California Suing Trump Over Border Wall

( California Attorney General Xavier Becerra plans to announce Wednesday that the state will sue the Trump administration over one of President Trump’s paramount campaign promises—the border wall.

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Xavier Becerra Photo by Knight Foundation (CC)

Becerra’s lawsuit, expected to target planned projects in San Diego and Imperial counties, marks the latest shot in California’s legal and legislative war against Trump.

The state essentially has emerged as the heart of the Trump “resistance,” pumping out lawsuits against his immigration policies and even passing a resolution Friday in the Assembly censuring Trump for his comments on the Charlottesville, Va., violence.

The forthcoming lawsuit comes as Trump works with Congress to try and secure funding for a border wall — though the specifics of the project itself remain unclear.

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The president issued an executive order in January calling for securing the “southern border of the United States through the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border, monitored and supported by adequate personnel so as to prevent illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking and acts of terrorism.”

Last month, the administration awarded contracts to four companies to begin construction.

The president tweeted last week that “the WALL, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders underscored the president’s commitment to the border wall earlier this month.

“I don’t think the president has been shy about the fact that he wants a wall,” Sanders said. “It’s certainly something he feels is an important part of a responsible immigration package.”

This isn’t Becerra’s first lawsuit against the Trump administration….

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  • jcrawdad

    California Suing Trump Over Border Wall


    • Judy Selich

      Given the type of “government” the Democrats are used to, such as Obama’s reign of terror, I’ll just say, “NO, thank you”. We want a President who follows the Constitution, including the mandate to “maintain and secure the borders”. Hopefully, everyone learned that lesson in 2014 and in the years following Obama’s refusal to obey the Constitutional mandates!

    • Lmcyber


  • Judy Selich

    This should prove “interesting”, to say the least! I am not conversant with all the legalities involved in initiating a suit against a president because some do not like the what a president does. Trump has never backed off from building the Border Wall. California will do whatever it wants to do. Never mind it is a waste of time and money to initiate such a convoluted and silly lawsuit! However, as we all know, Gov. Brown does not always play with a full deck!

    • Fred_K

      Lets say, never plays with a full deck, or at least a stacked deck.
      It is too bad that most of Caliphoneya’s population are all in their safe space with crayons and hot chocolate. When the bad guys come for them, they will be sheep led to the slaughter house.

      • Lmcyber

        LOL!! Dream on!!

    • Lmcyber

      More likely, it is a HUGE waste of money to build a wall, much less a wall where there is already a border fence.

      • Judy Selich

        Lmcyber, are you referring to the border fence that existed in 2014? Gee, that didn’t work out too well. Of course, Obama’s refusal to maintain the fence or indeed any border security, weak as it was, would not have stopped anyone. It was all part and parcel of Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” America into third world country. Look at Europe and the disasters that have befallen most of the European countries because of a lack of national security in the past couple of years. “Open borders” was a disaster from the beginning! So much for Obama’s “fundamental transformation”! We only escaped, because Clinton lost the election. She promised Obama, on camera, that when she became POTUS, she would fulfill Agenda 21.

      • Justin Wells

        Amen to that

    • Mad Scientist

      Governor Brown has a few jokers in his deck. He just refuses to realize it and fold his hand.

  • Danny Noble

    If anyone wants a view of how the democrats want America divided up, just watch Wild Wild West, the will Smith movie. The map contained within pretty well says it all.

    That said, no problem, just build the wall between Cal and the other states!

    • Judy Selich

      I wonder if Jerry Brown would be willing to take Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown? They share the same liberal idiocies. Kate Brown has turned Oregon into a powder keg and is pushing us to the brink of financial suicide in order to turn Oregon into a sanctuary state and to give the illegals a “free ride”, including medical care! A full-scale MMPI for her and for Jerry Brown, is a necessity!

  • Glenda Hammer

    If Sessions would arrest Jerry Brown for Treason, for signing into law that California become a sanctuary State, that would send a message to these Traitor governors who want to protect illegals from deportation, over protecting Americans.
    California wants my federal tax dollars to pay for giving illegals welfare, because their State dollars won’t cover the cost of caring for millions of illegals.
    Sessions do your job!

    • Mario Ruffino

      Sessions will do nothing, don’t hold your breath. He has been in office 7 months and people like Hillary,Holder,Lynch & Comey are still walking around free as birds.We need a AG like Trey Goudy or Rudy Guilliani if the President is going to make America Great Again.

      • Jo Melcher

        AMEN TO THIS 100%!

      • Sharon Melvin

        100% agree!

      • Bill

        I totally agree that WE need someone with just as much testicular fortitude as President Trump has. ALL of the “change” that barry boy has railroaded thru has this whole country in an uproar and all of the sissies are believing that political correctness and pity are the only words they understand.

    • joseph duran

      Exactly, impeach the Govenor in California, Colorado.
      Do not care if China was the country, the estimated amount of just cocaine did enter our country from this border, not Canadian Boarder.
      More, I personally spoke face to face with one man charge with 2,000 pounds of Cocaine brought across the board, never went to prison. Two weeks later, he was incarcerate again for about the same amount, and sent back across the boarder.
      If he were a US Citizen, he would be in a Federal Prison, not in our street for a second time.
      Worse, US Citizens were executed in gang style, heads, arms, hands, etc. cut off by the gang members.

    • Sharon Melvin

      Sessions is not bold enough to do the right thing!

    • Jesusprotectus


  • Go,Bernie

    California is going to have to learn the hard way. These people are out of control. Pelosi’ last confrontation with her constituents is just a preview of what is to come. We may have to build a wall to separate the rest of the US from California. These people do not speak for me!

    • David

      That was my first thought! Heck, Arizona and Nevada might help pay for protection from Commiefornia. Oregon, maybe not. Cut off their tax dollars and federal protection and see how long it takes for all of Commiefornia to revert to Mexican rule!

  • Bonita Beach Babe

    Who’s paying for this? Isn’t California already in debt up to their eye balls? Their school system is a mess. glad I am not a tax payer there.

    • Lmcyber

      NOPE! California is in the black. They are the 5th largest economy in the world and the tech capital of the world. Cal. provides a ton of resources to prop up red states. FYI.

      • Bonita Beach Babe

        Nope, California budget deficit is back acc. to Gov. Jerry Brown in LA Times due to lagging tax revenues etc.

    • Judy Selich

      I lived in California for many years although I am a native Oregonian. I still have a lot of family down there but wild horses could not drag me back to California–particularly now!

  • Jim Hays

    Caifornia…, more so than ever……”the land of fruits and nuts!

  • chris VN

    They should really wait until the wall is finished, then they can have something ” solid ” to sue Trump about??

  • Steve

    I have no problem with leaving Mexifornia on the other side of the wall.

    • chris VN

      As long as all the illegals are BACK on that side of it.

    • ABCDE

      Why should we give away to whoever our beaches, buildings, fields, military bases, nuclear weapon?

  • vincent

    I always knew people in California are screwed up. Let California succeed from the USA and build the wall along the California border also.

    • Darius the Mede

      Sounds like a plan to me.

  • kenrmer

    California, based upon my experience in commercial AND residential construction, loves the cheap nonunion construction labor that flows across the southern border. To the politicians and pro open border citizens, its only about the $$$. Open a Means Construction Cost book and look at the construction costs of CA compared to other parts of the country, Then compare those cost differences to the cost of living differences. You will find construction costs differences to be about 20-25% lower when compared to the cost of living differences.
    I know from experience in southern CA, the typical (not all them) construction company is owned by a US citizen, the crew captain is bi-lingual and the laborers speak very little english.
    Example: My sister and her husband in southern CA pay monthly lawn maintenance fees the same amount as what I pay in Cleveland, OH. Same services and same size yard. Yet the cost of living between Cleveland, OH and Rancho Cucamonga, CA is about a 12% difference.
    The “Haves” in CA just want to keep more of their money and exploit the cheap labor, plain and simple. THAT is the real reason. Its NOT the false narrative of “Oh we must help the poor”.
    What I don’t understand is why Unions, especially the construction unions, side with the liberals when the open border are essentially anti-union.

  • Military Patriot

    At issue is National Security. Without sealing the Mexican border to not only cease illegals crossing into the USA, we have to stop the drug cartels. Perhaps we need to build a 30 foot high fence around California to help them understand the need to protect our country.

    • Lmcyber

      You obviously don’t know anything about the southern border. This border is more secure than it ever has been due to technology. Cameras, sensors, etc. etc. A border wall does nothing. You build it 10 ft high, they go 11 ft. You build it 10 ft deep, they go a foot deeper. It doesn’t work. There is already a border wall on the southern border. Even border agents say they would rather have the money spent on higher tech means than a border that is wasting money.

      • Judy Selich

        Lmcyber, cameras, sensors and other modern detection systems do exist, but the underlying issue is our Constitution mandates that the president must maintain and secure the borders. The technology factors do have an impact on security but it is not the equivalent of a secure border.

        • Lmcyber

          The border will not be anymore secure than the border wall that exists now. Most of the drugs that come in do so via vehicles that come across. Trump does not believe in this wall. If was a made up part of his campaign as a issue for him to grab hold of. It’s a fake issue that he is using for the same type of people who buy into it on this column. It is literally fake news. Look it up.

      • Military Patriot

        Since I reside in Texas I am familiar with the border issues. By the way, how are we doing stemming the flow of illegal drugs and trucking in illegals?

    • Judy Selich

      A country without secure borders is not a country; rather, it is merely a tract of land open to anyone who decides to enter and remain! THAT is the lesson we learned from OBAMA!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Trump should have Sessions prepare TREASON charges on Brown and every Democrat in office in Calipornia for violating Federal laws when they act as a Sanctuary state.

    • Lmcyber

      You people don’t realize that we don’t have a king in this country. This is a democracy. There are 3 equal branches to government. If there is an issue, it goes to the court system who decides what is legal and what is constitutional. That process, especially at this level can take years. By that time, trump is out of office and it isn’t an issue anymore. The founders of this country intended to have things move slowly. They did not want fast and drastic changes. Societies do not adapt well to drastic changes in policy.

      • Judy Selich

        Lmcyber, that is an insightful comment; frankly, I never considered a couple of the points you raise.

  • Sharon Melvin

    I wish they would become their own country and then Gov. Brown could be commander in chief for them! The only bad thing is I would need a passport to visit my very Liberal daughter who lives in LA. Just think then they could not get bailouts when the sane people leave! Hollywood could then fund the illegals and give them welfare, voting rights, and free everything!!!! Maybe then people like my daughter might finally see the light!

  • Louie Rey

    The State of California should be the acid test for each and every piece of proposed legislation by the Trump Administration. If California’s against it then we all know that it’s good for America. If California’s for it then I’d say let’s take a step back and reconsider whatever the proposal may be. Just saying.

  • June Burgess

    Well let President Trump build the wall excluding california and let all the illegals go there, but exclude California from ever voting in any of our Federal Elections ever again and NO BAIL OUTS when the state goes bankrupt

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Screw California they want to allow all of these illegals in and will NOT abide by our laws then build the WALL around THEM instead. Major problem solved!!

  • Darius the Mede

    Simple solution: let California secede from the union and put a fence up, with California on the Mexican side of the fence. Problem solved! Then, check everyone who wants to leave California for the United States carefully.

  • John

    The crooked Dems in California probably want a federally funded mass transit system across the border. They need maids, lawn care, nannies , illegal voters and such , just NOT neighbors.

    The taxpayers in Cali get what they deserve, crooked politicians who don’t give a good g0d [email protected] about them. Just more debt and crime with gang members and drugs.

  • Jim Misaros

    I’m no lawyer, but how do you sue the government over a national security issue. Is everyone in California on crack??

    • Darius the Mede

      No, there is just an overwhelming number of Liberal nutjobs.

    • Judy Selich

      Jim Misaros, “suing the government” would be self-defeating as well as prohibitively expensive. Not only would it drag on for years in the courts, ultimately it would end up before the U.S. Supreme Court five years down the road and the decision would still not resolve the underlying issues. The language in the Constitution is very clear: The president has sole authority over the borders and SHALL maintain and secure the borders. Had Obama obeyed the Constitution, we would not be having this discussion. Obama had different ideas that did not necessarily adhere to the Constitutional imperatives, including “open borders”! It has been almost four years since the southern border was opened and look at the changes in our America? What about Europe and their open borders? The violence has been totally out of control. The Founders knew that secure borders would define this country and the safety of the people. Obama had eight years to undo and distort the Constitution and look where we are now? The Founders must be whirling in their graves.

      • Lmcyber

        I am not sure where you are getting your information about Obama and the border. The truth and I mean the truth of the matter is that Obama did more for deporting undocumented more so than any president before him. Trust me, many in the Hispanic culture were very unhappy with Obama and how aggressive he was with deportation. The only thing that Obama did that was unpopular with the right was to protect the DACA kids and you have to admit that those kids were a special circumstance that fell between the legal cracks. Can you imagine if you were a 20 year old who did NOT commit any offense, and grew up in this country and know only this country and then be told that you are being sent to a country that you do not know, possibly not know even the language, probably never been there before and out of the blue you are deported by yourself. These kids lives would be ruined through no fault of their own. That is the only thing that Obama did which was to protect kids. His deportation policy was extremely aggressive and he asked, begged reps, who owned Congress, to pass a comprehensive immigration package to deal with all of this, and they refused. This was not Obamas making. This falls on the backs of republicans and I truly do not fault him in trying to protect kids who did not commit a crime.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Just start shutting down programs little by little. Target the ones that are the favorites of the liberals!

    • Darius the Mede

      Start out by denying automatic citizenship to the children of illegals who happen to be born in this country. Then stop Medicaid and welfare to illegals. Might be interesting to see how many head for the border

      • Judy Selich

        Actually, Darius the Mede, I agree with you. For several years, I have thought that the language of the 14th Amendment needs to be re-examined. Granting 14th Amendment citizenship to foreigners who are not lawfully present on U.S. soil, has opened the floodgates! We did it to ourselves by not examining the language of the 14th more closely. Certainly, Pres. Lincoln who drafted the 14th Amendment following the Civil War, did so only to prevent the slave owners from sending the slaves “back to Africa”. The families of the slaves had been in America for more than a hundred years; they knew little of the outside world and certainly not the countries their ancestors came from. It was at that point, Lincoln drafted the 14th Amendment to give the freed slaves a type of citizenship that gave them the right to remain in America. Under those circumstances, it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the meaning of the 14th Amendment has become distorted through the years. The issue of the illegals is a signal, that suggests we should examine the language and intent of the 14th Amendment, instead of the broad interpretation that has overtaken common sense.

  • Lmcyber

    In many people’s view, this wall is a waste of money. Since this will impact eminent domain on many California property owners, among many other issues, they have a right to sue. The state feels there are much better ways to impact immigration flow, where a wall is really the most ignorant of all the choices.

    I also thought conservatives believe in state’s rights. This will impact state’s rights, and most importantly, if you knew anything about California terrain, there is already border fences where the border can be feasibility built, because of the terrain. The other issue is the fed. government will be trampling on the rights of all the property owners along the border – eminent domain. Sorry, but that is a huge transgression on private ownership. These issues have to be worked out in the courts and this could take years.

  • DJT Supporter

    No criminal illegal immigrants/aliens allow in the United States periods! Obey the Law and Order! All illegals must go back and get in the line to apply for US Naturalization documents. That’s fair for every immigrant who applied for it. Do it right!

  • Robert Wayne

    It’s past time to start handcuffing and arresting every single politician who breaks the law by hiding illegal invaders to this country. They are guilty of treason and it’s time to take off the gloves and do what needs to be done concerning these left wing criminals and the illegal invaders they support for votes.

  • Mad Scientist

    The continued hypocrisy over this is astonishing. Many if not most of these same people were protesting that immigration is a federal issue when Arizona passed SB 1070 years back.

  • Concerned

    California politician are scum. oh! I forgot they’re Democrats and liberals. I know their are good Republicans in some areas. Their would be more if not for all the illegals the Democrats keep bring in. I believe in President Trump and I hope that someday he will help clean out the scum in california. First by getting rid of the illegals and giving the true citizens a chance to vote in proper politicians. MAGA

  • saddlebroke

    CA, the home of the ignorant, arrogant, gay, illegals, transgenders, morons, loons and the self serving bastards that live in Hollywood will probably be swept away by the Pacific Ocean after the next great earthquake. They are freaks of nature or incest whichever fits and do not belong as citizens of America.

  • skier69

    Sessions needs to go. He is not up to the task of what needs to be done. I don’t think he will be around too much longer. It would be nice though if first, he opened and investigation into Hilary, Rice, Comey