Chicago Mayor Argues w/ Ted Cruz over Whose Mass-Shooting Problem Is Worse

‘Keep our name out of your mouth…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasted Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, calling him a “coward Republican” for pointing out Chicago’s high rate of gun violence-related deaths.

After another shooting left seven victims dead and 22 injured in Odessa, Texas, last weekend, Cruz said “gun control doesn’t work” and pointed to Chicago as an example.


Over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago, seven people died in shootings and more than three dozen were injured. But Lightfoot dismissed Cruz’s concerns, telling him to “keep our name out of your mouth.”

Cruz responded by saying Lightfoot should refocus her outrage on her city’s homicide rate instead of political opponents.

“All five of those cities have had Democratic mayors for decades and aggressive gun control policies—none seems to be working,” Cruz continued in a follow-up tweet.

“Maybe, rather than getting angry when others point out the tragically high murder rate in Chicago, you put aside the partisan talking points & the failed gun-control policies Chicago has pursued for decades.”

Lightfoot hit back and said if Cruz “really cares about Chicagoans,” he would encourage his party to endorse gun-control reform.