Calif. Court Halts Undercover Pro-Life Journalist’s Trial to Review Prosecutors’ Political Bias

‘California’s first-ever prosecution of an undercover journalist for illegal recording is selective and discriminatory…’

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Xavier Becerra/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The California Supreme Court on Friday halted criminal proceedings against Sandra Merritt, the woman who exposed Planned Parenthood’s operation of harvesting and selling babies’ organs.

The San Francisco Superior Court would have begun preliminary hearings on Monday to determine whether Merritt is guilty of 15 felony criminal charges.

But the California Supreme Court stopped the proceedings to review a complaint that Liberty Counsel submitted.

Liberty Counsel alleges that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra made a politically motivated decision to pursue charges against Merritt.

“We are pleased that the California Supreme Court is considering a closer look at the well documented bias and illegal collusion between Attorney General Becerra and his Planned Parenthood financiers,” said Horatio Mihet, vice president of legal affairs and chief litigation counsel at Liberty Counsel.

“Sandra Merritt did not violate any law, and we are confident that the evidence will demonstrate that California’s first-ever prosecution of an undercover journalist for illegal recording is selective and discriminatory.”

Becerra has said he will “stand with Planned Parenthood.”

Planned Parenthood has contributed thousands of dollars to Becerra’s political campaigns, California Family Council reported.

Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris began the investigation into Merritt, but her office did not cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

The Attorney General’s Office “maintained an ongoing financial, political, and close working relationship with executive officers and employees of various Planned Parenthood entities,” Liberty Counsel  reported.

Planned Parenthood has also contributed to Harris’s political campaigns.

The San Francisco Superior Court previously dropped 14 out of 15 “legally insufficient” charges against Merritt, but it gave Becerra the opportunity to amend the charges and continuing prosecuting her.

The Superior Court has kept secret the most gruesome details, opting to bar the public from seeing the undercover videos.