Candidate for Sessions’s Old Senate Seat Wants to Give It Back to Him

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Attorney General Jeff Sessions is so popular in his home state of Alabama that a major contender for his old U.S. Senate seat is proposing that all candidates for the seat withdraw from the race in order to let Sessions re-take the office.

Sessions Vows to Stay on as AG after Trump Admits he Regrets Hiring Him

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In one of the more bizarre special elections in recent U.S. history, this is the latest, and perhaps most bizarre, twist.

The candidate suggesting that he and everybody else should drop out from the August 15 Republican primary is U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, generally seen as one of the three leading contenders for two primary runoff spots. Polls reportedly show that the other two leading contenders are temporary incumbent Luther Strange and the state’s twice-evicted Supreme Court chief justice, Roy Moore. The fourth candidate (in a nine-candidate GOP field) seen as having an outside shot at the runoff is state Sen. Trip Pittman, who represents a Republican-heavy coastal county.

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Brooks’s press release on Wednesday introduces a resolution whereby all nine candidates should withdraw from the race while Strange resigns from the Senate in favor of a gubernatorial re-appointment of Sessions to the seat – followed by the Republican state executive committee naming Sessions as its nominee for the special general election against whomever the Democrats nominate. This move in turn would, of course, allow President Trump, who has been verbally attacking Sessions for days, to try to find another national attorney general.

Brooks, meanwhile, would remain in the House. But Strange, the former state attorney general, would be entirely out of a job.

“An added benefit is that if Jeff Sessions returns to the U.S. Senate, he reenters the Senate with 20 years of seniority,” Brooks said. “That puts him in a compelling position to obtain key committee assignments and chairmanships, thereby empowering Jeff Sessions to best promote and protect the interests of Alabama and America.”

Liberty Headlines has reported before on the strange, and Strange, backdrop for this race. After Trump appointed Sessions as U.S. attorney general, former governor Robert Bentley appointed then-state AG Strange to Sessions’ seat – at the same time Strange’s office was investigating Bentley for allegations of official corruption of multiple kinds surrounding an alleged affair with Bentley’s top aide, Rebekah Mason. Only after Strange took the Senate job was Bentley removed from office after pleading guilty to some of the lesser charges being readied against him.

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Moore, meanwhile, is a folk hero in some circles in Alabama, even considered a martyr, for twice losing his high-court seat while resisting federal judicial decisions. He has a strong political organization without needing much campaign cash to sustain it.

Brooks was not well known in the southern half of the state until, shortly after he entered the special election, he was the single closest witness to the gunman who shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise at a baseball practice in June. Brooks’s helpfulness to the victims and calm-but-steely national TV interviews in the immediate aftermath suddenly vaulted him into the race’s top tier with Strange and Moore.

Brooks may have pushed things too far, though, when he released an ad in the past week featuring the sound of gunshots and video of Brooks at the ballfield immediately after the shooting. Several of Scalise’s staffers were quoted objecting to the ad as a “beyond perverse” attempt to capitalize on a tragedy.

National party insiders have thrown millions of dollars into the race on Strange’s behalf, most of it recently used for ads attacking Brooks for his criticisms of Trump during last year’s election. (Brooks had backed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for the Republican nomination.) The most recent reported poll seems to show those attacks were working, with Brooks, who reportedly had pulled even with Strange, now back in a weakening third position.

That poll, however, presumably was taken before the bulk of Trump’s repeated diatribes against Sessions. Suddenly, for Alabama voters’ protective of their hero Sessions, Brooks’s year-old criticism of Trump – Sessions’s current tormentor – might not look so bad. Brooks’s gambit of proposing that everyone withdraw from the race makes sure to further associate himself with Sessions.

“I have known Jeff Sessions since 1994. He is a good friend, a former boss who appointed me to be a Special Assistant Attorney General,” Brooks said in his release. “I was honored to receive Sessions’ endorsement the first time I ran for Congress in 2010. I have admired his courageous stands on immigration, the deficit and debt, on trade agreements, and his commitment to our America First agenda. He is a patriot who cares deeply about his country and the rule of law. I cannot remain silent about the treatment Jeff Sessions is receiving from President Trump.”

Then came the final twist, as Brooks simultaneously claimed to be Trump’s ally on policies but his critic concerning the Trump-Sessions battle.

“I support President Trump’s policies,” Brooks said, “but this public waterboarding of one of the greatest people Alabama has ever produced is inappropriate and insulting to the people of Alabama who know Jeff Sessions so well and elected him so often by overwhelming margins.”

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So, to review: Brooks was against Trump before he was for him and he’s still for his policies but against Trump personally – and, Brooks reminds everybody, he was the hero when Scalise was shot. Strange, meanwhile, stands suspected of horrid ethics for taking a job from the same man he was investigating. He runs ads saying he’ll drain the very swamp that is funneling millions of dollars to his campaign. And Moore, the other main contender against the supposedly unethical Strange, was twice evicted from office on, yes, ethics charges.

Only the fourth major candidate, Pittman, seems immune to these ethical imbroglios. But he can’t get any traction, largely because he was the only man in the whole state Senate to vote against state funding for therapy for autism patients.

Given all of that, some in Alabama surely like Brooks’s suggestion that Sessions return to the Senate and put all this mess to rest.

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  • Don Juan

    If this story is true and Jeff Sessions can quit the Trump team and use some razzle dazzle and a little slight of hand to get his old job back, then our form of government is corrupt beyond belief. This is another example of why we desperately need term limits for every elected member of congress. Jeff Sessions maybe a “good ol’ boy” to the members of Congress, but that still doesn’t mean he should get his old job back. Don’t these career politicians ever think about retirement?

    • Millard Huff


  • whistlepigger

    I first heard of Mo Brooks with his one sentence proposal for repeal of ocare, it was the best I heard, didn’t get a vote of course. Maybe though, all parties should wait a few days to see what happens. Who knows what might unfold and suddenly without an apology, Sessions could be doing a very, very good job, the best AG there has ever been. But whatever, NO strange Luther.

  • paul b ahern

    I hope Jeff stays as A.G. Fire the Asst. A.G, replace him with someone who will fire Mueller and close out this expensive fiasco. However, Sessions stays put.

    • Carson Tyler

      Trump should thank Sessions for this support and leave him alone. Trump does not respect anyone if does not disagree with him. If you are not a yes man right or wrong then you are fired. No one can run the Government as a business person. You can be assured his Daughter ran his corporation. Hearing his many rants tells me he did not run the Trump organization. Pense would be the better President. Trump should be fired.

      • Randy Stuhlberg

        sounds like a very liberal nut job saying this you don’t knoqw what is going on so why don’t you just shut up.

        • Millard Huff

          I AGREE carson tyler should STFU.

        • Carson Tyler

          I am a Republican with you telling me I should not have an opinion. You sound like one of those Trump supports who scares me.

          • ryukidn

            Pence is not spelled with an “s”.

          • Carson Tyler

            Sorry about that. Type o

  • blogengeezer

    Of course the ‘Chicago’ solution [ref to: Ill Gov in prison] would be to ‘Pay’ for the seat of power. Naturally that is the Democrat method of politics, but in today’s political environment, it appears to function….not exactly For the People, but function as Government Over the People..

  • peacepoint

    Session yes, thank you for removing the ILLEGALS in this country. but what about all the ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES that has been done to this country by the DEMOCRAPS ???? So far YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING, YES NOTHING!! yet you ALLOWED the elite media, the republicans, the democraps the libtards hoolyweirds and most every one in the D.C. to accuse Trump of wrong doing which for almost a year now has NO EVIDENCE!! WHY IS THAT SESSION?? are you part of the SWAMP or SEWER?? it’s surely looking like it in my eyes. Mr. Session like the POTUS me too, so far I’m very DISAPPOINTED ON YOU!

    • 7LibertyForAll

      I think one of the big issues with Sessions is the whole list of hitlery’s criminal activities that continue to be ignored. I wonder if he’s going to pursue that. I don’t take President Trump for a fool so I am figuring that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that, of course, we don’t see regarding Mr. Sessions.

    • Jon Blake

      Bingo!!!! Comey as we sit is getting away with what he did (leaking classified info to the Press) and that’s just the tip of the ice Berg.

    • Carson Tyler

      I believe you will find evidence in Bankrupt court. A person who does not pay contractors causing them to go out of business losing everything, you can be sure where there is smoke there is fire. I also agree there is a lot going on behind the scenes we are not aware of. As far as the Clinton’s they have no reasons to commit crimes

  • William Markey

    Swamp creatures always hang out in the sewer system together. That is why this all smells like s💩💩t

  • Boomergirl

    If I were Sessions, I would call Trump on his accusations and quit and go back to the Senate. It would serve Trump right for his treachery.

    • Jon Blake

      Session hasn’t done thing one to justify him being the AG. This doesn’t give me or anyone (not to mention Trump) the warm and fuzzy. COmey got away with leaking classified info to the Press. Hillary;s destruction of her Server was never fully investigated. The DNC;’s collusion with Hillary during the Election the list goes on and on….Session was brought in to be the Hammer in the DOJ and so far he has been a let down to our President and the American People,

      • Deplorable Lanie

        I totally agree with you! I can’t think of one thing that he has done since he tòok office. And WOW am I disappointed. I thought we were getting a lion, instead we got a lamb that seems to be afraid of his own shadow!

        • Jon Blake

          Session have a chance to go big or go home. (One chance) Some GOP in Congress are finally demanding something be down in regards to COmey, Hillary and Susan Rice..Let’s see how he respond this time.

  • Jon Blake

    Unless Session shows he can go big for Trump and start doing his job I don’t want him as the AG.

    • Carson Tyler

      I agree. Session should keep his job and be a YES MAN for Trump. Of course I see a danger in that being a Trump yes man.

  • richard black

    another swamp rat !!!

  • Millard Huff

    My vote is for Roy Moore and no one else.

  • Mark

    A good man like Sessions needs to be somewhere where he can do great things

  • DJT Supporter

    Sessions should reinstate his position back to attorney general Director that will help President Trump’s expectation.