Chicago Police Union Votes ‘No Confidence’ in Anti-Trump Police Superintendent

‘Here’s a man who could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs. He’s not doing his job…’

Chicago Police Union Votes 'No Confidence' in Anti-Trump Superintendent

Eddie Johnson / IMAGE: Fox News via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) The Chicago police union issued a vote of “no confidence” against Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson after Johnson said he’d boycott President Donald Trump’s Monday speech in Chicago.

After Trump announced he’d address the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, Johnson said he would skip the speech in protest because the “values of the people of Chicago are more important than anything that he would have to say.”

The board of directors of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police said Johnson’s decision is unacceptable considering the president “has always been a supporter of law enforcement.”

Johnson responded to the “no confidence” vote by saying the board of directors doesn’t speak for rank-and-file membership.


“While today’s decision is from the board and not the active FOP membership, I understand and respect that the Lodge is upset about the decision to not stand with the president,” Johnson told WBBM-TV.

“As police officers, our job is to be the voice for the voiceless and ambassadors to the communities that we serve,” he continued. “I can’t in good conscience stand by while racial insults and hatred are cast from the Oval Office or Chicago is held hostage because of our views on new Americans.”

Johnson is currently under fire for drinking while driving and falling asleep behind the wheel. He initially tried to claim there had been a mixup with his blood-pressure medications, but he later admitted to Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot that he had been inebriated.

Trump returned fire on Johnson’s attack during his speech on Monday, claiming that Afghanistan “is a safe place by comparison” to Chicago.

“That’s a very insulting statement after all I’ve done for the police,” Trump said of Johnson’s comments, according to the Washington Post.

“I’ve done more than any other president has done for the police,” he said. “… Here’s a man who could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs. He’s not doing his job.”