Charlotte Dems Flip-Flopped on Welcoming RNC Due to Public Pressure

City Council almost unanimously supported bringing Republicans in 2020 when discussing behind closed doors…

Charlotte City Council Votes to Accept RNC Bid if Selected

Pastor Ray McKinnon leads opposition to RNC bringing convention to Charlotte in 2020./PHOTO: Twitter

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Conversations from a secret Charlotte City Council meeting show 10 of 11 council members privately supported bringing the 2020 Republican National to their city before many of them began to publicly denounce it last month, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Despite the almost unanimous support behind closed doors early this year, the council barely voted to approve the RNC 6-5 on July 16 in its public vote (The Republican National Committee confirmed Charlotte would host the event on July 20.).

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles held a private meeting in January 2018 that confirmed the support of every member except Democratic council member LaWana Mayfield.

Council members quietly backed the idea at least through June 25, when Lyles hosted their final private meeting.


When the matter became public, many of the Democratic council members began to speak negatively about bringing the convention to Charlotte.

Council member Braxton Winston opposed hosting the convention in Charlotte.

He called President Donald Trump an “avatar of white supremacy.”

Democratic council member Justin Harlow also changed his opinion due to public pressure.

“I have had constituents who have reached out about this,” Harlow said. “A lot has changed. Months ago, we weren’t pulling children away from their families at the border.”

In early July, he became the second council member after Mayfield to announce opposition to the convention.

“This president is dangerous,” Harlow said. “I’d no sooner bring Donald Trump to Charlotte . . . than I’d welcome a Klan rally to Charlotte.”

Mayfield opposed the convention from the beginning, citing concerns about negative publicity and possible protests from the city’s minority population.

“Have we taken into consideration the possible impact of boycotting?” Mayfield asked. “Have you looked at negative media coverage?”

Republican council member Ed Driggs did not criticize Democrats for opposing the convention, but he bashed them for publicly stating their opposition only a few weeks before the final decision had to be made.

He said Democrats should have sided with Mayfield from the first meeting if they had concerns.

“She stated the opposition case quite well,” Driggs said in an interview Monday. “If there had been more people like her against this from the beginning, we wouldn’t have gone for it.”