Californians Comprise Largest Number of New Texas Transplants

moving to Texas photo

Photo by TheMuuj

( A new report by the Texas Association of Realtors reveals that Californians continue to move to the Lone Star State en masse, accounting for the largest number of new residents that hail from other states.

The 2017 Texas Relocation Report shows, in 2015, Texas added 553,032 new people. The most transplants came from California (65,546), followed by Florida (33,670), Louisiana (31,044), New York (26,287), and Oklahoma (25,555).

“The diverse job opportunities and high quality of life in Texas continue to drive in-state and out-of-state migration to Texas cities and counties, both big and small,” said Vicki Fullerton, 2017 chairman of the Texas Association of Realtors, in a press release. “This is the third consecutive year that Texas has gained more than 500,000 new residents from out of state.”

In the report, Texas ranked second among states to add new residents via domestic migration in 2015 after factoring in outflow. Although over a half million people relocated to Texas, 445,343 left. This means the out-of-state net gain of residents was 107,689. In 2014, it was 103,465. Both years, more people entered than exited and the Texas realtors said the state bested its 2014 net gain by 4 percent.

By comparison, California lost more residents than it gained — 643,710 packed up and went elsewhere, while 514,477 moved to the Golden State.

The most people, 584,938, flocked to Florida, but the Sunshine State was offset by an outflow of 445,320. New York lost 448,855 residents; Illinois, 337,592 although gains were not listed. Texas lost its largest number of residents (41,713) to California, followed by Florida (29,706), Oklahoma (28,642), Colorado (25,268), and Louisiana (19,863).

The report also compared metropolitan statistical area (MSA) relocations. In 2015, Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim and New York-Newark-Jersey City recorded their highest number of residents went to Texas….

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    Caution Texas.. They will inevitably attempt to Californicate Texas. They successfully, overwhelmed and accomplished it, in Colorado. Liberal Leftism is now indoctrinated into their nature.

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      They’re already working on it. Austin was a nice place when I moved here in ’81. Now it’s like a progressive Borg invasion. ‘Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.’ Glad I at least live outside the city.

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      Plus bears apparently like to eat libtards. I know because I see wildlife films of them licking their backsides and my guess is they’re trying to get the taste out of their mouths.


    Texas is already becoming a leftist state due to the lib-progs.