Networks Ignored Failed School Bombing by ISIS-Inspired Student

Muslim related domestic terror plot does not help the narrative of the need for “common sense” gun control…

(News Busters) In the wake of any school shooting, the liberal media trip over themselves in a mad dash to cram their gun control agenda down America’s throat.

Damn be the facts as they glorify those who push gun control and ignore anything that doesn’t fit the agenda.

While major liberal network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) had hyperventilated about AR-15’s on their morning and evening shows, they either ignored or downplayed a recent failed bombing at a Utah high school by a student drawn to ISIS.

According to an Associated Press report that NBC republished online, a student at Pine View High School in St. George, Utah was arrest Monday night after a bomb he planted in the school failed to detonate.


** MORE MUSLIM TERROR COVERAGE at Liberty Headlines **

“A teenage student at a southern Utah high school has been charged with bringing a homemade bomb to the school that was discovered in a backpack emitting smoke and prompted an evacuation,” the AP reported.

“No one was hurt Monday after the backpack was found in a common area of the school by a student who reported it to a teacher.”

While CBS and NBC have yet to report the incident, ABC anchor David Muir gave the failed bombing a mere 15 seconds on Wednesday’s World News Tonight

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