All the Candidates Bernie Sanders is Endorsing Are Losing

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Vermont Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders gave former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton a difficult run in the 2016 primary, but the list of his recent endorsements reveals his political clout could be receding.

Bernie Sanders photo

Photo by AFGE (CC)

The senator has so far formally endorsed seven candidates for their respective offices since the November 2016 election, according to a historical analysis conducted by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Sanders formally endorsed Keith Ellison for chair of the Democratic National Committee, James Thompson for U.S. Representative, Tom Perriello for Governor, Jon Ossoff for U.S. Representative, Heath Mello for Omaha Mayor, Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla for Los Angeles School Board, as well as Rob Quist for US Representative.

Every candidate, with the exception of Ossoff and Perriello, have already lost their special elections during the 2017 electoral season.

In addition, a group created to continue the progress Sanders made in the 2016 primaries called “Our Revolution” endorsed 25 candidates that lost their 2017 elections and only endorsed 12 winning candidates, giving the group a 32 percent success rating.

“Through supporting a new generation of progressive leaders, empowering millions to fight for progressive change and elevating the political consciousness, Our Revolution will transform American politics to make our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families,” the group asserts on its website.

For his part, a large reason for the stunningly low success rate is his willingness to formally endorse Democrats running in deeply Republican districts.

“The truth is that in some conservative states there will be candidates that are popular candidates who may not agree with me on every issue. I understand it. That’s what politics is about,” Sanders told NPR in April about the endorsements.

A Harvard-Harris poll published in April reported that the senator was the most popular politician in Washington, D.C. He was the only member of Congress to break with 50 percent mark, earning a strong 57 percent approval rating. That’s down from a high of 62 percent last October, after his loss to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the primary.

“In losing to Hillary [Clinton], Bernie Sanders has floated above today’s partisan politics,”  said Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn in April. “It is symptomatic of the Democrats increasingly consolidating to the left while the Republicans are fractured and unable to come together. Sanders is an asset to the Democrats.”

Although Sanders’ popularity is high, his support hasn’t translated to success in the polling booth, even in strong Democratic strongholds like Los Angeles.

The senator endorsed two Democrats currently running for office. Ossoff is currently leading Republican challenger Karen Handel, but the recent polls don’t reflect a poor performance in the latest district debate last week.

Perriello leads over current Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam in that state’s gubernatorial primary scheduled for June 13th, but the young Democrat continues to have a smaller donation haul than his opponent.

Sen. Sanders didn’t immediately return a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • Ski

    Of course they r!

  • James Higginbotham


  • KKmoderate

    Anyone except me yet come to the obvious conclusion that Bernie did as well as he did as a DNC candidate in 2016 was that he was running against a proven looser?

  • RickFromDetroit

    Hillary had all of the black vote, gay vote, women liberation vote, Wall Street vote, and millionaire & billionaire vote. All that was left for Bernie was the working class vote.

  • Jim Wagenmann

    When are people going to understand that progressive equals socialist. Progressives hate the constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Their sole goal is to put elite mega-millionaire in charge of our country while enslaving everyone else.

    • Christian Prophet

      I would suggest that you are speaking about republicans who have put Trump, an elite billionaire in office to serve the wealthy, reduce access to health care, and make a bunch of money while he is in office. You should read the constitution, it states that government should serve the general welfare, not the capitalists. Government should serve the people, if that is socialist, then fine. Maybe you would like your social security be taken from you. Let’s take your Medicare away. My goodness, it is my fortune which is supporting your poverty.

      • Carole

        Obama is the one who made the money. He had less than a million dollars when he entered the white house in 2008. He just bought an 8 Million dollar house in Washington and owns a home in Hawaii. President Trump does not draw a Presidential salary because he works for the people. Unlike Obama who still works to destroy America. Socialism is not working too good in Venezuela or Europe or have you not been keeping up?

        • Susan B

          Only one issue with what you said. Obama has just purchased three houses.

      • RickFromDetroit

        When are the conservatives, liberals, democrats, progressives, etc., going to figure out that “consumer spending” is 70% of the economy, and all of these entitlements are considered “consumer spending?” Social Security pays out nearly $80 billion in benefits every month, but most of this money is returned to the economy as mortgages, rents, car payments, insurance payments, groceries, entertainment, vacations, and various other types of “consumer spending.”

        If it weren’t for our “poverty” supporting the economy, you would not have a “fortune” since the entire economy would go into a “free fall.” Ask any of your economic idiot friends what the economy would look like without that $80 billion that SSA pays out every month!!

        • Bernie

          Using that logic, no one should work for a living and contribute to SS.
          Let’s just have the government GIVE everyone about….oh a quarter of a million dollars a year to spend on the economy.
          Are you with me!

          • RickFromDetroit

            Do you ever read about the new technology that is coming available? Within the next 10 to 20 years we will have artificial intelligence, robots, autonomous vehicles, etc. performing every task that we humans currently perform. They will dominate our factories, drive our cars, cabs, trucks, buses, serve us our food in the fast food joints, fly our planes, etc. I just read an article from Boeing that said they are working on artificial intelligence to replace the pilots in their planes. Robots are replacing nurses in the hospitals, and assisting surgeons. We have fast food joints replacing cashiers with kiosks, and there are now robots available that can serve coffee and flip burgers.

            The good old days of a days work for a days pay are limited. If we can control a robot on Mars, then why do we need a human running a bulldozer on earth? The problem we are facing in the future is, when the machines are doing the work, and no one has a paycheck, who is going to buy the machine made products? So yes, I will take a quarter of a million dollars a year to spend on the economy, me and everyone else, otherwise we won’t have an economy!

          • Bernie

            Oh…So you are in favor of the government printing enough money and just giving everyone a quarter of a million a year.
            You’re in favor of everyone losing the incentive to work and better themselves and produce the robots and other things that will make life more pleasant.
            Got it….

          • RickFromDetroit

            Work where Bernie? You missed the point, there is not going to be any jobs. And I wasn’t referring to the government printing more money to pay for the quarter of the million, they have already done that trying to make their privatization work. It hasn’t, and this is why we have so much debt.

            We will have to put the machines to work and pay the people, or no one will have any money to purchase the machine made products. This will have to be done with corporate/business taxes, that all of the brain dead idiots are whining about.

            You can not run a business without customers, and you can not have customers if they don’t have any money to spend on your products/services.

            Privatization only works when you have more work than workers. When you have more workers than work, then you will develop a society that is dominated by poverty unless you can find a way to redistribute the wealth.

            We currently have 42 million people living in poverty in this country. WHY? Hint. It is not because of taxes.

          • Bernie

            I get it. If I want to make more than what the government gives me, I won’t be allowed to?
            And, if I don’t spend all the $250,000 the government GIVES me, but only spend $100,000 of that, they’ll take the rest back??
            Another thing, I don’t want to live in the same kind of house you do. I don’t want to drive the same kind of car you do. I don’t want to eat the same kind of food you do. I want better than the $250,000 the government gives me.
            You argue that SS hands out $80 billion dollars a year that goes back into the economy. What about the billions that are taken out of your paycheck every week for SS that DOESN’T immediately go back into the economy?But instead is pissed away on other things?
            By the way, rotary phones are not being made any more. Neither are 33rpm records.
            You say we will have to put machines to work and pay the people. Who is going to make the machines and why should I get up at 6AM to make those machines if I’m going to get paid for doing nothing, anyway? Why should I go to school to educate myself if some putz in Washington is going to pay me, anyway?
            And, by the way, the more people you have, the more product you need. Whether it’s food, housing, medicine (doctors, hospitals), etc. Who’s going to provide that? The government?
            Some dumb schmuck in Washington is not going to make that decision for me.

          • RickFromDetroit

            To start the government subsidy is not going to be $250, that was your amount. It will be enough to provide housing, food, transportation, and some entertainment. The good paying jobs will not be there because they will be replaced with machines. This will leave us with the ma & pa neighborhood shops and you will be paid extra to work.

            SSA pays out $80 billion a month, not $80 billion a year. As for your home, car, food, etc. you will not have any of them, much less a choice because we will end up with another economic meltdown. Consumer Spending is 70% of the economy, and your policies will leave us with Consumers who don’t have any money to spend. CRASH!!

            Many, if not all of the machines will be made by machines, they are called robotics. Once the artificial intelligence is perfected in the near future, most of the engineering will be done with computers.

            You won’t have to get up at 6:00 AM to go to work, you can instead go to the health club, coffee shop, go jogging, or hit the local bar.

            The more people you have the more Consumer Spending you have, providing the consumers have a source of income. With the machines doing the work, where is the income going to come from??

            History of the auto industry: [1] 100 years ago Henry Ford had horses pulling his Model T down the assembly line because he couldn’t find enough workers for the plant. [2] 50 years ago if you wanted a job on the assembly line, [a] you went to the nearest plant, [b] they handed you application and said to bring it back the following day, [c] they then walked you to the line and put you to work. [3] Today if you would like one of those “gifted” jobs, [a] you must make an appointment to pick up an application, [b] then you can look for a full time job and “hope” for years that you will receive a call. WOW, have things changed in 100 years since we replaced the horses with high tech robots!

          • Meteorlady

            The last paragraph says it all…. an still people have jobs……so how can you get entitlements from the government without people paying taxes? Just asking.

          • Meteorlady

            So let me get this right. There will not be any reason for me to have had a business since I won’t have customers? The oil fields won’t need equipment and I won’t need to service the waste wells and other items that have to do with energy? I won’t have to visit the wind farms and maintain the equipment?

            Oh wait – I’ll have robots to drive there and do all that……and my Economics major will be wasted because you have all the solutions instead of us “idiots economists”……

          • Meteorlady

            Who manufactures and creates all those things you just talked about and don’t they get paid for their contributions? Boeing can fly a plane around the world without a pilot and land it exactly where it belongs but people have no faith in a plane like that so it hasn’t happened.

            So when all those workers don’t have jobs who will pay for social entitlement programs and the rest of the government that is growing uncontrollably.

        • Meteorlady

          Seriously? I have an advanced degree in Economics and your statement is totally incorrect. I also have a mother on Social Security and Medicare. Her SS payments would not even cover a mortgage if she had one. In fact her SS payments are less because Medicare premiums have been increased as a result of Obamacare and the take-aways from Medicare.

          Poverty? Really because those in poverty are the ones that are hurt the most by government entitlements spending.

          I’ll make this simple for you…. the government overspends and doesn’t have enough tax revenue to pay for it’s programs, it’s employees or it’s departments so they borrow from the Federal Reserve who in turn writes a check on ZERO money they hold. To you it’s called printing money but it is really diluting the dollar. In fact in 2008 if you had purchased something for $100 the same item would not cost you $113.67 or 13.6% more than just 9 years ago.

          The government takes those zero dollars and pays their contractors, departments and employees. Those people deposit that money into probably federal reserve system banks and the money gets into circulation via the banks using fractional banking – they loan 90% of that money out.

          That is inflation and that hurts the poor and elderly on fix incomes the most. They don’t have money to spend to keep the economy going, they are barely making it on their own. Economy in free fall?

          the $80 BILLION THE SSA plays out every month is not welfare the people that it goes to were made promises by the government, most of which have been negated by how inflation is calculated, and they have not been met. In 1965 LBJ put the SS Trust Fund into the general fund to help subsidize Medicare/Medicaid. Obama did the same thing only he stole from Medicare to pay for Obamacare’s cost over runs (it’s estimated that it added $4.3 billion each year to our national debt).

          So when I ran my business I didn’t contribute to the economic health of this c country?

      • Susan B

        The Blue-Collar Billionaire is doing more good for the country than any president in two terms. If you saw the list of what he has done for the people so far, even you would issue an apology. The media represents the world’s wealthiest globalists and is told to invent or embellish with lies to keep the truth from the people. You are regurgitating their traitorous talking points.

      • Margaret Dimick Godt

        Xthis person talks like a loony liberal. Do they not know every democRATS is also rich. Where did they get their money?? Not on there paycheckAnd not on hard work. They do very little of that. Do some research about them since you seem too think you know everything . We have paid into social security for our whole life and we expect to get our money back. We did not live on welfare WE WORKED. Grow up and get a brain.

      • Bernie

        Christian (putz),
        According to the Clintons, they left the White House “totally broke and in debt”.
        They are now worth a quarter of a BILLION dollars without working a single day in the private sector or producing a single item.
        Now, want to talk more about “serving the wealthy”?
        Government doesn’t “serve” the people…. My tax money and yours does.
        If you want everyone to have access to healthcare, why didn’t you become a doctor and help out?
        My social security taken from me??? Are you saying I didn’t pay for it? Actually, you didn’t mean TAKEN from me…,,You should have said STOLEN from me.
        It’s so easy making a left-winger look foolish!

        • Meteorlady

          Explain to Christian how LBJ opened the Social Security Trust Fund and placed in the general fund so that Medicare and Medicaid would appear to be self-sustaining. Oh and didn’t Obama take from Medicare a few billion here and there from Medicare (leaving our Seniors with less healthcare and higher premiums) to give to Medicaid.

          Then maybe explain why we had to go off the gold standard and float the dollar so that the government could borrow from the Federal Reserve when they over spent, causing inflation or a devalued dollar.

          Yes Medicare and SS have been looted by Democrats and no media will even mention what it has done to the elderly in this country when they purport to defend those that need……

      • Meteorlady

        Oh get a life. Obama just purchased a $10 million house – how did he get that on the salary a President gets?

        Healthcare? I am paying more for my healthcare – in fact 28% more than I was before Obamacare and meanwhile my sister-in-law (who is a ski bum with an accounting degrees) works just enough hours to get her healthcare for $5.00 per month. I love subsidizing those that can work but don’t want to.

        I also lost my doctor and it is getting hard to find a doctor that is still around and good. Most have left the profession or signed on for Hospital emergency room doctors which my doctor did. She is getting paid more for working one week than she made in private practice.

        How is it fair for someone who works and supports themselves to have to subsidize all those that choose not to work hard and earn their own living?

        The government should PROTECT the people. If you believe it should serve the people then you are under the wrong impression and have no idea why we have a Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

        Trump is taking NO SALARY nor is his daughter. You are talking about a man that gave up an millionaire life style, was already worth a fortune, to take on fixing this country because he does not want to see is fail and fall like Europe.

        General welfare? Really because I don’t see it that way. I work the local food bank and I see people everyday trying to take care of themselves but at least we are working a charity instead of expecting the government to take care of things. We are also mentoring children in schools and building Habitat housing which means we are helping people help themselves.

        When I seem Latinos with 4 and 5 children paying with food stamps at the grocery store all I can think of is they disrespect those hard working Americans that work to take care of their families, have enough responsibility to not have more children than they can afford, and depend on themselves for what they have.

        General welfare has caused the disintegration of our inner cities where the liberals have parked people for votes. It has caused more poverty per capita than in Detroit fixing the inner cities and they are still a mess and crumbling. Model Cities is a complete failure, welfare is a complete failure and the inner cities are a cesspool for crime, drugs and illiteracy and no Democrat or Republic in my immediate recollection has done anything to help that be better.

        Take Social Security from those that EARNED IT? Really because socialism has already done that when LBJ dipped into the TRUST FUND and made it part of the general fund in order to subsidize medicare/medicaid when they were unsupportable.

        Then comes Obama who takes from those that earned it via Medicare payments and drops a lot of the services and drug benefits our elderly get to pay for Obamacare/Medicaid.

        My goodness I cannot wait until you try and collect anything like SS or Medicare when it’s your turn. See how you feel them.

        My mother is being denied certain treatments and test because of her age because of cuts in Medicare and her portion of the premiums that come out of Social Security check more than take what any increase she received would have been. She is also paying more for her supplemental insurance.

        Social Security and Medicare are entitlements – true entitlements – the AMERICANS that paid into them are ENTITLED to get back their money as guaranteed the American Government.

    • Susan B

      But they talk in such a way that it makes their followers feel GOOD about the message and that the politician CARES for others and is INCLUSIVE.

    • Rita

      I think they do understand. After all they have been indoctrinated for 12 years of grammar and high school and sometimes 4 years of college by far left-wing so-called teachers. They know nothing about American history. The millennials have been taught for years that socialism creates a “paradise” where everything will be theirs without any effort on their part. They don’t learn the true effects of socialism. As Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of Britain said, in an interview for Thames TV, “…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”


    It is clear that the World’s Oldest Hippie and vast amounts of money coming exclusively from Malibu and Manhattan are the only support for the Tinseltown talmudist that the Obammunists are now trying to parachute into a Georgia congressional district he has never seen before. The simple fact is that Barney is a communist, anyone who donates to a cause that Barney advocates is supporting a communist front organization and any candidate put forth by Barney and his comrades is a communist puppet. These people mean to overthrow the government of the United States and turn our republic over to a world government dominated by satanists, socialists and sodomites.

  • george briar

    Feel the Burn jerkoffs? might as well get used to it democrats your going down. you fools been harassing our champion for no reason and with nonsense and our revenge is coming be prepared for another butt kicking next year.

  • mr. y

    Bernie would play the “Internationale” if he could.His religion is NOT Judiasm..ITS LIBERALISM…His support of an anti semite like Keith Ellison proves it..

    • Warren Blum

      He’s not a lib he’s a dirty filthy commie

    • Susan B

      I’m glad he came out of the closet. Congress isn’t used to good, honest Christian men and women being nominated for positions in government. Shows all presidents since Reagan were inside the beltway cronies.

    • Bernie

      Mr. Y,
      As a practicing Jew myself, you are 100% correct!

  • Yarbles

    Sanders is nothing more than a worthless commie govt buttsucker. He has never had a productive job in his life. The turds that elect him should be horse whipped for their sheer stupidity.

    • Meteorlady

      The people that elect him want more more more and more. They expect to be cared for by the “government” which means you and I who work for a living.

  • Jon Blake

    Trump call them Losers.

  • Kevin Soravilla

    Retire already

  • Warren Blum

    I can’t wait to watch the news some day when they report this pos is dead

  • Warren Blum

    What’s more disgusting are the idiots in VT that think this guy is terrific. It’s incredible the wackos in this country and they vote.


    Why would anyone vote for someone that nut case Bernie Sanders endorsed.

  • Gale

    *uck liberals and everything they stand for

  • Gale

  • JUSTsss

    Burnout Sanders the ultimate communist. It needs to be run outa America yesterday.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Some people are starting to wake up. The question is, will enough wake up in time?

  • Patricia McGehee

    Many true Democrats caught on to the co-opting of their Party by Socialist calling themselves PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS. The true Democrats voted for Trump and I hope will carry the fight to clean out their old, proud Democrat Party.

  • Fed up!

    Any individual that supports socialistic ideas, generally are the well off who want to dominate the others or losers who have little, will not work hard to secede in life and want others to provide for them. It’s not that difficult to access. There a theory that if divide the pie equally, in time there be those who have little left to show for and others that gained a large portion. Welcome to life!

  • Louie Rey

    So the ones he’s backing are losing? I think it’s called birds of a feather.

  • Michael Paul

    Bernie is a socialist and I hate everything that he stands for but at least most of the time he stands by the nonsense that he believes in and does not sway in the wind like all the other politicians in Washington.

  • jackooo41

    FREE Bernie! I mean everything is free with Bernie!

  • Lawrence L. Camarena

    BERNIE, BERNIE! Go Bernie go! Please endorse every damnocrat running for any office whenever and wherever they run! Go Bernie go!

  • mary ann

    Because bernie is a socialist. If they want socialism, why don’t they just leave and all go to venezuela.

    • Meteorlady

      Or Argentina. It’s worked so well there….. but then Liberals, communists never look at history or what’s happening in someone else world, they just believe what they mouth off about without any proof that it works and a lot of proof that it does not.

  • Learning2Farm


  • Meteorlady

    Bernie is a radical in that he is encouraging violence, demonstrations and disregard for our laws and our country. I’m sorry but he never even had a real job his entire life and started out collecting entitlements until he learned he had a gift for gab and ran for mayor. He’s a loser and I hope he stays a loser.