Entitled Comedian Chelsea Handler Lectures ‘The View’ About ‘White Privilege’

‘You making a documentary about white privilege is an example of your privilege…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Liberal activist and comedian Chelsea Handler suggested white people should enroll in “sensitivity” classes that make them feel “uncomfortable” to check their privilege.

In an interview with “The View” on Wednesday, Handler railed about white privilege and recalled how, at the University of Southern California, several black students confronted her about how she, too, exercised privilege.

“There were black people in that room that were taking me to task saying, ‘All you do is come in here and take, take, take. You making a documentary about white privilege is an example of your privilege,’” Handler said, referencing a Netflix special she produced.

“And it was good for me to hear,” she said.


Admitting white privilege is “uncomfortable,” which is why so many refuse to accept that it exists, Handler claimed.

“Guess what! It’s OK to be uncomfortable!” she said. “We can afford to be a little uncomfortable after everything that’s happened and stretch our, kind of, brains and our bodies to—to put ourselves in situations that aren’t natural, that aren’t comfortable.”

Diversity is often uncomfortable, she continued, which is why racial sensitivity classes are a good way to expose white Americans to their inevitable advantages.

“We should all be taking all of those classes!” she said.

Last year, Handler complained that her professional privilege made her “feel gross” about herself.

I just started to think about all the privilege I’ve benefited from in this industry, specifically—being a Jew is a bonus, being a girl as comedian when I was coming up. I had every advantage. Every door opened for me,” she said.

“When I started to look around at people that don’t have as successful of a career or are working twice as hard to achieve the same things, I started to feel very gross about myself,” she continued. “… I’m a perfect example of the American dream, if you’re white and borderline pretty.”