is their sign to “fat boy” to behave or China will but thier supply of food and energy. Great job Pres. Trump.

        • John Willis

          Marie: And also we owe china too much debt , and they rely on our revenue for their cheap chinese junk , russia is the wild card rite now ,n korea is a tick on the back of the globe and “fat boy ” needs a coup

      • John Willis

        Marine68: Agreed and that hole is no place for a ground battle , i did the reviews on available and reserve combatants n korea ,china and russia ,and we are offset , except for air and naval firepower , and dough boy is as unstable as sweating dynamite.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right!! You are!! I really believe President Trump should talk face to face with! Putin!! Might help!! But he is really trying to keep his promises to us!! And feels we come first!! He is right of course!! As NK! Let us just send all evil Dems over there!! Evil with Evil!!

    • William Porter


      • Marie Saqueton

        A couple of our Mach 7 will obliterate him.

    • AllanGardnerMiles

      Kim Jong Un definitely is mentally disturbed and being so radical a leader he could put the Entire World into Utter Chaos.

      • Marie Saqueton

        That won’t happen because next time he launches our Mack 7 will explode it right on his face. Our Mack 7 is the most powerful missile we have, seven times faster than sound and has intelligent bullets that seeks the target and cannot be detected. Russia and China knows that, that is why they won’t fight us because Trump armed all our carriers and nuclear subs with it already. Trump had a foresight when he ordered a bunch of it, as he increased our military budget.Trump believe; “IN STRENGTH WE WILL HAVE PEACE”. That will also stop the Chinese EMP bomb loaded missile which is also undetectable.


    Looks like there will be no N. Korea soon. They fear mad man ‘leader’ more than anything. I guess that’s some consolation for the starving N. Korean’s.

  • Mario LoCasto

    Sorry to say the fuss Is lit and the clock is ticking it’s time for y’all to wake up your allies haven’t been able to get you to listen to reason and if you persist in the course you’re taking this way only lead to the ultimate consequence. So stop playing with the lives of the North Koreans peoples?

    • Patriot

      The North Korean people have no lives under this punk.

  • bill14729 .

    The people of North Korea deserve Better, Kim Jong-un Needs to Go

    • bekk31

      Can’t they just obliterate a human target from space these days?

      • Marie Saqueton

        LIke Hillary said about Julian Assange of WikiLeaks…”just drone him.”

      • patrick

        YES, USE THE FORCE !!!!! Padawon

  • william murphy

    Who the f**k care about Asia. Mad man Trump just diverting attention from his Kleptocracy.
    Worst president ever

    • cgretired

      Yup. Right. I understand you didn’t forget to wear your tin hat. Good for you, traitor.

    • Franie

      Wow! William, you’re a dark hearted individual that refuses to open those blinded, bigoted eyes. You just keep on swallowing the hatred of the Left for what is righteous truth and justice!

      What is WRONG with you that you so hate America, that you won’t give the one person in this country a chance at turning the Left’s immorally socialistic and communistic destructive tendencies a turn back to Godly values?

      At least the Right has a great leader to look up to and support…the Left? no one. Oh but wait…didn’t I just hear that Maxine Waters is the newest darling of the Left??? Hahahahaha!!!

    • John Tracy

      really you can say that after 8 years of obama what a tool you are trump has done more in less that 100 days than obama did in 8 years for this country

    • underthewire

      WOW worst president ever in 100 days. That’s got to be one for the records. Another first for Trump. Love it!

      • Naval Lint

        As long as Liberal tears continue to flow, I’m very satisfied to say….President Trump!!!!

    • buddman

      What a clueless F&cking Moron poor billy

    • Hckyfan

      All the replies towards you are perfect, but one was left out… “you’re a total and complete f’ing idiot.”

    • Nihle65

      You are the dumbest mf’r I’ve even seen coment on something.
      Drink your Obama cool-aid, take your meds and crawl back under you democRAT rock and die.

    • 1quickdraw

      Your eloquent response shows you a man of high intelligence and a copious wordsmith. You apparently see our President, Donald Trump, as a ruler of thieves and believe this to be why he is, in your words, “Worst president ever”. Yet you never mention Obama? Surely you know of his Kleptocratic rule! Well I just wanted to congratulate you on your unique perception, Being able to make such a broad statement and your clear understanding of our president, you know I mean since he’s only been in office for 93 days and has already earned your disapproval and disdain without even finishing a single term. How astute you must be. Apparently you must feel your “follow the talking points” crowd attitude is good for America. Well it’s not but hey, I mean why not show your inability to communicate a serious, lucid, thought by spouting your non-sense. It is this attitude of ignorance that is breaking our country down. Have a nice day. Your welcome.

    • Pat Prybil

      Trump has been President for only three months. How can you say he is the worst President ever. Give him a break, moron!!! It takes time to undo all of O’bama’s screw ups. All he did was puff his chest up, and say If he crosses this line, I’m gonna get mad. Actions speak louder then words. We need to show strength, and that we mean what we say. We don’t have to go to war, we just need to follow through with our Allies, on stricter sanctions, that will choke these Dictators into complying.Trump has done more for our Country so far, then O’bama has done in eight years.

  • Lt Col Bill Kilgore

    If and when any action takes place, the ROK needs to be in the front, and the ones liberating their northern brothers.

    • Franie

      The South Koreans want NOTHING to do with war. I was there last August, and the people there actually feared if Trump got elected. They were absolutely afraid that President Trump would pull all of our troops out and leave them defenseless against that mentally sick fat boy.

      I am glad that President Trump is going to their aid and standing alongside with the South Korean people in defending their country against a madman.

      • Lt Col Bill Kilgore

        Americans want nothing to do with it either, unfortunately, every past President and Congress since, and Including Truman, punted the ball, until Fat Boy got himself heavily armed with nukes. It is not Donald Trump fault that he inherited a mess form 8 years of Barry actively enabling our enemies and wearing our own positions and military readiness.
        This is STILL Koreas mess, more than ours. Those are their cousins across that DMZ, they will be the ones to reunify after the Communists collapse.

  • John

    I hope the US would use target hits to chop off the heads of this country. The dictator and his crazy generals and destroy his missiles and labs.

  • Ken Wade

    Why do other world powers use their military to protect their Borders from illegal crossings and we in the USA don’t?!

    • Franie

      Good question. The answer? We had an “enemy within…..Obama” running this country for eight loooong years.

      • Maxine Albritton

        If you only knew the half of it. I heard on Lou Dobbs last evening, Lou was not present another commentator was in his place but he had a man on that was investigating things and discovered that the best president we ever had, *(according to the SNOWFLAKES, sent five hundred million of taxpayer dollars to the George Soros training camp I believe they said in Macedonia or somewhere like that. It came and went so fast I am not sure I caught all the incidentals. But this is the buik. of it. Maybe it will disappear or perhaps we will lucky and hear more on this.

      • AllalFayad

        Great answer!! So true!!

    • Sylvia Avila

      Because our pass Presidents wants these people in!! For votes!! Dem votes!! With President Trump!! It will change! He see the danger letting these criminals in!

      • Brent

        It’s a whole lot more than that.

    • Reha Yenkovich

      We used to do this but the do-gooder demorats complained and stopped it. Vote democrat if you want our country over run by third worlders.

      • Louie Rey

        A couple of weeks ago there was a short article in my newspaper (NY Post) about the best seller list of Amazon’s books. One of them is titled “Reasons To Vote Democrat: A Comprehensive Guide.” It consists of 264 BLANK PAGES! The only page that contains any text besides a short bio on the author is the preface or forward of the book written by a conservative commentator. That consists of one word “Thorough.” This is not a joke. It sells for $8 plus in paperback. I bet that if you gave one to every Democrat to read they wouldn’t get it.

        • Maxine Albritton

          I heard that on TV too. It was on Fox Lou, oreilly one or the other. I thought they were joking but it is true. It may have been Jesse Watters that told it too. It is to funny.

          • Louie Rey

            Isn’t it surprising that it made the best sellers list but it was never really advertised? That’s got to tell you something.

          • Maxine Albritton

            I guess the demos that were already and the wannabees wanted to find out why they are correct to be demos. I just cannot imagine buying a book without scanning through it and finding it empty and buying it anyway. Talk about being duped.

          • Terry

            I know I’m off topic, but just wanted to say that I think I still have a copy of the exact same type of book, except it’s titled something like “What Men Know About Women”. I Love that. Sorry Ladies. I apologize for all of us guys who are so clueless still when it comes to truly appreciating and honoring you as much as you so greatly deserve. I do want to add though, that these are definitely exciting days to be alive in for Christians, as we actually see the book of Revelation open totally up before our eyes, and realize that we were actually “Watching the News” or “Reading a News Post or viewing a Breaking News Clip” online. Wars and Rumors ever increasing “Everywhere” at the very same time around the entire Globe. It won’t be long now, and them comes the Rapture, (the Catching Away of) all Believers. God Bless America!

          • Maxine Albritton

            The NWorder is in there too. That is what the government will be at the tribulation time. Also a one world monetary system which they have been trying to acquire for ages now. There is much more but I always wondered why God put it in there. Now I think I know. You see the left thinking “This is so GREAT, We are coming upon something so Wonderful” Well, we know better. I think it is in there so his people can recognize the situation when we see it for what it is.

          • Maxine Albritton

            I just listened to a book, called Act like a lady and think like a man. I am beyond needing this information but just wanted to hear about it. it tells how man are wired differently than females. they are the protectors of the family, wife, children etc. Also about when they date if they plan a keeper or like fishing a throw away. So it was to help woman use this knowledge to Help us obtain what we want or think we want. Since I have been married and two children now middle age just an interesting book. I get some good imput from this channel. It is good to share ideas and thoughts.

    • Ken Wade

      Thanks for replying everyone. But I was proposing the question to the libs that obviously can’t give a good answer!

      • Naval Lint

        Give them a little more time. Libbies need to have someone to actually sound the words out for them….even when there aren’t any words!

    • nocbsfan

      Because Pelosi won’t let them?

    • Marie Saqueton

      Because for 8 years our Democrats welcomed them all to boost their voters base.

    • needful

      because we have a-holes running our country!!

      • Cookie Vranish

        We have a genious running it now. The important part isn’t that he is so smart, but because he loves our country and wants to straighten it out!

        • Kol

          Correct spelling = g-e-n-i-us, … YOU are obviously not one and that wasn’t very bright! LOL!

    • Brent

      Other countries are smarter than ours is…well, was.
      We still need to get smarter, and much faster!

    • steven jacobs

      because they do not have leaders that hate their own country

  • Mike W

    “11 mile-long land frontier between Russia and the repressive state.”

    Does this writer believe that Russia is not a repressive state?

  • Lizard

    I say put end little fat boy, and his loud mouth …. How many years has North Korea threaten America,

  • george briar

    yeah both China and Russia are making it clear they don’t want any refugees dancing across their borders but yet our stupid democrats not only encourage it they welcome it. Good thing we don’t border North Korea. With the united state sitting in the sea and China and Russians Troops at the borders seems like the little fat idiot has created quite a cage for himself and his people. Hopefully his people turn on him.

    • EdG1

      Which illustrates load and clear that the democrats are enemies and traitors within our own country. Do they do anything to help make this country better? It seems like all they do is complain and disrupt.

      I think our country would be in a lot better shape if the democratic party was declared illegal and every one of them currently in office were sent to Arab countries, since they seem to love those country’s policies so much. Use their homes to house veterans and their offices to house the homeless. The same with the ACLU, another enemy within.

      With the democratic party gone, it will also give the Libertarian party a chance to bring their ideas to the table. Their ideas are a lot more intelligent than idiots like Pelosi and all of her ilk.

      The country has been pushed in the wrong direction for too long. It’s going to take tough measures to bring her back to the greatness we once had.

  • Louie Rey

    So maybe we don’t need a border wall, just thousands of members of the military. What’s cheaper? I guess President Trump will figure that out and make the deal.

    • Ed

      It’s cheaper to build the wall for $10 billion then to have illegals cross and live off our hard working dollars for $90 billion!

      • Naval Lint

        Of course, Louis Rey will probably have to return to the land of his birth, Ol’ Mehico….

        • Louie Rey

          I just realized what an idiot you are. It’s Navel Lint, not Naval unless you get your lint from the seven seas. That’s not called lint, it’s called flotsam. And for your information I was born in New York City to American parents. Yes, I am Hispanic but I’m an American first. What are you, besides flotsam?

          • nocbsfan

            Louie don’t let people like lint rile you. You know where your are from. He knows he was scraped out of a belly button after a week in the woods. Lint calls himself naval because he hates water, Water and lint just don’t mix

          • Louie Rey

            I will DEFINITELY take that under advisement! Thanks and have a great weekend.

          • Naval Lint

            Well, gee, I guess you foynd me out! I’m certain that your nanny is VERY proud of you…she’ll put another gold star in your safe space!

          • Ken Wade

            Louie is on our side buddy. Just like millions with Hispanic last name USA Citizens! In the short term, BUILD THAT WALL! It will save billions in long term. We need to protect Our Borders, Culture and Language no matter what the cost!

      • Louie Rey

        I was thinking in terms of what our military gets paid regularly compared to what the cost of the wall would be. Be that as it may, whichever way is the best way out of the situation is the way to go.

  • billybonney

    Bring in illegals and pay for them the rest of your life!

  • michael a

    Would be much better if North Korea leader fat lardassed little boy gets killed no body can have North Korea will become just Korea instead of north or south. South Korea will take over the north let them run free independence help with people give them food and medical help becomes one state Korea. No one should take North Korea land.

  • Christopher Vaughn

    What if the real reason for the troops is to back North Korea from US attacks?

  • William M Klepper

    Good! I’ll bet Trump organized this to prevent a ground war. This will cause N.Korea to play by the rules instead of escalating tensions. And the best part is it won’t cost us a life.

  • Ken Wade

    Thanks for replying everyone. But I was proposing the question to the libs that obviously can’t give a reasonable answer!

  • Tom Sanders

    Oh well, if Kim causes more problems, he has no where to run.

  • Would it be silly to say “Russia and China are responding exactly like they would have if Obama were still in office.”
    The Russian and Chinese troops on N.Korean borders could also be used to enter N.Korean and convince those understanding N.Korean leaders that the nuclear program was a terrible idea and needs to be dismantled.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Oh great…… another Vietnam war in the making.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Ken

    Hey Mr. Putin. Just how many tanks will you need to contain the refugee flood across an 11 mile border? For that matter, tanks?

  • John Scrima



    So China & Russia don’t want illegal aliens crossing their borders?

  • patrick

    What about this : Those troops ( China/ Russian) could be used against our troops.?????? If they decide to back One hung low!!!

  • steven jacobs

    Putin, protecting his borders? GOOD for him! Unlike Obama-the only president that HATED America- who would send busses to bring them in, give them welfare and tell them they are above the law-do whatever you want.


    The democrats have truly destroyed their party………and they seemed not to be completely done with their ruin yet……it will take years before there is a comeback for them……media has also destroyed their own self, as well…..has others seen the new “One American News” station? Fairly decent broadcasting…seem to report only leaving biased opinions out of their coverage……have noticed though a couple of stories where they chose to leave out descriptive worthy content that identifies involved individuals as possible and probable terrorist sympathizers….example, man in California that killed 3 innocent civilians yelling, ” allah akbar”….One American News did not state that he was possibly a terrorist or sympathizers or racist ..????????……think that it WAS important to include this in their reporting……..but, in all…..Fox News or One American News….